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A little handmade humor for your day, courtesy of WTI! 



Artist: Hüseyin Şahin


What is the merit of holding on?


Fists of your heart


clinging since before your birth


to what keeps the rush of the real


at bay.


Just listen to your words

listen to the secret language of your heart


feel it deep




the luscious words are there

like a bubbling spring


a creek

a brook

yearning for its ocean tide


as was ever-written


on this heart of mine

-on all of ours-



that it is time to just let go.



“It is such a lonely place!”

that false heart cries

your hands clenched tight


where do you think you will ever go?


the biggest lie you tell yourself

is never as big as this one

because it was born from the blindness

which will lead you to the blazing light

where nothing can be hidden anymore


Where is the merit in what has always been?

Where does the new get born in such a place as this?


Just let go…in everything….in all of it….because of it….for it… and be free.


You just gotta learn how to set yourself free.





by Kabir

English version by Andrew Harvey
(Originally Hindi)

The Lord is in me, and the Lord is in you,
As life is hidden in every seed.
So rubble your pride, my friend,
And look for Him within you.

When I sit in the heart of His world
A million suns blaze with light,
A burning blue sea spreads across the sky,
Life’s turmoil falls quiet,
All the stains of suffering wash away.

Listen to the unstruck bells and drums!
Love is here; plunge into its rapture!
Rains pour down without water;
Rivers are streams of light.

How could I ever express
How blessed I feel
To revel in such vast ecstasy
In my own body?

This is the music
Of soul and soul meeting.
Of the forgetting of all grief.
This is the music
That transcends all coming and going



Your bag is packed

it screams to be released

how long do you think your hands can continue to clutch

the lie that we all want to believe?

We let go

bliss slips around us

a delicious remembering

amidst a cloud of forgetting

the ancients dance in us

as the shame that we have shackled ourselves with

falls in splendid beauty


and awe.


We make others responsible

for what we  cannot bear

what has been ours

and whose roots dig deep within us

and masters us.

We lie to ourselves

and forget

taking the mirror

for reality

laying the guilt

on the shoulders of the innocent,

a dirty inculcation

into what is untrue.


We are that mirror

and we are all it shows us.


Who is brave enough to turn it ’round

to see it rightly

or finally?


Do you know who you are

behind the lies you tell,

the lies we all tell others

and ourselves,

the lies that we each believe?

There is such sorrow in these lies

we cannot help but tell ourselves

and others

as though we can slip one more day

through the keyhole crack

and continue wandering like thieves

free from persecution

for one more day…

free and shackled.


Losing your head,

your drive to think,

you feel

but how deeply can you feel–

can you fall deep within the truth

or do you make deals with it

to pretty it up

or bend it to your will

or do you bend to it

and let it take you

like a lover

who seeks to destroy

all you held dear

and all that ruined you

for lifetimes

so that you might find yourself wrecked

in a new and beautiful way?

Who is brave enough to take such a dare?


The great magic is upon you now

and your thoughts are lost

and your being is emergent.

Who is the you that you are?

Do you know?


Will you fall into forgetting

trusting that love will support you

and take you down

into nothing

so that you may be remade?

No one sees more clearly

when these veils are lifted from  within

because there is a deeper veiling…layer upon layer of it…

and the only veils

are those that we each have made.

Can you be the agent of your own undoing?

From 2010….


Shame on you
you dry canals
you fearers of truth
you forbid the very essence of divinity
whilst in the same sentence condemned
and hid
the truth
of our greater being.

Some books
Long since the Master
had come and gone.
Who made you the expert on the divine cosmic
you whose waters were imaginary
entirely fabricated
and guessed?
fearsome of the wholesome truth of your being
you stripped a promising tradition
of its true power
and sent the Master’s words into oblivion.

You hid half the divine under a bushel
but she is emerging
It is time.
Your high morality
showed at least
that belief
has its own power
we must be careful of the gods and beliefs we choose
they reinforce each other.

The tide is  turning.
Time to move with the tides.
Your centuries of hate and killing is enough.
Your power was entwined with blindness
your hands bloodied.
It is time to step aside
catch your breath
and consider there is another way.
Let the master in each step forward-
heresy is now the sacred.


The light which enters my room speaks to me. It is a brilliant presence beyond presence, a majesty beyond all majesty. All things are known through me, it says just now. It tells me with a smile to put away my old childhood things; our beliefs in a man-god, the belief that it wants to be worshipped. It was you who misunderstood, I have only wished that you know this love, a great liberator, which is the essence of worship.

The light first came in an entirely inconsequential way. It came as a brilliant flash, with no presence or meaning or grand pronouncements. I was not ready then, merely an initiate, unaware of what was to come. I even thought someone was playing tricks on me, but no one was there turning my night into day. The one clue was how I held myself, my awareness…it was awareness without looking, a gaze of mind that was without direct focus and held just long enough for the light to flood in. It is this gaze which can be taught to anyone.

It would return endlessly, making of me a lover of its flame. By then, the light was deep within and turning out all the things that got in the way of its revelation in me. This, first heavy, grows light as it does it’s work.

It has come bidden, always, ready to reveal mystery after mystery and turning all to light. And as each layer is touched, deeper and deeper still, more of what no longer belongs. The revealer frees those imprisoned by its touch. Ray upon ray the light has done this and dares do more.

