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In experiences of nonduality nothing is just one thing or another.  With everything connected, increasingly, there is less and less and less that we see or feel that is seen from a biased state of mind.  As the walls or barriers within ones own self fall, the truth of things begins to emerge.  The truth is there are many facets to any given thing.  There are facets we give to events and people and things and then there are those things that are simply there, despite our need to project upon them or see what we are in them.  Everything that Is has its shades of dark and light.

Learning to see what is, is a big part of my journey- and the journey of many others in disentangling what we create from what exists…prexistant of our own projections, beliefs, expectations, and hopes.  It is a way to see clearly, to know “what is.”  When we operate from a place of wanting to know what is, we tend to be increasingly inoculated against the tendency to build into each moment, each event, each meeting, expectations that are based on our own inner hopes….which are themselves based most often on what the accumulated presence of karma does to a person’s thinking and acting.  Truth is, we have all of these programs running in us that rule us.  Until we can remove that stuff, we are mastered.  And there are layers to this material.

When we say we are like onions, we are….layer by layer we are undone just as we made ourselves through years of shoving junk down into those layers.  This is what constitutes the bulk of these blocks and conditioning….but it also means that programming exists at deeper levels, yet, in perfect onion-layer form.  Removing it all is a humbling experience.  it is also something I sense is the most beautiful thing.  We are changing the story as we go.  Sound impossible?  It means facing all of your own silliness, rudeness, reactivity, anger, fear, jealousy, and sense of lack. You name it, it comes up, and gets to be cleared. And this, the cleansing of the self, is so important. It is our saving grace.  It is the single most important part of my awakening.  It continues to offer me the opportunity to undo lifetimes of junk.  And the result is that it will change those lifetimes as much as it will change THIS life.  Its beautiful and huge.  It will send ripples throughout the multiverse.  There is a lot on offer here. And yet, for as huge as this all is, we can, in our all-too-human frames become undone by what remains.

When I awoke, I found that this energy began taking me apart right away.  Blocks began falling away within the first week. After two weeks of having felt the “rising” of this energy in me, effectively lighting me on fire, my juiced system began to respond by churning and teasing out these small blocks of knotted emotion from my awareness, from my body.

Part of this dynamic was being aware of another person whom I had never met in this life, someone who lived about 1,500 miles away. A whole other country in fact.  As time rolled on I learned that I was feeling what this other person was feeling as though it was a direct link. I was incredulous at first but as the incidents piled up day after day I realized I shared a connection to this person that was from the inside out.

There was a lot that was said about these connections.  Awakenings like mine were often being accompanied by these connections.  It was a way of shifting your way of seeing the world in a pretty dramatic way.

As I went from this being the will of the universe to something that my own soul was embarking on, I began to bid this energy to do its work.  I sensed that the stronger the energy was, the more work it would do.  Part of me was apprehensive of this energy.  A part of me was afraid that “me” would be swept away.  There was a calm sense of impartiality, almost coolness to the intelligence that lived within this energy, that lives in all energy.  My own awareness sought to commune with it, to learn why it was here, to learn anything I could.  This probing would begin to form the first of what I would come to call my “epiphany talks” which was where in a deep state of meditation, I would let this energy do its work, and as a plus, I could ask it questions.  For me, understanding the very core of what Is was what I was interested in.  I felt that in knowing this I could begin to unravel my own mysteries, to become, to transform.

This journey resulted in my becoming aware of multiple connections.  They just happened.  I didn’t know why, but they did.  Over time, these connections would be a source of shame and guilt for me.  I would also set these connections aside in an effort to overcome whatever it was that had fueled these connections.

As time passed and I continued to let this energy do its work, I went from surface blockages to removing deeper, more substantive ones.  Each time as this happened, the energy which I had been communing with came through clearer and clearer.  But as long as I remained even slightly uncleared of blocks, I was like  visitor to this land of the divine.I could tune it in anytime I was ready to.  It was mine.  It was me and I was it, and yet, I had this baggage that my personality had to learn to let go of.  I knew there was probably a way to just let it all fall away at once. Theoretically possible, yes, but likely?  Nope.

