Can we go beyond the love that we know

to reach a father shore?

Can we know that which has been hidden

all our lives?

Our lives are bound by certainties

but the greatest discovery lies in a question

a journey into the ineffable

where words cease

and a new life begins.

Love is a force

not for a thing

and when felt this way

unwinds everything you thought you knew.

Ruined, your notions of the past

lie resting on this foreign shore




But quietly a new life begins

new life emerges

and a new story is writ.

Love as a force not for anyone or anything

it undoes every agenda

for this or that

for it is for the great All of everything….

Not a thing

a force

felt flashing and living madly within me

undoing me despite my efforts to claim otherwise.

Love as a force is not to be played with

but known

like wind

that cannot be captured.

What madness is there in those who love such things?

And who knows?

Perhaps this is just the love that Gods have

that leaks out from their presence around us

and we feel it as a force…..

in such places as this anything is possible.

Welcome to the furthest shore…