Parker H&S

My name is Parker. I am a professional artist and educator. I am a father to two children. I have been a seeker most of my life, beginning at age nine and continuing right up to the moment that awakening began to flower. Awakening was a seismic process for me that changed so much in my life, some of which was hard to deal with. All of it was a saving grace.

I grew up without an attachment to a religion or philosophy or school of thought. When my awakening began to take shape in 2006 and culminated in a full “rising” event in early 2007, I had no reference point for what had taken place.  As a result, I kept careful notes observing the phenomenon as it unfolded.  I have found that while it is helpful to have a system with good information about awakening, there is an advantage to being an “innocent” in regards to this phenomenon.  I was not subject to beliefs about this intelligent energy, so I was able to observe without bias what was happening.  Because of this early experience, I have found that there is significant merit to being free from a system which may have elements of teaching that may represent some degree of misunderstanding or biasing effects.

While I did not have a guru or teacher per se, I did have people who have come into and out of my life in perfect timing.  As a result of what I learned from one important “teacher” when we try to apply logical modes of thought to awakening, we will invariably fail.  The coming of the “Shakti” as the Hindu’s describe it, requires another mode of thought which is more in line with the right brain, and it is this part, which I observe and contend, is a nonlogical, holistic and emotionally intelligent part of our being that is the missing linkage point for entrance to the divine cosmos.  It is through this part of ourselves that we glimpse that part of reality that we think of as cosmic consciousness.  I only came to this realization through years of experience and even struggle (it took me a while to go from hearing it to putting it to regular use in my own consciousness and my life).  To reach into the next realm, the left brain must be the servant to the master, which is the right brain.  Now this may all sound strange to you, but this assertion is itself based on careful observation on my own and later backed up through the observations of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist.  You can see her TED talk online.  This said, I will also add that I am not convinced that the brain is responsible for consciousness itself, but appears to behave as a biological transceiver of a sort.  I say this because there is phenomenon that shows evidence of an independence from the brain itself (something called “nonlocality”).

Much of what I observed early on forms the basis of further study and also is reflected in my writing.  It may seem counterintuitive to many people to approach awakening in this way, but it is the very core of what makes awakening or kundalini what it is.

I have applied my observations in art, design, and my life generally.  There is a quality to this force in consciousness which can reveal new layers to understanding physical reality and our place within it.  Awakening is just the first step.  By applying what I have learned in a practical way I have found that as consciousness changes and our beliefs change, so too do aspects of what we thought is “reality.”  The work continues.

I decided to come out, so to speak, in order to offer my own observations.  Instead of relying on what others have had to say, I offer what I observe. In some cases, I may be wrong, and in others, I may be on the mark.  While I do try to curate my content, I am busy as a business owner, educator, and father.  I have a lot to do otherwise, so while my writing can in some cases be hurried and even unplanned, what I offer is for your consideration. Try it, give it a run for its money.  Don’t take my word for it.  Take what works, leave the rest.  We are all in this journey together and yet we each have individual natures that give each of us a different perspective.  It is an honor to share this journey with you.  I am not guru, and I eschew all such considerations.  I am just like you.  No pedestals, and no belief is required.  Knowledge, the light of inner knowing, is all that guides me.  What guides you?





Image copyright Parker Stafford