Residing within you is a divine template.  It exists all through you and will reach all the way down into each and every atom of your body.  This template exists within everything and is the very thing that causes things to be, to become, to manifest.  That might sound like magic to you, and you would be right.  It is very magical, and even moreso when you can feel it living and moving within you.  When you can begin to listen to it so that it has an affect on you you realize that it wasn’t that it was never there, but that our own sensory systems have been so completely overwhelmed by the barrage of trauma-based energy that it has literally deafened us to these finer strains of knowing and sensing.

This is what is behind why people who awaken often (although not always) go through a stage where they can’t watch commercial television or radio.  We just don’t realize just how drenched we all are in it.  And it washes away our finer sensing. Of this template within.  When you can hear or feel it, it can begin to guide….


More later….it is now off to work.