But the journey along the way helped me to understand energy more and more… the way I was most gifted.  It seems that we meet this conscious energy where we are at the time.  As the dross clears, the energy also becomes more clear.  The intelligence within the energy resolves too.  The personality also goes through changes.  For me, the hardest and most difficult was my own Dark Night of the Soul.  This was itself a period of time when the gateway of energy opened up within me to the degree that I would feel clobbered by the energy.  I often would have to lie down, unable to know how to deal with this crush of energy.  This period would result in dislodging my ego from its front and center location in my psyche.  What resulted was that a higher-vibrational version of the ego was within view, a way to still know myself as me, but with fewer snags.  The idea that ego dies, is itself silly, yet people still use the term “ego death” which stirs fear and anxiety in anyone who is going through awakening.  This part, is, in fact, a saving grace, a blessing, since it allows the self to not identify so powerfully with so many things that can serve to hang it up.  Ego itself does not die, it is more… Instead of ego being the latch on your toolbox of gifts, it becomes one tool IN the toolbox. The result? You become more of the master and less the slave.  But here is the thing….the deeper issues, the ones that are most ingrained….they tend to appeal most directly to ones identity and sense of self, and as a result can be the last things to go in this cleansing that is awakening.  The Dark Night itself comes of its own accord when one is ready.  There is no formula to this, or for this.

For me, the hardest was saved for last.  And that is where I am. It seems that this is being taken apart bit by bit.  The advantage to getting down into the dirt, into this root junk, is that with each release, no matter how small, it changes the balance of power, or energy, in the body.  What affected me before no longer does.  And all along, I was very good at being able to manifest what I needed.  I had been using this method I developed that worked for me.  I simply asked for the big things, the important things.  They all came to pass in time.  What I could not change was the karmic field that existed within each of the manifested events that brought me what I needed, all in divine timing.  But it is now a matter of no longer wanting to manifest the abundance I need in my life in order to do what I am here to do.  It is now a refining process that now frees me from the entangling alliances that were part of the past but that my soul now feels is no longer necessary for what lies ahead in the future of time.

I ask myself what these connections were for….I ask them what they think now after all this time.  What was at the very base of all of this?  What holds us back?  What has limited us?  What has kept us from something that was less than an easy form of love in ourselves? And not all of them are able to know the answer.  It is, in a very real way, an answer that they must find for themselves.  Understanding one’s mirrors are an important step in doing the inner work necessary to stop attracting the same thing as in the past.

These were all people who obviously felt as though something had been left unfinished.  An expectation was not met the way the individual felt like it needed to be.  This is where what Buddha had to say about the suffering of the world comes into play.  Remember what he said?  When we build expectations that are not based on what Is and are instead something from our own inner dialog, our own karmic leanings.  Having begun to dig deeper into the root, I have found that as I do, I am less reactive and am simply wanting to know what is it that remains? How do I honor and heal what remains in me and does understanding what lies in the other serve as a reflection for me?  It does.  But it requires a willingness or ability to see things impartially.  As you might guess, karma is not about being impartial.  It is about feeling something that is less than our divinely inspired selves.

So what was shame and guilt has resolved into an awareness that I am here to resolve some old accounts, to clean it up, to open the way for a new Way to be to flow through me.  Like a creek that has been dammed up, the walls are falling away, and while most of them feel as though they are down, there is this part at its base that is now being excavated.  This, the root, is the darkest, the most difficult, I suspect because it goes to the very source-point of our survival, our nurture and our ability to create at the most fundamental levels.  ANY kind of creation….from procreation through the body to art or the use of our creative energy for a whole host of things. What I know from my talks with this light inside of me is that when I remove the troublesome junk in the root, I wont have any concern as my ability to co-create will not be muddled by action (karma) from a past life, or from some earlier part of my life here.  How do we build the temple when the stones were lain from poor stock to begin with?

