As this past year comes to a close and a new one comes into view, many new opportunities are offering themselves in my life, from being able to renew my glass work at the level where it used to be, to being approached about creating class content for a new website for an awakening system. It feels like 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

It is, for the time being, putting work on my book on hold.  It offers the possibility of my putting into more easily digestible bits, the information that I have been working on for years that are a part of my own ability to flesh out details from the light about awakening. Much of what I am doing is integrating different systems so that their overlap is recognizable and understandable.  It also helps to add to the breadth of ways to catalyze awakenings, including ways of coping once the energy is at a 24/7 level.

In the midst of all of this is a desire to take those of you who follow along with me, by taking the site private.  At this point a private site with a nice community fits what I am going to be doing this next year.  And really, posting has been irregular this past year.  I will be posting more intimate work in smaller pieces, both prose and poetry, with working towards integrating these pieces with a mystery school approach to supporting awakenings and its awareness in this way.  It also will help me to filter out a troubling element that in the past has tended to follow me around.  I have closed blogs because of it, and I think the best way is to simply make my work accessible to those who appreciate it and want to hear or be a part of a community of people engaged with awakening and the mystery of who we are.  I will also be using the blog as the means for making new announcements about how the course work will be developing and where this will wind up being.  There is an opportunity now for me to work in a collaborative way with a community of like-minded people who want to help bring the best in us forward.  It will also provide more focus and direction for the blog as well.

So the hope is that I can get you to follow me again once the change is made.  Once I turn the site to private, I will lose all my followers.  To continue seeing content from my blog, you will need to accept an invitation from me, which I will send to you, for the new private site.  I am hoping that you will accept my invitation for this next chapter in things.  Its terribly busy right now, and as a matter of fact, I have to run meet with some folks in my town about some of these changes on the horizon.

Until then, stay warm. Here in my corner of the world, we are bracing for some pretty interesting weather.  But then, ’tis the season for this kind of cold!  I think this coming year will be an interesting one with the opportunities for creating the kind of content that will help support a broader awakening for all of us here.

Warm Regards,