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I have not been as loyal a poster as of late with a growing array of changes taking place all over the place.  I have also found that what once was a process I did not mind to convey to others has turned much more….private. And for a variety of reasons.  As the layers have fallen away, how I feel and react and respond to a wide range of things has undergone a big change.  What once was more at a distance is now suddenly up close. This inward process, though, has returned me to an old and familiar feeling that has accompanied kundalini.  It’s a mix of things, and the difference now is that I have more experience with this feeling, which is itself so intense that it can bowl you over with waves of bliss or  make me wind up feeling….defeated.   The energy is itself a builder of awareness which means that EVERYTHING seems as though it is under a microscope.  Good when you are ready to deal with the stuff, but hard when you are feeling a need to be more quiet, catch your breath, have a moment to yourself.  You see, this kundalini is relentless!  Seven years ago it began and it was a task master going from the outer layers to the innermost layers, erasing the old knotted material, releasing ancient issues, leaving me like a lake that continues to clarify with fewer areas of murkiness.

The trick for me is in allowing myself to FEEL this roughness within, to get down into it and allow the presence of my own awareness to shine its light on the hard places within that are lurking, not wishing to see the light of day.  It is for this very reason that they have stayed where they have been, buried, latent, left for dead but in truth growing into a fossilized version of itself where, like stones, can be harder later to dig out.  But the advantage to stones instead of red-hot fiery rawness is that you can at least take a pry bar to these stones and pop them out of your inner realms and be done with it.  The things that are more raw and in my face have been active, alive, kept current by my attention, constantly fed by some stream of brokenness or a feeling of entitlement to feeling hurt or hard or any number of things.  We want to point fingers at others for why we feel the way we do and you know, the truth is, in the final analysis, the one that ultimately results in our surrender and forgiving ourselves, the realization has ALWAYS been that it was not some other who was really doing ANY of this to me.  It was me.  I created a magnetic attraction in my being that was beamed outward and could only attract those who were a match to that feeling.  The universe does not take sides.  It is neutral.  It is we who are not.  Energy will attract more like it.  the old saying “birds of a feather” is correct.  These can be great birds, or terrible ones.  Armed with ego and freewill, we get to choose.  Now, I am learning to choose…..differently.

For me, the hardest was saved for last.  With seven years of peeling away the layers and releasing untold numbers of energetic knots in what the Hindu call the naddis, those etheric or energetic fields of energy that make up a vast webwork, has resulted in some significant changes in my life.  And yet, I know this is no time to rest on my laurels…..because….well….the worst seems to have been saved for last.  This, the freshest of my past, the hardest seeming, the part I have been less able to make more distance with and allow to congeal into something I can pluck or pry out, I am left with this, the most challenging of my work.  And I say this only because you too may find yourself in similar waters, and I say never to get too bowled over or overcome.  Its hard, but it is worth it.  Always.

I have found that the more we try to make something happen, the more we wind up breaking the waveform necessary for new phenomenon to emerge.  This waveform is itself seeing without looking.  It is a doing without doing. It is the current I was shown last year one summer night as the current that moves from the left side of the body (Ida current-Yin-Feminine) and does a flip as it enters the head where it flows into the right brain and where it joins in the crown, the locus of the supposed final stage of enlightenment (I say supposed because even the “experts” on this don’t seem to have all the marbles in this one—it is much more nuanced and no absolute as all that: living in the heart center can bring the greatest reward sometimes than anything tied into the crown for example!).  It is here in the right brain, where this seeing differently can emerge and be used effectively.  It isn’t so much that the brain is the locus for the energy, but that it is a vast through-way of nerves that distribute the energy throughout the body and back again.  But it is here where we can direct that energy, which is not rational, is not about thought, but is itself a steady beam of awareness that is what the right brain is about in its higher expression.  And the energy in that form of awareness has a very real effect on events in your life.  it is doing without trying.  It most often feels to most people as a happy accident…..that happens as many times as you can maintain that steady beam of presence and awareness.  It is here that this presence, when allowed to flow into blockages with your own attention, that healing can happen the most effortlessly.  To me, I experience it as a kind of cosmic partnership:  the kundalini force identifies the block if I am not yet aware of it and my attention then goes to the location.  The presence, or intelligence that is kundalini will then wait, turning and turning, seemingly doing nothing….but it is in fact doing something.  Sometimes if I can forgive the block, let go, or in some way change how I feel, the process is greatly accelerated.  If I am just as stuck as can be, I plead ignorance and ask silently to be shown, guided.  I remain like a child.  I remain open.  I watch for those signs, all of them, little ones, all seeming “coincidences” to some folks, but the coincidences that pile up day after day until I observe and get the message.  it usually does not take more than one or two to direct my attention in the right way.  This might seem vague, and in a way it might just be. What I know to do is to not engage my rational self, my left brain in any of this.  Otherwise, I can get stuck, because it seems that in the left brain there is the ability to identify individual objects as things that are separate.  This is also where a sense of self or identity as related to ego also emerges.  Ego is itself an object.  Ego sees itself as itself.  It sees all other things as the “other.”  On the one hand, this is critical for survival, but is a handicap when doing this higher order work where ego must be left back in the kitchen watching from the back window. It is the holistic side of ourselves, our immensely broad and undivided sides of ourselves that have something important to offer.  This side of us can glimpse the vastness of everything, how everything is connected.  When things work right, the realization is passed on to the left brain where the vastness is put into perspective for dealing with life here in the object-based reality of our world here.  When it works, it is the cosmic Shakti and Shiva working together, the yin and yang, the left and right now moving evenly together.  It is in the end not one or the other, but a harmony of both.

