Long before all belief formed its nucleus in this world, before any religions was known or formed, or followed, the Source of all Life took to itself its own religion.  This religion was so powerful, the light that is cast revealed all that was brave enough to step into its light and made great shadows out of that which feared its great radiance.  There were no steps, no prayers, incantations or books full of wisdom written to illuminate this religion.  So great was this religion that it spawned all later efforts to grasp it.  Men and women alike all believed that their observations accumulated over time, granted them the authority to make these into religions seeking to give voice to that which had never been spoken.

This religion was something that was without limit and was the essence of the infinite which wrapped the whole of everything of it in its great heart. It had no words, this religion, and so it was never limited, never wrapped or bound by any sense of contradiction.  This great religion was banned by the great stamp of ignorance on earth, and efforts have been made ever since to limit it, to define it, and in so doing, it has been like holding a corpse.  The moment we grasp the wind, we have lost it.  This was how this religion was.  It was great, profound, wonderful and available to all.  There were not translation necessary, no books to read nor rules to live by for the brilliance of it was enough.

The force that drove this one original religion was spoken of in many forms in the world.  Many would identify it and would find many versions of it, but there was a parent to all these versions, a vine with its own origin within the infinite heart of the divine.  This root was great, and its name was love.

This love was the original love, a force, not a feeling alone.  It was not a thing anyone felt FOR someone but that inhabited them.  So great was this love that the souls of those who could hold it in their awareness would be carried by this force and see into the infinite.  The power of this love was just this great, powerful, for it swept every aspect, every speck of a person and would clear it of all the dust which had settled within it.  It scattered shadow when souls were brave enough to stand before it, naked, hiding nothing, allowing nothing to stand in the way.  It would be then that all souls would be resolved into pure light and enter a place which is indescribable, born out of grace.  By entering into it in this way, one would enter into a new life with all love in the world the children of this one great love.

Beyond all of this is a realm of heaven, but this beyond is that which lies within us.  it seems so far only because we have travelled so far from that which made us, which yearns for our return, and which shall dance like children before the Holy of Holies…..a temple that lies in every soul.