Hampi Pano in India. Used with permission.

Hampi Pano in India. Used with permission.

We travel for adventure, seeking far flung locals in search of the exotic.  The teacher, the guru, the mystic, the seer, the shaman, the saint.  We seek miracles.  We seek wonder,  And awe. We look for something outside of ourselves that is in truth within.  We can spend years in such a pursuit, and even when we know the truth, the impulse for trying to “find it” can come on strong.  At its best, we search outwardly to find what we know is inside.  At its worst, we don’t know it is within and move from teacher to teacher, from holy land to holy land, from technique to technique, or guru and teacher to another….

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Udaipur, India

We can seek for years.  Lifetimes.  Each new discovery, each new exotic location offering up a short but intense burst of discovery…..but each time each location pales  as the truth shines like a diamond in the rough.  Nothing else can quite touch or match it.  Looking outward is all we have known, but this diamond, so exquisite, so forgotten, so missed, is within you.  And it is beautiful.  Beyond all measure.  Beyond all accounting. Without knowing this, you will go from place to place, experience to experience until you grasp the key that unlocks you, that opens you to the grasp of the universe, the embrace of the divine within you.  In being touched by that you can now be touched by everything, for the thing that is in you that makes it possible to touch the All is now alive and active in you.  the diamond now shines and projects the lives of everything else into you in brilliant fashion.  You do not go outside yourself to find it.  It has always been within you.  With you.  A channel.  A yoni.  A place where the universe reaches you, touches you, nourishes and enlivens you.  And because you are a child of this universe, its very dna and life moves all through you.  You are at once the child and the parent, the planet and the galaxy.  You are the ancestor and the inheritor to the ancestor.  You are the lock and you are the key.  Looking outside yourself for the lock and key merely hides the pathway for a while.

No matter where you go, remember that the wonder that you seek, the excitement and knowing has been and shall always reside within you…..for all that is touches you, presses its eager lips upon your soul and breathes its passionate knowing into you if you will but silence the rabble and noise within you.  It will take you and in taking you show you the way that you are, that each being is beneath all the things that matter so little.  Like anger and hurt and pain and jealousy and greed and all the rest.  When the light of this diamond strikes your eye you will never be the same.  When we look outside ourselves, it is so often because we are somehow bored or uninterested in the truth of what it is we are.  In some cases, it is to set aside the necessary work within to make it a more enjoyable temple of joy.  In others, it is to ignore what is most basic and true.  There is no rush, though.  We have infinities of time.  Each life is this way and we have spent thousands of them in just such a way.  Until we grasp the key and fumble for the lock.  Once you have felt what this does to you, to be opened in this way by your divine parents, you can never go back to being any other way.

So seek; for in seeking and traveling you will realize what it is that was in you to know already. Seek teachers if you must, for the good ones will merely remind you of what you needed to remember from a life lost but that is now returning.  Seek exotic things even,  but nothing is more exotic than the very breath that you draw and the current that trails through you as each single particle is nourished and cherished and given the memory of what you are and shall become.  It may be, too, that the thing that you think is exotic is in fact what you are missing that is inside of you.  So maybe a smell on the streets in Delhi, or a wisp of smoke from an incense burner in Nepal, or even the steam rising from red hot stones of an Inipi ceremony out in the sticks of South Dakota….

These are not “flowery” words.  These words are born boldly of flowers in their fullest bloom whose truth lies in blooming and shall ever be about blooming, becoming, opening to the truth as dark is scattered by the eternal urge to forget the past and open.  To transform.  Maybe you thought that coming to the divine was difficult or complicated.  It is as simple a thing as you could imagine….perhaps too simple for most minds.  So we seek outwardly not believing that such simple things could be laid at our feet, that the divine would love us so much to make all the rules so utterly simple. Maybe it does not feel like a true spiritual journey without having to leave ones safe haven to know what is within that can be.  Each bloom upon the planet can surely awaken to the warmth that is just now beaming upon all.  And surely we each will have to struggle with the shock of the New which is in truth Ancient, but any struggle is our own and not because of the light that showers upon us.  It is we who have forgotten in our slumber.  But we are remembering.  As we bloom.  As we open.  You will remember…