The truth in all of this is that most professionals who are trained in psychology are ill-equipped to handle this kind of process that actually involves real healing. I recently spoke with a veteran counselor about what it was she did for her clients and “healing” was not one of them.  She shook her head and explained that the most she does is to provide her clients with ways to cope because, she suggested, and rightly so, healing was something that always happened when the client was ready.  True enough.  But a process that does not seek healing directly? Really? I am sure there must be therapists out there who view what they do as healing.  There has to be. And yet, I have found that the most benefit I have gained in my process has not been from therapists with a degree and licensure, but from people who consider that healing is even possible in the first place.  I recently read a quote from Carl Jung who actually pooh-pooed traditional psychotherapy and therapists as the way to reach healing.  This is what he said:

Anyone who wants to know the human psyche will learn next to nothing from experimental psychology. He would be better advised to abandon exact science, put away his scholar’s gown, bid farewell to his study, and wander with human heart through the world. There in the horrors of prisons, lunatic asylums and hospitals, in drab suburban pubs, in brothels and gambling-hells, in the salons of the elegant, the Stock Exchanges, socialist meetings, churches, revivalist gatherings and ecstatic sects, through love and hate, through the experience of passion in every form in his own body, he would reap richer stores of knowledge than text-books a foot thick could give him, and he will know how to doctor the sick with a real knowledge of the human soul. — Carl Jung (from “New Paths in Psychology”, in Collected Papers on Analytic Psychology, London, 1916)

The truth here is that if you cannot learn how to take responsibility for your own life and your own healing, no one is going to be able to help you.  You will keep attracting all the wrong events, outcomes, and people for all the “right” reasons (according to how the law of attraction works).  And this is why I have found myself in a place of transition, change, and I hope, the most needed healing in what has been a veritable warehouse once full of backed up material, all now released.

So reaching this empty state that some describe it, is another step along the way.  Being able to reach a place of buoyant neutrality I sense is an important milestone for being able to know thyself in a way where there is less chatter from the blockages, the old hurts, the investment in what was and the inevitability of what must then follow. Round and round we go until this happens.  And this place, I ardently seek… bidding it much like how one bids wild animals into ones yard.  Elusive, unexpected, perhaps, when they do show, incredible things can happen.  We wait until we find that perfect moment when something inside reminds us how to be, the way forward, like some forgotten route through the soul…like that forgotten land of Narnia.  Its entrance is pure magic and we are that magic, folks!  What lies in this last place is what has actually been part of a generational thing that goes back.  Family karma, I sense.  And for as big and foreboding as that all sounds, I sense that when it goes, it will be like….Poof!  Gone.  “What?  Its GONE?  Really?  Like that?”  “Yes, just like that.”

