Someone recently expressed interest in learning about the chakras that are in the legs. I copied the following excerpt from Divine Alignment, which is from the blogspot family and is another blog that I manage. That excerpt follows.

I would like to add that the chakras in ANY part of the body are cleared by all the same methods one would clear a block in any part of the body. I put this post together assuming that readers who are familiar with ways to clear blocks would know about these methods.

For those who are unaware of the many ways to clear blocks, a quick review.

The energy system in the human body consists of a vast network of energetic lines that move all throughout the body, and while they are entirely energetic in nature, they are not that different from the way they are composed in the physical body as, say, the vascular system (not precisely, but in principle). As a result of this, in extremities and radiating outward from the central core of the body, there will be finer and finer strands of these lines. Most people are completely unaware of this network of energy in much the same way that we are not aware of blood flowing in our veins. Since this system is designed to carry energy, it is a low density system made of energy to carry energy. By low density, I mean that which is not dense matter. You can, though, become quite aware of this system and the energy it carries through meditation and “inner work.”

In the Chinese tradition of medicine these lines are called meridians. The meridians in the Chinese tradition have all been mapped out to a very complete degree so that in the areas where energy can get stuck they have all identified acupuncture points along the meridians where they can release the stuck or blocked energy. Using the Chinese tradition and its points along the meridians lines,you can massage the areas using acupressure or you can go to a Chinese acupuncturist and have them “needle” you in order to move the energy.

My observation with this healing modality is that the Chinese tradition does not take into account the existence of chakras but rather these many many points where the blockages occur. However if the practitioner needles you properly in order to release enough energy from the area that is blocked, you can in fact have an effective removal of a block in that area. This can also take a number of appointments with an acupuncturist in order to loosen up energy especially energy that has been stuck for a very long time. A good practitioner will be able to not just needle in the block, but know enough to draw a line, or series of lines up away from, say, the foot in order to open the foot up. Sometimes, then, a needle in the solar plexus might do more to “pull” chi up and out of the foot than a needle directly on it. A good practitioner will be in tune with you as any good energy worker must be.

Another very good way to release stuck energy is to work with a massage therapist who knows about energy work and can combine both tissue manipulation in the form of deep tissue massage along with energy work. This is not that different from acupressure, it uses all the same knowledge base, but adds a broader “geography” in massaging the whole body (which I find to be more effective than placing needles at a few select spots hoping that it releases the energetic block).

My experience has been that if you find the right practitioner which is someone who really understands energy and also really understands body work you can in fact release a great deal of material from your body with someone who really knows their stuff.

It is important to understand what is at the base of all of this blocked energy. The blocked energy is in fact blocked emotional material that has been stored in the body. If you can understand that this is blocked emotional energy, you can work,  energetically,  with the blocks through proper meditation techniques which are extremely simple and which can, and will, release blocks all throughout your body.

The difficulty with blocks is that represent  emotion that has been felt only partially, with the remainder unprocessed emotion now being stored in the body. In some cases, allowing yourself to feel that emotion again can be enough to flush it out of your system. However having said this, sometimes a block is actually a conglomeration of many emotional blocks in one center and allowing yourself to feel an emotion they only released one small part of the larger block. So you can see perhaps that this work can  have many steps to it.

I tend to feel that it is much more effective to use body manipulation massage for this work if you can’t use meditation techniques to bring prana to the block. It also bypasses the “story” bound up in emotion, which can lead you into blocked energy, instead of out of it.

There is also  the technique called “tapping” which is also called EFT, which is doing the same thing that acupressure/puncture does but is using a tapping motion along the meridian line.
In the case of the legs and the feet, the descriptions for each center in the article below, both positive and negative attributes are mentioned, and these attributes will clue you in to the emotional nature of the block. The reason why they are described in terms of certain emotional states is so that the practitioner, or you, can bring those emotions back up and learn to process them when they were not originally processed to begin with. The descriptions help you to hone in on what parts of your emotions need work through awareness and care.

There is also a method of shaking that has proven to be highly effective  for  releasing blocks. Since few muscles are in the feet when compared to the rest of the body, shaking the feet are harder than, say, the legs. The method is to go into postures that will cause you to shake. Mild exertion can achieve this such as leg lifts held in place until the muscles begin quivering and shaking. Doing this for 15 minutes day can be very helpful in releasing blocked material.

You know you have released a block because you can feel either pressure, tension, or resistance melt away in your body. This can feel like a liquid flowing out of you, or a clogged region slowly melting away. A feeling of temperature change can also accompany the release.

The method that I use in the beginning stages of any removal of a block in my body is to simply sit quietly and begin to meditate and allow my awareness to go to the area where there is a problem. What I do in this meditation is I become an observer, and in that observer mode, I become highly sensitive to being able to detect my own energy. I make no judgments, I simply observe. I FEEL. I allow myself to feel it deeply as I can, all of the characteristics of the block so that I can learn as much as I can about that. Very often I will find in this Observer mode that a block is actually a cluster or series of much smaller blocks.

