I woke up two days ago with a whole book running through me. It is a book about union.  After getting the bulk of it in that early morning rising, I was able to see that this project may well move concurrently with some blocks I am working on releasing right now.  About three weeks ago, perhaps longer, there was this release deep within the root that I had been circling for years.  As it has lifted, one side channel within one center, I tend to expect other things to give or lift into awareness.

The deepest part of this project involves union at our deepest levels, and in order to do this properly, if I am to write less from the head and from the whole of me, then I have to get to work living this.  This is how these things tend to go.  A project like this is a kind of slight of hand where something in my higher self is conspiring to lead me into places even I do not fully know how to do for whatever my limitations impose on me.  But in the process, it is worked out.  Like magic, we undo ourselves.  How did I accomplish that?  Something bigger is in the wings.

The book is about each center, the major centers for energy called wheels or discs in Sanskrit, meaning chakra.  But for me, they are each wombs for the creative fire to be lit.  Each one resonates at a different frequency.  each has both masculine and feminine capacities and currents moving through them.  One is pierces from below while it in turn pierces the next, if you follow a straight-line progression (which this type of thing is not always so—nor necessary that it even be so!). But still it is a nice image.

It is a book on Tantric practice from someone who has not studied Tantra one whit….or much at all.  But I am audacious enough to state that I know it…..that we all know it to varying degrees.  This is important because Tantra as a practice is based on an overarching energy that is what we are.  When we work with it by refining our energies of creative potential, it is what Tantra is even if we do not call it that.  The good thing is that this can be known directly in your own experience.  Most who awaken speak of being initiated into Tantric practice even if they never knew what the fine points of it are in the Tibetan tradition.  My efforts are not in seeking to emulate any system, but to create imagery that Westerners may be able to relate to.

We will see how it goes!  With Waking The Infinite, as a manuscript all but done (save for some editing work), the creative juices are continually moving.  This effort, though, I think will be much shorter and to the point than WTI has been.  It begins with solitary work, which is, I feel, the very core of all authentic practice and which is necessary in order to “get it right” and then moves into an understanding of the vessels, their liberation from past patterns to how each works with the other in a process of both sublimation, liberation, and union.  Liberation and union may seem at first to be at cross purposes, but it is I feel what lies before us.  Might seem dual, but then so do Shakti and Shiva seem dual (but they aren’t).