So in the meantime, I am looking at so many different possibilities, it has been hard to not settle on any one that should be the way.  In just the last day the perfect job in what might be the worst possible place has emerged, which naturally has me wondering whether what I THINK this portends is accurate.  We do, after all, see things as we are instead of as they are.  This job would be perfect, though, a veritable once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.  But what does it mean if it happens?  Is there a surprise in all of this oddness about location?    I think before I get ahead of myself, just letting the wheels roll forward is the best way forward.  As with all things like this, if its “right” for the time, the universe will conspire to make it so.  As with all things, right?

Meantime, I continue research on creativity and racking up sources I want to use for the work.  I don’t know if it will be a short piece or a book.  It could be a book, but with so much done on creativity, I am still getting a handle on the field.  In my library alone there are scores of books on the subject, and all of them are very good.  I am trying to discover whether what I have identified is new or different enough to warrant going forward.  And reading the Mahabharata, starting seeds early like beans, peas, and kale, getting flower seeds packed for a reader in the U.K. from my flower garden largess that created vast amounts of flower seed which will also make my own flower planting plentiful this year.  I am starting a partnership with a new farmers market who wants artisans to sell locally made work, getting my finished book Waking The Infinite read and reviewed for what to do in the way of further editing, riding my bike a LOT and working on the change that has put me where I am….perfectly placed….with a big microscope placed on my insides in a way that feels hard and also welcome.  Its like eating food that is almost too spicy to handle; the burn brings many benefits.

So for now, I may be offline more and worry not; I think you should go into the archivesand discover some older posts because I think there are some gems there!


We are not all so different.  “What I do, so shall you….and do even greater things…”  It is all a matter of focus, care, concern, interest.  I once believed I was just…ordinary….but I liked to read about the extraordinary.  I found that life had  some surprises.

As I look back, awakening was trailing me all along.  There were messages, signposts, some which were utterly incomprehensible to me at the time.

In 1991 as I drove back on the very last half hour of my trip from the desert southwest, at two in the morning I turned a corner in the darkness and suddenly felt a presence right in front of my face.  Face to face, this image was clear in my inner eyes.  It was a face of a man who was looking straight at me, no words, no thoughts, even.  He looked straight at me and I shared his space, his mirror.  As I did this, I was able to observe how he didn’t have a single thought in his mind.  What he had was pure presence.  I wondered how on earth anyone could do that.  A still mind.  No thought.  He kept looking at me, a very slight smile on his face, a knowing sense of “yes, I am doing this…..I am showing YOU how this no-thought is done!”  But without a word, without even a thought…..hardly.  I was stumped how anyone could have a mind that was still like this. That was in July of 1991.

Then in February of 1992, I was in a bookstore and saw that face again.  I was breezing through the Asian section.  I had bought a book on kundalini there when I was a young teen.  I pulled a thin book off the shelf and saw the face that was looking back at me some seven months ago.  I bought the book along with a CD (Talking Heads) tucked the receipt in the book and took it home.  I read through some of it and found the material just went over my head.  I didn’t get it, not all of it.  I understood it, yes, but I did not get that deep down sense of recognition.  But that face.  It was the same face.  He was a Zen master who had died in 1982. Taishen Deshimuru was his name.

Fast forward to last night.  I revisited this thin slip of a book again after having read some of it a year or two ago.  Nothing could have been more different from when I first read it and tucked it under my car seat where it stayed for almost a year before going on my book shelf.  I often picked it up and leafed through it, unable to really understand everything he was getting at.  For me, Zen always sounded like a bleak kind of world.  It spoke about letting go of everything.  All attachment.  Me, I am an artist.  I enjoy beauty.  I like things.  Sometimes it the smell of money, the taste of bacon, the smell of gas, a roaring fire, the smooth slip of water clay under my hands, the drape of molten glass onto itself, the smell of cumin, the taste of curry, the taste of dew on honeysuckle.  The dawn of day, the setting of the sun, the roar of a waterfall.  I just love nature.  But zen seemed to just strip itself bare of all things.  So I set the book aside.  It had odd phrases….devil under the mountain….the half turn….let go of everything to achieve everything.  I was not sure what it all meant, honestly.

