Several years ago I began having conversations with people who had experienced awakening. I think that while the interview is itself introductory, it also helps to cover some basic ground. The questions, though, were starting points as you will no doubt see as the interviews are underway. The interview answers have not been edited except in the case of spelling or minor punctuation or formatting issues. Otherwise, they are just as received.

My sincere hope is that by gathering this information and making it available that it will help provide insight for those who have gone through this experience and who are seeking more awareness, fresh voices, or a different perspective. Unfortunately, life has had many twists and turns and the interviews which were promised some time ago, are only now making their way onto this new page. More to come as time permits in my schedule.

If you like what you see here and find that it is helpful, feel free to pass it along to anyone who you feel might benefit. Additionally, if you would like to add your own perspective, I welcome your taking part. All interviews are treated with anonymity, but rest assured that a real person is behind each one. If you want your name shared, great, but getting this information out is of utmost importance and we all know just how unusual awakening is and the tendency for those who have not yet had such an experience to even believe that what happens is real or not the figment of an active imagination (you know the drill, right?). If you would like to take part in this project, you can send me your list of responses to my email at with the subject heading “interview” so that I can search and find you (I get a lot of email and things can wind up getting buried).

With that, the second interview…



1. What was your spiritual background before awakening?

Honestly, I was a fairly normal guy to begin with. I was an empath, which meant to me that I absorbed and emitted energy with people. I was very sensitive. Beyond that I was ordinary.

I was a questioning type of guy who wanted to understand something deeper about life. Before my awakening a series of build ups happened.

I had spiritual contact with dead people and angels telepathically and asked them questions.

I had a vision which I’d like to share, as I feel it’s important in this day and age, to understand reality.

This vision hit me during waking hours and I felt like I had to lie down and process it. It hit me pretty hard. Thinking back I felt it was coming out of my heart. It was my soul.

The vision was of a pyramid. The pyramid was made out of men, climbing on top of each other. The men at the bottom of the pyramid were largest in number, and they were being bullied and trampled on by the guys above them. This represented the financially poor, the unaware, unintelligent and lost (I was in this group, as are most people).

I saw as the hierarchy got higher, people became increasingly bullying and psychopathic. At the top were the smallest few people who had the most power in this world. They had the most financial wealth, the most women or whatever else they wanted.

Yet I saw that these people, too, weren’t happy either. They were never satisfied and… they were paranoid. They were paranoid because all of their friends who surrounded them were looking to stab them in the back to take what they owned. Such is the way of the psychopathic elite!

I saw a ladder starting just above the highest guy in the pyramid, it stretched up into the heavens. But they weren’t real heavens. I now know that these heavens were a private universe, created by the luciferian elite on the astral plane. A personal paradise, controlled by their own desires and wishes. In this private heaven, the guy up there could do what he wanted. Create what he wanted.

My heart, looked at the people in the pyramid, they looked like naked men, ugly, pushing each others faces and bodies down, crushing them down to climb ever higher.

For what purpose?

To be more brutal, is to gain, in their world. I saw that this is fundamentally how the control structure on earth works.

My heart felt like, giving up. A deep part of my heart communicated with me, I said … I don’t want to be a victim any more… I don’t want to be a slave. I don’t want to suffer endlessly… but I don’t want to be a predator either. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Take me to a place where everyone is equal and fair.

That’s the end of my vision. Things started to shift gear after that, I felt like my heart had ‘given up on mundane life’ at that point, and the goals or directions of my life changed.

I still had ordinary desires but deep down, I was on a different path heading in a different direction.

I was intuitively guided to taoist alchemy, qigong and meditation, which I did with some success for 2 years.

A number of exponential gear shifts happened after that time, everything amplified. The first amplification was by following ricardo b serrano’s meditation methods. He had top down methods such as meditation on three hearts, soul meditation and mantra.

2.Do you know if you did anything to trigger your awakening?

The second amplification was me being drawn towards reading a lot about kundalini. After a lot of reading I wanted to ask someone to give me shaktipat. I asked a guy, and he gave it to me. I was initiated by someone non-locally by providing him a photo of me and an essay explaining why I wanted it, through email.

I’m aware that some people get awakening spontaneously, others pick it up from a shaktipat contagious person without meaning to. Others ask a guru for shaktipat to awaken the kundalini. I was in the latter group.

I’d say the main trigger was my heart prompting me towards awakening. I do remember making a clear heart felt wish to speed up my spiritual development intensely, and that I feel that someone was listening.

3. What was your initial awakening experience like?

Molten lava flowing up my spine, I couldn’t sleep the first night. Heat up the spine for several months, followed by a cooling. Then I started getting alternating samadhi bliss downloads and various energy blockages coming up for purification.

4.How has your awakening progressed? What year did awakening come for you?

January 2014. My awakening has been brutally violent and intense, my soul guided me constantly towards meditation as well, to amplify everything.

The entire journey has felt ‘urgent’ to me, like I have urgent business to get done.

I was 27 when I got awakened, I’m only 30 at the time of writing this. I rarely find people online with energy higher than mine. I think my progress is good due to the intensity of practice.

5. What do you feel kundalini/awakening is in your experience?

Kundalini awakening is a very yes/no thing, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. Meditation can trigger releases of kundalini, but it isn’t permanent. A permanent awakening can be noticed by several things.

First being daily on-going heat flow up the spine. Secondly, if you do no meditation what-so-ever, the kundalini will continue to bomb you with light and bring up your ego and blockages. It will do the work for you. You can’t switch it off.

It’s very dominating, but it’s for your greater good. It’s the automatic process. I don’t think people get awakened by accident. I think the soul chooses and not the mind.

6. Did you have challenges with the energy? And if so, what did you do that helped you get through those periods of difficulty? Or, has it always been easy?

It’s been challenging. The first major challenges were energy bursts sometimes at night, causing me to be tired in the day and unable to sleep some nights – this continues to this day.

The second challenges were the sheer brutality of reliving my past traumas. Crying, feeling so depressed I’d curl up in a ball in bed for hours on end. Feeling bursts of darkness of great fear, terror.

A huge amount of occult came out too. Satanism, demons, power hungry psychopathic sub personalities. This was scary, freaky and hard for me to accept I’d been such a shitty guy in my past lives, but I got over it. I got used to it.

Things changed gear radically after a specific event, to which I’ll never forget.

I was following the energy enhancement meditation, which is a guru lineage. It’s built to produce gurus. I didn’t pick this path, my heart chose it for me.

I’d describe guru paths as the following:

  • specific quality of angels and light with a specific job to do (more on angels below).

  • Specific spiritual gifts or skills given to help one do ones work for greater humanity

The spirits of that lineage approached me one night, and I got put under horrific black magic attack. I was being taught about black magic.

They pretty much told me, ‘look, you’ve reached a stage of awareness now, where you gotta make a choice. The only choices we can give you are to go for another round in the predator/victim cycle as a black magician, or if you want to turn light, you have to become a guru.’

Naturally, I told them I wanted to be a good guy, and I asked to become a guru.

My abilities changed. I was suddenly able to sense all this soul-deep info about the people I’d meet. Info would pour into me through my crown detailing people’s soul history and development.

I got a new current of energy which felt more blissful flowing through my crown. That hasn’t gone away.

The…challenges I started to face after this ‘guru’ initiation were 5 fold higher than anything the kundalini had thrown at me prior.

I can’t really explain it, but I guess I’ll try.

I started to experience black magic attacks, daily. I was being taught to defend myself in psychic combat. I’d randomly wake up in terror in the middle of the night to find the most creepy, scary astral guys hooking up to me, or attacking me or something.

Just, the spiritual pressure ramped up to levels I never thought possible. But I’m alive and well today, so it looks like I made it through!

7.What do you think makes the experience easy or difficult?

I don’t think it’s possible to make the experience ‘easy’, I think by default it’s a process which pushes you to your absolute limits, probably 100’s of times. The insane flipping between heaven and hell are good teachers, I believe we learn better when put under pressure, and that we learn better from facing extreme situations.

If you mean stuff like reiki, or other energy work – as you progress further into awakening – the process becomes more automatic, the soul takes over. The automatic energy of the heart and god flows through you and things just feel right.

Some people prefer to only rely on the kundalini and to ground themselves in ordinary activities. Other souls pick to amplify the intensity to get the darkness cleared faster – this is what happened to me.

I couldn’t ‘choose’ what to do so much, because my heart already chose for me.

8.How has the experience impacted or changed your life?

It’s changed absolutely everything in my life, in the largest way possible. All day every day I feel god’s love booming out of my chest. 90% of my thoughts are soul-work related or related to healing my own blockages and shadow-self. I hide these thoughts from most people.

I’m struggling to function in ordinary life and have become a recluse.

Almost all of my old fears and hobbies have been dissolved. Many of my thoughts come through my crown. My will starting to merge with thy will.

9.Were you a seeker before awakening came?

Yes. I prayed for intense spiritual development. I underwent 2 years of taoist alchemy. The practices were good but slow. The kundalini is much faster, much more intense.

10.Did you have a practice before awakening? After?

Yes. Before awakening, I did spring forest qigong and taoist alchemy. I also did mantra work and some other types. I also practised EFT.

After, I did much the same, only I did energy enhancement too. It’s very powerful, but very intense. I still do it and I still do mantra.

