The light which enters my room speaks to me. It is a brilliant presence beyond presence, a majesty beyond all majesty. All things are known through me, it says just now. It tells me with a smile to put away my old childhood things; our beliefs in a man-god, the belief that it wants to be worshipped. It was you who misunderstood, I have only wished that you know this love, a great liberator, which is the essence of worship.

The light first came in an entirely inconsequential way. It came as a brilliant flash, with no presence or meaning or grand pronouncements. I was not ready then, merely an initiate, unaware of what was to come. I even thought someone was playing tricks on me, but no one was there turning my night into day. The one clue was how I held myself, my awareness…it was awareness without looking, a gaze of mind that was without direct focus and held just long enough for the light to flood in. It is this gaze which can be taught to anyone.

It would return endlessly, making of me a lover of its flame. By then, the light was deep within and turning out all the things that got in the way of its revelation in me. This, first heavy, grows light as it does it’s work.

It has come bidden, always, ready to reveal mystery after mystery and turning all to light. And as each layer is touched, deeper and deeper still, more of what no longer belongs. The revealer frees those imprisoned by its touch. Ray upon ray the light has done this and dares do more.

In turns it seemed to come from without, but it’s presence becomes my own. The riddle of it is it’s own mystery. A light that come bidden, a light that professes to be what I will be in the future of my time, a light whose waves I ride and read upon it anything that has ever been. Like a vast nervous system whose story is written in its own essence.

This light which comes hence is not the light of this world, but the light which is in all things. It does not come, but has always been, and waits for us all.