The book, though, is saying it right.  it has said it as I have said it so many times.  The letting go of all attachment is not about emptying ones self so one is empty, but so that one may empty ones self of all competing or error-ridden things that get in the way of pure aligned seeing.  One gives up the small ego in order to take on the cosmic ego, the big Kahuna, and in the process, inherits the All. And his students put it all together after his death as a gesture of remembering him, this thin little thing that says all the essential things.  It isn’t that I am a zen guy, it is that my zen guy has been coming to me for a reason all these years.  He showed up way back in the early 90’s and then I had an interaction during a time that was leading up to what some would mistakenly call “ego-death” (but whatever, folks…). His was like that of seeking to remind me that I need only look into his mirror.  And as  I do, I read his words about mirrors….how teachers can be mirrors sometimes, and how it is important to understand how the mirror works.  Some take it for something literal, when one should step back and see what it can offer.  It is like claiming the reflection as a real thing when all you need to do is simply see the reflection.  it is life offering you an answer in that moment. We want to canonize that moment, the reflection, and take it home.  He jokes, “why didn’t the thief steal the reflection of the moon in the water, too?”  You maybe get what I am getting at, yes?

I read through the book and phrase by phrase the words sprang to new life.  Before, they fell on deaf ears.  Now, they spring to new life.  How is that?  And how can such a book teach anyone anything who does not already know? I mean, when Jesus said, “Let those with ears hear” he meant that those who already knew what he was talking about…..knew the gist of his meaning.  So only certain people would get it, right?  Or do some get parts of it deeply, perhaps not completely, but do just those side-ward partial glimpses do it?  I ask because I am enough along where sometimes it is hard for me to remember what it was like pre-awakening.  Sometimes I would get things, but they were often like currents that only went so deep.

This encounter prefigured awakening by 14 years.  The seeds of all of this were there then.  The empty mind was there, waiting for me.  And now, empty of mind, I am filled.  Satori, zazen, all things that I inherited without needing to spend day, years, in lotus position.  Had I spent all that time in other places putting in my time, then? Or is this awakening an inexplicable thing?  Or is it an aggregation of countless moments in my past all spelling a sum in the present now? I wonder.  I wonder because it springs fresh like flower from the ground.  It seem the most natural thing even as it struck me as strange and foreign.  A return to original mind.  Losing it in order to gain it.  This man has been following my tracks for some time.  When I read his words, it is now like reading straight from my own, but with a different vocabulary.

In a sense it seems improbable, but this is not the only event like this.  These odd strands have been extending outward from other lifetimes, earlier in life, before this birth here……so many pointing to one inevitable conclusion.  Is it that the soul of all point in the same kind of direction, to that bright hill, that peak of self, that moment when the clouds part….a time when life reaches a place of balance where all old and new things are brought into a unity…redeemed and a new cycle begun?  or simply the end of needing to come back to this place?  I suspect that in similar fashion, though, you too have these same events buried in your past like messages in bottles, waiting, offering, moments made of pure potentiality.  Something clicks and everything resolves into imperishability.  Thunder rolls down the mountain.  Make the half turn in your awareness and bring the light of your own consciousness to bear and burn within your own inner vessel. This lights a fire within. No more looking outside.  The world turns ’round this and all mystery resolves back into its origin.  We are all a part of this.


In it


the three




Two divided

return to union

creating a third

like some cosmic family.


Left brain unites to right brain

see how Shakti and Shiva are merged?

It is the same

the world bubbles up with this

the ubiquity of union

of disparate

becoming familiar

exploding in creation.


The distant stars draw us forward

into an ancient

but recognizable vibration

where the massive

unites with the small

where the dark joins the light

where the cold is embraced by heat

and the yin knows the yang.

Forever like this

for this is how all cosmic mind is and shall ever be.

Turning one into the other

within each and every single particle

that exists.

In you

in me

in all of us

as we make sense of this

and give up trying

and embrace the mystery

and thus sighs the universe

in its ecstasy

in our union.

Every once in a while events, reacting quite literally from inner processes express and move things in fascinating ways for me that are difficult for me to even explain.  Most often, it takes months, even years, to get to a place where I can explain it.  Since so much of this is part of a process that is inward, sometimes talking about it while still in it can be tricky.  Plus, I am so visually oriented, verbal stuff is a task for me that requires a certain focus.  I am holographic  in my thinking.