So this is the journeywork.  This was what the Dark Night did; it scattered the stones of my being.  Some remained….it seems that if we are not ready to allow ourselves to be scattered and remade, we wont.  Not even kundalini will be able to take care of it.  Perhaps with enough time….perhaps then.  But for me, I sense that time is of the essence.  Time for all of us here….time for me….time for my children, time for those I love.  Time to enjoy the fruit of my labor, to settle into this way of being for the next time I am scheduled to re-emerge.

So what is holding you back?  you might feel as though you wrestle with yourself sometimes, resulting in knee jerk reactions.  If so, I can tell you categorically, that is the karma speaking.  And as long as that is the case, you will respond the same over and over and over.  Yes, you might be able to put a good face on it, yes, you might learn to CONTROL it.  Yes to all of that.  But we have spent lifetimes doing this.  It is as though we have worn these masks which have hidden all of our own fears about who and what we are…..and those things were themselves the lies we tell ourselves….why?  Fear.  We are afraid we are terrible somewhere deep down… we ignore that dark spot and go on about life.  Sometimes for lifetimes.  Eventually, the karma comes calling and the soul no longer wishes to deal with it like this anymore.  We grow up.  Slowly, perhaps, over many lifetimes, this maturation takes place.  And perhaps there is something in us that needs to know this shadow part of ourselves.  Maybe.  But then, in doing so, embody it, which effectively removes it as something you are pitted against, or fighting with, or having a knee jerk reaction to.  Whatever it is for you.  For me….there were strains of victimhood in there.  I was not ready to take responsibility for the fact that my own light body, how it is composed, is what is creating ALL of this.  There is nothing that does not happen that I myself do not attract.  And what happens when that image is one I don’t like?  Well, its in me to heal!  ME. Until I do, I am mastered by whatever it is I see in the world around me. Sometimes, it is with disastrous results.  And the deeper we go into the chakra system, the harder it seems to be.  Digging in this deep pit is now the work that I feel so ready to do.  My focus on this center is constant.  Every moment of the day I breath into it, I place my awareness, the light that is in me that is also the universe.  What a way to shine the light on things!  But it WORKS.  In fact, the easier I allow it to be, the easier it is. As I have said in past posts, sometimes a glance is all it takes.  After turning this old soil with my awareness, it eventually soften enough to fall away.  There is little else as important as this.

The result?  In important areas of my life, I am finding myself becoming less stuck.  Things that I knew I needed to do but had been stuck by the economy or by a hundred different reasons, has now suddenly freed itself up.  The way forward has clarified.  As soon as I was able to see it, those in my life responded with excitement because this shift would offer them opportunities that we have not yet had together. These were opportunities their own souls have been waiting for.  It is an important step, one that charges my creative energy with the push to get this next step done in divine timing.  Divine timing?  Yes.  this is when the impossible becomes possible.  This is when all you have to do is put the intention there and the world conspires to assist.  Some of it is not because of anything that you yourself have done.  This is the foundation for the synchronicity….those inexplicable events that happen with uncanny timing.  So why something is in your life is the result of something within you…..for good or ill.  When you can come to terms with any given block, you can free yourself to be able to choose how you react and respond.  You free yourself from a kind of slavery.  The idea that we have been the ones to have enslaved ourselves seem repugnant to us…..and is the very reason why it continues. When we take responsibility for our stuff, for our lives and choices, we are that much closer to owning all of it instead of being the ones who are owned.

The reason, I know, that this work is important is that as each of us are able to break these chains within us, it makes it easier for others to do so also.  If you haven’t noticed, the world is rapidly moving towards an effort to use technology to control in a whole new way.  It is time to so fill this world with the hunger for true freedom that the idea that we would seek to control the world just because of greed or fear or anything less than our highest will seem….so unnecessary.  Why would we want to do that?  To change the world, we have to change ourselves. From one backyard to another.

So in awakening, in the beginning, there is so much in you that is magnetizing so much….from feelings to events.  You are in a pit and you don’t even know it.  But what you DO know is that you want things to change.  Sometimes it feels like a gift, sometimes a curse.  But that is as it should be; to be able to see both sides is so important….and once we do….integrate it all into our being so that it can be free to transform.  The path to change is in forgiving ourselves.  This, it turns out, is the hardest thing for us to do….but it leads to the greatest love there is.


