My name is Parker.  I am a professional artist and  educator.  I am a father to two remarkable children.  I have been a seeker most of my life, beginning at age nine and continuing right up to the moment that awakening began to flower.  Awakening was a seismic process that changed so much in my life, some of it was hard to deal with.

Awakening changed so much, and while the change was hard, it also returned me to that which I really had needed all along.  I had, in many ways, been hiding out in a sense, trying to make sense of this life which I had been moving through that was lacking something that I could not put my finger on, but that I knew was to be found through inner self-inquiry.


I wont say that my life was an ordinary one because it wasn’t.  I was a small child and was having what I now know was a form of out of body experience that involved witnessing what I described as looking between the realm of spirit and flesh as souls came into the world.  I grew up feeling as though my most important work was being done in the dream state.  I kept dream journals because many of my dreams had very clear precognitive elements.  It was through my dream work that I learned a lot about the nature of reality.  If I could see events before they happened, then how could time be truly linear?  I learned a lot of things in the dream state through what I called my educational dreams.  I learned to ride the bike as a young child through the dream state.  Leaping up out of bed, I dashed outside, hopped on my sister’s bike, and I took off, my feet unable to touch the ground because I was so small at the time.  I ended each ride by leaping off the bike as it coasted to a crashing halt.  It didn’t take long for me to get my first bike (how much longer would my big sister’s bike handle that kind of treatment?) lol. This made a big impression on me growing up, so you could say I took notice of my adventures in dreaming going forward.


I grew up knowing deep in my bones that there was something missing within Christianity.  More than just a vague feeling, I knew it to be something it had hidden, and that it was important.  It would take me many decades before I would have an encounter with early texts in context with an awakening before I could crack this mystery that had dogged me my whole life (and made me feel a little more than crazy).

I have come at spirituality and awakening from a holistic perspective.  While all of the spiritual traditions in the world bear their own unique cultural stamps, my focus has always been on finding what rises to the top in our traditions that speaks to me the same way that kundalini speaks to me, teaching me now awake instead of while in slumber.  So, as a result, I seek in my work here and alone, to do as many have been doing the last thirty years or more, which is to develop a broader understanding of what all of the traditions have had to say about the mystery that lies within each of us. And maybe to integrate the great traditions so that we can help to evolve a larger or broader picture for how we are all speaking the same story but using different words in different traditions only.


My experience has been remarkable, and none of it has been couched within a religious context.  It doesn’t need to be.  Religion has attempted to frame these experiences, but often, they have fallen into error and distortion while at the same time seeking some sort of authority for themselves as though they are the One.  They are one of many, and our spiritual experience is like bottled water; they might have different labels, but it all comes from the same source.  I come from this perspective as a result, and I am very happy to look for the unifying elements in all traditions, but I think that ultimately it all comes down to our own experience. I feel that if we are to get to the next stage in our development as a species, we are going to need to understand how we are similar, linked, instead of different.  The powers of division have given us wars and untold strife that as a species we simply do not need for our development anymore.  Things will change or we will very likely cease being here on the planet.  Something has got to give, and awakening is beginning to show one avenue.

Since I was not steeped in a tradition when I awoke, I was free to observe what this presence was doing within me without labels or any bias whatsoever.  This experience was invaluable to me because I think it showed me the experience clearly in just such a way that once I did begin looking around for examples of similar experiences, I was able to make what I think might be a discovery lying at the heart of Christianity that is hidden behind veils of heresy and distortion.  In some ways, this forms the basis of some work I am engaging in, perhaps an old account to set right this time around, which is working to help bring an awareness of the feminine principle in the godhead.

It is time. If you are going through this, then you probably know what I mean.
What I seek to do here is to give you some of what I have found along the way not by reading what others say, but observing my own experience and then seeing how it correlates with others in a sincere desire to help demystify the experience so that we can continue to step out of our collective shadow as a species. My desire is to help raise awareness and thereby raise everyone’s boats.
Most of my work here is entirely unplanned. It is what I can do between working in school, my life as a parent, my studio, and my own inner journey and work. However, as is most often the case, the unplanned opens the door to possibilities that I could not have known had I planned it all out.
I am glad you are here, and I hope I can provide some nuggets of useful truth for your journey forward. If you are writing on your own experience, I would love to hear about it-follow me so I can follow back!  In this light,