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If you know me, you know that I am a nothing-is-sacred-integrative-big-picture kind of guy.  Instead of buying into any one system for practice or belief or method, I feel like I am constantly catching the good fish in my nets and letting the ones that don’t serve go.  Over time I have collected what I know for myself are the things that are “right on” about many practices or methods. Life is just too short to be studying some aspect of a centuries’ old system that has something way off.  I am of the mind that each culture got things right and some things not so right. I also do a lot of observation as someone who is more sensitive than he ever was pre-awakening and continues to clarify his inner sensing, an aspect of awakening that anyone who has had it gets and is intimately familiar with.  It is one of the benefits of awakening, which is the shedding of old blocked material so that the universal force can flow through us unhindered (or more less so!).  By letting our lenses go clear instead of tinted, we see more and more as it is instead of how we might want it (rose colored glasses, for as nice as that is, is still coloring things 🙂 ).

WHat I have found is that many eastern methods work very well for a range of achieving certain results.  Chi Gung (also spelled “gong”) works very well for releasing blocks as does deep tissue work with someone who knows how to feel or detect blocks and work on them.  Reiki and cranio-sacral are likewise other healing methods that are likewise very helpful.  Yoga, too, has evolved to help the body and the energy system come into alignment.  All of these methods though are like going to the airport.  Awakening is the flight.  So it pays to get ready for going to the airport, to have what you need when you embark on this journey.  But what is the core goal of all of this work?  Think about it; it is about union.  Yoga itself means “union.”  But union with what?  With ourselves as the individualized portion of All That Is.  By becoming more in union with yourself, you spark the process that leads to awakening, and awakening is the alchemical force that can release you from your prior bondage.  You might think I am crazy saying this, but it is hard to know just how laden we all are with the dross of a thousand lifetimes.  So much is deeply buried in us and we have evolved to shove it down and go on with our focus outwardly through the sensual three-dimensional world of our senses.  Looking outward, we literally forget our past, that this material is even there.  Awakening is the the….wake up call that this backlog is there, waiting.  And so the work begins.  And it can take years.  But worth it?  You better believe it!

Every time I have ever worked with any method, what I have found is that so many methods are meant to aid us in one thing.  It is meant to help us to FEEL.  Now when I say “feel” I mean our capacity to sense inwardly.  I am not speaking about emotion.  When we are able to feel at our most fundamental level in a clear direct way, we also have a tendency to be feeling the pure flow of the universe.  This flow is prana and prana brings bliss.  Bliss brings a sense of peace, joy, wonder, and awe.  This has the effect of softening the mind to open it to new patterns and the erasure of old error-ridden patterns.  This is all about our neuroplasticity as well as our psychic moldability.  If the universal force is doing the work of reshaping you, then it means a super-consciousness is setting things right.  So surrendering and allowing yourself to just feel is central, although it is incredibly simple, perhaps too simple for most, but who was it that said “be ye like children”?  The reasoning mind simply gets lost in the dust for the simple reason that so much of our big picture thinking resides in the right brain.  It is also where our awareness of enlightenment has enough room to unfold.  If you read through the past posts on my observations about what is the kundalini Shakti physiologically, you will know that it is in our right brains.  There is a lot of observations being made that help to support this view, even very direct ones made by Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor who essentially spoke into precisely what I was thinking and observing during awakening. the only difference was that I did not need to have a stroke in my left brain in order to make the observation.  But for those who need empirical evidence, it doesn’t get much better than her own TED talk a few years ago.

Knowing that this all comes down to feeling, ask how your own local landscape aligns to where you are today energetically.  The blocks in our bodies also have a way of extending outward and get mirrored in the world around us.  As a result, our homes that we buy or apartments that we rent often have had residents in them whom we may never know but who have spooky similarities to us.  I bought a house from a couple who I discovered at the closing were in the midst of a divorce.  I later was divorced.  We had a house that had a strange block in a room in the house that I could feel as troubled somehow.  It wasn’t exactly like it had a ghost, but it did have the ghost of some indefinable hurt in it, though.  When someone I knew wound up in that out of the way room in the basement exhibiting the same exact sense of desperation that I had been feeling in that space.  While meditating I was able to feel into my work space and was able to feel how the blocked spaces in my body corresponded to certain areas in the building.  By clearing those spaces as well as doing work on my own home, I found that my own blocks began to clear bit by bit.  WHat tied them all together was how I felt inside, the associations and connections that all of this had with a deeper cause or condition.

