Meridian chart for the LV meridian in Chinese medicine


Since traffic continues to grow on the blog on the topic of the chakras in the legs, I am including links to some articles on the subject all in one place.  I hope that it helps you in learning more.  I am also including a very useful method for releasing stored energy in the chakras (legs included) in the links, and since as you go down below the major chakras the energy becomes increasingly more primal and more difficult sometimes to understand, this technique can be very helpful since it does not rely on your dredging up emotion in memory. It taps into body memory and if given enough opportunity, can release hard and long-stored emotion without so much as engaging the mind or anything; no story, just release.

As for working out blocked energy in the legs, if you can find a body worker (masseuse) who works with energy and understands it well, you can go into your session with a chart in hand and say, “I’m interested in having work done on my meridians in my legs, can you help me?” Most body workers who are good work intuitively, which means that they don’t work off of just book learning, they actually have learned how to feel energy and know where a block is instinctively. You want to look for a massage therapist in your area who says that they do deep tissue and some energy modality.  You might also want to ask around your community.  When I went to a weekly Qi Gong class, there were several massage therapists there and during a break I asked two of them if they knew someone who did both deep tissue and was good with energy work and they both looked at each e\other and blurted out the same name at the same time.  I asked what her number was and they looked it up on their phone.  It was that simple. I saw her several weeks later and she became a really good resource for me.