In this interview, Cynthia answers a series of questions about her experience with kundalini. Hers, and a growing number of other interviews, are included on their own pages so that they remain on the front page of this blog.

1. What was your spiritual background prior to your awakening?

My Spiritual background before awakening was Christian. My family is Baptist. But I never claimed that.

It never suited me. It didn’t feel right.
2. Are you aware of having done anything to trigger your awakening?

I don’t recall doing anything to trigger my awakening.. My perception had started to changed right before my 30th birthday…

Turning thirty, I believe then that I was slowly waking up…Mystery dreams of this man..
I was shown things that I didn’t understand at the time..
3. What was your initial awakening experience like?
Crazy, scary,weird, super natural…All of that and more. I met a catalyst, who help wake me up.
I started questioning everything…Then the anger came, when I found out that everything was a lie..
Feeling their presence. Having past life dreams..I started researching on the internet.
Didn’t know what was going on at the time..
4. How has your awakening progressed?

I am fully awake. I know a lot more than I did at the start.

Also I know why I am here now. Very connected & tuned to Source. Myself. More patient,even though sometimes I still have those moments.
Trusting more in my intuitive abilities & the info that is received. Facing and dealing with issues. Instead of pushing them down and going on auto pilot
Living my truth.
What year did awakening come to you? I fully woke up, in 2014.
5. What do you feel kundalini awakening is in your experience?

A spiritual fire that burns all that doesn’t serves you away.

Your Spirit awakening/ remembering who you really are.The truth about everything. Down to your very essence, core.
6. Did you have challenges with the energy? And If so what did you do to help get through those periods of difficulty?
Or has it been easy…
It was never easy..It was very difficult at the time..Especially not having someone to talk to. Being an empath didn’t help..
Someone who is sensitive to energy. If you don’t protect your energy.
You are like an sponge, soaking it all in.. Which can be very draining.
Yes, the energy was very challenging…I would feel everything then nothing..Especially after each cleansing…
When I would be ready to release negative energy, I would feel like a drilling in the top of my head.
And this vortex of energy would come out. Afterward, I would feel currents going up & down my legs. At the time, I didn’t know what happening.
It was the kundalini energy….
And I remember feeling disconnected from my body.. I would pinch myself, just to feel something…Felt empty.
Meditation really helped to calm me. Positive affirmations, cleansing my energy several times a day. Staying positive, regardless my outer circumstances.
7. What do you think makes the experience easy or difficult?
Easier: staying present in the now..Staying grounded & balanced.
Harder: letting ego take over. Not listening to your guides/intuition. Being closed minded.
8. How has the experience impacted or changed your life?
It has made me a better person. Been taught & learned a lot about spiritual laws. Spiritually period.
To trust in myself. I’ve been able to heal and clear so much. My life totally derailed
When I first woke up. And has been a roller coaster ride ever since.
About a year ago, I got into a serious accident. I got hit by a car. While crossing the street.
After meeting my spiritual counterpart. Now four surgeries later…I am learning how to walk again.
I got laid off my job. Two days later, met my fiancee. We got engaged. Then my accident…
This accident happened to slow me down.Because I was not focused on my purpose, and everything & everyone else.
Now today, I am more patient & so grateful to still be here. The doctors, told me if I wasn’t healthy that I would have died.
I eat organic foods, drink alkaline water…By doing so, saved my life.
9. Were you a seeker before awakening came?
No, not really.. I’ve always been interested in the unknown. As I previously said that I was an empath. Also am a medium/ healer.
So I’ve always seen the spirit realm, spirits….As a child ,they would come to me for help.
10. Did you have a practice before awakening? Or after?
No. After..Before I just would pray & give thanks to ” God”..That is about it.
There wasn’t anything in particular, I did.
11. Did you employ, or do you employ now, traditional meditation practices, and if so, how have they been helpful to you?
No, I do not. I have my own way…And it is very simple.
12. Has awakening affected your work? If so, how?
I started to speak up about certain things. Not be fake to please corporate…It didn’t affect my job. But I started to see how it was all meaning less.
At the time, when I woke up. I was working as an office clerk for this temp. service. It was just a paycheck, and it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.
That was five years ago…I am doing what I love now. I am shaman. Into making natural products..Teas,tonics ..Also make crystal wire jewelry & paint, take photos, write etc..
13. What do you think that is happening with the large number of awakening today? Why do I think that is happening?
I personally , think that is to help mankind to shift energetically to higher existence. And to usher in better days for all.
14. Where do you feel that this all leads you, and all of us, to?
To having a better and more fulfilled existence. Maybe to advance so much spiritually.
That we do not have to reincarnate any more. If we don’t want to.
I am a lot more happier now.. Then in the past, when I was still questioning who am I. Why am I here…

~Cynthia L. Thompson

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