It might surprise you to know that there are hundreds of thousands of chakras in the body.  You might not be familiar with this fact because popular culture has focused our minds on the seven major chakras.  Doing this is akin to paying attention to, say, the vascular system and only looking at and attending to the aortic artery.  We all know that there is a vast system of branches of veins and capillaries, right? The same is true for the chakras.  The thing is, most people don’t even know that all of these chakras exist. Granted, these many thousands of chakras are very small and might be considered minor by most people, but for me as someone who have been aware and interested in energy for so long, I like to know the details. One such detail is the chakras which are located in the leg and the foot. 

Most articles will deal with the one “sole” chakra in the foot, but I think it is more helpful to know all of the main or larger foot and leg chakras as they go from the sole of the foot up to just below the root chakra where most people are taught our energetic vivacity begins. I would like to mention that often when someone tells me that they had this twinge and feeling of release in a really oddball part of their body where no chakra is, I have to smile because most often (but not always) this can be a chakra clearing itself, and it is a chakra they didn’t even knew existed (because we have just seven, right?).  Also, imagine a human awareness that is able to tune into and is able to see or visualize ALL of the chakras down to the nanoscale that are in the body! I can tell you that this is certainly possible, and if you are really interested in energy, I can help to teach you how you can do this.

As with all chakras, the energetic resonance of that region will tend to invite a certain vibration of emotional energy to be trapped or blocked there.  There is also an opposite range of emotional energy that this part of the body can resonate with, too.  With energy, everything is a double-sided coin.  As with all of the other chakras, knowing what each center will hold onto is one way to begin to build awareness about that center and to know how a given emotion might be triggered by one of these energetic centers. As with all other chakras, there is a positive aspect and a negative aspect for each one.  Shadow and light. So let’s dig into the leg chakras…

The first lower chakra which is located in the hips is aligned with fear. This center is also aligned in its shadow aspect with lust and promiscuity. The opposing attribute to balance this chakra is governed by a lack of shame and a right to ones own sexuality. 

Located in the thighs is aligned with anger and burning resentment. The positive aspect of this chakra is forgiveness.

Located in the knees, this center governs jealousy. The positive alignment of this chakra is self-confidence. I feel this chakra a lot. I feel it a lot because I work so much with self-confidence but am still shaken by events in my life that I have responded in a less than confident manner.  In fact it has been strong on one side of my body and I can point to it.  If you look at the inside of your knee and see the part of the knee where the front of the knee becomes the side of the knee, and the point where the rounded body part of the knee gives way to the slight hollow going into the back of the knee, this is where this chakra is centered.  This chakra is at the intersection of the knee hollow towards the back of the leg and the hard bony front part of the knee as it transitions into the back part of the knee. If you measure the width between the front of the knee and the back of the knee, this point will be about halfway or the very middle of the side of the knee.

This chakra, which is located in the calves,  involves a state of prolonged confusion and instinctive wilfulness.  An inability to allow the higher aspects of self rise to the occasion; it is all dog eat dog. The positive alignment aspect of this chakra is being conscious, aware.

Located in the ankles,  is the center of selfishness and pure animal nature. The positive attribute in this center is the ability to be charitable, or giving.

Located in the feet, this center in the Sanskrit means a dark realm ‘without conscience’ and of inner blindness. The positive aspect of this center is having a grounded sense of conscience and awareness. One is not impeded in this center when expressing its positive aspect.

The patala is centered in the soles of the feet, at the front of the arch towards the front of the foot but behind the ball of the big toe.  This is the world where murder happens, death for the sake of it. This is the realm of malice, murder, and torture. The positive aspect of this chakra is the ability to feel empathy, to see the sacredness of all life.

The chart of the meridian system is very helpful in helping to locate these chakras also.  While the Chinese system does not acknowledge  the chakra system traditionally, the acupuncture points  sometimes point to these chakras.  And yes, there are more acupuncture points than there are chakras listed.  Bear in mind that the chakras that I am pointing out are from the Indian system and recognize seven major chakras in the legs (there are more).  I think it is helpful to understand both systems because between them you can engage a body worker who is practiced at releasing stored energy.  That said, you need a worker who is highly intuitive and knows his or her stuff. When I say this, you might wonder why.  the answer is simple.  The sensing of this energy can be done by anyone who is adept, but not everyone who is trained in, say acupressure or massage work may be naturally sensitive to detecting the energy in you.  Being able to detect blocks and go to them as well as how to open up the lines of energy in the right places to help coaxed those blocked areas is not always something that can be taught. So perhaps you can see why it is important to find a practitioner who works a lot with energy and who comes highly recommended.  We are dealing with systems in the body that harbor deeply buried material and even very good practitioners can miss this material (I had a healer tell me that the blocked material I could feel very well wasn’t even there because she could not feel it).

These centers respond to massage, movement, and meditation when you are able to really go deep. Join breath work with meditation by being open and receptive and trying to feel into those centers with a neutral probing mind.  If you do not have time or the inclination to do this type of inner work, finding a therapist who is good at what they do is important.  I have always found that it is important to find a therapist who works with energy and knows energy.  Some of the best practitioners come from traditions where they never received a certificate, for example. It may be somewhat correct to say the gifted ones are born, not made.  I tend to feel that while some might be born, it is also possible to study and work to develop awareness and this is why I recommend meditation and breath work for those willing to delve deeper. 

I will tell you that leg chakras are hard (for me) to clear and I have cleared hundreds of blocks in this ten year period since my awakening began. The leg and foot chakras are so fundamental I think we would rather not even think about them.  Some of our worst sins are there along with our greatest triumphs too. This is one reason why having a good practitioner who works with the meridian system or who does deep tissue massage along with energy work can be an incredibly important asset to you.  Having centers opened can feel like you have just gotten a tune-up.  You will feel different.  You will feel clearer, and you might even feel like you have to sit down for a while until you get your bearings again.  This usually means that your session went very well. 

If you want to learn more about this fascinating but often forgotten or less-mentioned set of chakras or energy points, there are a number of older and also newer posts on this subject.  If you would like to know more about energy and how this can help you in your development both spiritually and emotionally in your life, this blog has a lot of information that is first-hand about this process.  While some material is geared towards those who have already experienced awakening, there is a lot that can be readily grasped and understood for everyone.  I am glad you are here! 

Below is a chart of the leg and foot meridian system which I think will be helpful in helping you to visualize the placement of many of these centers. this one is using the Chinese model of acupressure/acupuncture points and the one that follows is the Indian system of the chakra. While these two things are different, they are interrelated because both concern themselves with the energy system in the body. This might be at first confusing, but in time the role that they play can best be understood as complimentary rather than conflicting. 


You can see that the LV points do not perfectly coincide with the last illustration showing the chakras. Both are part of the energetic system of the body. Much like how the vascular system pumps blood, the energy system corresponds to the electrical system (but is not a physical system like the nervous system).

Many people who do not know a lot about these seven chakras below the seven that we normally know and even practitioners are not well versed in them. Try to find leg or foot chakra charts online and you will begin to appreciate how little is actually known about them. Some charts will only list the negative aspects of these centers, but those who do this are missing the full truth of what these centers contain and as a result have a lack of awareness about what their roles are and how to work with them. Ideally, these centers are treated as part of the whole system of the person and the body as of course they are.

Here is another article on the topic, which goes deeper into some details about the energetics and topics related to these seven chakras: