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In my quest to understand the forces that are impacting our world, I do a deep dive into the real European Union.  To this end, I am reprinting Lindsay Jenkins’ investigative article The European Union Unmasked which was originally published in Everything You Know Is Wrong in 2002 (Russ Kick, ed. MJF Books, pub.)

If you want an anthology of many of the leading investigative journalists in the world digging into issues that mainstream media has either not reported on or does so poorly, even despite its having been printed in 2002, you will be stood in good stead with Everything You Know Is Wrong.  It is still an important collection and a means for pointing out how those with power have wielded it in the past, and as a precaution for how they are likely to wield it in the future.  It is worth noting that while Jenkins’ article was written almost twenty years ago, her analysis remains as an important reminder in our current time about the slippery slope that unions and agreements that erode national sovereignty represent.  Brexit had not happened at the time of her writing the following article, which makes it of particular interest since Jenkins’ observations formed a salient argument for why Brexit should happen.  It is well worth the read for a host of reasons, the least of which involves understanding how the EU has pushed itself onto the world stage (it’s a very old idea).  My deep thanks to her for her permission to reprint her article in total here.


From the author’s website:

Lindsay Jenkins is an investigative author and journalist. She specializes in the history and current operations of the European Union.

She has dedicated years of research to exposing the rising power of the European Union, the waning power of the member nation states and the decline of freedom, liberty and democracy. Her continuing series of books, Britain in Europe, shows how far this stealthy takeover has progressed.

Lindsay’s first book, Britain Held Hostage, reveals for the first time who created the EU and why. This is the historical thesis the Brussels’ bureaucrats do not endorse.

Her second book, The Last Days of Britain, starkly illustrates how far ‘Brussels’ has already taken over Britain’s former national life.

Her most recent book, Disappearing Britain, The EU and the Death of Local Government, exposes how local government in Britain and across the EU is being replaced by the EU’s own local government of regions, sub regions and sub sub regions and thus marks the end of the nation state.

Lindsay previously worked for British and American investment banks in the City of London and as a senior civil servant in the British Ministry of Defence. She received an honours degree from Bedford College, London University and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. She lives in both the UK and US.

Jenkins’ website:

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In his address to the US Congress on September 21, 2001, President George W Bush claimed, “America has no truer friend than Great Britain. Once again we are joined together in a great cause. I’m so honored the British prime minister has crossed an ocean to show his unity with America. Thank you for coming, friend”

In the public gallery, Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair, stood at attention, tightlipped and serious of face to acknowledge the warm applause from the congressmen below.

Blair’s support for America in the dark hours after the terrorists attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon would have been worth little had his words not been backed by Britain’s world class Armed Forces, ready to support American military action.. A military coalition stood against Osama bin Laden and his terrorists.

It is therefore astonishing to review the events of less than three years earlier, when in December 1998 the same British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, went to meet the president of France, Jacques Chirac, at St. Malo in France.

Blair and Chirac effectively agreed to end the independence of the British and French forces in favor of the European Union (1) (EU) defense force.  Here is part of their joint statement after the talks ended:

The EU needs to be [able] to play its full role on the international stage… [T]he Union must have the capacity for autonomous action backed up by critical military forces, the means to decide to use them, and a readiness to do so in order to respond to international crises….The EU will also need to have recourse to suitable military means… within NATO’s European pillar or… means outside the NATO framework.

Since that turning point in military history Tony Blair agreed to the EU’s Rapid Reaction Force of 60,000 men backed by 300 aircraft and a naval force by the year 2003. Roughly a quarter of Britain’s armed forces were pledged to serve in the new force. With nominal rotation, most British forces will be allowed to be allocated to the EU army.

Yet here was the British prime minister prepared to give up his country’s armed forces to the control of a foreign power.

Many would argue the defense is the first duty of government. Yet here was the British prime minister prepared to give up his country’s armed forces to the control of a foreign power.

Two British admirals warned: “It would probably mean that we would ultimately have to obtain [EU] approval if we wish to use [our forces] on a purely national basis.” (2)

Both British and European leaders have been engaging in doublespeak with the Americans, assuring them that this is not the end of NATO while at the same time planning exactly for exactly that-the end of NATO.

George Robertson, when British Defense Secretary, quickly reassured the Americans that “[there is] no question of a European single army; no [EU] commission or European Parliament involvement in decision-making; no transfer of decision-making on military capability from individual government; and no undermining or duplication of NATO.”

But the division between Britain and the US was laid bare on October 7, 1999, when the recently ennobled Lord Robertson, in his new job as NATO’s Sec. General, backed the EU and not NATO: “We want to ensure that strong effective military resources are also available to the EU, so that we can take action in support of the CFSP [the EU’s foreign-policy] when NATO… is not engaged militarily.”(3)

The the new president, Romano Prodi from Italy, was even franker: “When I was talking about the European army, I was not joking….If you don’t want to call it a European army, don’t call it a European army….You can call it  ‘Margaret,’ or you can call it ‘Mary-Anne,’ you can find any name, but it is a joint effort for peacekeeping missions—the first time you have a joint, not bilateral, effort at European level.” (4)

A Military Committee of EU Chiefs of Defense Staff from all EU countries now means regularly. It started work in early 2000 with a projected staff of 90 for its headquarters. The first director was the German General Klaus Schuwirth. A Political and Security Committee of ambassadors controls the political and strategic direction of any crisis operation, sending guidelines to the Military Committee.

The terrorist attacks in the United States, and the resulting renewal of the “special relationship” with Britain, did nothing to stop or even slow the creation of the EU army. They did the opposite. The lack of military force obviously limited the use of world influence at a critical time, so the EU army project moved forward apace. It now included a committee of the EU intelligence chiefs. That must give us intelligence agencies pause for thought before passing secret material to their British ally.

Winston Churchill had presciently written years before: “A European army would be a sludgy amalgam.” (5) Today at the heart of that “amalgam” are the forces of three countries: Britain, France, and Germany. But for Germany, sending its forces abroad represents a volte face after 50 years of legal limits on the use of its Armed Forces entrenched in it’s post-WWII Constitution and a strong peace movement within the country. The EU army is further complicated because the EU includes both non-native countries and neutrals like Ireland and Sweden; there is no common language; and, last but not least, European defense is seriously underfunded.

Where will this new army be used? Anywhere up to 2,500 miles from its base, which includes the Balkans, the Middle East, and half of Africa. As Sen. John McCain shrewdly remarked: “It is not hard to envision our allies intervening militarily, under the auspices of their new defense organization and without our concurrence, in very different difficult  problems that they are unprepared to resolve, necessitating an eventual appeal to NATO to bail them out.” (6)

Though no politician would say so, creating a defense force had always been on the agenda for the new European state, but it was scheduled to be the last piece of the jigsaw to be slotted into place.

Jean Monnet, The so-called father of the EU, wrote of the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950: “the Federation of Europe would have to become an immediate objective. Army would have to be placed… under joint sovereignty. We could no longer wait, as we had once planned, for political Europe to be the culminating point of a gradual process, since its joint defense was inconceivable without a joint authority.…”(7)

“The existence of an EU army, depriving the constituent nations of their own defense and wrapping them in the foreign policy of the EU, powerfully demonstrates that free trade was a pretense.”

For 50 years the Federalists pretended that the EU (and its predecessors) was no more than a trading bloc and that the acquisition of more power was only to promote free trade. The existence of an EU army, depriving the constituent nations of their own defense and wrapping them in the foreign policy of the EU, powerfully demonstrates that free trade was a pretense.

The new reality is a new country called “Europe.”

Monnet’s “gradual process” has already achieve the supremacy of EU law over national law, with the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg as the ultimate court of appeal. Trade farming and fishing are controlled from Brussels,; No individual country can sign a treaty, which means, for example, that only the EU can negotiate at the World Trade Organization (WTO); and foreign-policy, taxation, and national finances are already heavily circumscribed. Both an EU wide criminal justice system and an EU wide police force, which will eventually run all national police forces, are well on the way.(8)

This long process of integration has been notable by the absence of any democratic choice. The origins of the EU can be traced directly to chance meetings at the 1919 peace conference at the end of the first world war. A small group of largely British and American elites kept in touch and developed ideas for a united Europe while waiting for any chance to start the process. The first attempt, the Franco-Anglo Union, took place in the dark days of 1940s when German armies were overrunning Europe. It failed. The second try was the Council of Europe which Britain deliberately reduced to talking shop by 1950. Finally, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) of six countries began in 1952, with the unelected Jean Monnet at its head. That, too, was nearly stillborn because of the Korean War. While the ECSC report purported to be a trading alliance, it could levy taxes and was responsible to a supranational assembly and a European Court of Justice. It was an embryonic state.

A further push with the Treaty of Rome in 1957 turned the ECSC into the European Economic Community (EEC), embracing all economic activity, not just coal and steel. Over 40 years later, the 15 countries of the European Union may enlarge to 28 countries. Even Russia is waiting in the wings. (9)

There is still a hole at the center of the EU jigsaw. The EU does not have a legal personality; therefore, it is not a state. An EU constitution is likely to be high on the agenda at the 2004 intergovernmental conference. These conferences always precede the next amendment to the fundamental EU document, the Treaty of Rome.

Progress toward one state has been made by a ratchet technique-small advances that only specialist watchers might appreciate for what they really are. Direct assaults on national independence are avoided. Some countries have held referendums on treaty changes. Most infamous where the two Danish referendums on the  Maastricht Treaty.  The Danes voted “no” in June 1992 and were promptly told they had to vote again. Less than a year later, and with substantial bribery and bullying; “You will lose your job if you vote no”—the Danes voted”Yes.”

In every treaty is the term “irrevocable.” The idea that the movement toward a single European state is inevitable is a constant refrain. Legally speaking, no treaty is irrevocable, and in the words of the old tag, only death and taxes are inevitable. Yet this propaganda is constant.

As a former French Foreign Secretary admitted: “The Europe of Maastricht could only have been created in the absence of democracy.” (10)

“In 1984 (some might well remember George Orwell’s 1984), an inner group of EU countries agreed that there should be a greater “European consciousness” to overwhelm national feeling, and they set up the Committee for a People’s Europe to do just that. The committee created a “pretend” country.”

Propaganda has been keen to oil the wheels of integration. In 1984 (some might well remember George Orwell’s 1984), an inner group of EU countries agreed that there should be a greater “European consciousness” to overwhelm national feeling, and they set up the Committee for a People’s Europe to do just that. The committee created a “pretend” country.

As a result, the EU flag of 12 stars on a blue background flies over the new 132 “embassies”—diplomatically called “delegations”—around the world and over its capital city, Brussels; the EU anthem, Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s ninth Symphony, is frequently played in Brussels with the EU Commissioners standing to attention; every country has adopted the red EU passport; EU drivers licenses are being introduced; and 2002, the currents the EU currency, the euro, replaced the individual currencies of all EU countries except Denmark, Sweden, and Britain.

Brussels is even using religion to promote its political agenda. Some estimates suggest the European commission’s program “A Soul for Europe” has given over 38 million to pro-EU projects throughout Europe. Applicants for grants must “promote the integration of Europe” and “publicly acknowledge that assistance has been received from the EU.” Though supposedly to set up to promote the religious and spiritual aspects of a unified Europe “Soul for Europe” literature doesn’t mention the scriptures; this is strictly political.

The Vatican sees advantages in backing the EU. To promote a Europe in which Catholicism might dominate, the Vatican has pursued EU integration from at least the early 1940s and mainly in secret. (11)The first six members of the EEC are largely Catholic countries.

The Vatican is now taking a more public stance. The Rome Synod of October 1999 declared that it is necessary to “pursue, with courage and urgency, the process of European integration.” Two months later, the Vatican began the canonization process for the so-called “founding fathers of Europe” from Germany, Italy, and France: Konrad Adenauer, Alcide de Gasperi, and Robert Schuman.

“No government dependent upon a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defenses, not asked, in advance of having received any of the benefits which will accrue to them from the plan to make changes of which they may not it first recognize the advantages to themselves…”

In the first 50 years of political integration, it was easy to disguise what was really happening beneath an economic cloak. As a British conservative MP wrote in 1947 (while praising the good Adolph Hitler had done to make Europe one economic unit): “No government dependent upon a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defenses, not asked, in advance of having received any of the benefits which will accrue to them from the plan to make changes of which they may not it first recognize the advantages to themselves…” (12)

Once the police and the Armed Forces were to be combined into multinational units, with one justice system, including local EU courts, disguising the true ends would be difficult. Local opposition could even imperil the enterprise.

The EU is now poised at a critical stage. It’s true nature is emerging from the shadows.

At this late stage, political union had to be achieved quickly before serious opposition—even rebellion—could appear, so an inner core of countries is essential. Rules were included in the net in the Nice treaty for five or more countries to accelerate to full union common, leaving the others to catch up later. France and Germany, the two countries that have led the integration process since the beginning, say that full union can be achieved by 2010.

Democracy has been largely conspicuous by it’s absence in the creation of the EU, and the EU is not run as a democracy. The government of the EU, though not yet an name, is the unelected European commission in Brussels. At its heart is the tension between the Commission and the only institution representing the nation-states against the centrifugal power of the EU-The Council of ministers. 

Steadily, the nations are losing their powers to the Commission, as the national veto decreases Treaty by treaty. Politicians wrote in 1998: “It is therefore necessary and legitimate for participating countries to take part in each other’s domestic debate.… it is not interference in their internal affairs, of which the number is in any case constantly diminishing.” (13)

Once in Brussels, the 20 commissioners are independent of their “home” government, or in the words of Lady Thatcher:  “They go native.” Each commissioner swears “[t]o perform my duties incomplete independence, in the general interest other communities; in carrying out my duties, neither to seek, nor to take, instruction from any government…” (14) About a third of them are former national ministers; governments usually send to Brussels those they regard as politically dispensable. Others have been diplomats or International civil servants.

Nearly 30,000 civil servants (i.e., Eurocrats) back them, though this is still not enough to run such a huge empire. When plans were laid for the present EU in the late 1940s, the College of Bruges solved the problem of a massive and highly visible central bureaucracy. The college suggested a takeover of national civil services.

This clever scheme meant that national opposition would not be aroused; it was erosion from within. A passerby would see the same old government buildings, but inside civil service would be shutting one master, the national government, in favor of Brussels. To facilitate the process, Brussels encouraged civil servants to sit on Brussels committees. This committee system has further subverted democracy. A British parliamentary select committee deplored: “In most cases the only scrutiny of the commissions implementing measures is that undertaken by national civil service in the [Brussels] committees. In practice there is little action in European or national parliaments.…” (15)

So today, unseen by the general population, over 250 EU EU communities and influence the way every country is governed. Out of the public eye, National civil servants horse-trade their way to consensus positions on subjects of which their mastery may be limited or nonexistent. The result is thousands of directives a year, often poorly drafted and inappropriate, replacing national legislation.

A best guess is that about 80% of all legislation going through the British houses of parliament nearly rubber stamps Brussels’s directives. On additional 3000 of Brussels’s regulations are enacted every year by civil servants without any democratic scrutiny whatsoever. It is government by decree.

If that were not a sufficient destroyer of democracy, the EU has set up a charade of a parliament with EU-wide parties, or as the Treaty of Rome has it: “Political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the union. They contribute to forming a European awareness and to expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union.” (16)

The European Parliament started in 1951 with nominated members until the first elections were held in 1979. Each member of European Parliament (MEP) represents a very large number of people common, Few of who can actually named their representative. Any EU citizen can vote where ever he happens to be, and national nationality no longer counts. The 626 members of the parliament are elected by proportional representation (PR) every five years.

PR voting is a clever way to divide and rule. Votes are not for an individual but for a party. The party chooses candidates, listing them in order of their importance to the party. The number of seats a party wins is proportional to the number of votes cast for that party.

The usual result of a PR election is a compromise. No one party has a majority, and government becomes merely a theater of bartering and horse-trading as coalitions form and reform.

The European Parliament has virtually no powers; it follows the Latin tradition of legitimizing the decisions of the unelected Commission. It has no similarity to parliaments based on the Westminster principle, such as the British and Commonwealth parliaments or the US Congress.

All major decisions are decided by deals between the leaders of the party groups, and MVPs cannot initiate or repeal legislation; they only amend or reject proposals submitted by the commission.

The European Parliament is like a medieval court: MEPs and their offices are constantly on the move, carrying all their files with them. The Secretariat is divided between Brussels and Luxembourg. MEPs are often absent because of the peripatetic nature of the Parliament and the technical nature most of the work as the EU extends its re-met into the smallest nook and cranny of everyday life. But day (like that Eurocrats) are financially well rewarded with excellent pensions and other perks.

Free speech is rationed. The time an MEP may speak in debates is allocated among the party groups according to the numbers in each group. A member of a small party has only 1 1/2 minutes to make his point in the debate before his microphone is automatically cut off.

MEPs vote on commission proposals by following numbers on the list and pressing a button 100 to 300 times in an hour, allowing perhaps 10 seconds for each vote. They have trouble trying to follow the voting list, which will only have been available for a few hours and is published in French.

“Some British MEPs voting 300 times in a two hour session, inadvertently agreed to corpus juris effectively abolishing the British criminal justice system common, including trial by jury and habeas corpus.”

Mistakes are easily made. Some British MEPs voting 300 times in a two hour session, inadvertently agreed to corpus juris effectively abolishing the British criminal justice system common, including trial by jury and habeas corpus.

Even worse, an absent MEP is taken to have voted for this motion.

European parties, without any country links, will become the norm.. All “recognized” party groups are funded from the parliamentary budget according to the size of the group.(17) The corollary must be that parties which are not “recognized” will be closed down.

With such a lack of democracy, it is important to watch for signs that the new state may crush any dissent. Every nation has a treason law holding individuals to account for offenses against the state. So far treason in the EU has not been explicitly mentioned, but the EU set up a European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna in 1998.(18) according to the Pan-EU party of European socialists, “Right-wing populism is one of the major dangers to the European experiment… by attacking the European integration and its alleged damage to nation states.…right-wing populism can use a new face of nationalism… this new populist nationalism is also displayed in anti-European rhetoric, blaming Brussels for all kinds of economic, political and social problems.”(19)

“The EU can cancel a country’s voting and other undefined rights but leave it with all its obligations, including payments to Brussels and the enforcement of EU laws. Such a country would be reduced to a colony.”

The EU has already taken action against the country. The EU can cancel a country’s voting and other undefined rights but leave it with all its obligations, including payments to Brussels and the enforcement of EU laws. Such a country would be reduced to a colony.

The first case was Austria. Following a free and democratic election in February two thousand, with the conservative People’s Party. In a move which sent shock waves around the world, the other 14 EU countries promptly sanctioned Austria, claiming the freedom party was fascist.

In retaliation the Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, set a deadline for the EU to end sanctions against Austria;  otherwise he would pull Austrians for their endorsement of using”all suitable means” against the EU, which would have derailed the Treaty of Nice. The EU immediately appointed three “wisemen” to find a face-savings solution. Sanctions were duly lifted.

After the Austrian debacle one British MEP asked in the European Parliament if anti-EU parties should be banned.(20) many MVPs shouted,”Yes.” The EU’s attack on Austria may be just the beginning. The Nice treaty strengthens the provisions of Article 7, under which Austria was sanctioned. Only two-thirds of the member states (i.e.,10) would be needed to ban a country, so even if the victim country had an ally or two, it would not be enough to save it from colony status. It will be even easier for the EU to gang up on one country, saying it is violating the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Those principles are open to any interpretation: who’s law and whose freedoms?

Even worse, to attract a ban, a country may not have to violate the vague EU principles; it may merely pose “the threat of such a breach.” Again, that is open to interpretation.

If countries and parties might be banned, what about newspapers, books, magazines, even television and radio stations? The only evidence to emerge so far that this could be in the cards is the case of Bernard Connolly, a former head of the EU commission unit for  “EMS, national and community monetary policies.”

“In the European Court of Justice on October 19, 2000, the EU’s Advocate-General surprisingly argued that Connolly’s book, The Rotten Heart Of Europe, an academic analysis of monetary union, was akin to the publication of a blasphemous work. Since blasphemy could be punished under the European Convention on Human Rights, then a punishment was permissible for “blaspheming” against Europe.”

In the European Court of Justice on October 19, 2000, the EU’s Advocate-General surprisingly argued that Connolly’s book, The Rotten Heart Of Europe, an academic analysis of monetary union, was akin to the publication of a blasphemous work. Since blasphemy could be punished under the European Convention on Human Rights, then a punishment was permissible for “blaspheming” against Europe.

A further hint came at a conference in 2000″ Media and Democracy” when the European Socialist Party (PES) proposed a European Communications Authority. Such an authority could “recognize” journalists, fund programs, and exert EU control over the media.

The EU commission is not only emasculating the power of each state, but it has divided it to the 15 EU countries into 111 regions. All EU regions are described in the same way—for example, as “London in Europe”—thus abolishing the name of the country and making clear that it is not free or independent.

Each region is in the process of acquiring an elected assembly and a development agency with the same boundaries as the European parliamentary constituencies. Their remits include regional planning, transport, and increasing regional ownership, economic development, agriculture, energy, and waste, all to fit in with the EU planning and funding. All have offices in Brussels.

Each region sends two representatives to the EU’s Committee of the regions “representing” the people in Brussels. A second committee of 222 people,, the Economic and Social Committee, entrenches lobby groups in the EU, such as employers’s groups, trade unions, farmers, consumer associations, charities, and family groups.

Both committees are no more than Brussels wallpaper, but they have created a new political class in every EU country, an inner group to match the new political class in Brussels. Many local officials have reacted enthusiastically to more power and links with other regions in the EU. A few who have benefited financially in a substantial manner. Not surprisingly, they are eager apostles for “more” EU. It may not occur to them that this destroys the nation-state.

What will the future role of the national parliaments be when all the regional “governments” are fully operational? The EU is silent on this point, and the assumption must be that they will fade into obscurity, as decisions are made in Brussels and rubberstamped in the EU regions.

The commission has invented even larger areas, Euro-Regions, linking places which have never in recorded history been united or which once belong to a neighboring country, deliberately reopening old wounds. The EU funds television and radio to broadcast across these borders, to build a new identity, although many locals switch off their sets.

Part of the British Southeast’s “link” across 70 miles of sea with the French area of Haute-Normandy and Picardy. Germany, abutting eight countries, has Euro-Regions enveloping neighboring lands once claimed by Germany. For example, Rhine-Maas, A German-speaking area of Belgium, is joined with part of Germany; and Southern Jutland in Denmark is linked with Schleswig and Holstein in northern Germany, which the Germans conquered in the war of 1864.

The EU plans by 2004 all “internal” border controls will be abolished and one outer EU border set up. A huge border police force is being built up. From 2001, the German and Italian governments exchanged border troops as a vanguard of an EU force to secure the EU’s outer frontiers after the next wave of enlargement to the east.

“While the EU is outlawing most national differences, from imperial weights and measures (anyone selling an pounds and ounces is now a criminal) to currencies and legal systems, it is promoting other local differences at great cost. This can only be part of its deliberate policy to divide and rule.”

While the EU is outlawing most national differences, from imperial weights and measures (anyone selling an pounds and ounces is now a criminal) to currencies and legal systems, it is promoting other local differences at great cost. This can only be part of its deliberate policy to divide and rule.

English, the world’s leading language, is spoken by half of the EU, yet the signatory countries to the charter of minority languages of 1992 agreed to promote regional or minority languages. Across Europe there are over 100 languages, usually around national borders, reflecting Europe’s checkered past. Most of them had virtually died out by 1600. In a bizarre move to reverse this historical trend, within one generation and with EU money, much of local life may once again be carried out in these languages.

Insistence on the use of minority languages, especially in educating children, will ensure that the locality is isolated and limit the opportunities for people in the wider world. It will make them second-class citizens and easier to control. All regional assemblies will have multiple translation services, each will further reduce their effectiveness.

The EU, which describes itself as a Tower of Babel, already has 11 official languages, which causes confusion and vast expense with every document translated and every speech interpreted. On enlargement the number will shoot up again. Germany is already promoting German to become the EU official language, reducing English to minority status.

Why is it that so many countries have queued to join the EU? The answer, Simply put, is money. Only a few countries are net contributors to the use funds (is by far the largest), and most get more than their own money back but naturally only to find EU-Approved projects. And surprisingly few politicians across Europe understand the EU’s undemocratic nature.

The EU’s superstructure is already in place. Enlargement to include countries of Eastern Europe is on track for 2006. The dividing rule policy, actively pursued for years, is accelerating. Strong national governments are being replaced with weak regional assemblies speaking a of languages and reporting directly to Brussels. The EU inner core, led by Germany and France, is gaining strength and may have the power to advance to one country by 2010.

If so, the United States of Europe will have arrived. It will not be a democracy but a dictatorship. Unless there is rebellion, the world may become an even more unstable place.


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20. Jeffery Titfod, a UKIP MEP.


I was going to list some basic problems facing us as consumers of the mainstream news today as it relates to Covid-19, but upon reflection I realized that there were other issues that were just as important that are NOT being reported on and will be information that might be new to you.  Luckily, if you want to get up to speed, you have someone who spends most of his news time digging deep into the news and finding the sources that are doing the hard work and who are not a part of traditional mainstream media who are being paid by rich billionaires, which is the case with mainstream media today (six billionaires own the majority of media within the United States). The mistake many make is assuming that the mainstream media is better than any other source. Unfortunately, if you didn’t already know, there is a crisis of information in the midst of a wealth of it.

The problem a lot of people have is they can’t spend all day tracking down whether a news story has been reported correctly.  So many have become used to getting their news from mainstream media.  The only problem with most of the media giants is they have business interests that preclude them from being willing to just tell you like it is.  It may sound cynical, but I have observed from news cycle to news cycle that this winds up being true.  As a result, if you want the full story, you aren’t going to be getting it from MSNBC, NBS, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, or FOX.  The problem though is if you do watch these news outlets, you may feel there is nothing wrong with their reporting and may wonder if I am off my rocker and gone full tin-foil hat. You wont do that until or unless you dig deeper to find that in reporting by the New York Times that important facets of the story have either been ignored or are just being incorrectly reported full-cloth. Anyone who knows what happened in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration will know what I mean.  That, however, has not been a one-off.  Instead, it exists as a continuing modus operandi where certain key interests come into the picture that effect reporting honestly.  The thing is, you don’t know about the existence of these interests in the midst of news reporting.  Digging deeper, though, outside of their news reporting will most often begin to pull back the curtain on what these interests are.  It isn’t like they will tell you because they themselves are biased by the forces that come to them from above.  Again, I know this sounds conspiratorial talk, but all you need to do is to do the work and dig deeper in order to see just what it is that is being left out or being so skewed.  Then it becomes much easier to follow the money, because that is precisely what this is all about.

While I have no interest in going into a deep dive on why mainstream media hasn’t been doing its job for years now, I will provide you with a few examples of how these media giants fall short and why.

Remember the meltdown at Fukishima in the earlier portion of this decade? At the time, most news reporting appeared to be clear-eyed and upfront:  there had been an explosion in their reactor and some radioactive water had been released, but it was being contained. News reporting on NBC was interestingly muted on the topic and the other media giants more or less followed suit.  I had been looking at alternative media, which was back then composed of people doing investigations in Japan and along our Western coast to measure the radioactivity of rainwater both there as well as here along the North American continent.  I was able to see that none of this information, which was alarming and of great concern, was making its way into the mainstream news cycle.  Why would NBC be resisting doing hard hitting investigation into what had happened in Japan in March of 2011?  The corporation that owned NBC was G.E.  G.E. had supplied the nuclear equipment to the company that ran the plant in Japan.  Want to see your stock plummet anyone?  Not bloody likely.  G.E. stayed the quiet course and then came under criticism for it only later.

A generation ago our own C.I.A. developed a way of working or operating that involved using news agencies as a cover for operatives.  That all sounds well and good, but an outgrowth of that program was what was called Program Mockingbird involved the C.I.A. planting stories in media in order to influence American opinion about a host of subjects that the C.I.A. obviously felt were important to be told.  This amounted to propaganda pure and simple, and the effects of this program was that many news agencies  had become handmaidens of the intelligence state and had become subverted in being able to tell the truth to the American people.

In one case when a magazine began to reveal what the C.I.A. was doing within its own ranks, the C.I.A. sought to blackmail journalists who worked for the publication in order to keep them from revealing the truth of what had been happening, which was that the C.I.A. was running a propaganda program within their ranks and those of other news agencies.  This was done by a small liberal-leaning publication in 1967 called Ramparts.  Instead of the news media being an unwitting victim of C.I.A. infiltration, it was revealed that the media itself had become complicit in publishing propaganda, which was affecting news reporting in a variety of ways across the spectrum.  The C.I.A. had gone outside of its mandate of not acting against U.S. interests by pursuing an information war against the U.S. public, and this happened with the cooperation with the news media.

What happened years later with the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent reporting done on it across mainstream media is an example of how this took place again in our present day.  You need only examine how many C.I.A. operatives serve as “consultants” on shows that air on both FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC, along with CNN.  In most cases the backgrounds of these consultants is never even disclosed, which in some cases result in direct conflicts of interest, or impropriety at the very least.

The fealty that U.S. media pays to outside interests like the C.I.A.  also results in having news cycles upended because of the financial interests of those who own the business.  It might be oil, or it might be to get a pipeline through a country that is resisting such a move. Bloomberg News recently had no critical reporting of its owner who ran as a late candidate in the Democrat primaries.  Similarly, The Washington Post, now owned by Jeff Bezzo’s shows no sign of doing hard hitting journalism on the slew of issues being exposed by other news companies about Amazon’s treatment of its workers.

NPR fairly recently hired CEO John Lansing of USAGM, which is the parent body behind better-known Voice Of America as its own Chief Officer. The only problem with this is that VOA is a news agency funded by the U.S. government as a propaganda arm of its own operations.  What makes this  so bad is that VOA and its many subsidiaries that operate in other countries was found to be ginning up a new war with Russia.  Further, Lansing has been on record stating that his work for VOA was real journalism that was free from government influence.

To understand what is at stake for us and for those who listen to NPR regularly, it is important to understand what Laura Flanders said in a recent article on Common Dreams about the subject:

The high dudgeon ill-suited a man who, as he spoke, oversaw an empire of federally-funded influence campaigns with origins in Cold War US psy-ops: The Voice of America, Radio y Televisión Martí, and Radio Free Europe, as well as Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, and Radio Persia. According to Yasha Levine at Pando, when Lansing took the reins of this holding company, which was then called the Broadcasting Board of Governors, it had a budget of $721 million, reported directly to the Secretary of State, and was managed by a revolving crew of neocon and military think tank experts, including Ryan Crocker, former ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.


Now contrast this with the view that most people have of NPR as that friendly, left-leaning news agency that begs for money each year, supposedly helping to boost its image as somehow more independent than all other forms of media.  Admit it, NPR always struck you as being fair-minded and inclusive.  In fact, many of you even listen to NPR and feel that they can be trusted…..because they feel so friendly.

When media isn’t hiring propagandists, it is not choosing to exercise full rigor on vetting information that others provide it.

To show how information is poorly vetted by mainstream news, recently the mayor and governor of Minnesota both claimed that the majority of people being arrested in their cities during recent protests and riots were outsiders who did not live in their area.  This was picked up by most in the mainstream media and was trumpeted as true even though there was clear evidence that this was in fact not true. Either both leaders were themselves misinformed, or had lied to the people. Other news agencies dug into the story in order to point out that this number was in fact incorrect and was really just propaganda (I am betting that the leaders felt embarrassed that their own people had done all of the demonstrations, the rioting and looting that had taken place and chosen to lie instead of telling the truth). The problem is that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and others were all reporting this information without doing their due diligence first. This effectively amounts to malpractice, but when are they taken to task?  Sometimes, though, a news agency will do the right thing and admit errors, but more often than not, they don’t. Even when a story has been shown to have been made up out of whole cloth many news agencies will simply refuse to admit error.  This effectively serves to keep the propaganda story in place through the sin of omission.

In a later article in Slate, this assertion about what took place in Minnesota was revealed to be incorrect. In that article it goes on to state:

The officials were questioned about their claims after journalists went to look at jail records and found that the overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection to the unrest in Minneapolis had Minnesota addresses. NBC affiliate KARE 11 found that of 36 cases, 86 percent had Minnesota addresses. Fox 9, meanwhile, has a slightly different number, but it tells the same story.


Susan Rice, who served in the Obama administration came forward at this same time period in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and said that what was happening in Minnesota was “right out of the Russian playbook…” While she admitted in the interview that she was no longer privy to intelligence reports, she suspected that this was the case. What?!? Bear in mind, Blitzer sat quiet and still as Rice made this statement and did nothing to dig deeper into it or to question it’s veracity.  There was no push back, which is an important job, a duty, of every self-respecting journalist. We know now why this statement, which had absolutely no supporting proof whatsoever, was allowed to be trumpeted across the news. The news media, including CNN had become invested in an evidence-free conspiracy theory about Russia for close to three years. To understand this a little better, we need to understand how such a conspiracy theory was allowed to run free throughout mainstream in the U.S. media for three years.

Russia Russia Russia!

A U.S. president-elect colluding with Russia sounds like a very serious thing.  It might be, were it true. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. If you watch Rachel Maddow, you would see her sow fear on her show night after night, even going so far as to say that Russia might turn off the gas to countless Americans during a cold snap in the winter. After countless efforts to frame a story around Trump being involved or those in his transition team with cozying up to Russia, the story grew legs and did so with the flimsiest of information that was touted as true. In order to understand what a “show” this all was, you have to do what I have prescribed, you have to dig into the details and follow where the information takes you.

The whole collusion mess hinged on several pieces of evidence, which came about in large part due to a hack of the DNC servers in the midst of the 2016 Presidential campaign. The DNC claimed that its servers had been hacked by agents inside of Russia, but when it came time for the F.B.I. to examine that server, the DNC refused.  Instead, it hired a company to examine its servers that was not connected to the F.B.I. and the F.B.I. appeared to blink. To date no source within the U.S. government has yet to examine the DNC servers.

Next, the F.B.I. claimed that a troll farm known as IRA had been acting on the part of Russia to sway public opinion during the Presidential campaign.  What the Mueller investigation did not directly reveal during Congressional testimony was the exact nature of the interference.  While that information was in the report for anyone to see, no news agency reported on it specifically within mainstream media with any degree of rigor.  It turns out that this troll farm had spent about $46,000.00 in Facebook ads during the campaign that included ads of Sanders bare-chested sitting atop a horse with Putin. Another ad was an ad to help men with problems related to masturbation by a Christian group, offering to, I kid you not, “give you a hand” with their problem. Other memes that came from the troll farm produced memes which were equally hard to see as being tied to the election at all. Then, after the election, in January and February, the troll farm directed about $100,000.00 worth of ads at Americans.  This, the F.B.I. insisted, was their proof.  As if I needed to point this out,  the Clinton campaign alone spent about one billion dollars in its ads during its campaign.  The amount spent by this troll farm was like using a toothpick to swat away a mosquito. Most of the money the troll farm spent fell outside of the election cycle.  And yet, if you search the internet you will see story after story about how influential this company was in changing the minds of Americans during the election. $46,000.00 would be a fraction of  a small company’s add spend for driving customers to their web sites in one month.  But you don’t know that, and as long as Americans are kept in the dark on this issue, the lie can be printed and no one will question. Those who do tell the truth are demonized and discredited, all of which are ad hominem in nature. Many of the stories that have been produced, one by NPR, still stick by the story that Russia was spending huge sums of money in this effort for changing the hearts and minds of the American public. In a story in February of 2018 The Atlantic admitted that the efforts of the troll farm were ineffectual. yes, technically Russia was involved in social media awareness or propaganda campaigns but the degree to which those in media and political circles tried to puff them up were laughable.

You wont at present see much in the way of how ineffective the efforts the IRA actually were in the press, but there are sources that point this out in very specific terms.  One of these is a study that looked at all of the available data covering the activity of IRA on U.S. internet sites like Twitter and Facebook.  You can find that study source HERE

The MIT Technology Review reached a similar conclusion.  Yes, there was interference, but it was minor in nature.  However, as the article points out, concern over the power of the Russian bots is probably overblown in the minds of most Americans.  This writer suspects that the concern is overblown because of how both those in the media and government have seized on the Russian interference and blown it out of proportion, to effectively seek to turn attention from the real problems here at home that we should all be attending to.  In short, this rather small fact has been the subject of a propaganda campaign to both paint Russia as an enemy and to divert attention away from the reasons behind why Hillary Clinton lost to a game show host. Hint:  things have gotten so bad in the U.S.politically that after decades of candidate hopefuls to the presidency, little if anything, has substantively changed. This is, in my personal view, the topic that should be at the forefront of our discussions today.  It is important because it hinges on how the popular perception of the loss of the middle class and the poor have not just been left behind, they have been crushed under the weight of support by these presidents to corporate interests. But I digress…

Gucifer II & The DNC Hack

The DNC hack has been shown to have been an inside job by whistleblower Bill Binney formerly of the NSA and the chief engineer of the internet snoooping software called Thinthread which collected data in a constitutionally responsible way in order to help combat terrorism, and not the result of internet hacking as has been represented.  But before this was discovered, a source came forward that seemed to be someone who knew about the DNC hack happening as if it had happened over the internet.  The source of the hack was described by media and political operatives here in the U.S. government as belonging to Russia based on an admission from a self-proclaimed hacker named Gucifer II  who had used a computer whose ISP originated within Russia and which also revealed that a Cyrillic keyboard had been used in his communication. Those in the intelligence field have pointed out that hackers wont tip their hand in terms of the type of computer that they use.  This hack, it was claimed, was proof that someone within Russia was acting against U.S. interests in the election. But hang on.  Wikileaks, it was claimed,  was the recipient of the hacked DNC data, which is one reason why Julian Assange was taken out of the embassy where he had been given asylum recently.  Assange, when asked, has said consistently that the information in the DNC emails did not come from a government source nor from a government actor, which also supports what Bill Binney explains, whose own analysis follows.  The problem with this assertion about the hack as has been proposed as having been performed over the internet are the details contained in the data itself.

It turns out that whenever a file is copied from a computer, phone, or similar device, a small bit of meta data is produced that tells you both about the computer from which the data is copied as well as the manner in which the data was copied. It becomes something of a general fingerprint that may not tell you precisely who acted, but it will tell engineers and forensic experts a lot about how the data was copied, whether it was copied over the internet or onto removable data, and the transfer rates involved, for example.

In interviews with top NSA technical director and whistle blower Bill Binney, Binney has helped to reveal that the meta data contained in the emails, those packets of information that are attached to the transfer of computer generated data,  shows that the supposed “hack” did not involve files being sent over the internet.  There are two reasons for this Binney says:  the file contained two indicators that it had been copied to a removable drive and that the time in which the file was copied, the time lapse between copying the data and full acquisition of it on another device, effectively its  “download speed” meant that it could not have been copied using the internet as the medium of data transfer.  The transfer rate, Binney explains, is much too fast for the internet.

In interviews with alternative media, Binney explained that he and other former and current intelligence officials, members of the group VIPS Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) which is a group of current and former officials of the United States Intelligence Community, including some from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. State Department’s Intelligence Bureau (INR), and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) attempted to put the assertion that the DNC hack was done over the internet to the test. The group was formed in January 2003 as a way to protest the use of faulty intelligence  upon which the Iraq Afghanistan war was based. These members of the intelligence agencies transferred  data across the internet using servers all over the world to see how data rates compared to one another.  Their conclusions were the same for every service provider that they tested from Russia, the Balkans, Europe, Asia, and the U.S., which was that the data could not have been transferred in the time that the metadata indicated that the DNC emails had been copied. In fact, Binney explains, the transfer or copy rates were consistent with the speeds found when copying data from one computer to another through a wired connection and not through the medium of the internet.

Binney explains that when a file is copied to an external drive such as a thumb drive or a CD or DVD or other removable media, it results in a FAT file being produced.  A FAT file has as part of its protocol to always round the time base of the copy time up to an even fraction of a second, which is exactly what the Wikileaks file contained, even numbers.  All of these facts, Binney explains, is why the hack did not happen through the internet, but came from a removable drive.  SOURCES:


The implications of this find is that the hack was not as represented at all.  Instead, it is much more likely, Binney says, that an insider within the DNC who had physical access to the computers was involved in copying the email data between Clinton and others like John Podesta.   This may also mean that the DNC launched all of this as a way to shift attention away from the leak that happened from within their ranks by suggesting that it was Russia who did the hack.

The Steele Dosier

The Clinton campaign paid a company to try and dig up dirt on Trump through what is now known as the Steele dossier.  This document has itself fallen apart under scrutiny.  It contains heresay and innuendo, but was used in order to attack Trump and his allies.  In an article by The Hill on 5/09/19 it explains that,

Newly unearthed memos show a high-ranking government official who met with Steele in October 2016 determined some of the Donald Trump dirt that Steele was simultaneously digging up for the FBI and for Hillary Clinton’s campaign was inaccurate, and likely leaked to the media.

The article goes on to say,

The concerns were flagged in a typed memo and in handwritten notes taken by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec on Oct. 11, 2016.

Her observations were recorded exactly 10 days before the FBI used Steele and his infamous dossier to justify securing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and the campaign’s contacts with Russia in search of a now debunked collusion theory.

It is important to note that the FBI swore on Oct. 21, 2016, to the FISA judges that Steele’s “reporting has been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings” and the FBI has determined him to be “reliable” and was “unaware of any derogatory information pertaining” to their informant, who simultaneously worked for Fusion GPS, the firm paid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign to find Russian dirt on Trump.


A dossier paid for by the Clinton camp with false information in it about their opponent that was used as the pretext to spy on Carter Page. Got it.

In recent developments, Flynn was exonorated in his part of having spoken to a Russian diplomat during the transition phase of the Trump Presidency, a move which the DOJ has proclaimed was itself not an illegal act.  In fact, the very conversation that Flynn had with a Russian diplomat was completely in keeping with conversations that high ranking officials have during transitions of this type. While Flynn may not have been entirely correct in his descriptions of what he remembered, this did not itself mean that he was somehow dealing with a Russian diplomat in a way that was improper.

As a result, the entire Russian collusion story was written down to an evidence-free conspiracy theory which took over two and a half years of time in reporting by the mainstream press and held many opponents of Trump in its sway.

It is important to note the players who were involved in doing the journalistic work that revealed the specious character of the Russia Collusion hoax to the American People,  none of which are in the mainstream media. Those who did that reporting are noted below and I will also point out are without exception, self-proclaimed liberal-leaning individuals.  Most of them are:

There are other news sources (like Joe Rogan) that are not thought of as bonafide journalists who do important work digging up information important to knowing the full story.  I will note that if you do your own search of news stories online that many of the examples I have shown you remains unavailable through mainstream sources.  Even now, you will only find limited admissions on the part of mainstream media that their reporting was wrong.  There remains a considerable bias which these outlets and others like them have revealed in mainstream media including Russia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the Middle East (most recently).

This is why it is important to use media sources that are involved in reporting the news without the bias that exists within the billionaire-owned media outlets that have monopolized our news cycle. I will note that all of these reporters are either given broad leeway from their outlets (The Hill and Rolling Stone), or are independent media with no dog in the fight.  As a result, views of traditional media have been falling for years while viewership on alternative media has been rising.

The head of Comcast recently said that alternative media was killing his company.  Interestingly, Google, through Youtube, has been deplatforming (banning) some of these alternative news outlets or they have demonitized their shows as a way of marginalizing their content creation, trying to just get them to go away, or to cap their growth.  Fortunately, this is not working as for most, it only serves to galvanize support for a movement that seeks to be less politically polarized in reporting the news so that the public can know just what is happening in the world. For many of these journalists, they view this work as a battle for the heart of truth and freedom here in the United States.  Kuddos to all of them for bringing this truth to light.

In my view, these are the real journalists. There is plenty to not like about Trump, but if everyone who does not like Trump responds entirely in a knee jerk fashion to nearly everything he says, we may miss some important points about what is happening in our world.  In just the same way that many conservatives believed that there were weapons of mass destruction years after this assertion was proven demonstrably false, so too does a new generation of liberals believe that Russia is out to get us.  In the latter case, there is a very real concern that latching onto this narrative could fuel a new cold war effort with Russia and the same kind of arms race that once kept every person on the planet under the specter of nuclear annihilation.  The forces that are interested in just such a new cold war are  those who would profit from the buildup of arms from such a war.  We need to resist such moves if we are to have a more just and sane world for ourselves and our children.

Bloomberg News made it clear that they were not going to cast a critical eye on their owner while he was running as a candidate in the Democratic primary.  Also, in similar fashion, The Washington Post will not be overtly critical of its owner Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon either. Truth dies in darkness, or something like that.  These examples are plenty of fuel for concern about the principles in place over media ownership and where their interest lie and how those interests come into conflict with their being able to report on the news.  So buyer beware.

Now to make everything else so crystal clear, let me also say that on some topics mainstream media does very well, it’s just a certain sector of the news where they fail miserably. But that sector is an incredibly important component to our understanding how the world is working, behaving, and how to make sense of things for ourselves.  It may be that in some cases, were we to know the full story, we might vote someone out of office, someone who is helping an elite class with their business dealings like big pharma or the MIC (military industrial complex).  These are just examples for cases that have popped up in the past as problematic for the truth tellers to… know, to tell the truth about. In many cases parts of the story are told rightly while other bits are left out, or outright distorted or lied about. As a result of this, large swaths of the populace have begun to flock to alternative media.  I saw the writing on the wall when I began hearing “fake news” in 2015 in the run-up to the next election.  I suspected then and know now that those who decry the fake news are most often the ones who are dealing the most in it.  I didn’t have to wait but a few more years to hear Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept come forward with his own critique which amounted to saying exactly the same thing.

Until then, be safe and get outside! Tell jokes, smile, and hold your love ones close.


Up NextUsing pandemics and social unrest as a test for your own level of development spiritually.


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is formed from the amino acid tyrosine. It is linked to movement and reward, according to researchers. I think it is interesting to read what science thinks it knows with what I have observed in my own body as a result of self-identifying the flush of dopamine in my body as a consequence or symptom of awakening.

You heard that right; self identifying dopamine in my body as the result of awakening. Really, it wasn’t that hard. I asked myself what this feeling was and what kind of chemistry was causing it. I gathered my symptoms and how this state felt, assuming that it had a chemical component, and I went online and found the “culprit” within five minutes. Simple. I of course did more reading to make sure I wasn’t missing something, but it all led back to dopamine as the central player. There are other compounds that are important (oxytocin, for another) but none quite so important to my mind (and experience) than dopamine. So rewind to my initial awakening, the first year…..

Six months into awakening and I am feeling this incredible chemical cocktail. It has numerous facets, and right away I consider that I am feeling more than one compound that is supporting a very cosmic level of consciousness. I have been a careful observer and there was one compound that remained after the initial “three year burn” took place, that period often identified as a sustained peak experience of high levels of a number of key chemical compounds all impacting consciousness. Chief among these, I found, was dopamine.

I identified dopamine early on in the process. What compound makes you feel blissed-out, cuts pain, and drops worry and fear? That’s right; dopamine.

I credit high dopamine levels with my ability to drop Pain Body as well as stored trauma. It also made the process of transformation a lot easier once I learned how to keep a steady flow of dopamine production going in my body. And yes, you can learn how to do this in your practice. Since we live in a world dominated by the idea promulgated by the pharmaceutical industry that the only way to change your physiology is to pop a pill, it us hard for someone like me to state that the body can and will produce any spectrum of compounds you “tell” it to produce without the need of external aides. There is a mechanism in the body that links thought and chemistry together such that the body will react to what the mind tells it.

To get the body to react to thought, it’s useful to know that the body doesn’t react to just ANY sort of thought. The body reacts most immediately to feelings, or thought that is backed by a strong level of feeling. In some cases we call this emotion, but this can be quite subtle and maybe not seen as emotion, even though it is. Now this can be dominated by strong emotions like fear, in which case norepinephrine and adrenaline will be produced, suffusing the body in a feeling of flight or fight edginess. The opposite range of our chemistry can be emphasized, which is the dopamine spectrum and this occurs as a result of an ability to let go, and to surrender. This isn’t easy to achieve in the beginning when most often the self is still dealing with an overburden of stored fear in the body. Busy with producing adrenaline, it gets hard to realize that dreamy bliss is even possible at this stage in the process.

The Advantages

Dopamine can be extremely beneficial in helping speed you to a place where you are less prone to micromanaging every aspect of your life and others. It aids in letting go of fear, and it allows the Dark Night experience to pass much easier. It can also lead to “spaciness” and trouble keeping focused on tasks. Dopamine is responsible for being blissed-out, so when we say dopamine, we are talking about a chemical spectrum that in the pharmaceutical world corresponds to opiods or painkillers. Knowing this, it is easy to see that dopamine makes it easier to deal with pain of all kinds, both physical and emotional. What I found from the experience was dopamine doesn’t kill pain….at all…what it does is it makes it so you just don’t mind or pay attention to the pain. This means that dopamine can decouple you from your recursive psychological pain (that manifests as hot button issues or trigger issues).

There is also evidence in my own work that once you begin initiating states of mind (unitive rather than disconnected ways of thinking and being—if you wonder what this is, kundalini itself is unitive, it draws the self together to initiate a chemistry and process that destroys unnecessary psychological/emotional structures and beliefs that keep a wider sense of union with the universe at bay) that the flow of dopamine also brings on other compounds critical to the awakened state (because awakening cannot be sustained by dopamine alone—I have a theory based on my observations that alone it creates paranoia). These compounds are oxytocin, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and endorphins. While it might seem counterintuitive that adrenaline and norepinephrine would have a play in awakening, it’s my observation that these compounds in small amounts help to counter the “spacy” nature of dopamine, helping to add balance and alertness to the experience. Obviously this cocktail is a delicate matter to be done with the human body, but my work shows me how it can be done by…anybody.

Dopamine Can Lead To A Cascade Of Releases

One beneficial advantage to supporting strong dopamine production in the body is it’s potential to assist in the release of emotional body armoring. The release of this armoring is an important step in the release process that helps dissolve the “false self” so often discussed in spiritual circles.


One drawback of excesses of dopamine can be increased paranoia. One thing I noticed when I awoke was a sense that the world was not quite what I thought it was, which was itself completely accurate, along with a sense that I was overly focused on seeing nefarious intent behind geopolitical and personal relationships. While this “edginess” was not excessive, I notice that it is present in the majority of those in the awakened community (And who write or comment on blogs, online communities, etc., so that their views are known). My research into dopamine and it’s effects shows that yes, there is a direct correlation to kinds of paranoia and loads of dopamine in the body. Get too much, and schizophrenia results. Subjects who take L-dopa, for example, a synthetic form of dopamine, tended to develop paranoia after a while. This was popularly seen in the book and movie of the same name entitled Awakenings about patients who had become paralyzed by a rare neurological condition that left them unable to move.

I have suspected that dopamine may be contributing to our unique awareness of blocked energy in the light body. This is circuitous, but bear with me. I noticed in my reading about schizophrenia that those who had too much dopamine in the brain would begin to have hallucinations. Since dopamine is a neurotransmitter, it wasn’t hard to see how similar this effect was to the use and hallucinatory effects of LSD. LSD mimics neurotransmitters in the body and brain, resulting in a flood of data flowing through the brain now experienced as hallucinations. It made sense that if dopamine was a neurotransmitter, it could, and would, lead to hallucinations in the so-called schizophrenic. But what about those of us who aren’t hallucinating but who have a wealth of dopamine flowing in us?

Does Dopamine Turn The Mirrror Of Our Awareness?

I have considered that dopamine helps you to become aware of suppressed emotional material by allowing a means for this suppressed emotion to “talk” to us in a myriad of ways. Many show up as phantom sensations of pain, pressure, or tension in the region where the energy is blocked. Now could it be possible for this awareness to shift and turn from referred or hallucinated pain (which is just stored emotional pain, not real physical pain at all) to becoming or evolving into a voice that speaks in your head in the same way as a schizophrenic experiences it? I feel intuitively that this theory is correct and that the voices a schizophrenic hears is nothing more than the accumulation of stored emotional material that the psyche animates in order to make it aware of the stored emotion (except its never seen this way). I suspect that the “voices” in the mind of a sczitzophrenic are part of the same spectrum of experience as the awareness of blocked emotion is in the awakened person. If the self is unwilling to see it on the conscious side of awareness, then it seems it will see it on the subconscious side of the self, and in both cases, it will be expressed either as a hallucination in one case or an awareness of tightness, pressure in the body or even pain (phantom pressure or pain—as is so often expressed by people as happening in a large number of people in their first six months of initial awakening) . Because of this arrangement in the self seeking to bring subconscious material to the fore, it seems the self is not in control of these voices…which in the case of schizophrenia and awakening symptoms (of body pain) is very much true. It is a double edged sword; the price for making the self aware of its own shadow is that this shadow has to go from being subsumed within consciousness to becoming animated in one way or another. The question is to what degree. I think that the person who is awakened is merely experiencing a slightly less intense version of animated painbody (the record of our stored traumas) than the person who is unable to properly metabolize dopamine so that it accumulates and accentuates the symptoms or presence of high dopamine levels in the body.

What is interesting, is while researching the dopamine connection to awakening/kundalini, I came across schizophrenics who described their symptoms as identical to kundalini at a very specific period of their experience after going off their medication. I had stumbled across a whole group who were sharing their experience (on a dating site of all things) and they were actually using the term “kundalini” to describe their experience right up until they would experience a psychotic break, afterwhich, they would go into full blown hallucinations, and would go back onto their medication.

What was so fascinating was how identicaly one person in the group described my own awakening symptoms. Two weeks into not taking his medication, he developed a pressure band around the head (this is consistent with countless accounts of awakening that include a powerful third eye chakra activation which spreads like a “helmet” across the head) as he then began to see events at a great distance in a central portal of his inner eye or mind that looked like a small tv. This was my own experience EXACTLY. As I began to awaken, I had numerous nights where a portal like a small tv screen would open up and I would see scenes at a distance in exactly the same way as the sczitzophrenic had described (Not everyone will have This exact experience, but many experience the “helmet head” along with some kind of inner visual phenomenon. In my case, probably because I was on to something, the universe saw to it to provide me with an account that was identical to my own in order to grab my attention and help connect the dots). This continued in the person describing these remarkably similar events until dopamine levels got too high and created a tipping point into hallucination. But prior to the psychotic break, these people were golden, exhibiting all of the same symptoms of awakening such as expanded sensory capability, psychic ability, and changes in physical chemistry. Until too much dopamine was produced, their symptoms were all consistent with…..kundalini or awakening.

This was extremely fortunate because it helped to prove my dopamine hypothesis by providing what we call in science a negative. When I first identified dopamine as the chief compound that seemed to be driving kundalini, I was interested in seeing if there were conditions whereby a person had too much, or too little dopamine in the body. If my theory was correct I would expect to see a complete lack of kundalini symptoms (perhaps the antithesis of awakening in the case of a condition or disease where the body is starved of dopamine), or in the case of a disease where there is too much dopamine, I would expect to see symptoms with a high degree of correlation or coincidence with kundalini. And I believe that I have. But I’m not a scientist. I am only a highly engaged and passionately involved person who gives a shit about understanding ourselves here on this rock hurdling through space. Additionally, I have passed my findings on to researchers in the field, eminent scientists who have, as it turns out, completely ignored my efforts to contact them and convey this information. For them, coupling their work on sczitzophrenia to kundalini is tantamount to professional suicide it would seem. That world where we are open to all possibilities will have to wait for those who are material scientists. But talk about not being willing to go where the evidence will lead you!

So, to sum, by having a negative, I was able to see what happens when dopamine goes awry in the brain and body. Instead of being completely divorced from awakening, the symptoms were entirely consistent with kundalini or awakening, albeit with the dysfunctional aspect consistent with the condition of sczitzophrenia. Still, I felt that the hallucinations of the sczitzophrenic were just the furthest end of the awakened state (and an imbalanced one in regards to body chemistry—and the body is always seeming balance in order to stay healthy).

The Pleasure Principle

Dopamine is tied into our reward system in the brain. Whatever we associate as pleasurable will tend to be coupled to a dopamine “fix” that the brain delivers in the form of waves of pleasure. The problem is that we often associate pleasure with dysfunctional or unhealthy behaviors. What is so interesting is that awakening often leads to people dropping addictions. It is fascinating to me that a drug that when taken into the body from an outside source (opium, opiates, heroin) can lead to addiction can actually assist in freeing us from addictions when it’s generated in the body.

By looking closely at the compounds that are produced in awakening, we can better understand it’s physical basis and form common sense approaches to dealing with its presence in our lives (which does not automatically mean including pharmaceuticals to try and manage things!). I know that people with severe conditions need medication, but if we each were to learn how to switch dopamine on in the body, we would be much happier and in many cases, be drug free. There is a way. I was able to feel supreme levels of bliss at what should have been my absolute rock bottom when a divorce followed my awakening and my separation from my children whom I loved very much became an imposed condition of my divorce. I know that saying we don’t have control over our bodies simply shows a lack of awareness to the truth, and despite the environment, we can at any time, in any place, find peace and wellbeing. Isn’t this what all the great traditions and their teachers have had to tell us? The takeaway for me is that pleasure can heal. Not just any pleasure; pleasure no longer tied to a person, a place, a condition, or a substance smoked, shot up, or swallowed. Uncoupled from such conditions, the mind can remap itself, freeing itself from the tyrrany of belief and conditioned behavior. It seems, you still must be willing to surrender to it’s mighty power, showing the universe, a silent witness, really, that you trust it to heal you (which it of course obliges).

It can lead you to learning how to take control of your physiology by learning how to modulate your emotional responses in order to reduce certain undesirable chemicals produced (the chemistry of fear, say), while also boosting the output of the desirable chemistry. The question you might have here is, “How do I know which is the desirable chemistry?” The answer is that it is the chemistry that naturally emerges when enough fear and painbody is dropped. It is the natural state. Further, your body does seem to know, or is ready to give you bliss as soon as you give it the all-clear to start cooking up the chemistry of what that bliss looks like. Sadly, there is no one doing this work that I am aware of except for those of us who have had either the clinical background or the desire to make careful observations in order to gather data. Unfortunately the system is biased towards those who have been credentialed in the field. But who dares study this? The answer is no one. We then must fend for ourselves. Make observations, share your findings, develop a body of data.

(Copyright, 2018, Parker Stafford. No part may be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without expressed consent of the author)


They don’t tell you this in the sales brochure, but Awakening isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it’s you, marinating in some dank dark oil of your own indefinable misery as you tell yourself that this must be what they mean about “Shadow Work.” Sounded pretty innocuous at first glance. It didn’t stop you from rushing through that door, though, did it? And it hasn’t stopped you from reading this far.

It gets better. I promise.

Awakening for Westerners is proving to be it’s own unique kind of experience. In India, the culture has systems in place that have been developed over hundreds, even thousands, of years all for the purpose of preparing the individual for one thing: awakening. This is in a word, called yoga, a system with multiple rungs intended to somatically clear the naddis (our circuitry for prana) of stored emotional energy in preparation for the emergence of a stronger or higher energetic state which is called kundalini. The results, then, are different for those in India than for most Westerners (with every case being unique). I could say it’s good to prepare, but here we are, Westerners, blank slates where awakening is concerned, now thrust into this new life. It’s a birth that took only seconds in some cases where everything is changed…..irrevocably. Truth is, we haven’t a clue about the kind of prep needed for awakening. But then again, this preparation wasn’t a part of our culture unless you count accepting Christ as your savior or having a meditation practice.

It’s exciting to watch as it takes shape. It can also be a little terrifying. It’s because something quite large is within and it’s running the show. For as freaked out as I was those first few weeks, I came to realize that this force was not here to hurt me. It never has. It has always removed things that in the end really did me no good at all. I thought of it as a chef in the kitchen of my spiritual life, concocting solutions, changing the menu, setting things right. I learned to stay out of the way, watching a master at work.

I lost really important relationships. I was crushed by a woman I was married to and had children with who sought to turn my children against me. It never hurts nearly as much as when they succeed, though. I was taught that some things just aren’t my own, and never were. I was just there, and it could have been anybody, really, the same scenario was going to play out for them. I saw the kitchen door open as the chef showed me the back door. He whispered, “It will be safer for you this way.”

There is hurt, happiness, fear, joy, loneliness, love, and longing. It’s all lit up, incandescent, at least for a time, so you can see your issues and foibles and learn to let them go. Since the truth is that material things don’t ever buy authentic happiness, the shift is into real often “lonely ” joy. It’s this solitary joy that is like entering the Holy of Holies. It is what dying is like, too, which is surprising when death comes because it’s such an expansive process rather than the dark ending that our worst fears promulgate. It grows in freedom the further you go along with it. It has a swirling beauty that is sensual and orgasmic. It is, of course, nothing like the Southern Baptist minister said it would be like. It’s clear that you are blissful now for no reason except that this is what you know about yourself, and it’s unbelievably beautiful. You feel this way because of this realization that woke you and opened you to your true nature as a child of the one great Light.

Even as you know this, you go through bliss to misery, sometimes many time in a day, a sure sign that your buried bones in your subconscious are still there, rattling away, killing the thrill of your “be here now moment.” You wake up one day and you feel paralyzed. Unable to move. The next day, the energy is leaping around the room and you hear voices or see shapes, or angels in the wee hours, or a hundred other amazingly wonderful things. On this day you are a golden goddess or a god,but you do wonder when it will turn to rust. But wait long enough, and you suspect you will be on that train to Paradise yet again. Something in you screams that there is a reason for this rapid cycling, and you’d be right. You make a new promise to let the energy penetrate as deeply as it can, next time, even if it does uncover acts and feelings you are ashamed of or that you have loathed secretly about yourself for years. As a Westerner, you probably have to be brought to the furthest edge of your misery before you are howling in the night, praying for it to come take you from your fucked up madness. And it does. Honestly, this is how souls are saved more often than we would like to admit.

One morning you might look in the mirror and forget for a few seconds who you even are. The disorientation itself is enough to keep your brow furrowed. You might worry that it might be a brain tumor but you think, “No, I’ll just wait” because you dont want to tip your hat to the world that you might be hip deep in a shit creek. Sure enough, it passes, but you get a feel for what a real brain tumor might be like and tell yourself that you’ll have to give to cancer research because what you just experienced was its own special version of a bad morning discovery.

You are visited by angels even as you are haunted by your demons. Its how this is for us; we didn’t prepare. We come to awakening dirty as sin while standing in the temple of our greater spiritual light. Lucky for us, this light is just so glad we managed to show up. There is a bit of muddy water until we begin to get washed clean. It goes on for years, really, but you can’t help but clean a dirty garment of its filth when you live in the water of life.

Over time, and in direct proportion to the amount of material you have released (It’s all repressed emotion from one traumatic event in your life to another), it gets easier. Turbulent intense sexual energy refines into finer vibration. It’s smoother. There are fewer stones in the road. It all takes time, dedication, and a willingness to just let go. What feeds your purpose stays, what doesn’t, goes. The pendulum swings aren’t as great as they were before. You don’t transit from heaven into hell and back again from one day to the next. Swings come, they just aren’t as destructive as they seemed before. We each have much to learn from each other who are going through this trial by fire and water.

It’s just your baggage. Seems you can’t be in heaven with it, so we learn how not to accumulate it here. And awakening is the magical elixir that makes it possible to heal the impossible. It loosens your grip, allows you to fall, it let’s you see that there is nothing except this feeling which is a version of what the great Light feels. It too was once lonely, and it speaks through the very light of awakening in as unobtrusive way as it possibly can. It wants to be with us if we can let it in. Its like how the Egyptian god weighed hearts using the feather as the measure. It isnt that you are damned if you have a heavy heart; you just cant feel or be aware of heaven without that lightness of being. Which of course begs and answers the question all at once that heaven is a state of mind and not a silly tale about a gated community somewhere.

The earthly self is one rung on this ladder into heaven. The Higher self is the second rung. From there, ever higher rungs lead us back into our ancestry, our origins, back to a less complicated way of being, and back to something we call God (note to self: no description can ever describe it).

It gets better. You get to be whoever, but perhaps more importantly however you want…. just as long as it’s your highest. Anything else will always be hard. What is easy is the flow. I know; Westerners look at flow and think “lazy ” but this is in truth learning to partner with physical reality to bring about the manifestation of important events that reveal a hitherto unknown quality for consciousness to join with the physical universe to make small and big miracles happen.

Whoah! That was fricken incomprehensible!

How about this: we are suddenly magical and can make miracles happen when its needed. It’s just co-creation and it has everything to do with how you feel and how your mind has been unleashed. Yes, it gets easier. It takes dedication and a lot of self honesty. This is turning the light back on yourself. What do you see? Yeah, shadow work.

It is lonely. It’s lonely realizing how everyone is caught up in a world that has very little to do with what is here on this planet, or that matters. Sure, you can get people to care so long as you tie it to a 5k Run for charity or you can create a slick meme you post on social media so it gets gobbled up and digested for a few moments. You wonder how anyone wakes up at all.

Can you see how our desire has been eating our planet alive? Car trips spewing carbon just so we can satisfy our desire to see someone we love,or to go to jobs, to do all the things we say and see as important. Plane trips to visit coral reefs in decline. An addiction to plastic that makes eating our Little Debbies so much more convenient but also gets into our rivers and lakes as microplastic, disrupting the guts of fish and their endocrine systems. Yeah. Big buzz kill, right?

The shape of our desire has forced us to live easy but it comes with a price. Again, buzz kill, but it’s true. People who want things so they can feel a certain way….cars, houses, and relationships. We marry so we won’t be alone. We have children because we don’t want to die alone. We buy nice things sometimes to scare away a deeper sense of poverty or fear that we aren’t good enough. Once in a great while we get really honest about what is motivating us, but we usually want what we want. We will take dying rainforests and bleaching coral reefs just to get those Little Debbies and lifestyles born of a desire that is killing our world. And there you sit, on your own, watching this giant pooping machine of hunger turn and move. You are, afterall, a part of it, too, but maybe a little more aware of what’s going on because a channel was opened in you that let you feel the connection everything has with everything else as you can’t help but feel a sacredness about it which leads to grace. But it still won’t change unless we are it’s harbinger, it’s mover, it’s shaker, it’s champion. The loneliness might also come from knowing that the life of desire, the shape of desire as we know it now on average, is coming to an end as it pertains to what we think will make us happy…

Nothing, though, brings as much exquisite….feeling…than the energy in awakening, simply resting in the heart of the divine. And that too is a challenge because it washes away desire for the things of this world. Is it any wonder we demonized it back in the garden by calling it a deceiver who brings knowledge? But still, I challenge you to find anything as incredible as the light which confers a standing wave of orgasmic ecstasy pulsing through every level of body, mind, heart, and soul for days-months-at a time.

It does get better, but it’s a new world. Maybe we need this so badly that it’s coming the way it is…to people nearly unbidden and woefully unprepared. It’s a new orientation, a new world, if we can take it.

Namasté ❤

I have observed that dietary changes is a natural result of listening to your body and feeling where it’s needing you to go in regards to diet. I feel that in awakening your body will absolutely let you know. In fact, some of it will feel automatic at times. Have you noticed this? You wonder for hours on end what you should be eating to help assist matters only to find you have a dream, a sudden craving, or some other odd synchronistic event and blam! Problem solved!

I’ve discussed foods and how they are known to impact your energy by working with the body, so I won’t go into that here now. But what I will share with you is how I discovered, during my “dark night of the soul” a spice that helped a LOT. It still has an impact on me, and I hope it helps you, too. Drum roll, please:


I will say that curry hasn’t been a favorite of mine, at least not historically, so it took experimenting and cooking with some inspired friends who really like curry to get in the groove. I think its what you are used to eating. If you have children, trycooking with light amounts of curry; they will likely not like it at first if they are used to traditional Western cooking, but they might find themselves coming to like it better later on.

I really like Thai curries….red, green..all of it…but they don’t do the same for me what Indian curry does. Madras curry is known as the hottest, and curry, being a blend, really varies on who is doing the blending! Today, curry powder may include cloves, cardamon, ginger, nutmeg, fennel, caraway, ajowan seeds, dried basil, mustard seeds, mace, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, saffron or cinnamon. The mix depends on the cook. Curry recipes can be found in the cuisines of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Caribbean. It might be me, my body, and my energy, but it’s also worth a try to consider the Thai curries. I like trying to use it in unique ways as well as in recipes that are traditionally Indian. I’m currently dreaming up some soups to try it in once cold weather sets in here. I’ll also be living with a vegetarian soon, which will encourage me to try this spice melange in interesting new ways without meat as such a steady base. And the great thing is that curry adds such richness that it’s a wonderful compliment to vegetarian cooking.

Curry is a spice that actually is a blend of a handful of spices, so if you find your tastebuds telling you that what you are tasting is complex, then you are catching on. I like to play with its pairing with sweet and savory as a way to use it to it’s fullest advantage, from mild to strong depending on mood, want, or mere adventure.

I have found that the hottest Indian curry wasn’t very hot at all, the chillies added were what made the hot Indian dishes so spicy. But its possible to get curry that is very hot, my lical grocery doesnt have versions that have been exriciating at all (you need the Thai curries for that, or a curry blend with a lot of chillies in it). I’m lucky because I have two very good Asian markets in my area for good supplies when needed, and lots of locals whose brains I can pick for ideas for traditional uses for curry.

So give it a try, but let me know what you think! And if you have already delved into curry and love to cook, I’d be interested in hearing what your favorites are. I know I haven’t given direction on how much curry to use. I feel that flavoring with spices is best left to your taste as you go along. Strong or light? Only you will know!



Recently I wrote about my experiences with moving through time. I know it may wind up sounding like a boast, so I am going to provide you with some current insights that I feel confident will be verified very soon, a process already underway that will soon get very loud. You get to be the judge to see if I am right.



To lay this out, let me explain that for the last number of years I have been seeing clearly that there will be an “event” that will affect how we do business forever. My seeing has shown me that this would affect currency specifically, and I have studied alternative stores of value such as silver and gold because my common sense tells me that this would be what happens when currencies go in the tank. As I began studying these stores of wealth I found that physical silver and gold have been heavily manipulated by the big commercial banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman. The purpose of the manipulation has been to suppress the price of silver and to an extent gold. Silver has been suppressed through the massive contracts written by these banks which always short silver. These “shorts” amount to a bet that silver will continue to be low in price….and because JP Morgan has made this bet, the paper contracts flooding the market everyday has sent a signal in the market that silver is not a safe bet, which drives or keeps silver low. In fact, silver has been artificially kept low well below its proportion historically to gold. And why? This is being done in order to trick the market into creating artificially low valuations for silver so these banks can then buy massive amounts of physical silver which they have been taking possession of. This should be illegal, but it isn’t. It is one loophole that the banks can get away with legally. They write cheap contracts shorting silver and then they turn around and buy the physical silver to keep. To understand what we are talking about, we are talking silver in the order of millions of tonnes. Yes, really.



To see how bad this has been, one bank wrote an order for silver more than the yearly output of one of them largest silver producers in the world; Peru. Imagine the greed involved here. Banks are buying up as much as they can so they can benefit the most when they decide to let loose their grip on the metal and it’s current price (which is artificially low). But this is only the side story, so hold on.



For the last three years I have been seeing this event coming down the pike,and it’s a biggie from what my intuition is telling me. My wealth, which was exclusively tied up in real estate, was a real concern for me. I knew that if I didn’t sell my home and get liquid, I would miss this opportunity. My senses tell me this is a once in a lifetime event. It’s just that big. My guidance has been saying that this was tied to the devaluation of the dollar, and as I studied up on currencies, I saw that sure enough, the massive printing of money that took place over the last ten years especially, has shot a hole through the dollar. Remember “qualitative easing”? Yeah, nice term that has rendered the dollar worth less and less. Thing is, both the government and the Fed knows what effect this printing has on the value of the dollar, but they don’t care. It means everything is more expensive because your dollar is worth pennies compared to what it was worth a generation ago. If you make something ubiquitous, it loses value. If you could manufacture gold out of thin air, how long do you think gold would be of any value. It has value based on its rarity. So naturally, I thought that there was never a better opportunity to get into precious metals, which always spike when currencies go through a downward spiral. I had to sell my home if I was to be liquid enough to take advantage of this coming shift. And all events conspired in really the most amazing of ways to see that this would happen. It is a story in and of itself that is quite hard to wrap your head around, but is an example of how the right things will happen at just the right time for our benefit. I felt like I was squeezing in under the line when values for homes were at all time highs again, but just ahead of this very strange event that could leave people hurting if they were in the wrong place with their investments.


So a few months ago I sell my home, I begin looking at silver, and an odd thing happens. I feel a pause. My inner guidance is saying “It’s like silver, but it’s not silver….it’s way better than silver will ever be.” What the heck? What could this be, I wondered? So I began looking to see if I could find something that fit the bill. I was led out of real money and even hard assets as we think of them. What I found was the world of crypto currencies. Now hang on, because I want to explain something that my guidance is telling me is the decisive factor for why cryptos will be so big. They are a store of wealth that cannot be manipulated the way silver is currently being manipulated. And silver is definitely being manipulated big time, and who knows when the banks will lose their grip on silver. When they do, silver will go parabolic with valuations going from $16-20.00 an ounce to upwards of $200.00 an ounce and possibly higher. But who knows when this manipulation will end, right? My senses were saying this event is taking place now, and it sure doesn’t look like silver is at all involved.



