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I was thinking about what makes the difference between suffering and joy and as I was doing so I saw someone who just started following me and I like to go read their stuff when I have time.  I read the first post on the page and its perfect!  Ta-dah!  So here you have it!  Now go read it! ~P.

This morning, I am grateful….

via This morning, I am grateful….


Let me be an instrument for your grace

so that where there is chaos

I may bring order,

where there is madness

that I may bring peace

where there is hatred

that I may bring only love

and where there is hurt

that I may bear healing.

When I am in despair

let me know your hope

and when there is error

let me bring your truth

and when truth does not shine

may I remember that in the end

that your truth is something which cannot be hidden

no matter the madness, the chaos, the error, or hurt that exists

for it is your own light which shines

that is my own.But more than theselet mine be forgivenessfor this illuminates the pathway to your garden.

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