But very recently I began work on a book on creativity.  If you go to any library, you will find loads and loads of books centered on understanding it.  What is so interesting is the divide that exists between the two camps that exist concerning this field as research.  One side describes it as an outgrowth of regular thought while the other describes it as….I am serious here….a mystical magical experience that borders on the religious that cannot be parsed, quantified, or even understood.  Now mind you, these are researchers, knobby-headed people who have had their pocket protectors in place studying books and the current research in their field.  Developmental psychologists, behaviorist, educators, etc., etc.  The truth is, folks, even the egg-heads are not the ones with all the answers.  They aren’t.  Like any good dogma, they can become stuck in reality tunnels of their own discipline.  Just as we can get caught in the tunnels of our own illusions, so too do we get trapped in these mazes of conceptualized reality that….well….isn’t based in too much reality.  Easy for me to say, right?

The problem is that there is a lack of understanding about creativity along certain lines, and what I have observed is that it is due to a bias that we have….and it is made worse by the divide in the field in regards to how people who are the experts approach this; normal outgrowth of thought or mystical magical mystery.  And here is where I jump into the breach.  I am not a researcher, I do not wish to be (shudders) but I have been an artist my whole life and got real serious with it in college and it has been with me ever since.  The nature of creativity, though, has suddenly crossed paths in unexpected ways with awakening, or kundalini in the last few days.  And it isn’t that creativity and kundalini aren’t related.  They are.  They are actually aspects of one another.  Creativity is itself the embodiment of life force, and life force IS what this kundalini (more a verb to my mind than anything), which is the arrival of a vast flow of life force.  So you would expect creativity to be trebled once you could deal with the goings on within and without you in this new world of yours.

But what is so bizarre is how all of this is unfolding, a kind of loop back to the beginning in some ways, tangentially, with some material that I was sent by someone who I was corresponding to before I awoke, as I awoke, and after I awoke.  This was material I did not read but found it in a file on my ipod that I installed months ago thinking I’d listen to it, but never did.  And it was there that an odd kind of synchronicity occurred which served to solidify some things about an emergent view about HOW to merge creativity and kundalini into a paradigm for people who want to be more creative.  Now if I tell you the two are linked, then it should be easy, right? My approach, though, is not merely philosophical, but gets into an aspect of the mechanics of the light body, the field of energy that surrounds us, how it emerges in the body and how it becomes literally the means of carrying information within us and beyond us. This also feeds into how the nervous system is involved and how the brain gets pulled in.  What blooms is this amazing realization about who and what we are that means, can ONLY mean that we are part of a living system so large that we do not always take notice.  Our bodies each have a way of interfacing with what seems like something separate from us, but in fact is not.  Science has been behind the eight-ball in regards to this and we have not good devices to delight the scientific minded that would be able to detect this energy.  We just don’t.  But those who have their “gear” updated enough CAN detect all of this (through the body).  Finding the way to put this all into a coherent framework has been the real challenge.  On the one hand, explaining it means reducing material down, a reductive process that naturally can leave out important information.  Knowing what to leave in and what to take out becomes the art of this.  And sometimes it does not come right away.  Today and yesterday, this was brewing and a chunk of it resolved.  the way it resolved, though, linked this current project, which I considered Soooo different from my previous efforts with the book Waking The Infinite, in ways that were surprising.  And then on the first day of a two-day process of this interesting synchronicity it unwound partly with a conversation with my neighbor who is also an artist.  For the first time I realized that those closest to awakening may well be our artists, at least those who have a close relationship to creativity.  There are a lot of very talented artists who don’t gush with creative juice.  Talent and creativity do not always go hand in hand.  Talent can itself be a result of years of discipline and practice, something that is cultivated (although some would argue against this).  We say talent is often a natural proclivity towards something (and yet I have seen talent develop in me over time so….).  At any rate, I am looking at a way to assist others to learn how to expand their creativity in significant ways using a method that places ones awareness on the reality of what is happening all around us.  And I am not even sure that it will work except my intuition is jumping all over the place saying yes yes yes!  So with all new ideas, it begins as a theory or hunch and goes from there. Which is why I am….gulp…..looking for people’s input on some aspects of the creative (and the gulp was for circling back into something that begins to look like research!).  I know it can seem awfully assuming, but I feel pretty certain that I am right on what I have been shown.  I sense that by simply being aware of it, by understanding how it works, it is going to itself have an effect on people.  This is the magical, mystical, mysterious part of all of this.

Somewhere, there is an intersecting of entirely practical non-woo-woo stuff with cosmic consciousness.  Something entirely normal coupled with something so off the wall incredible it changes the trajectory of your life.  When you can mange this, you have, hopefully, struck a balance in the way that is most needed.