In turns it seemed to come from without, but it’s presence becomes my own. The riddle of it is it’s own mystery. A light that come bidden, a light that professes to be what I will be in the future of my time, a light whose waves I ride and read upon it anything that has ever been. Like a vast nervous system whose story is written in its own essence.

This light which comes hence is not the light of this world, but the light which is in all things. It does not come, but has always been, and waits for us all.

A goodie….from 2010 re-published here from my sister site Divine Alignment on blogger…

As I align to HIM
I feel you
more present
The truth of this
shimmers in the moment
as I round corners
seeking it
every breath a reunion
as every pulse of its being
mirrors the multiverse
as awash we are
in locks and keys
each particle of our being
unleashing an infinite possibility
as the secret
the alchemy
is worked
and energy is released
and one more great lesson is experienced
in the moment
as the compass of certainty
turns us round the inevitability
of our becoming
and the certainty
becomes its own end
without an end.

I shall hold you
in this purposeful embrace
as secrets move
between us
as lips
but hearts wide open
speak of an unbelievable truth
felt as bliss
known as the love we have inside
love is all there is
after all
as end meets end
and the dawn of beginnings
like the sun
scattering stars
in the lost night of soul

To know the Source forget about beginnings and endings, cause and effect.  In a world where time is but a spiral winding of a snake upon its tail, what you think you know as relevant is but appearances.  To know the Source requires you to drop all fairy tales for now about what you think you know. What is resides within you like a luscious secret, like a giant underground container of fuel ready to explode into awareness.  Forget what you know; the world is full of many errors.  To know this sublime truth, this unspeakable truth, requires a silence and quiet within.  Only this, the god beyond the god, the existence beyond all existence, can you begin to feel and know it. For even god does not know how it all began.  How could you?

Its pure force is an unbridled love hard to handle at first.  Come, unbridle yourself.  Come to know yourself in this new light.  We are each illuminated by it.  It is also us just as we are it.

Instead of a linearity of phenomenon, all things crowd into awareness at once.  It is this awareness which we call awakening or enlightenment.  It is a very simple burst of being that we most often have trouble holding onto for long periods.  You can learn to grow into it.  It is your nature.  Bid it.  But be ready to follow it or else fear will grab you and ruin your experience.  This energy is so strong it enlivens everything that is in you.  Even fear.  And joy.  And sorrow.  And paranoia.  All of it, enlivened in the same way that rain falls upon the just and unjust alike.  This energy is the pulse, the blood of the All.

To come to it, you come to yourself.  That is all.

The end.

No teacher can provide you with what is not already within you.  No one confers anything that you already are.  The great illusion of teachers and authorities is that they hold something that you, yourself, do not already have.  We fool ourselves into thinking this is so through our belief, that we must “get” something from another when all along, it is within us.  By no longer seeking to allow another to be the harbinger of that, we actually free ourselves in a way that goes beyond all the old paradigms that place each of us at a disadvantage, however small or seemingly inconsequential.  Doing so leads to authentic personal power.  This is something so incredible, no one can ever take it from you, for you never entered into any kind of agreement that sought to share that power, or borrow it, or rent or loan it in any way.  Some want to call this the warrior path because of how it is so clear, how it takes what is its own, but it is not that.  This is the human path.  It is the greatest truth never told.  To find it, you must search for it yourself.  Not just search, but find, then hold and embody it.  You do not look beyond yourself for the glory that is your own being.  There is nothing quite like it in anyone on this earth.  I ask you; why cheapen it by leaping over the fence in your own backyard in favor of the grass next door.  Yet we do this constantly.  You don’t have to, not anymore.  What you win from doing this is immeasurable.  And it is yours.

When you get this, you free yourself to see clearly how what is within is without.  The world is a mirror of you, for you.  You need only look.  You need only bear awareness in the moment and really see the world that turns in your day-to-day.  What do you see?  Now as you see, feel into what you see, seek its innards, its soul, its heart.  Seek the world from its insides and what you find there is you.  It isn’t that there isn’t anything there but  you, but that this universe is just that miraculous a thing that energy attracts its own.  Don’t like it?  Be the change you wish to see and I promise, it will indeed be. Don’t worry about what anyone else says, for moving out of the prison of your own feeling is but a breath away.  What is it that is in us that needs the crutch of others?  We do not believe in ourselves.  We do not honor and love and even cherish ourselves enough in order to see it, or find it.  But it is there.  Always.

Not long ago there was a movie about this very issue.  I have not seen it, but I know others who have. I know enough about it to know that it is a story about an ordinary man who was a maker of documentary movies who dressed up like a guru and people flocked to him, believed in his made-up stories.  He transmitted a blue light to them as a kind of blessing and the people saw the blue light.  He told them that the guru was within, all the while his students would ask him, “Yes, but what do you think?” This is the story of Vikram Gandhi.  This is perhaps the hardest of lessons for us to learn.  It is so engrained in us, to wake up from it is what we each will resist, many of us, until the moment happens.  And then it happens again, and again, until we have shed that which keeps us separated from that one great light that exists within ourselves.  Knowing it leads to imperishabillity.


Days are spent working on this book, digging first into its introduction, itself a small job….then to the beginning and to the structure.  With the work on the book moving along, its so easy to add material at this stage with great ease.  So naturally it leads me to ponder…..what do you ponder? What are YOUR questions?

What are your questions and ponderings about awakening?

Is there anything that does not make sense to you, or that you wonder about?

If there was something you most wanted to see in print about this subject, what would it be?

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