So I learn all I can about these cryptos. And there it is…gains in the thousands of percent. Coins “minted” that are offered for pennies that go to hundreds of dollars. This is the kind of investing power I was seeing in my mind. Crypto currencies are entirely side stepping physical silver and gold and essentially saying “We are the new store of wealth” and giving the system a big middle finger in the process. The more I read, the more I felt convinced that this was it. Everything is now in place for the system to drive these investments into the stratosphere. That said, these stores of wealth will be volatile and they will be a roller coaster. They will go higher partly because they are an entirely new idea in its early stages and because so many people will ignore them or not see their true hidden potential. This is the kind of investment you will have to put away and ignore for a bit, unshaken by the tremendous highs and then lows they will take you on. But they will trend upwards and those who get in when the prices are low will be the ones to benefit the most. I suspect that within a matter of a couple of years another event will come along to normalize crypto currencies, such as the Fed/IMF (they are now the same if you haven’t heard…a real cause for concern btw) by I think either creating new regulation that slows their growth or by their issuing their own crypto currencies (euro and US crypto currencies). Before this happens, it’s the Wild West for investors and I suspect that its a small window in terms of time.



Im not here to give you investing advice. I am communicating what I have seen in my own experience as a way to help prove a point, which is that it is possible to carefully listen to your instincts once you have done enough inner work to leave the channel clear or open for this kind of guidance or inner clarity to exist. This is available to all of us and I’m sticking my neck out here since I will begin to invest in these currencies in the next few days, starting with Bitcoin, then using Bitcoin to buy into a whole field of small and big currencies. We will see how Litecoin goes, along with the new offerings that will take place in the next few months.


In the last week, all signs are that the experts in the field are saying very positive things for the next few months. While I cannot educate you about the block chain and how these coins exist or how most safely to store them, there are resources out there that can. Yes, this is a radically new idea, but it is built on a very old idea not unlike a contract. It’s just a piece of paper with words or numbers to identify the buyer and seller or the holder of an asset. With fiat currency taken off the gold standard in the early seventies, money itself has been little more than a crypto currency in a way. When we use a debit card, this is not unlike a crypto currency in that nothing physical except dots and dashes are being exchanged between devices…and yet you buy gas with these dots and dashes and you even pay your mortgage with it. Welcome to the crypto world. Except with crypto, it is meant to be by the people for the people, instead of a system that is controlled or manipulated by large banking interests. More and more crypto currencies are being made with algorithms built into them to keep them from being manipulated in more traditional ways. It’s moving so fast most of the banks aren’t able to keep up. I suspect it has taken the likes of JP and Golden by surprise. And who knows, maybe silver makes a surprise move, but I’m not going to wait for it. This event, if I am right, will happen with lightening speed and there is still time to get in early if you can stomach it.


While doing some research on another topic on religion for an upcoming post I had the following YouTube video pop up that has nothing to do with my recent activity on YouTube, which has been on crypto currencies. All of my cookies concerning cryptos are all done on a different device, so to have a video by a top predictive analyst like Cliff High is a bit odd. Let me explain that Cliff has discovered that he can predict events before they happen due to what he has found as a subconscious anticipation on everyone’s part of future events. This guy did predictive work for Microsoft for a number of years and he has tended to have a pretty good track record. He has managed to predict a number of market moves not based on normal analytics except watching his predictive patterns he is now known for. While the video I am going. To share with you sounds more rosy than what will likely happen, I feel it will be the closest at describing what this event will be like. It will be, I suspect, a transfer of wealth or the creation of entirely new value where it had not existed before. And it’s huge and hard to believe at first. It helps to know how right Cliff has been in order to understand how he is able to peer into the future for folks now that he is on his own and not bound by confidentiality agreements. That it’s popping up as I go to write this today is nothing short of wild. Here is the video:


How green is your grass?

4th of July! The view from my back yard. Feeling blessed and fabulously explosive tonight as I do some teaching on the fundamentals of seeing auras.

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It has been my feeling that when you can learn to use your inner senses that it helps to reveal to you an aspect of the world and of yourself that helps brings wonder and understanding to you.  Not long ago I was talking with my daughter, who for years had been told by her mother that her Dad was off his rocker when it came to my experiences in my inner life.  So I said to her that I could show her how to read auras.  I’d give her the master class over the summer so she could judge on her own just whose rocker belonged to who.  Its okay to be a skeptic.  In fact, its really important that you question the world around you, including claims about psi ability.  However, when you are faced with an ability like reading the aura, a whole new wrinkle in how you may have thought the world works opens up. And it is in this new view into the world that its important to test your abilities to make sure that YOU are comfortable with what it is that you think you are seeing or picking up on.

Let me explain what I mean.  When I first began seeing auras, I was lucky that I had a few friends who also were able to see them.  I utilized one friend’s ability as a type of “control” over about a year period as I tested what it was that I was seeing with my “new vision.”  We developed a kind of code that we used whenever we were out and about and I wanted to test what it was that I was seeing in the moment.  The code would be “What about that guy [pointing] up ahead in the fedora hat?”  for example.  She would then tune in and tell me what she saw.  The method was that I never revealed to her what it was I was seeing, I just wanted her to tune into a given person to test what it was I was seeing.  This was how I conducted a lot of my tests.  However, I also did other types of tests, too.

On the first day that I began to see auras, I was in a college classroom.  I had read about auras and had even known someone the previous summer who could see them, and I was fascinated with the idea that people could do this, so I learned a few things about it before I had begun to see them.  When I realized I was likely seeing them, I noticed some things right away that I remembered from my reading in a book about them.  While I was seeing this guy’s aura in class I noticed that he had these orange-yellow spires coming off his shoulders.  Everyone else’s aura was uniform around their bodies.  I surmized that this may have been the presence of pain in his physical body for some reason.  My classmate did not show outward signs of this pain, he just sat there in class like the rest of us.  Because he was someone from my dorm who lived on my floor, I walked up to him after class was through and said hello and clasped his shoulder gently in my welcome.  He winced and I pulled back asking if he was alright.  He explained that he had been lifting weights the previous evening with friends at the gym and had overdone it. His shoulders hurt!  “Huh” I thought.  I filed this bit of information away for later.

Over the following year I did countless “tests” like these, asking friends about what it was that I say in their energy field after I had seen evidence of something there previously.  I was able to build a rather large bank of information about the nature of the human energy field as a result of this that helped me to understand what I was seeing and also, perhaps more importantly, to show to myself and anyone else, that what I was seeing was beyond ordinary physical perception.

I will tell you that one of the last times that I actively read an aura was when I had the occasion to see Jane Goodall speak at a local school a few years ago.  We were in fairly close quarters in a small auditorium and found that I was seeing her energy.  For years I have not actively tuned in to energy in this way, but when I began seeing the flashes, I thought what the heck….and as I did, I was able to see something that I had seen on a few occasions, which was that I could detect the thought forms occurring in her mind moments before she would talk about them.  This was the interesting part because I was able to anticipate something she was going to say before she said it.  Thought forms are created in the mind as the mind is thinking about a memory or is somehow creating an image in their minds and this can sometimes be detected in the aura.  For years I had never seen such a thing, even though I had read about this in the book Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.  So As I looked at her, I noticed that I was seeing a hunched form that had a distinctive loping kind of gate, and at the time Goodall was talking about a chimp that was hooting because she knew that another chimp was on its way.  She described the way that I saw the form seconds before she mentioned it as it moved just as she described.  These appeared not as solid objects, but were more like vapor-like forms, like a smudge on a window….ghostly in a way, but clearly present in yet another.

The aura or halo has been depicted throughout the East and West. Below, a Buddha sits with a head and body halo.


So having said this, I encourage you to test what it is you see.  I also encourage you to learn how to relate, just as I did, to the colors and what they mean.  There are lots of simple and straight-forward charts on the colors and their meanings.  I have noted that in my experience that most of them are accurate for the most part.  However, I have noticed that some colors are different for me than they are in the charts.  And why? The reason is, I observe, as a result of my own feelings about these colors.  In my last installment in this two-part series I explained that auras really can’t be detected by the physical eye, but that, rather, they are the result of a rather miraculous facility the brain has, apparently, for being able to take nonphysical sensory data (psi data) and translate it into usable “physical sensory” information.  This is the root of what happens with all psi abilities I have noticed. Years ago I once interviewed a physiological psychologist who teaches and does research in this area and I asked him if the brain received signals that do not come from the physical senses, will it ever put that data into a sensory slot to make it seem as though it is coming from one of the senses?  “Oh yes, most certainly!” was his reply.  However, even though this all sounds like one big trick of the brain, it is based in real phenomenon that is being picked up on.  Sadly, it is not something that scientists have troubled themselves with looking into all that much. It has been considered a fringe subject, and no one wants that label, apparently.


The Last Supper

Red is most often equated with passion, love, and anger.  In my experience I hardly ever see red in people because I have a problem believing that anger and love can be described by the same color.  Instead, love often comes through as an intensity of a lighter more spiritual color (for me).

Orange- has always been related to anguish and sadness, as well as subsumed anger.  I have only seen orange on two occasions.  One person had been in a bad fight with his son an hour before and the other person was recounting their experience in a Nazi death camp.  I have seen orange as physical pain, but most often it is only a tinge of it.  Your results may vary.

Yellow – this color has always represented what I call the middle of the road type of energy.  It is often detected in auras as a very common color for many people.  it has a relationship to mental energy and being in the head. This tends toward positive energy and is a vibrant color that can be deep or light depending on the concentration and focus within that range.

Green – this has always had a double meaning and is at once spiritual and rooted in the here and now, for the most part, which also makes it a healing energy.

Blue – a spiritual color. This often relates to a strong commitment to what you are doing, that you feel your work or your state of being is tied directly into a purpose.

Violet – this color is likewise spiritual, but with a strong influence of the intuitive.  Often people with this color will exhibit strong psychic abilities.

With the colors in hand, there are a number of different wrinkles that add an incredible amount of variation into the mix.  First, there is the intensity of the color, which I would call brightness.  This is how powerfully focused a person is.  Sometimes a strong color will mean a person is really focused in what the color means, but this can also mean that the person’s energy is simply very strong.  You can detect which is which by observing the person and how they speak to determine which this likely is. I have seen some people whose colors are amazingly light….like a very very faint ice-blue, for example, without a lot of saturation (concentration of color).  Often, this can reveal that the thoughts and feelings are not well focused.  In some cases, it can reveal an other-worldy kind of focus.  How the person is expressing themselves verbally will most often tell the tale if you listen long enough.


Another wrinkle is the size of the aura. For some people, the inner aura can be very compact and located close to the body.  This often is a strong local focus in the self and the body.  In some cases, the aura can be very large, in which case the person has not only a lot of energy, but a strong sense of presence.  This type of person is NOT a wallflower (usually).  Now having said that, you can get someone with a very strong aura like this who is very quiet.  Now what do you think that means

The other wrinkle is how the aura will shift and change from moment to moment. Does a person’s color change on a dime, or does it stay constant?  This says a lot about a person.
Some are like rocks while some are like kaleidoscopes.

In the image below, Ganesh is shown with the nimbus or aura around his head. This image comes very close to how the part of the aura appears that is closest to the body. There is normally lighter misty color that then surrounds the body, extending outward to about three to four feet.



The other wrinkle are what I call localized effects that can be striations in the aura such as intense beams of light in certain parts of the aura as well as little bursts of light that look almost like stars.  These bursts behave a lot like little crystalized nodules of light that fly off from the aura or float for a few brief seconds before dissipating.  These are, I observe, the result of intense thought and feeling, and can be determined which they are based on the colors they are associated with and what parts of the body they are coming from (feeling may be more in the body while thinking may be nearer to the head for example).


The aura, contrary to the chart above, is not seen as a rainbow. The “rainbow body” is usually only detected in people who have released a lot of suppressed emotional energy. The aura is lighter than depicted above. If I saw an aura as depicted in the image to the right, I would expect mental illness or physical illness.

Yet ANOTHER wrinkle are auras that are divided into multiple color zones.  One side of the body can have one color while the other side has yet another.  Not always, but often I have noted that when this happens, the person is feeling out of balance somehow.  this shows up as one side being one color and the other being another color. In other cases I have seen much more localized areas that go from one color to another.  In this case, thought and emotional energy, as well as physical energy is swirling and changing.

