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No matter what happens today, you are a living biological miracle with trillions of individual cells that call your body home and who all show all evidence of having and enjoying their own lives. Your consciousness, itself a miracle, exists beyond the biological miracle that is your body and can travel through time and space when your body is no longer living.

You are hurtling through space on a ball of rock with a molten core at speeds of over 43,000 miles per hour just to make its orbital revolution each solar year. But consider also that this sun that we see in our sky is itself also spinning through space in its own orbit around the Milky Way galaxy at a speed of over 480,000 miles per hour as we complete one galactic year (which is 225 million years – we have been around this sun 22 times since the earth was formed if our information is correct).  Its an amazing world in each and every scale… when things get you down, just think about a few of these things and wonder….

How awesome is that?

Blessings for your day earthlings….



26c022755ef9b108caaf6e3f4d28f7b5All it takes is a subtle shift to change how you see everything.  Einstein explained that he didn’t understand physics because of how some scientists chose to see or describe what it was they were seeing.  I think this happens a lot with people who are linear in their thinking, and who are unable to see bigger pictures. For the big picture people, the descriptions can leave us  holographic thinkers caught in lack.  But just one radical shift, like how we thought the universe revolved around the earth and later found that it was actually very different.  Each time we do this, it represents a huge shift in awareness and cognition for the race.  For all of us.

What happens when what you see in the world is suddenly very different from what the most brilliant minds have been saying…..even as you know something is amiss in a pretty big way and that things are far more poetic, beautiful, and built on patterns more like sacred geometry than anything else?  What, the universe is superstitious?  No. It is just different from what we were thinking.  And that is just it; it is that the theories we come up with are not completely mirrors of mere phenomenon.  They also wind up being mirrors of….well…US.  Sometimes it is about who we are and how we think and the biases that we have that shape our thinking….all without our believing it is even possible. Plato said something quite prescient that keep coming up and bears repeating here:

Those that are able to see
beyond the shadows and lies
of their culture will never be
understood let alone believed
by the masses.

That is something to think about as we teeter on an age so full of possibility revelation, and possible change. Peace ~Parker

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