I believe that we each have an inner compass.  We may not always listen.  We may not always be able to hear the whole message all at once.  But I am firmly convinced that as we apply ourselves to “it” (whatever the “it” is) we will get it.  I believe this because of my experience which has shown me that even though the vast majority of the world does not know this or believes its crazy, my expeirence has shown me that there is actually a world of information available to each of us. 

Cayce called it Akasha.  I believe it is information encoded in light…in energy…..and it is literally everywhere.  It is surprisingly like the internet….information encoded into the cells of the universe.  All of it.  Down into the atoms.  Everywhere and everywhen.  It might sound crazy to you, but I know this is correct.  I know that when I uncover things there is NO WAY I could have known, I am tapping this vibrant field.  Perhaps this is what the Taoists and Hindus call the Buddha field.  I think it is all the same…..this living thing that is so much bigger than just you and me.

I have been a seeker for a very long time.  Since age nine.  All through it, I always felt like there was some answer I’d find inside of me.  I would seek outwardly, yes, but for hints at how others managed to get to this “inside” stuff.  I used discernment…..and I sought.  I didn’t buy into anything unless it made perfect sense to me and passed the test.  For me, I developed a form of meditation that I thought of as active meditation.  It was meditation that was oriented towards using energy to help assist in accelerating consciousness.  for me, sitting passively felt like…..well….not for me.

What I have come to realize is that the type of meditation that I practice is restorative in nature.  It is intended to heal. it is intended to boost energy, which boosts consciousness and accelerates consciousness (which is what all boosts in the energy of consciousness always does).  This is itself a form of restoration, a returning the self to a state of origin.  The effort is not in seeking to cope or mask something, but to dig down into the root cause to deal with whatever the challenge is, knowing that while we may not have the answer in front of us, we each have the capacity to find a way to heal it if we simply avail ourselves of 1) the idea that we CAN heal it and 2) allowing this new energy into our lives by allowing ourselves to be pliant enough to allow the change to take hold. 

This is a process that is not about managing your meditation. It is about allowing a larger force to do its work within you.  This is enough to freak some people out.  it did me the first six months while I was practicing this.  I was, if nothing else, pretty controlled in how I went about things. And maybe I had reason to be concerned about who I put myself into the hands of.  But either you trust the universe or you don’t.  And at the end of the day what I have found is that in each and every situation I was putting myself into my OWN hands.  What?  Yes:  I have put myself into the very agency that could help me best—my higher self.  For some it might seem like a voice from heaven or some other world.  This higher self is god-like or goddess like only because it does not live within time.  It is all time.  Once you get used to this idea, it gets easier to relate to the universe as it is. You are in your own hands.  And nothing can hurt you except that which you cannot let go of or that you willingly invite into your life.  It can be hard to clear your life while also bringing in all the garbage….and yet, it happens….we are redeemed by a process so amazing.

This redemption is a process that is about a focus and attitude more than anything.  All methods flow from this intent.  When you ask for resolution, life will bring it to you.  If you allow the universe to do this, then it will.  I know; that sounds like magic.  And you would be right.  And yet, this magic lives in my life.  People observe it and I smile and wink because its usually my daughter who is observing it.  Its not showy, its always just as its needed.  You can move mountains. All you need to do is to change a few core beliefs.  It means being like a child.  If you can do that, I promise it is possible to bring great change into your life. 

You can release the effect of countless energetic entities that surround nearly every single person on the planet.  Think of it as a kind of parasitic load like how animals have parasites weighing them down.  I once removed these beings from someone I knew and after that I realized that this was really OUR job to realize how they got there and how the continually get brought back into the harbor of our souls.  Releasing them is about knowing they are there.  Awareness, friends, is huge.  it is, in fact, the way back to the garden.  And can you imagine how  your body changes when these beings are gone?  The subtle changes in your endorphins, adrenal output, oxytocin (both hormone AND neurotransmitter!), cortisol, and perhaps even histamine levels.  I know that my own physiology changed dramatically.  What if we are each suffering under a physical and psychic toxic load to our systems?  As our body responds to a lot of physical inputs, it also responds to energetic inputs because the presence of prana has an effect, a stimulating one, on the body.  The effect is enough to be noticed by so many who observe those who have awakened.  We age slower.  In my family, I am the only one who has a head of dark hair.  Based on how all of my siblings are aging, it looks as though my age has been delayed by about seven to ten years at least. But there are other measurements. 

