Every moment blooms with implications, mirrors, meanings often escaping notice.  But if you scratch beneath the surface, you will see that each moment is not accidental, but magnetized to all that you are.  Just look.  Watch.  Inquire with your mind, intending to know and then wait.  Those with the greatest alignment will start talking.  They will start coming out of the woodwork with their stories.  These stories have much to tell you about where you are, the commonality of experience and how in miraculous ways the world coheres to where you are.  And it is in this way that everything is a lesson.  You just need to look behind the obvious, rational.

We say a lot about mirrors and the law of attraction.  But its not well understood.  Anais Nin once said that we do not see the world as it is, but as we are.  We see in others not what they are, but what we project into them, bringing all manner of assumptions that are less about them and all about us. This is more about how we feel about them, or are reacting to them.  It is a pretty crazy way to go about knowing ourselves, don’t you think? But we as humans do it all the time. In my life I have seen this happen so many times it has become business as usual—and knowing that this is so affords you an opportunity based on your awareness that you have that this is the way things are.  But knowing that this is so, ask yourself what each moment is telling you, what each encounter is bringing up.  You are telling it to yourself, so you might as well delve into it and see what it has to teach you.

The other side of this is also how you react or respond to things that often push your buttons.  A “hot button” is actually an opportunity to clear something up in yourself at a time when you think it is someone else who is pushing your buttons.  Truth is, no one pushes our buttons; we simply choose to respond a certain way.  By stepping back in the moment a little, by bringing the watchful part of ourselves into our lives, it is possible to begin to see just what is going on instead of merely reacting.  An event that yesterday may have been hard for you could go from being a tragedy to being seen as a remedy.  So which is better, a tragedy or a remedy?  You can begin to see these challenges as allies in your life, very real opportunities for change and growth….change for the better…because once released, or healed, that issue becomes less and less of a problem for you.  You have less strife, hurt, anger, or frustration in your life.  People can be seen as being just who they are doing their own thing and you choosing the bounce off of what they do either with a positive or negative spin.

I know this all may sound Pollyanna to you, but I can assure you that this is an authentic way to start with real change in your life. And the healing part?  That comes with a willingness to delve into whatever your hot button issue is and look at it in ways you had not done so before.  What is at the root of your issues?  Where do they come from?  Do you know the genesis?  Most often, they are rooted in some unfinished business….maybe a parent or family member or friend hurt you when you were young and you have forever been reactive to anyone who behaves in a way that brings up that old memory.  But look at what is happening here; something has not really been resolved, has it?  Why not resolve it and see what happens?  Often it is a feeling like we have not been heard, or that our grievance has not been fully heard or understood.

In a case where your grievance goes over the heads and hearts of those who may have been involved, then the next step is a harder type of work called acceptance.  This acceptance is not blind acceptance, but an understanding that the other simply does not get it, and may not even be designed to ever get it.  And there is the rub.

Does the world really have to “get” you? How about you getting you and becoming content with that?  This person in this case may never see the light the way you do…so you have to choose to accept this glitch in them and in so doing, you do something in yourself you may not have done before, which has to do with a greater love that flows in the moment that you are able to let yourself feel in this way….which is always more expansive.  You see, the benefit is your own.  Working in this way (and others) you can learn how to heal and move on.  The “work” in all of this is by way of grace.  This is not something you work through…but that you accept.  By doing this, your brain learns how to think differently, to be different.  When you have done this a few times, it has a way of catching on for other issues in your life.  It can lead to what you will find will be small and big victories in finding greater peace and understanding in your life.

Opening to the feeling self, you can begin to feel the energy all around you.  And this energy is your life.  If you do not like what you see or feel deeply within, you can change it.  You can.  And you begin with the intention, then, like growing a plant from seed, you water and care and nurture it gently, persistently, and you don’t give up.  This becomes part of your life….and you grow used to feeling your way instead of using just the rational mind.  Feeling into it includes a vast part of your being….it is not vague, or touchy-feely.  It is, instead, how so many have comprehended the Tao….as best they could….a Presence that abides within and all around.

These lessons can be catalysts for great change.  Like a seed, you just have to be patient.  In perfect timing, events and people and opportunities will come along to help shift how you see and feel…which leads to still more change.  From this, broader realization can come to you.