It’s worth noting that a form of energy work called health kinesiology, which works through muscle testing – has helped me. I was able to get certain parts of my aura closed to prevent energy leaking out onto others. I was also able to get more protected from entities. Look into it if you’re struggling.

11. Did you employ,or do you employ now, traditional meditation practices, and if so, how have they been helpful to you? If nontraditional, could you describe them?

Energy enhancement deals fundamentally with downloading higher frequency energy from higher chakras, and also from earth. It also activates psychic vision and teaches how to search & destroy blockages. You can clear your karmic timeline, you can cut draining astral cords and so on. It’s a higher form of energy work.

I want to talk a bit about angels here, since it’s not mentioned anywhere else.

There are two types of energy I’ve found. One is raw energy as power, which could be felt as heat, electrical life force or chi, or energy coming from higher or lower chakras – from heaven or earth.

The second type of energy are angels. Angels are more like little robot light beings who will do specific jobs. They plug into your aura as a permanent hardware.

The whole path of mantra, deals with absorbing angels of a specific quality. For example the mantra ‘ohm namah shivaya’ is my personal mantra. It absorbs love angels of the quality of lord shiva.

Now, what most people don’t know is, you can absorb a lot of angels from masters or gurus, or other kundalini people. If you watch their video, or listen to their voice, or read the text they write. I absorb angels this way.

There are three different types of angels I came across.

The most common angels are love angels. Most kundalini paths give you both raw energy and angels too.

A good example of guru’s who have this love angel quality are ricardo b serrano and chunyi lin.

The second type of angels I call ‘destroyer of darkness’ angels. They feel more blissful and carry the will of god to tear down heavy darkness.

Examples of guru’s with this quality of angel are J R R Tolkien, swami satchidanand, and swami satchidananda.

The third type of angels I’ve found are abundance angels. Bob Proctor, and his mentor Earl Nightingale emit these types of angels.

I’ve made playlists and mp3’s of these guys talks off youtube and I listen to them on an mp3 player.

I’ve found I can absorb massive quantities of angels from these different guru’s. The light angels fly into me in streams of light and automatically dig up darkness and dissolve it. This is the path of mantra, but I call it the path of angels.

You can also absorb bigger angels from doing certain types of light work, but it’s specific to energy enhancement.

12.Has awakening affected your work? If so, how?

Awakening has affected every aspect of my life. My heart has taken over control of my actions, my direction. My mind is losing control.

If god wants to trash me and ruin me, to take away everything I rely on, it happens. If god wants me to quit my job and fly half away around the world on a whim, I do it.

I’m unemployed and I’ll do whatever god wants me to do, if a job comes, I can’t say no. If one leaves, I’ll let it go. I’m submissive.

I want to be safe and stable. I want to be healthy. But beyond that I just want to keep healing and doing my soul work!

13.What do you think is happening with the large number of awakenings taking place today? Why do you think this is happening?

Good question. Also, big question. So I have a suitably big answer for you.

My depth of psychic awareness indicates that something very huge is happening right now in the world. I’m witnessing the entire global breakdown of what I call the satanic control structure.

I believe it’s god’s will that we are going to enter a golden age of light. That, the entire control structure from the top of the pyramid is crumbling. It’s all falling down.

Mark my words, it’s coming down… and… humanity will be forced to wake up… to the truth…

But who knows, maybe, just maybe that’s starting to change now.

14. Where do you feel that this all leads you, and all of us,to?

First, a global breakdown, probably wars and increased terror attacks as the darkness fights to maintain dominance.

But god is strong. And people are starting to wake up – like you said.

This is a spiritual battle of light and darkness, god and satan act through humans, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

People can be divided into two categories.

The ones who aren’t ready to evolve and are becoming darker.

The ones who are starting to wake up.

I’d describe waking up people as people with hearts who want to do good, who are starting to become more aware of the global situation.

They might be interested in energy work and some form of spirituality in future.

Kundalini people are way above the level of waking up. Their soul’s are looking to clear everything and ascend afterwards. It goes deeper than simply doing a bit of qigong or not wanting to hurt or eat animals (this is a good start though).

Now, let me tell you a bit about my past. It might help to clarify things. It might help to emphasize how important a kundalini awakening is.

I’ve had over 700 human lifetimes, and the usual lives in-between on the astral. I’ve engaged in every kind of evil. The kundalini has made me well aware of what’s happened.

I’ve also engaged in every type of suffering, which I caused to others previously.

And, turning to god is the last thing. After all that… we seek enlightenment.

To those interested in kundalini (for most aren’t), and enlightenment. You’re developed souls who have been through the predator/victim cycle many times, and finally looking for an end. Good luck to you!