This is from my business blog. I want to share it with you so you can check out what this glassblower/mystic is up to. If you want to help support this effort of love and reblog, great! Wanna interview me about all things glass and spirit and put in your blog? I am all over that, too!

Stafford Art Glass

Today I am taking someone up on helping me write something about my campaign.

©Parker Stafford ©Parker Stafford – Closeup Of The Large Gaia Lamp

Parker Stafford, Owner and founder of Stafford Art Glass in Newport, Virginia, launches his crowdfunding campaign Lighting The Gaia Lamp to bring a new innovation in art glass and lighting to market.  Normally Parker is accustomed to funding projects himself, but after a series of changes in his year financially, it has caused him to look differently at how funding is procured to bring new products to market.  If the maker of the next new electronic gadget can raise thousands overnight, what keeps a designer studio in the New River Valley from business as usual?  It was time to go back to the drawing board and think big so he could take the project large.  It was time to leverage the power of the crowd now available…

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