So it has come to pass that as I do work on my home, I focus on how I am clearing it of those blocks that mirror inside of me. And the result? I am now in what I feel is the end-stage of clearing blocked material.  This material, I will point out, is the last to go because it is the material that my own self has held onto the hardest.  By bringing this intention into the moment, day by day, I feel how digging into my flower beds also mirrors a digging down into my own root.  By stripping paint that badly needs to go, I can feel the layers of memory being peeled away.  I can literally feel how the layers of memory soaked into those old paint layers and the layers of memory in me are also peeling away.  I meditate on this, a kind of active doing meditation.  As I do this, I am also changing the vibe of my home, changing the type of person who will ultimately be attracted to it when I put it on the market.  It will be an interesting process to watch unfold as it has.

This is all like a play of feeling.  Dirt becomes the flesh of my body, the old roots the old tangle of weeds in my energy body.  They pull and hold and then give way.  I lovingly and gently put them to sleep and kiss them up to All That Is.I shift placement of objects, and the flow in the space changes.  I learn to think differently.  I see differently, through new eyes.  The outer presses the inner and the inner presses a new vision outwardly.  As within, so without (to misquote the old maxim), as what is within is so without.  This can become a powerful and useful form of inner work since it is so tangible, but it can powerfully stir the energy body and the mind.  It also upsets and turns over the energy stuck in your outer environment that is a product of your own inner thinking.  It can lead to some confusion sometimes, but hang on.  Give it time.  For me, a 24 hour period is all that is needed to allow all the old material to completely clear.  Saying this, I know that when something clears, it is instantaneous, but there is a seeking a new balance, which for me only takes a day or two at most, a feeling of loss or upset at the loss of the old ballast held in the belly of the boat of your soul.  Good that it is gone; you are now more buoyant.



Recently while doing some release work I began to see etherically the lines of energy that are called meridians in the Chinese system and the naddis (pronounced “nardi”) in the Indian system. Before I knew what I “had” when I awoke, I became aware of these white lines in the body that I knew were energy and could be affected/healed from a distance.  It was only through some serendipity that I managed to catch on to what it was I was seeing and that it had a name. In the some twenty-five years of sensing energy fields in others, I never picked up on these lines of etheric force that carried prana or qi in the body.  I began seeing it in spades, now, with this thing fast upon me.  But through the release of a lot of blocked material, hundreds, if not thousands of them from big and small, I have come to a place where I am nearly cleared of most major blocks, save for the hardest ones, in the root and sacral. In the last few months, following some significant releases of root blocks, I have come to see things in my body using the third eye or etheric sensing, in a different way.

My inner sensing has become much more detailed.  Imagine a piece of cloth where instead of a thread being a typical small thread, each thread is as small as a fiber in a thread.  Now, imagine the energy body composed of a river of these threads, all contiguous, with color any number of things used to express the character of the energy within it.  In the Hindu system, we see each chakra as having a different color, making up a rainbow.  In my experience, though, there are no colors, only qualities in consciousness, and with that said, the use of images to explain or even perceive them is like a dream image that we can translate.  What was once a white nerve-like channel that had an almost rubber consistency early on has become something far more complex.  I would say that my inner vision has itself cleared a bit.  I think, for healers and body workers who deal with energy, this level of clarity can be incredibly useful.  It can be useful because I found that I was seeing something new that I have never heard described anywhere in any of the books.

I was able to focus my attention on an energy line running up my torso and look down “into” the line.  As I did, I saw something unusual.  At first, I didn’t know what it meant, but it allowed me to tell the practitioner where to focus pressure on an acupuncture point in my body.  This point was smaller than the tip of your finger, and while you can “hit the point”very well, the point was itself made up of a more detailed anatomy that if correct, reveals a kind of holographic characteristic of our energy body, chakras, and the naddis or meridians themselves.  Since this is so new, I am going to continue to observe to see if I can get enough observation to confirm what my gut instinct is telling me is so. If it is what I think it is, it means that blocks in one part of the body can be released through other parts of the body since the system is far more connected than we might even now realize.  It also creates a kind of….poetry of the body wherein how one part of the body that stores a block has a relationship with other seemingly unrelated parts that actually bear a relationship with the stored material that builds a story that flows out of the story of the yin and yang forces in prana and in our own private experience.   The stored part is drawn out by way of the more active portions of the body, flowing up and out of those meridians based on where the energy was stored not just in the chakra centers, but the naddis themselves.

