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There has been and continues to be a significant amount of deceit and obfuscation in the arena of all things ET on the part of the government. It is amazingly easy to fool people to make them think that people who are working against their best interest and the interest of truth are for them. It is an exploit of a time-tested impulse that all humans have which is their natural desire to trust authority.

If you want to get to the bottom of the ET issue you will need to lay aside what you have been told by the news and the government and pay close attention to personal cases (your own are best or those of trusted friends). Learn to communicate with races who use telepathy as their go-to method for communicating between races. You can do this now. You can learn the CE5 protocols to begin initiating ET contact today. This is the single most powerful “weapon” for truth that can overturn what may well turn into the great deception getting ready to be sold to the world today – ET’s against whom we must protect ourselves. Bear in mind that the narrative has not gotten to the point of ET’s being a threat. Right now there are murmurings. This document is as much historical record as it is to show how the narrative will be rolled out (predictively so). Check back in a couple of years and let’s see where we are by then.

Steven Greer has been a lightening rod in the space of disclosure. There are those within the community of researchers and advocates for disclosure who don’t like the man. I have seen a tireless advocate for the subject who does not back down from a fight, and who has remained consistent for years. It’s very easy to spin stories in this world, there is so little requirement for proof. Greer seeks to provide this and his record has been very good. I, however, always have an edge of skepticism when it comes to ANYONE in the ET arena, but it takes the shape of me taking in vast reams of data and never buying into any of it 100%. Only what I can confirm is what gets slowly moved into the trusted column. Nothing is sacred, and no one is above being something that they do not appear to be. It’s not a fun place to be but there is a lot riding on the subject. Trillions, in fact. It is of utmost importance that everyone see this documentary.


05709-sun_and_earthI recently saw this documentary entitled Sirius by Steven Greer.  I know how it is when it comes to the E.T. question; we have all been conditioned to view it all as either silly to consider, or worse, that if you think it has any validity, you are just…..nuts.  The voices that have come out of our military and black ops recently (Corso with his book The Day After Roswell which is about how he was tasked with filtering alien tech into mainstream industries), are showing us another side of what took place half a century ago.  Slowly, things are changing.  And for myself, as a child, my sister and I once saw something in our night sky that was NOTHING like any known conventional craft.  In fact, so strange was what we saw, that there was no doubt that it was not from here.  Over a thirty minute period we watched as two large brilliant star-like objects (brighter than the moon–you could read a newspaper by the light) appeared over our nearest ridge and…..joined….before shooting off over our house and blazing speed.  They were about the size of a dime in size from a distance of just under half a mile from us. That was in the Fall of 1977.  Later, on Halloween night of all things, I watched as an object moved over our mountain hollow so close I could make out its contours against the night sky (there was a moon out).  It had brilliant lights that rimmed it’s bell-like shape and included, red, yellow, green, and blues.  It moved slowly and was perhaps no more than half a mile up, if that.  These experiences showed me that either we had VERY unusual technology or this was something not from this earth….or dimension.

The documentary was pretty well done, I thought.  for a man who has had his staff come down with cancer all at the same time (including Greer), it is obvious that he sends the message that he is protected in public….which is itself a sad eventuality, and yet, he is one of the few voices that is keeping at this.  And why?  Well, it is simple; he is an idealist.  He knows in his bones that the technology that he says he knows our government is in possession of could change our world for the better. It also would collapse our fossil fuels industry.  This would, by every measure, be a long-term good for us as a species.  It does, however, mean the end of a very powerful industry with a lot of resources behind it.

So if you get a chance, check this out. It is on Amazon Prime, and might be on others. This is the web site for Greer:

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