It is time to stop just coping and dealing with the toxic load of our emotions which go to depressing immune systems, affecting glandular processes that aid in governing healing. 

Most critical is quiet time to allow the self to return to its square-one state.  You don’t need to simply sit in silence.  That is actually quite boring. And beside the point.  You sit quietly and soak up how you FEEL.  It isn’t tuning out but tuning IN.  Instead of focusing outward so much, keep tuning inward.  LOOK inside instead of always being aware of what is in your senses.  Look to your essential self as the means of seeing.  You actually have a sensory organ that is your energy field that can see and hear and experinece ALL the senses that are built into your physical being.  Your physical being is your soul in flesh, and what you experience in your body is what you natively experience in your energy body when you are not focused in a body here on the planet….so your senses are native to you….and you have inner senses.  Just tune them in.  You will be amazed at what you get!  Turn the light of your awareness inward and don’t just tune everything out but tune it in.  Listen!

As you do this, feel how your energy changes.  Feel how it becomes blissful, or how you feel as though you are floating or moving.  All good things!  Just sit with it.  When this happens you want to allow your energy to accumulate in this way.  You are building capacity.  Let this continue to happen.  As you do this, the energy itself will trigger just what you are ready for.  Nothing less and nothing more.  This works on your own inner compass.  In the background, higher self is there.  The result is that you begin to heal the effects of lifetimes of trouble NOW. 

See your awareness as the channel through which your higher self sees what is happening in your body here and now.  Allow it to look out through you and help you. If you ask for answers, they will come.  They might come in dreams, they might come as a clear thought, a sign, or through a friend the next day.  If you are ready, the universe will assist and this can happen very quickly.  I have had these kinds of things come ’round within hours, but most often a 24 hour period is not unusual.  Kate Bush once sang, “Just saying it could make it happen.”  Indeed this is true!

This path is one of restoration.  Instead of merely coping with pharmaceuticals and methods not designed to really solve any problems, we remain caught in this weird place that is not about healing at all. It is good for pharmaceutical companies only, but not good for healing.  After all, how many medicines actually SOLVE a disease or condition so that you only need to take it for a few days and never again?  We have a few of these, but not many.  Imagine taking anti-anxiety meds for decades.  I know a woman who has been doing this for decades……and I wonder….has anyone actually suggested that she just get honest and deal with the fear she has inside of her?  How much money are the therapists making off her?  Has anyone offered this as an option?  Did she maybe shoot them down each time?  I don’t know how long I could actually council a patient who was not really interested in healing themselves.  I think I would have to refuse to be their therapist!  Maybe that is harsh sounding….maybe….

But it is time that we begin to do medicine where we seek solutions….and this means our inner medicine of spirit, too!  You can roll back lifetimes of junk NOW.

Wouldn’t that be great?  All you really have to do is say you are ready. 

book blog

I know; I should not begin a sentence with a semicolon so close to the beginning but I have to say this quick! Okay; the work continues on that book, but I have to tell you that things are looking better and better. As a writer, I don’t know that I will ever be completely happy with what I have written (I am also told by my cat that I should not be admitting that, but she just caught a vole in the yard, so…). Like my art, it is a progression, so for me, I guess, what gets me excited and fulfilled is the next project. When I look back at an older work I have that impulse to go back and fuss with it. Somebody hold me back!

But. I am currently having the book reviewed by another writer who is familiar with the topic and after a few months of silence and being disciplined not to bug anyone about it, I got a preliminary piece of feedback. And it is really encouraging. In fact, so encouraging, I am having trouble seeing it for what it is at this moment.