If you are someone who is awakened you no doubt have had a third eye opening or activation at some level or another. You can in this type of meditation use your mind to see into your body like an observer would look at any other object and begin to glean information from your own body and your own energy body in order to assess the problem correctly. Let me iterate that when you focus your attention on a given center with your mind with the intention to heal it, you WILL bring prana into that area. If you believe that this will not work, it will do you no good to use this method until you are able to change this negative belief. Energy goes where attention goes, and if you are focusing your disbelief in ANY method, you will be shooting yourself in the foot…so to speak. In this case, you will need a method that fits your belief so you can get the energetic flow that you need. In any case, the healing always comes when YOU can find a way to allow energy to flow again.

Once you have detected the area in question that needs to be removed you can also begin to massage that area with your hands. Gently using circular movement that starts at the center of the block, massage in a circular motion, slowly moving outward from the block. Then reverse the direction of massaging.
A very effective Bodywork or massage therapist who does energy work will actually be able to pick up all that same information from your own energy body. They will in fact be listening to you and to your mind (even when this information is not available to you consciously because of the block) in order to pick up the things that are most needed in that moment. These are the very effective energy workers and massage therapists, and it takes some care to find one who can be the most effective for you.
I will add here that if you are really ready for the perfect healer for you and do not have any competing beliefs against this standing in your way, amazing things can truly happen. It is a fact that all of the best healers (except one) all were located within walking distance of my home. No, my area is not gifted with many healers. When you can know how your belief plays into every aspect of your life, you can change belief in order to manifest the healing resources that you need. And these will be tailor fit for you where you are now. In this case, the mountain will come to you.

There are, of course, a number of other healing modalities that you can use for releasing blocks. There is the system called Reiki that can be effective. There is also a Polynesian healing modality that is very simple and can be incredibly useful called Ho’oponopo. It means “setting it right.” It gets at the root of all blocks by recognizing that we allowed ourselves to feel less than our divine selves. It requires honesty and trust in order for it to work. It is effectively holding up the problem so Source may take it “back” to be forgiven and healed.

Blocks in the body will tend to align along one energetic polarity or another; yin and yang. Yin will tend to manifest one range of symptoms while Yang will manifest others. Coolness is Yin, for example, while heat is Yang. Anything in excess can lead to physical problems, most of which will have as their source an emotional issue. Correcting the issue in consciousness releases the energy block and thus changes the physiological effects within a 24 hour period (but often within minutes).

With that said, the article…..

Leg & Arm Chakras

Each leg of the physical body also has chakras and the same two currents that flow up the main trunk of the body.  Each toe has the same two currents as do the arms and fingers, with much smaller chakra centers in each.  Because they are so small in appendages like toes and fingers, most do not detect their presence. To detect them requires a focus most often in meditation. 


One reason why the hands are so often used for healing is that there are terminal points akin to the top of the head where the energy flows from positive to negative, referred to as “zero point.” It is here at this place in the energy that anything can happen. 


In the Hindu system, the chakras in the legs are seen as  both negatively and positively charged centers. That is, they are referred to in a negative and positive light as corresponding to our more animal natures, and are said to belong to the “underworld.” These centers are just like all other centers.  They are neither positive or negative but depend on the emotional, physical, and spiritual energy that have been invested or cast into them.  In the same way that a sacral chakra can convey a lack of good self image and a lack of sensual beauty, so too can the same center be magnetized in the opposite direction. This is so with every single center in the body. 

While you are probably familiar with the Muladhara, Swadhishthana, and Manipura chakras, for example, the chakras in the legs have also been named. The Patala, located in the soles of the feet, is said to be aligned with malice and hatred as well as forgiveness.  The Mahatala is located more centrally in the foot near the arch and is aligned with a sense of entitlement and lack of conscience as well as expansiveness.  The Rasatala is located in the ankles and is aligned with selfishness and charity, while the Talatala is located in the calves and is aligned with a materialism for the self and an awareness of being conscious. Sutala is in the knees and is aligned to inadequacy, inferiority, but also self-confidence. Vitala in the thighs aligns with blind wrath while also aligned to forgiveness.  Atala in the hips is aligned to lustful promiscuity and the ability to be healthily sexual. 

The way that each of these centers are charged by your awareness and your feeling, will determine your experience through them.  As with all chakras and the nadi system, blockages can occur in them and removing these blocks is important in freeing the old perception of the self in order to open up to a new awareness of who and what we are. The work of release is the same as with any other part of the body.  There are numerous methods and they can all work for a variety of reasons.  There are posts on the blog that are about these different methods.  Search using tags like “healing blocks”

I hope that this was illuminating and helpful to

you.  If you have questions about other sources, feel free to let me know and I can dig them up or you. I hope that you can find the information served up today will help you in developing a broader awareness in your own life about who you are.  🙂

This is a link to a post that has a number of other posts about keg and foot chakras.  In one of them, the major leg and foot chakras are named and described:


Update 5/21/2018:  I was recently going through the visitor stats on my site and I noticed an unusually large number of views of this blog post.  I dug deeper and found that while the post was written in 2016, this one post has had nearly 6,000 views, mostly happening between 2017 and 2018, with views increasing by about a hundred for each month, every month. This is just on this platform (this post is being shared from my other blog).  I will be working on putting together more information on leg chakras and why what doctors call “restless leg syndrome” is actually an energetic phenomenon that is pointing to how you can begin to release blocked energy in the legs for better life and greater vitality.  -P.