The benefit to releasing stored material by way of the naddis is that you do not need to re-experience the stored emotional material again.  There is no doubt that strong emotions can help stir us, and I have known releases that were very emotional, and worked because they were emotional, but there is also a very direct way to simply release the block in the energy body and poof, gone.  The trap of feeling as though you have to “wrestle” with your emotions packed into various places in your body is that it can keep you caught in its thrall instead of simply letting it go. We have all in some way or another gotten addicted to how our mass of blocked material has made us feel.  It is the devil that we know and when it comes to letting it go, it can be hard.  it is also the way we come to know our authentic selves.  Like grain being threshed, the chaff gets blown away in the wind.  We then realize it wasn’t necessary after all, and may have been a big part of why we have had the problem we have had.  It is this chaff that often tells us who we need to be even if it does not fit us, and when it comes to relating to others, being able to be ourselves is pretty important. When other people focus on that chaff and fall in love with it, we wind up with some explaining to do. Right? Why not be true blue, or work to get that way.  So much happier.  Content.  Safe in the company of others who are like-minded.

So if you are going through awakening and go deep into meditation and are used to and comfortable with using your inner sight, the third eye to see your body, try looking down into the meridians and zooming in on them, especially when you are in a deep state of meditation and see what you see.

I’ll be taking a closer look and hopefully it will be something that will help our healers understand the energy body even more.


This post is what was promised from my last post about the core of methods of practices….

I was flush deep in the roiling seas of kundalini.  It was 2009.  I had been moving a lot of blocked energy and with each release I could feel how the prana impacted my body in the turbulent state, energetically, that I was in.  It had an effect on my system that included a lot of nausea.  Every few days I would come against not just one, but a series of blocks.  this is good, but it also made things intense and a little much to take physically.  But it was in the midst of this that I was shown a vision of a desert cat.

The whole scene was meant to illustrate how we shift out of our “dry” left brains into the fluid flowing world of our right brain, the kundalini shakti, the flowing feminine side of our consciousness.  To feel this flow meant removing blocks and still more blocks.  I was shown this leopard and I watched it breath.  I could feel its breath, which was actually a panting breath.  Because I was seeing and feeling the content of this vision, I immediately was able to feel what it was I was supposed to feel.  So I began to breath like this cat was breathing.  I thought about being this cat.  I don’t know why, but cats seem to put me in touch with a sensual aspect of my masculine energy.

It is in truth I think a blending of aspect of both feminine and masculine.  And when you do this in awakening, it brings peace and bliss because two aspects of the self are held so closely within awareness without any division.  So for me, the cat was a good image for my own turn of mind.  Strong, rippling in strength this cat was sleek and sensual.  I felt bliss move all through me as a result.  I was taken, seduced by the bliss of prana.

I panted; the energy moved very strong as my stomach lurched and turned.  I kept at it, and within a day I had moved through the nausea and the block was gone.  There were more blocks to deal with, and many were taken care of with this panting breath which I found moved a lot of energy for the very fact that the image and the breathing helped to support an openess within me that allowed energy to flow.  Since your consciousness IS energy, it isn’t that difficult to understand that the character of your consciousness will help focus and even determine the nature of the energy that flows through you.  The more open and trusting you are of the natural universe, the more direct a connection you will have without any prejudices or biases coloring your perceptions.

But the thing I want to point out is that the important thing in this was the image inside of me, which just “did it” and opened me up.  It was less the breath than this image.  Yes, breath did stimulate my body in certain ways, and breath IS coincident with prana or chi, but it is NOT chi.  Sorry.  It just isn’t.  Breathing CAN stimulate the flow of chi, though.  But as you will see, so can your pure feeling….which is the coolest part….because when you consider that in spirit, in All-Time, you exist without a body.  HOW do you breath?  You breath in your awareness.  If you can get that the breath of your body mirrors the breath of your soul, oh my goodness, the worlds that this can open for you conceptually as a creator of great methods, new methods for people to use that help bring in new aspects of awareness that just weren’t possible a century ago but are now just at our fingertips! Yell it at the top of your heart, your soul, for this is true; amazing things await us….and the boundlessness of creativity will bring it to you if you will but OPEN to it.

I was opened, seduced by the flow of this very sensual of energies, this pranic flow. It was so strong that it almost made me sick.  I got over it, and I would in the following days  use the panting breath as a way to tap this state.  But for it to work, the image must be there.  I have to know what I am reaching for.  I am taking breath into me the way one would say yes to a lover.  Prana is this. YOGA is UNION.  Yoga means just this.  So?

