I wanted to thank you all for your interest in this blog.  I have unfortunately been incredibly busy these last several weeks and my work has edged out the luxury time of sitting and considering and sharing those things with you.  If anything, my life shows me that long standing blocks can be removed in a wink, clearings that can help to accelerate thinking and move us to a new level of embodiment.  The more we let go, the more there is remaining.  Isn’t that kind of funny?  This reality often escapes us when we remain steeped in the thought that we are somehow limited.  We are beyond conception.  And yet, as we lean into the limitless ocean of our inner being, great surprises await us.  Beautiful and juicy ones.

With a recent clearing of some long standing material that caused me a good deal of etheric pain for some time, the shift and removal of these blocks has brought me back more deeply to myself.  It has taken a few years to reach this circle end, this ending that is itself a beginning, and I am so thankful for it.  I have gone from  feeling stuck to flowing more, advancing step by step into this broad ocean of being.  And it is most certainly there.

Part of this change has brought me to a place where I am working like never before.  My hands, the tools that make it possible for me to do my work are now back into the shape they were in when I was doing production glass work seven years ago, just before an accident put me out of commission and precipitated a big shift in my life that left me having to look hard at my motivations, my feelings and all that remained to simply let go of.   An old familiar feeling now moves in them in a way that you simply have to feel to know. Its back and some remarkable things have been taking place.

Going deep, I feel into the soul of life and the world.  Certainly it is on my own terms, but if you look at it all honestly, some sparkling realities rise to the surface….such as karma being the result of our turning away from our own essential selves and thus fueling a sense that we are somehow alone in this world, that we have been forsaken somehow. Yet all of this is what the Hindu call Maya.  In a sense it is true, but in another it is merely what we choose to create.  The “work” in all of this is itself always a letting go, a surrender even of cherished notions.  No, the world is simply not a place where God has somehow forgotten us.  It is rather that we have forgotten ourselves. Waking up to what we are in a fuller context is where the fruit of spirit hangs waiting for us to pluck it…sweet and juicy.  When we can unlock the mystery of karma and see it for what it is, it becomes a precious gift.  We can now choose differently because we ARE different.  When you can balance looking outward with looking outward through the inside, you too can begin to perceive the world as a vastly different place then what it was before.  If we can “get” that it is we who have turned away instead of some deity turning away from us and forsaking us, a new world emerges. The living Presence of the All lives inside each and every atom.  It is in you.  It looks out through each eye  and know a myriad world infinite in scope.  Quietly, waiting perhaps, it is ready for the day when you move closer to it.Without the coarsening thinking that so often plagues us, we can no be free to see things differently.


Thank you for your interest in the blog.  I hope to add a fresh batch of material when I can.  Until then,

I think my bed is calling me.  Until then, I wish you all the best.  Thank you for all you do and consider….