Now I have to build this into something that can help people.  I am not interested in developing philosophical systems, or more dogma, but a careful balance of fact with experience.  By tapping the potential of the vast field of information all around us, we can actually help change the world, and teaching people how to tap this whether they are artists or not, is a big step forward.  Even if it is one person at a time.  And here I am, not someone for methods or techniques!  What I know for me is that this “method” as it is beginning to unfold is less method as it is simply being aware of how things are and placing your attention there in order to open the channels in awareness.  And for anyone doing work of this type, you will know how important awareness is, right?  I am working on how the world of quantum effects, the waveform awareness (as I described it) plays into learning, creativity, and change).

So the loom idea is something that is a bit of an inside thing.  One of the insights I was getting in my awakening when I learned I could “plug-in” and get this flow of information, was that of a vast loom. This was after the first year when I began to place my awareness on the knowing side of the equation and began peering out into this thing instead of merely feeling effected by it.  Maybe its me being a guy, but this seemed like it was so much more than JUST a feeling.  This was a kind of technology…..albeit one not made by human hands and consisting of energy and gateways and switches that bear little resemblance to anything we have here on earth (and yet it is!).   This loom consisted of three main sets of threads; the self, the other, and the divine/universe.  Each made up a thread in the loom process.  While we are many, just like the warp threads, the continuous thread that runs through everything is itself the Tao or the Universal Consciousness.    And for those who know looms, there are a set of threads that are separated in order to send a central thread (which was to me or for me the universe) and we become the threads that wrap around it.  In fact, there are types of weaving that entirely obscure this thread so all you see are the outer threads, those of us here in physical reality.  Given that, it’s no wonder people miss the miraculous in the moment (mundane) because it’s so well hidden.  You have to know how to see it, which has nothing to do with your physical eyes.  So the gathering effect that a loom has is that it draws in all this stuff, all the events and thoughts and things in our lives along with people and places, and wraps them into one another, and this becomes the weaving of our lives.  This is a kind of artifact seemingly solid yet pouring out of the present to become a part of the past.  It is not itself a tangible object, but neither is it merely an abstraction.  Anyway, I see your eyes glazing over so I will stop there and say that the loom got cranked up and began drawing all these disparate threads into a kind of design or continuity very recently.  It also showed how even in the beginning, I was corresponding with someone who was my friend in the lead-up to my awakening that provided me with a degree of insight and some information that I simply did not tap until just a few days ago just as a whole batch of material was congealing and beginning to make sense for this book on creativity.  Coincidence is a little meager for what took place, and reminds me that these are significant moments perhaps only for me.  The book, if I can wrestle it into the form I now suspect it needs to take, will be for everyone else.

And with that, it is a nice late-night nibble and slip into a full-moon bed where an eclipse is set to work its way over us just before dawn!

To know the Source forget about beginnings and endings, cause and effect.  In a world where time is but a spiral winding of a snake upon its tail, what you think you know as relevant is but appearances.  To know the Source requires you to drop all fairy tales for now about what you think you know. What is resides within you like a luscious secret, like a giant underground container of fuel ready to explode into awareness.  Forget what you know; the world is full of many errors.  To know this sublime truth, this unspeakable truth, requires a silence and quiet within.  Only this, the god beyond the god, the existence beyond all existence, can you begin to feel and know it. For even god does not know how it all began.  How could you?

Its pure force is an unbridled love hard to handle at first.  Come, unbridle yourself.  Come to know yourself in this new light.  We are each illuminated by it.  It is also us just as we are it.

Instead of a linearity of phenomenon, all things crowd into awareness at once.  It is this awareness which we call awakening or enlightenment.  It is a very simple burst of being that we most often have trouble holding onto for long periods.  You can learn to grow into it.  It is your nature.  Bid it.  But be ready to follow it or else fear will grab you and ruin your experience.  This energy is so strong it enlivens everything that is in you.  Even fear.  And joy.  And sorrow.  And paranoia.  All of it, enlivened in the same way that rain falls upon the just and unjust alike.  This energy is the pulse, the blood of the All.

To come to it, you come to yourself.  That is all.

The end.

You don’t have to be an artist.


You just need to be a human.


We suspect even being human isn’t required.


Would you like to contribute to work on creativity?  You can go to my other blog to find out more!  See you there!




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