Now, I will say that up to this time, I was not familiar with a breathing method, a well-known one in pranayama and kundalini yoga which is called “breath of fire.”  It is this type of breathing that is supposed to aid in the stimulation of kundalini. When I finally saw a demonstration of breath of fire, I saw that there wasn’t a big difference between what I had been shown to do from my own inner guidance and this method that has been in use for thousands of years.  The question I have for you by way of teaching you about this feeling part that I think is so central, IS central, is how does breathing like this make you feel?  What does it conjure?  If it does not conjure any feeling in you, if it leaves you flat, relatively unmoved, you may not be getting an arousal of prana in the body.  In this case, I would suggest that you let your imagination move you.  Whatever you find is most natural to you will work because prana is bid by how we feel, how we think.  When we are stressed, we are often shutting down these channels of energy and it is this that leaves us, often, feeling tired or worn out.  Feeling a warm thick fluid moving up through you, or the movement of water, or alternating currents of cool and warm air…..if you can put your imagination there, what you conjure by using images like this can lead to moving energy if the stimulating effects of just breathing don’t do it.

So consider trying to pant as a method for moving energy.  In fact, letting your tongue extend slightly out of your mouth might get your feeling this energy. Prana is not just electricity….it is an energy full of feeling.  It is what we feel when we feel bliss.  We release a blockage in our bodies, the energy body, and suddenly things feel clearer, lighter, but there is also a surge of bliss, too.  There is a reason for this, and it has everything to do with what prana IS.  You are matter made conscious, now able to observe itself as the cosmic moves through you.

Prana is your saying yes to life, yes to allowing the bliss of the union of your body with the sustaining life that is the breath of the Tao. So then the breathing movement of the cat breath was what I needed.  But I will let you in on one important secret; once I had the breath work anchored in me, I was able to move energy simply by thinking or visualizing the method without actually doing it.  As a result of this, I was taken deeper into the core of what all breath work is about.  I discovered a form of pranayama that has no use of breath. How do you think you control the flow of energy in your body without breath? You control it through feeling!  BUT.  To do this, you have to have control over your feeling states. It is simple, primal.  Other parts require more practice. All of it is built on an image and this image either does it for you or it does not.  But the core of all of this is caught in feeling.  I know I keep hammering away at this, but this is important.  It is important because the “body” of the universe does not respond to the touch of rational thought, no.  It responds to the touch of the feeling thought.  When you can master feeling, you can bid the universe open to you in ways that it had been closed to you. I can’t begin to suggest how wonderful this can be for us all here.

It emerges from that. It is just that when I say feeling, most people are stuck because that does not give them much to go on.  They start fidgeting and they want the safety of their yoga mat.  I get it.  Its so simple, this.  But the work, the great work of this age, is going to be about people returning to their humanity.  To what it means to be humans, instead of the barbarians we have all collectively been for so long.  Time for healing, cleaning, and this will be the age where humans will get deeper and deeper connected into their feeling states.  And you want to know what this looks like?  Each and every block removed, things just get simpler and simpler. Like how joy is simple.  But it cannot be faked.  You have to reach this authenticity, and it is just as Jesus exhorted his followers: be like children. It is the feeling part of you that is the conduit through which all prana will flow.

It will not flow through your reason. No.  It is not some dry feeling-less thing.  It lives for bliss and joy and creativity.  Match an inner image with this level of boundless joy and wonder and you begin to anchor a whole new feeling within.  The joy I feel is like joy distilled into star light (really).  I cannot begin to even describe it very well….except to say that if you can match an image to a practice, you can use the practice as the anchor.  See? THIS is what so much yoga is about.  And really, folks, there is not a lot of magic in the movements.  Some of them are about helping you to dissolve a block or to open up flow in the body.  But sometimes it is to help just anchor a feeling. Your yoga can be about giving yourself in wild abandon to this thing that is all around and within everything……and after that, anything that anchors that feeling in you will be a practice worth its weight in gold because you know what the practice is intending for you to feel.  So make your own.  Let them flow effortlessly through you and ask yourself….”what does this FEEL like?”  or “If I were a painter of methods, what scene would this feeling wind up being?  How do I instill the same feeling in others?”  That is just what you are seeking to do.  Anything that stimulates the flow works. So maybe the brush of a feather against your neck will give you chills and a sudden warm flow up your leg and into your side and into your head.  Boom.  Pranic flow enabled.  What does this tell you?  it tells you that your body, the flesh, will itself respond to triggers as the energy currents are excited in the body along its surface to trigger a deeper flow of energy.  This then leads to feeling differently in your consciousness.  A perfect example of how working with the body can bring about a change in your consciousness.  Because they are all connected, this makes perfectly good sense.

So not to belabor the point.  Once you get to this place, if you are a creative person, you could come up with dozens of new methods, then spend years honing them in order to bring into them aspects of reflexive elements or trigger points or any number of other supportive moves or methods for what it is that you want to accomplish with your newly minted method.

Like bubbles rising

from the depths

we come to know ourselves

as through layers of murk


into light.