I am initiating the process of finding an agent who will shop the book first in the hopes that it will be picked up by a major publisher. Then, the option to self publish will also remain as an opportunity to pursue, along with converting the work to e-book format.

There is a notion that exists within the realm of the nondualists whereby the Void, that state of pure potential, is seen as the original condition and that everything else that we experience is somehow inferior or less than this original state.  There are a lot of high-minded teachers who have espoused this, so in speaking into it means I am coming up against a lot of people whose own experience stands in a more monolithic way for some people.  The curious thing, though, is that at the end of the day, even when we come back to the poor pitiful state of our daily illusion, of the dream of the false self as the earthly self is called by these folks, we remain here with this self.  No one seems to even question WHY this false self even exists.  Some say it is through karma that this self exists and that through this reasoning, is the reason for this kind of cosmic error in our being. To me, this is nothing different from what has taken place within Christianity as the Fall whereby through sex we must emerge here, an experience which they have considered sinful and whereby a god-man came to free us from. It is present in Hinduism and other traditions, no matter how high-minded or “spiritual.”  This sense of self loathing exists in various forms and it all comes down to much the same thing.  WE have this sense that this place, this body, this self, is somehow less than that “other” state which is pure and untouched by the vagaries of psyche, emotion, and desire.  Afterall, aren’t these all the things that have gotten us into so much trouble?

But what, I must ask, might happen, if we were to learn that the self, which some call false, was actually intended for a new way of learning about the dream, this illusion so many speak of?

The thing is, there is an application of this bias about the self vs the soul-self that seeks to suggest that those who do not agree with this notion that these folks have about the pure state or primordial state that anyone who diverges from their argument or ideas are themselves somehow not fully enlightened or awakened.  And you know, it isn’t that I dislike someone saying I am this or that, but rather it is more a simple matter of perception, perspective, and awareness.  I don’t even think that they are even all that wrong with their notion.  There is a lot about it that is entirely on the mark, except when it comes to the self. It smacks of a deep unidentified loathing for this existence that even they would deny, I think,  feeling.

The one thing that I have been afforded in this experience is being able to ride the coat-tails of the energy present in awakening whereby I have seen so many things.  I am an adventurer and I like to go waaaay out.  Down into the subatomic structure of the universe.  Down into the coding of the atom and how everything is itself holographically formulated in order to wed everything to everything else at a deep fundamental level.  Sitting deep in thought I am drawn into a revelation of how consciousness expands “outward” into larger and larger aggregations of conscious energy which goes to form our experience, then our world, and then still other realities of which we but simply are aware.  It is akin to a series of wheels within wheels (thank you Ezekiel) whereby one wheel rises to meet another which turns at a larger arc in the heavens and whose own heaven is turned by still greater and greater wheels.  At each seeming level, different phenomenon occur as a result of creative energy.  The one common thread is awareness.  In bearing more awareness, we naturally bear more energy.  As we learn to handle this energy, we also learn to handle still “larger” forms of consciousness.

I know that the makers of this world were themselves dreamers.  For them, their art was in simply dreaming such incredible dreams that we here experience their productions as a stable template upon which we exist and agree upon. We all see the same tree grow and die.  We each see the same sky, the same clouds.  And yet, the flexibility built into this realm is the ability to transform it, or seemingly transform it, by simply being….different.  And it is here that we get into something that leave those who feel that the body is so limited in the dust.