Taking all of this in as a whole while looking at the aura will provide you with a pretty broad world of possibility in what an aura can communicate.  Auras are highly personal in how they are from person to person, and this is important to note as you look at people.  I knew one person who never deviated from the base-line color that he had around his body the whole time I knew him except for one instance. And having said this, I have seen people whose “baseline” is to be a world of swirling changing energy.

I once had a teacher whose aura would do this really wild thing, which was so very much about who he was.  I never saw it in quite the same way with anyone else.  His aura was like a capacitor. Do you know what a capacitor is in electronics?  Well, if you don’t, a capacitor will draw energy, store it, and then release it suddenly after a given amount of time.  My teacher would have this aura that would grow in size in a sphere shape and then it would build in brilliance for a few seconds and then as he would say something, a thought in his head seconds before, his aura would flash brightly, after which it would then dim down until he got to his next idea.  What he was doing, I realized, was the WAY that he experienced his thoughts, which was like a flash of realization….moment to moment, though.  He was the kind of person who didn’t always know what he was going to say next, and was always in that moment of working it through mentally, and the moment that he realized HOW he was going to say what he was going to say, there would come this flash! It was at first disconcerting to see, but I came to realize that this was a peculiarity with how his own thinking went.

Now I have also seen similar flashes, many actually, in the aura, and they are often associated with a person thinking and then figuring out what they are about to say next, so this type of flashing can, in my own experience, be tied to seeing a person’s thought process unfold before me.  In fact, it is phenomenon like this that has helped me to understand how some people think and how they link language with the thoughts that they are thinking.  People who are very visual will often wind up with images passing through the aura almost like a kind of etheric television displaying their thoughts in a ghost-like form.  If you watch, you will often see that the flash comes just before the words come out.  In this way you can see how the aura will show you how the person is handling their thoughts, the character of how they think or process information.

Now occasionally, and only on a few cases have I seen dark colored auras.  This has been very rare. However, in one case, I saw a man who had a dark aura with very strange color patterns in it.  Instead of the colors being bright and light, they were…metallic in character.  I learned later that this person was on anti-psychotic medication for some issues he had with mental illness.  I was lucky in this case because I knew to steer clear of him based on what I had seen.

The aura can change throughout the body, from head to toe.  When this happens, you have to be able to intuit what the reasoning is for this.  Is it because of a weakness in one part of the physical body?  Subsumed emotion?  Perhaps blocked prana flow?  Any of these and more might be the culprit, so it is important to continue to view in order to tease out the reason behind what it is that you are seeing.  Being able to determine what “body” the energy is from is a studied ability.  This is not always easy to do, and it is best that you allow your own intuition and experience rule the day.

There are about five different bodies that are expressed in the aura. This is interesting because the Hindu describe five “koshas” a term that means sheath or layer, which means that they conceptualize all of our different aspects as layers or dimensional aspects in the energy body and consciousness and it shows up as these five layers.  In fact each chakra has five dimensional aspects that correspond to each of them. Okay, so the layers and what they are….

These five layers are the (1) emotional body, the (2) mental body, the (3) physical body, the (4) astral/soul body, and the (5) pranic or energy body itself.  All these energies go to form a matrix that make up who you are at any given moment.  Most often I have found that the energy that is tightly focused to the body IS connected to the physical body.  Again, you have to watch and observe, because sometimes this is not always the case! Sometimes when ideas or feeling are very pressing in the moment, I have seen this energy come to the fore and express itself close to the body when it most often plays through the aura more from a distance from the physical body itself.  I know that this all may sound dizzyingly complex, but in time you WILL be able to intuitively tease out which is which.  Experience will also be your guide in the same way that it was for me, but its good to take mental notes and then to also ask questions of your subject.  I recommend having numerous people who would like their aura to be read by you in exchange for communicating to you what it is that they are feeling so that you can learn to calibrate what it is you are seeing with what the person is revealing.  Remember; you are actually feeling all of this deeper down, so if you can learn to forge a good relationship with the part of you that feels (this is not to be confused with emotion….this is your inner sensitivity, which is a different thing).

Still yet another wrinkle in this is how far out you can detect the aura.  How far can you see outward from the aura?  In the beginning you might only see energy close to the body.  In time, though, you may learn to see further and further away from the body.  This tends to get into the subtle or astral body and leads into issues connected to the soul.  The more accute your sensing becomes, the further outward you will most often be able to see.  Also, there are some people whose energy goes beyond ones ability to even see.  Many years ago, about the first year I was seeing auras, I had the opportunity to see a native American healer speak at a nearby college. My friend and I went to see him and we both “tuned in” to see what his energy looked like.  And we both saw the strangest thing; he had no color at all!  In fact, his energy was more like non-colored lines of force that I had seen in natural objects, but not in people.  Not only this, but his energy would build and then it would drop back….it was doing this pulsing thing the whole time he was speaking.  It was as though he was a channel for some energy that was itself on the very edge of our ability to detect.  This man had been involved in some important healing work and was able to draw physical sickness out of a person in a way that appeared rather miraculous to us at the time.

It is possible that when you first start seeing the aura that you do not detect color.  This sometimes is the case for some people.  In this case, I think it is instructive to allow yourself to open up more to let the color in.  I know how this sounds, but you are not dealing with something thought-based but something that is all about feeling….and you most certainly can and do feel auras first and foremost.  As you look at the aura ask yourself where is the color?  Ask yourself to show the color and then wait.  Keep looking, keep observing, and be patient.  The matter is one of tuning in.

If you are unable to see the aura well using the methods I showed you in the first installment, I will tell you about how I first began to see auras, because I think it is helpful in understanding just how much this does not have to do with what you think or anything in your head.

I was late for class.  I had been working in my room and I had to sprint clear across campus to get to class before the bell tolled and I was late.  My teacher had always said that if you are late, don’t bother coming.  He often dismissed students who came in only a minute late to class.  So I was chugging away and running as fast as I could. I sped past the dorms and then the library and then the chapel. I was about ready to feel like I was going to faint when I rounded the steps up to the Art building.  I felt like I was being deprived of oxygen.  Everything I was doing was focused on getting enough oxygen back into my body so I could walk into the classroom. I made it to class on time and as I walked up the steps, I breathed very deeply so I would not be huffing and puffing in class.  What happened during this experience was I was suddenly focused in my body, not in my head.  A shift had happened. It was just enough to bring energy into focus for the first time.  And that was it: I was using my body, not my mind, to FEEL this energy.  And what I know is that when I tune into auras, I feel as though my whole body, my own energy body, is actually the thing that is picking this all up.  I have often felt as though I had this satellite dish in my solar plexus that picks all of this up.  “What does your gut say?” is an apt term to use here.  The idea is that we do not use our minds, we are using the whole of our own energy field to detect other fields like our own around us.

Now I tell you this story partly because it could help you in developing another way to see auras that is based in the mechanics of seeing.  Maybe you might want to work out with some heavy cardio and then see what you see.  Get out of your head and  get into your body.  FEEL.  The other reason I am telling you this is because I told a friend of mine about my aura experience and about a year later he told me the story of a friend of his who also started to see auras and she had told him that she had been running across campus, too.  However, my friend was at a school in Virginia while I was at a school in another state.  There was NO WAY for the woman who started seeing them to have known about my story at all.  I think we both hit upon the same trigger, which is strong exercise to root you in the awareness of the body.  The level of exertion I had was such that I was breathing heavily and I felt as though my heart beat was pounding in my chest, the whole of my body, and also my eyes.  I was completely focused in my body.  So there is that important bit of information for you!

Walter Kilner wrote a book entitled The Human Aura.  It is available from Amazon and while it is not a psychic review of the aura, but rather one that involved the use of sensitizing screens made up of cyanin for seeing the aura, a lot of the shapes and issues he saw while doing his work as a doctor is accurate for anyone who wants more insight. he method that Kilner used was to, perhaps, extend his visual acuity into the range where auras begin to be seen through a sensitizing process.  I suspect that some of Kilner’s observations may have also been of a psi nature mixed with his screen method.  Its an older book, perhaps from the 40’s or so, but is relevant for anyone who wants to know more. There is not a huge amount of information out there on this aside from the now-popular aura photography (which I can’t speak to since I am not familiar enough with it—it may be accurate but it appears to use a different method with different results that are at variance with the color schemes I see naturally).

Djwal Kuhl, who, as I recall, was the name of an ascended master who channeled the book some years ago has a book about the aura also.  My memory is that it is less about mechanics and more about issues related to clearing ones own aura and doing spiritual work (which may in fact be helpful).

The benefit of using your inner sensing to see auras is that in healing work you can keep some energies from becoming entangled in your own.  However, when doing healing work, it is important to realize that the healer should themselves be healed before embarking on healing work or else the imprint of healer or patient can be made.  This is where the healer must work carefully and consciously. if you have an issue that you have not healed, you will often find that you have patients who come to you with the same issue or a related issue. These will also change as you do healing work.  This is based on discussions I have had with other healers.  The law of attraction at work.  So it is helpful to get as clear as you can to be as helpful wen working with energy healing.  The more healed you are, the more neutral you will be and the more effective you will be.

One thing that is possible is that you can detect illness before it manifests in the body.  You can see conditioned that involved blocked energy that if you do healing work, you can more directly address quickly by looking at the aura.  I once knew a doctor who used his ability to see the aura as a prelude to his own exam of his patients.  He never let them know that he saw the aura, but it helped him to more clearly understand the root of the problem.  Unfortunately, in our present day, we think that the answer often lies in popping a pill.  The benefit for seeing energy is that sometimes when it comes to physical problems you can often detect that the problem where the person is identifying as the point of trouble or pain is actually located in another part of the body and that this is creating a “cascade” of other symptoms.  This can often happen with the spine and legs.  Pain in the lower back can sometimes show up in the knees or feet, or even in the shoulders depending on the type of imbalance.  Knowing this can clue you in much more quickly than a “hunt and peck” method.

As I sit here, I am laying back and looking at the energy in my hands and I realize that my own aura has changed over time.  I see now how there is a rainbow of colors that come out of my fingertips and that this relates to something having to do with the flow of prana in my body. I see how two of my fingers are more strongly charged with energy and that these fingers also correspond, interestingly, with the active fingers with meridian lines as described in Chinese medicine, for example. I also see how an emotional issue has effected one side of my body today and it has not yet cleared up in my right hand.  As a result, I focus energy into that part of my body in order to clear up the blocked energy which is just my holding back some emotion.  As I do a simple breathing exercise I can see how the energy comes back into my body since breathing always helps me to ground myself in the body as well as relax me. As I do this, I see how on one side of the opposite hand, there is a strong glow of violet color, which shows that I am tapping into my own intuitive power and my inner senses.  My physical health is excellent as the brilliance of my energy shows.  My color is a changing force-field that adapts to the needs of the moment.  Perfect.

The aura is often described as electromagnetic in nature.  I think that it is certainly this as we have a low level of electricity flowing through us all the time. But prana is a still-finer energy vibration that electricity, and it is this finer energy that shows up along with the field of physical energy.  Prana is itself the energy that records and shows all other energies.  I say this because I observe that it is through prana that all other energies get recorded into the vast field of energy that exists all around us and the planet at any given time.

Beyond this is also energies in nature, in plants and animals and in objects.  Sometimes we leave some of our energy behind us in things.  Some years ago I saw the most amazing thing happening with a tree in my yard.  This took place at night and I had never seen anything like this before, which was that I saw thousands of very fine points of light that were flowing out of the tree and into the night air.  As I watched this I asked myself what on earth this was.  The simple answer was that the tree was “breathing” out energy that it built up during the day and needed to release at night.  I had simply never been able to detect this type of energy before.  I had seen fields around trees and animals, but nothing like this before. The whole earth itself is a living biosphere full of all kinds of energy.  We all exist like fish exist in a sea.  We share it together.  We feel it all together, even when we are unaware or focused in other directions.  Sometimes, when you become adept at picking up on energy in this way, open your mind to the world mind, to the body of the world and feel into that rich sphere of awareness and see what there is for you to see and know.  This is YOUR Gaia.  This is your cradle of life.  What does it mean for you?  What does its energy tell you beyond the mirror of your own thoughts?

Seeing the aura can provide you with a wealth of information that can help you a lot in your life.  You can detect emotional and mental issues pretty quickly in the aura.  It can give you perspective and it can help you a lot in your own inner work by showing you that yes, we are multidimensional beings and yes, energy is a real thing.  It can bring new perspective and it can inoculate you against the ignorance of a strict physicaly-oriented view of the world.


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