The greatest love

is the love you will find within.

Seeking outward you will never find it

only inspiring moments


in the traces of other lives who have found,


and lived their own truth.

This is your journey work

your discovery to know

and the prize

which is priceless

beyond all measure

will take you

into the light

of who you are

and illuminate what you can become.

The love that does this

is the greatest kind.

Amongst the aboriginal peoples of this land there are prophecies about a time in the future when the earth would become sick and be in need of cleansing.  The prophecies are rich in details.  I  know that some may cast askance at the mention of prophecy.  We think how hard it would be for anyone to predict future events; there are just so many variables, right?  My experience has been that there does exist within us the ability to anticipate events with a great deal of accuracy.  Growing up I had many very specific dreams about events that unfolded just as they had been dreamed….a neighbor who many years ago gave birth to twins who I saw in my dream who were blonde, a boy and a girl, in their crib, born of parents with dark hair, a real kind of impossibility in so many ways as a predictable outcome.  And yet, not only did my neighbor become pregnant, she gave birth to twins.  These twins were both blonde, a joke that some made about who the parents really were since their father was as dark-haired as could be, and their mother a lovely auburn.  Or, the dream about the explosion from an industrial building over Russia that sent a radioactive plume of white material up into the upper atmosphere that spread and travelled towards Europe, raining down as radioactive snow….an event so severe that the locals were trucked out using cargo trains, packing the people into them just to get them out.  In the dream I saw a meter counting the number of people and the last count was over 60,000 souls.  Three weeks later we saw the same event unfolding on the news.  At the end of the news broadcast it was explained that the people were being moved using freight cars and that over 60,000 people had already been moved out of the area as the radioactive cloud menaced Europe, raining down as radioactive snow.  These are just two of many dreams that were precognitive.  I am familiar with how we can see what lies before us.  If you consider that there may be an as-yet understood ability within us that has to do with our ability to move through time in certain states of mind (which has no mass and thus breaks no laws about the whole issue with our supposed relativistic universe and the problem with carrying mass through the tunnel of time), then the possibility of moving through time becomes less woo-woo strangeness. And it is thus that other cultures like the Hopi, who have a long history as it relates to future events and predicting them with a great deal of accuracy.

The Hopi have long considered themselves the keepers of the balance of the earth.  It is something that they have taken on as a holy calling, these ancient people who have held true to the earth.  Their covenant with the creator has spoken of the need to remain here, to keep the balance so that the earth may not fall too far from the necessary balance.  Their experience has shown that the earth has had four major life-changing events that in the past has led to major extinctions of human life.  Each of these upsets have been called “worlds.”  We are currently in the Fifth world.  Theirs is a largely unwritten tradition, spoken the way songs are learned over the span of a life.  These stories serve as sign-posts of where we are in our progression through time, helping us to know how close we are to another major life-changing event in our world.  The Hopi have described the coming of the Whites, the building of roads “the size of rivers,” as well as the coming of the train, the tellegraph, and the lunar landing.  All of these insights have sought to reveal to them, and us, where we are.  Amongst the Hopi, though, they explain that the purpose of prophecy is not to say what WILL happen, but what WILL happen if we do not change our course in the present time line that we are in.  Because, you see, the Hopi know that what they have seen in their visions and dreams that foretell the future, is just an effort at helping us to navigate to the best outcome.  This is fundamentally different from the Judeo-Christian outlook that is more or less locked into one singular outcome.  The only problem with this way of dealing with life is that…..regardless of what humanity has done to avert disaster, disaster must come if the truth of their father god is to be brought to bear and their faith rewarded. This is an attitude very much in keeping with the tide of paternalism that has gripped our kind of countless centuries.  It is inflexible, and it is unrealistic.  Now you might wonder, if I had seen the future with such clarity, then why wasn’t it changed?  Thing is, for me, for whatever reason, most of my insights into the future have all been on a short-cycle of seeing.  Most of my dreams have had to do with events about a month ahead. I don’t think that the purpose of the dream was to even offer an opportunity to change anything, not at least at the time that they were seen by me. However, the further one goes into the future, the greater the possibility there is to change the outcome of events.  When the schedule shifts from weeks to centuries, which is the scales that the Hopi have, we have been afforded much more time to consider where we are and make an effort to make change collectively.