Instead of loath the body as imperfect, I see it as misunderstood.  Entirely.  Within us lies the promise of paradise, the kingdom, nirvana, here and now.  Encoded within us is the possibility for the seeming impossible to emerge.  We don’t understand how this could be because it stands, or seems to stand, so far out of people’s own limited sense about this world.  One side of our awareness is mirrored through the left brain which is a linear processor while the right brain is a parallel processor and which is VERY different from its left sides compliment.  These two brains also mirror the current of the yin and yang that moves through us and helps to enunciate their underlying truth, which itself is a still deeper truth about the form our own consciousness takes, which is this seeming dual form of awareness.  Whenever I have sought to bring both sides of my brain function into a closer unity always the result is the same; an explosion of inspiration.  This inspiration leads to all manner of new ideas, new creations, new ways of seeing, feeling, and knowing.  It is in this place where I have been taken into places that have revealed the inner workings of a vast array of things that are commonly referred to by the yogis as “secret knowledge.”  The only thing that served to limit my perception of this information and experience was how I was allowing my own awareness, as defined partly at least by my own brain function, to be.  We call this by many names, from awakening to kundalini.  When I awoke, I awoke to find that the world was a different kind of place, and that it seemed as though the world awoke when I awoke. Not coincidentally, this was a notion expressed by Buddha, I would discover just a few years ago as I began to investigate whether what Buddha experienced was the same as I had.  While where we go in awakening may differ, and while our own journeys are themselves individual, there are many common markers, which, if you know about them, you can begin to identify.

So this is just the tip of the iceberg.  A lot has not been covered, but I will leave you with this parting thought; what if, instead of the false self, we simply say that this is our earthly vehicle whose potential we are now only beginning to glimpse.  And for the world being illusion, what if we were to instead call it a creation.  By calling it this, by thinking of it in this way, we are then suddenly free to create anew, or to recreate how we see and respond to it.  An illusion itself suggests something that is false, but what if this illusion actually speaks or mirror a deeper reality about who and what we are?  And instead of the great Void as being JUST the pure original state, it is just as many have experienced including myself; a vast endless “realm” of energy existing in potential.  Now, potential is itself great to feel.  It is.  It is pure bliss.  And yet, the Creator itself is….well…CREATIVE.  Isn’t it in our nature, all of our natures, to create?   And is it not through what we create, that we have the opportunity to learn from?  For good or ill?  And isn’t this all a function of freewill, which was granted us as a central form of our being and which while it has been blamed for so many ills could also just as easily be blamed for all of our miracles and great discoveries about how to build a better world? I mean, really, isn’t this a dual world after all?  So instead of saying it is this or that, what if we sought to merge the two into a new synthesis of being and get off our high horses and learn the great secret of our being, which is to unlock the potential within us in order to realize that here we can have a paradise…..that we can wed the pure potential to the world of how that potential is realised, utilized, which is the same as it has always been; to create.  Sitting in a pure state yields only that, but it is like a boat in a harbor; it was not made for that.  Out of the potential, we draw and we project and thus create.  We want to say that creation is folly…based in desire….and yet if the teachings are to be believed, the highest form of consciousness we know, created all of this because such an act was so fundamental to consciousness.

It is known that nothing that we experience here in this less than perfect body is not registered unless the brain is able to process the information at least at some level or another.  So that sense of the Void, it is compliments of your brain.  See into the infinite? That is your brain again.  In fact, while some suggest that the brain is unable to conceive of the infinite, we are learning that there are parts of the brain that actually serve as filters and that the very process of awakening seems to serve to remove those perceptual roadblocks.  In people who have had damage to their left hemispheres, often their experience blooms into what is described as something very similar to mystical experiences had by monks, yogis and more.  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is one such individual who was able to observe what happened when she experienced a stroke that happened in her left hemisphere.  Speaking at a Ted Talks Conference, she described what was for me, eerily similar to what I had been experiencing during my awakening process, and illuminated a sense that I had had for years that the answer to accelerated consciousness lies in our ability to shift our focus from a left-brained dominance as a species to one that was more balanced with the right brain being given a broader expression or awareness in our own mind.  I have posted this talk before in a previous blog entry and it is posted here for you to consider.

What happens when we cease seeing life as illusion and see it as a creation?  What happens when we cease seeing the self as false and see it more as designed to do things that we currently are unable to realize but can actually learn to conceptualize by using our brains (both of them) to experience what was previously thought impossible?  Is it just possible that the real problem in all of this is that we simply have not learned to balance these two sides and that maybe, just maybe, by learning a better balance, we might learn a new synthesis that is itself evolving in human beings even as I write this?

What are we creating?

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