SurrenderIt isn’t easy to do sometimes.  But surrender is a choice.  It just is.  And in knowing this fact, you can choose not to be caught in the grip of some hard emotion or feeling.  We think we are our emotions, but our emotions are the result of so many programs running in our minds as part of our conditioning which began as children, infants, even.  These can be undone.  You just have to work on them first by examining them, then by changing your mind in the moment away from the knee-jerk reaction that is so often the providence of these whirl-winds within us.  All of this can be changed even if you are an old dog!  I have undergone more change in the last eight years than I can begin to explain or recount.  The process continues and what I do even with my remaining “hard stuff” is to continually push my attention in a new place each and every time I come across a wave of that old stuff.  Each time, it is like erasing the old program.  I just keep doing this and there comes a moment when something give inside and poof; it is gone.

Surrender is good for us.  It is.  Surrendering to the mystery opens us to that mystery. Stop needing to know and to control everything.  Some things are not in your control.  And in controlling, you are letting your little rational mind to come up with solutions that your higher self, which exists in the breach between the earthly mind and the divine one.  You have a mind beyond your body and it is infinite.  This is the realm all yogis and saints have experienced.  It is each and every one of our birthright.  So give the mystery room in you through some good surrender.  It will lower your blood pressure, it will help you be less obsessive, and it will flood your body with the chemistry of a place of peace.  It catches on, too!  People will see a bigger smile and wonder what is going on. Spread some peace this season, and let it begin with you!

So breathe deep, stop and be mindful of where you are in your feelings.  Step back and think about all of this and decide not to let it rule you.  Even in the hardest of situations you can choose to do this, and it has so many great benefits.  We know that simply visualizing these states help to bring them on, and leads us along because beyond our rational minds, we really do know!