Amongst other tribes here on the North American continent, there is the mention of what is often called the Cleansing Time or Day of Cleansing. This is not a day but a period of time, and all of the tribes say that this is where we are right now.  Rolling Thunder, a noted medicine man had a series of visions about what the content of this Cleansing would be.  He saw how many volcanic eruptions would happen during this time.  He saw the rise of super-storms.  He taught that regardless of what you might think about matter being “out there” in a materialistic way and unhitched from each of us, that in truth, we are all connected to Gaia, to Mother Earth.  Because we are, our actions, even our thoughts, he contended, was all part of the cumulative effect that the earth as a dynamic system, feels. I know that might seem “out there” but the tribes of this land have some interesting things to show us about how we and the earth are connected and that the materialistic view of the universe is a model that is incomplete and left wanting when their knowledge base comes into the picture. I will give you an example….

Not long ago, the Hopi elders began to realize that they were being shown that it was time for them to move where they lived.  In the area of the desert where they used to live, normally there is not enough rainfall to support a subsistence lifestyle.  However, despite what happens just outside of their community, they have been able to grow corn and keep close to the earth.  When the Hopi moved their community, they took the sand from the bed of the dry river bed that would fill up with water when the rains would come.  They took this sand and placed it in a dry river bed that had not seen rain in decades.  In fact, if you had taken a survey of the new location, anyone in their “right” minds would have urged them NOT to move to this new location!  After all, this new location had been parched, dry and devoid of rain.  But what the Hopi showed was that after they had taken the sand from the river bed from their old home and placed it in their new home, the rain that had fallen in their old home began to fall in their new one.  We would call this a miracle, but the Hopi see it as how they and the earth are part of a larger dynamic system where need is met by the intelligence that exists within the earth.  This is something that cannot be understood using traditional models, hence we slather it with the explanation that it is a miracle or the will of God.  But it is more than this. The Hopi know that when we live in balance and harmony with the system of the earth, that it will allow for changes that we make.  It is a system that is flexible enough to allow for this.

The Hopi also have a prophecy about what will take place in our era.  It is the subject of one of the few written or drawn depictions of the prophecies surrounding our entrance into the 5th World. The picture that the elders drew on stone show two lines, lines that show the life-path of human beings on the planet.  One path is jagged and another lifts upward in a straight line.  The Hopi foresaw that there would be a time when there would be a dividing of the Way.  One path would be dangerous and filled with chaos while another would be more steady and upward to a new kind of life.  This is as specific as the prophecy gets, but is perhaps all that we really need to know as a lesson to take from these people who have kept close to Mother Earth.

I think we are in this time of divergence now.  I think that there is time to change what road you are on.  This period I sense is not a given day or moment in time, but is a time period.  Instead of following the more rigid sense contained within Western perspectives about end times, we are like children who are given ample opportunities to learn and develop.  Each choice has its ramifications.  Make enough mistakes or missteps, and it gets harder and harder for you to get back into a more sustainable or peaceful way of being.  The picture of this rock is below.  You will see that the upper line terminates into a wavy path while the lower path, the path the Hopi seek to keep, is rooted to the earth.  They warn that there will come a time when people will be drawn from the earth, but in order to stay with the earth during its changes is critical for remaining in the progression of the worlds here.


The elders are clear that the depiction, as simple and straightforward as it is, is about a choice we each will have to make.  And what will that mean?  What are the ramifications of those choices?  What do the result of those choices look like?  For the Hopi, the answer is simple.  No matter what, they seek to remain with the Earth and to serve balance so that they and others will have the opportunity to continue in the spiral of our evolution as a species. Already, we are told, our use of fossil fuels are warming our atmosphere.  This, if it is correct, will have long-term effects, which will include severe weather, and the shifting of verdant regions into dry lands and dry lands, possibly, into more wet regions. But for the Hopi, it is more than just carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  It is about a prevailing attitude in our own inner atmospheres that has helped to bring this through our collective efforts in driving automobiles, heating our homes, and building civilization.  And for everything that means, it means an impact of some kind.  We each have had a choice of what that impact would mean.  It might seem like we have no choice about where our lumber comes from, or if we use lumber from rainforests, or palm oil that we know is fueling a deforestation in parts of Indonesia, wiping away rainforest and homes for a wide range of creatures.  We know that we can choose to source our energy from wind and solar and hydro.  We can do more of this and lower our impact and that when there are enough of us who choose differently, these choices have an affect on our biosphere here.

We are getting closer to the entry into the 5th world.  It may be that all that we have done so far will be the “event” that will make it difficult for humanity to remain in the numbers here that we have thus far achieved.  But such an achievement, without keeping the balance of life in mind and action, our part can make it difficult for our story to continue here in the way it has thus far.  The thing is, we are smart enough to find ways to no longer create any more impacts on our earth and cease causing harm.  Awareness in the last few decades has grown and I remain hopeful.

