Do you have links to content that you have found useful with your experience of awakening (even if its your own blog!)? I am in the process of compiling this list for you. It is by no means comprehensive-there are many more of us now than just a decade ago, and those writing on the subject has increased many-fold. Please feel free to include links you found helpful and I will get them into the list. These are compiled with no specific order or rank. Feel free to peruse, be inspired, take what works, and leave the rest.

Sites On Awakening From A Western Perspective

http://www.nonduality.org. Jerry Katz’s site. A good place to begin, with writings, interviews, and an online community that is nowadays on Yahoo Groups. Katz operated one of the first online sites that did not have a head teacher or guru of some kind. It was/is a very western effort. He has a series of podcasts archived on Soundcloud that he provides links to.

http://www.elcollie.com/ There is a lot out there by Collie-she was an early writer in the West on this topic, using the internet as a way to bring people together.

http://www.kundalini-gateway.org/index.html The List – emerged as one of the first email list forums on the internet that deals with awakening. An online community.

http://www.kundaliniguide.com/ Site by Bonnie Greenwell, includes her books and consulting services for those who are kundalini active.

http://www.kundalinisupport.org/ Kundalini support: managed by Lawrence Edwards, PhD., and Dorothy Walters, PhD. Both have their respective blogs and other resources (including books) which you may find useful.

http://www.biologyofkundalini.com Jana Dixon’s analysis on the chemical basis of kundalini.

http://www.goldenageofgaia.com Site managed by Steve Beckow. Articles, musings, etcetera.

http://vsociety.net/ Veritas. This site is not exclusively kundalini-related, but rather covers broad ground, including articles and a series of forums on different but related topics on spirituality/metaphysics. I am not a member, but it looked promising enough to include!

Other Cultural Traditions On Awakenings


Krishna, Gopi. Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy In Man. 252 pages. Shambhala; Revised ed. edition (February 4, 1997) ISBN-10: 1570622809, ISBN-13: 978-1570622809.
Aurobindo, S. (197l). Letters on Yoga. (4 parts) Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram.




Therapists & Healthcare Providers

Spiritual Emergence Service – website includes therapists throughout the world who do are familiar with and involve themselves in counseling those who are in spiritual emergence or awakening. There are other resources on the web site as well that you may find useful. Link address: http://spiritualemergence.net/

THE ASSOCIATION FOR TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY (USA) http://www.atpweb.org A professional association for transpersonal psychologists. ATP publishes The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and sponsors yearly conferences which play a leading role in transpersonal psychology education.
John E. Mack Institute, Harvard, USA


WINDHORSE COMMUNITY SERVICES http://windhorsecommunityservice.com/