St Teresa of Avilla was a carmelite nun living in Spain who became known for her writing on her experiences with religious ecstasy. It is interesting that she described the rising of the divine force in her body through seven crystaline rooms.  These rooms led to a central room where full union with the divine took on the ultimate in her experience.  She wrote about her experiences so that there is a goof first-hand account of what she went through.  What is so remarkable is how each of these rooms corresponds to perfectly with the character of the chakra system of the Hindus, a system that I have found to be very much on the mark as a way of describing how the energy feels in each of these main vortices of energy.  Teresa was adamant about how union with divine occurred; it was only through the self that one could know the divine.  It was not something that took place outside of ones own capacity to feel and known inwardly. It rose up within the most intimate of places within you, something that did not come from outside and impinged on your awareness but a doorway in the most sacred and secret of places within.  I did not come to her work early on in awakening, but only after someone mentioned her as having had an awakening.

When I awoke, I did not know what was happening to me.  I had read Gopi Krishna’s book on kundalini when I was a teenager and truth be told, I don’t know how one can really describe the experience in any other way than the one that goes over your head. At least it did for me.  Even though I knew a lot about a good many things related to alternate states of consciousness, THIS was a horse of a different color.  Over a year into my awakening, I began to experience an acceleration of the force within me that made life very difficult for me.  I had experienced what I now call an “energetic reset” in my feeling centers of energy by a healer who was also kundalini awakened.  This reset resulted in my suddenly feeling all of the junk in my field acutely and with horrific pain.  I went through this period of suffering for about another year until I discovered the ways that helped to lessen this pain.  The term many use for this pain is “painbody” and it came about as a result of my becoming more sensitive to etheric tension and pain that had been present in my field, a pain that was so constant that I had simply tuned it all out.  It was during this period of increasing awareness and pain that I began to have a series of beings all visit me and teach me things about how I most needed to be.  This was possible through what I knew was a much more active sense in my third eye and also clairaudience, the capacity to hear voices in the ether.  Slowly, bit by bit, I began to assemble a toolkit for dealing with a backlog of psychic material that was now bearing down on me.

Through all of this one of the most unexpected connections to the life of a Christian saint, Teresa, happened when a seraphim entered my room and pulled something out of my body.  I have written about this before here so I will save you.  My then-wife scolded me when I told her about the experience.  I explained that when I went on the internet to look up the name the angel told me, I found him counted amongst the seraphim, and his extremely tall stature in my room was consistent with the descriptions of him in ancient texts.  For her, I was just off in some la-la land.  But what had happened in those early predawn hours was a pivotal event that moved me through the process of awakening in ways I could not have predicted.  Some nine months later, I stumbled across a book that Teresa had written when someone explained how she was obviously describing an experience with kundalini.  I read through the book, Entering The Castle,  and I discovered an encounter that she had had with an angel that was so similar to my own experience that I sat gape-mouthed as she described it.  She explained how an angel had pulled her insides out of her body and that her entire being was suddenly on fire with a great love of God.

In the wake of this experience, I thought that this process of loosening or removal of etheric material from the light body must represent a kind of spiritual surgery that is possible to do, and that we may all have some degree of this material in our own bodies.  For me, this felt like something alive, organic, but also was something that had somehow rested in me far too long and needed to be removed. For as realistic as all of this felt as it happened, I knew that it was what we feel in the etheric or astral realm….which I feel is one step away from the physical yet overlaps so that the physical body actually registers the experience as very nearly real or native to its own senses.

I am reminded, too, of how some types of shaman will utilize a technique they call “sucking” which is a physical indicator of drawing away etheric or spiritual energy from the body of the diseased individual.  In his book Rolling Thunder, Doug Boyd describes a healing ceremony that the shaman Rolling Thunder performs wherein he sucks the sickness out of a mans body.  He then releases this energy through the act of vomiting.  The drama of the moment no doubt has a positive effect in sealing the deal for the patient who sees all of this happening as it helps to cement that something very real is happening and being accomplished.  I have observed that pain in the etheric body can feel like pain in the physical body, especially upon awakening.  How many times do we go to the doctor complaining of a malady that they are unable to find a source for?  Is it that some of our lack of ease (disease) lies first in the nonphysical, and if it is allowed to rest there long enough, can move into a manifestation of a very real physical malady?  Certainly I have seen how one feels has a very big effect on physical chemistry.  Dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline, all have turned on a dime in my own body as I have observed a moment by moment interaction between thinking feeling and physical being.  I know that the idea of “psychic surgery” is looked askance by many in the mainstream, but I wonder if it is a way for people to divest of difficult material within that could result in problems later if it hangs around long past its expiration date?