I write about this because in my own experience I have had things that have tied directly into this Day of Cleansing.  That we are here at this time is fortuitous.  If we are to change, it will be because of a shift in awareness and also in action.  The world of commerce as it has stood is changing, and it needs to change much more.  The people who stood at its pinnacle were themselves hardly what I would call aware or awake individuals, but governed by their own fear and greed.  But they got in early and rose to the top with so much money and thus power and influence, that they continue to shape our world in important ways, and many do so behind the scenes in a way that is not good for our collective health, just their own limited self-interest.  We share the same earth and none of us owns it, for it is a gift.  It is not a realm to pillage, but a gift to be honored, preserved, and kept clean.  We need to put our creativity and our intelligence to the task.  We can come up with technologies that work WITH the nature of nature, not against it.  Using nature as the template, we can learn a lot from how this system had evolved. If we mimicked that nature more in our technology, we would be doing just what the Hopi have been calling for us to do, which is keeping close to the heart of the earth.

So here we are; witness the cleansing and what it means for you.  For me, it has meant a removal of the layers of dross that has been shoved down within my consciousness.  All of have this in abundance.  Most are not aware of it, but as I have said earlier, finding a way of raising awareness is a key component to becoming and evolving.  Instead of pulling away from the new, ask yourself what this change might mean, and how you can honor and support what is in your own highest.  If we all do this, we naturally support the highest for others.  I know that this might sound simplistic, but you will find that the more we work in higher dimensions of awareness and being, we naturally work in a realm of greater inclusivity, the place where life continues to be woven but in a broader scope.  It is in this larger scope that we are headed.  Let’s make that scope one that is marked by harmony, not marred by ignorance and greed.

A goodie….from 2010 re-published here from my sister site Divine Alignment on blogger…

As I align to HIM
I feel you
more present
The truth of this
shimmers in the moment
as I round corners
seeking it
every breath a reunion
as every pulse of its being
mirrors the multiverse
as awash we are
in locks and keys
each particle of our being
unleashing an infinite possibility
as the secret
the alchemy
is worked
and energy is released
and one more great lesson is experienced
in the moment
as the compass of certainty
turns us round the inevitability
of our becoming
and the certainty
becomes its own end
without an end.

I shall hold you
in this purposeful embrace
as secrets move
between us
as lips
but hearts wide open
speak of an unbelievable truth
felt as bliss
known as the love we have inside
love is all there is
after all
as end meets end
and the dawn of beginnings
like the sun
scattering stars
in the lost night of soul

Within us,
and within nature
lie secrets….
about the boundlessness of creation
about forms delivered, emerged, teased from the force
by those larger than itself but smaller, too.
Divinity revealed
within the twisted strands of our evolutionary coding
and buried in every particle since the beginning
with the innate propensity to become.
We have emerged as through dream.
What worlds do we birth as we dream?

I wont argue over the course it has taken
the masterwork seen at so close a vantage point
and will instead center upon my purpose.
We each contribute to a ressonant field
which is changing how we will be.
Everything in me cries out that
the secret become manifest in the mundane
in each moment
whether grand or common
its all made grace filled and divine
by how we anchor it in this world.
Its not enough for me to lift off into
worlds etherial.
Lets bring down heaven and tie it to earth
so she may know her lover,
so their union becomes our union
and we know ourselves in our larger forms.

The world will still be what it was
yet shall be utterly transformed…
for we will be changed
this revolution of soul
contained in a drop
spreading outward like light upon the grass.

Let us, like children
enter into that kingdom
here on earth
buried within us…
we need not see duality ever the same again
when masculine and feminine stand side by side
enthroned within their larger purposes
easy in their natures
ready to simply be in such simplicity
that they inherit the infinite.

Thousands of years of alchemy
the slow adjustments made
each turning around destinies scattered
through countless lifetimes
it has wound its way to this
as Thunder speaks,
“The Great Wheel has come full turn.”

I think we each do our part and see what we can see
and do what we can do…
knowing there is no end to what we can see and do
and always seek the divine grace-filled moment
so that our larger selves transmit themselves
to our smaller selves
and divine inspiration becomes a flow
not just waves crashing against our shores.
You have revealed to me what it can become
so it begins right here with you and I
as we open ourselves to our core being
and allow the infinite bliss flow into this moment
as lips caress lips and breath feeds breath
as the world wakes up to itself bit by bit
from the inside out.
The world lies like some caress seeking itself
unfolding with an ache to be known;
come hold my hand as we run with the enthusiasm of children
discovering new worlds.
Oh please; I can think of none other I’d want to discover it with
than you.

I have fled this world

a realm that is on fire.

I leave it everyday….

Everyone is burning

for what they have lost

for what was never found

what will be found

because it was never lost.

