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This past week was the culmination of a years-old effort in developing a new product in my glass business, one that has triumphed even in the face of less than great economic conditions.

I have a product that just got finalized, finished, made, created.  It was collaborative, and it took some interesting twists and turns.


……And its really cool. 


So cool, in fact, that I am pondering a run for building the necessary economic support to get the product brought to market.  It has already begun to spark considerable buzz on my social media. The thing is, it wont be cheap, and I don’t have the funds to get it going.  How to get the necessary startup funds for this great creation?

I am considering crowd funding.

And this is where I am asking you, my readers, about recruiting you as a resource for spreading the word about this really amazing little creation of mine. When you stand in the room with it like I did last night, it just BEGS to be made, to be brought into our world.

If you don’t have any experience with crowd funding, it is one of the great ways that small businesses like mine are able to generate funds to do everything from producing albums, creating concert venues, new artworks for studio artists, and buying new freezers for restaurants, or helping build support for the next new big idea.  Crowd funding has become an amazing resource for the little guy and gals who have big dreams!

I have a post about this product that is already generating a lot of buzz on my other blog, my sister blog, you could say, at Stafford Art Glass on WordPress. This is where I write about glass, art, creativity, teaching, and the spiritual crossroads of each of these.  For those of you who have been following my musings here, you might know that for many years I was a full time glassblower, before I had an awakening that re-framed my life in 2006-7.  After an accident to my shoulder some years ago stopped me dead in my tracks for a full year and a divorce that followed the next year, my resources for the studio were reduced to an on-again off-again affair.  It has been challenging to keep the studio running without the proper re-startup capital I had when I first started my glass biz in 1997!  The post I have currently is about this new product and how it came to be.

I am looking for supporters, for people who can spread the word about the project and to post updates on your social media, your twitter, your facebook and with your friends in your hard-copy life!  I so want to breathe life into this creation, but I need your help!  These efforts work best when the people running the campaigns are able to get a wide enough distribution of sharing and posting about their efforts.  All of this is achieved with….well….a CROWD!

To find out about the creation I am talking about, check it out HERE and then feel free to contact me through my facebook business page HERE or even my personal page on facebook.  I am on Twitter at StaffordArtGlas@ You can also email me at info (at) staffordart glass (dot) com.  The added benefit to this program is that it will also open the studio during a time of year when many locals come to blow glass ornaments, something that many people  look forward to this time of year.

And if for any reason the link didn’t work for you here it is in its glory:

All My Thanks! ~Parker


Years before Snowden made his public release of NSA documents and seemingly made the big reveal to the public at large, the fact that the intelligence agencies within the United States Government were operating in questionable ways concerning our right to privacy is nothing new….for those who choose to remain on top of the issue. During the last presidential campaign I wrote the following blog entry about assaults to our privacy on the net, years before we ever knew who Edward Snowden was. There is a blog entry that has been making the rounds calling for a “reset” to the net. Well, yeah. This is what I wrote of the issues facing us about the size and potential scope of our loss of privacy on the net in my blog entry on my glass blog entitled “Designing Control.” Give it a read to get up to speed on the history of this monster born in the bowels of 9/11.

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