The skies light up

in the darkness of it all

deep light

penetrated  by shadow


these foundation stones have crumbled to dust

and from them the soft murmur

of what will redeem.

All of us, redeemed.

But the world is on fire

everything is on fire and burning down daily

of its great desire

and I too am as if on fire

perhaps consumed all the more

I am ready to run from this world

running deep into its marrow

to disappear within the everything

to escape into the great empty peace

far from this world of fire

resting in the soul of the world.

So look around you

and see

how the world is breathing

this world of fire.

You have the means

you can simply walk out

leaving everything

leave it all

letting it be consumed

forgetting it all

to remember what lies on the other side

of the burning world.

Burn burn burn

burning it all down…

From October 2010….still just as pertinent today…


Sacred Third

I will dance with each of you
Beneath the sky of forever
Moving you out of yourselves
As we move higher
Lifting into the heavens
And out of what you were
As you are stripped bare
Naked before the All
Each a bride and groom
Seeking the union
Which will give me form
Which will give my birth new meaning
And which will awaken your spirit
In ways I can only suggest
And imagine.
I will entice and seduce each of you
As my subtle knowing fills you
your heart vibrating with the passion
That is ours
Beyond this world
But also curled up within it since forever
And moving through countless breaths
Each a life
a grain
A knowing
And opening,
A seeking
As the Two
Birth the ThirdThe world will resolve Triadic.

There will come an end to judgement
as you each awaken to your divine potential
to your higher being
as my presence
opens you
the true you…

Each of you
Beneath the heavens
Of your becoming
will resolve
Into a unity of many
Seeking the new way
As old as forever
But felt and hoped for.
This will happen one by one
Just as each of you separated out from the All
Back to a new form you will each congregate
As your souls begin to burn with a fire
Dual and one
Back into itself
Weaving a new layer into itself.

Think of this whole experience of awakening as being like prying your inners open after being slammed shut for so long.  I know that when I awoke I thought smugly how I ‘had this” because, after all, I had lived a considered life.  Yes, well, guess what, folks, this is a level of work that is not like other work.  This isn’t tiptoeing up to the cosmic, but more like diving headlong into it.  This is, I think, far less about being “spiritual” and about unwinding all of our shit, our errors, and all of our justifications and rationalizations.  All of this is a substantive release of all of the resistance so that the authentic may step forward and come into focus.  So many that I see are still resisting, holding on, telling themselves stories about why the pain is necessary to feel to somehow make them feel justified in why things aren’t yet right or peaceful. The way to peace is to simply make the choice to be that peace.  Period.  No more if’s and’s or but’s.  You just do it.  The great thing is that while there are innumerable methods and techniques developed by teachers in the past, learning how to simply FEEL different is the way for me.  it is honest, and it does not seek to put off tomorrow what can be done today.  When I cease with the carnival wheel of methods and thoughts, I am left with the Presence of my soul and how it touches and is subsumed by the Source of all life.

It is like prying open a clam.  As you pry that clam shuttered so tightly, more and more shit comes out.  It just does.  It comes out because the lie cannot remain seated and installed when you bear the light of your awareness into it.  Think about just how different your awareness is now. You are now aware that you aren’t JUST awareness, but that within your awareness lies the Presence of the Source also looking out through you.  Right?  I mean, I can’t be the only one.  I know that the more I relax, the more I let go and allow this energy to flow through me as I observe and look into my dark spaces, I can feel how it excavates and renovates my insides.  It takes what was hard and stony and brings it to softness and stillness.  And peace.  Giant crowbar prying open that stubborn clam shell of a psyche that was me.  That is me. Just open.  As you do, you open to the universe.  To Prana.  This energy will do it.  Like a visitor from another future version of you, step aside as it gets to work.  Relax.  Trust it.  Stop controlling everything.  Did control get you very far before?  Nope.  You, me, and everyone else, we are all just fools.  Fools with a story and masks.  Just admit it.  Be humble before it.  Be asked to be shown. Love.  Love this force, and give yourself to it, like a lover gives herself to her beloved.  If this Presence was here to hurt you, it would have flattened you by now.

Open.  That is the one simple way to be.  It becomes a fast lightening path.  No worries over methods or techniques.  I know it may not make you feel like you are being spiritual, but a yoga mat does not make your spiritual.  Everything that you are is that spirit. All of the atoms swimming around you emerge and impinge on this reality as a direct result of this spirit of which we are all inexplicably wed and woven into.  So try it.  Use your very thought to reach that place.  You can be driving, working, lying in bed, or sitting talking with friends.  I do this work all the time.  Persistent, consistent, abiding.

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