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The concept of the wheel of karma is one that seems to many as an inescapable cyclic phenomenon, a cosmic merry-go-round that leaves us locked in lives that wind up doing the same things over and over. For people who have had recall of past lives, one issue often emerges that is curious and telling, which is that from lifetime to lifetime, there are themes, recursive patterns that exist in one life into the next.  Much of these patterns are attributable to karma.  Some might be tempted to say that these are merely issues that the soul has to work out, so it naturally comes up in a myriad of ways. True, but these issues have a rooting in the soulself and they must be worked through if the portions of that soulself is able to fully realize what and who it is while here in this world.  Upon death, we are each returned to that realm of knowing, but we must enter back into the same world yet again all with the same backlog of material that must first be cleared up if a clear view of this soulself is to be seen, felt or known. For negative karma, this is the dross that filters and distorts our vision.  As a result, too, some “themes” are simply very difficult patterns in the self that recur and then become like deep grooves over lifetimes.  This, though, is not a linear process entirely, but is dynamic. The issue of time only plays in the old paradigm when you only see evidence for one motion through time which for us is forward from new to old, from ancient past to distant future.  This, though, is not how things work at all, and what one does in one life can have a very real effect on all other time lines, all other lives.

From your own perspective here now, you have already lived as a merchant in what is now called Lithuania in the twelfth century A.D.  That life, for you now, has already been lived.  And yet, there are countless other possibilities that are every bit as valid as the one you remember.  In the same way there are countless eventualities in the present that you know now.  All of them are real, and yet only one of them can you know at any given time.  If you only realized how you hopscotch from one line to another moment by moment, it would show to you the rich bed of possibility that exists for you.  Knowing this is one tool in the toolkit of releasing karma.  Being able to go into the past to help effect a release is an important tool that can change how you feel RIGHT NOW.  It might seem entirely imaginary and impossible, but you can begin to do this work right now through the use of dream suggestion by suggesting to yourself that you are going to embark on a series of adventures in your night-time dream scape where you will begin to encounter your past self in time in the dream world and begin interacting with it.  I know this is possible because I have done it and I know the effects that it can bring.

Perhaps most central to releasing karma is getting down into your beliefs and feelings about things.  This will be a very accurate mirror for a host of things and to know it requires a degree of self-reflection and some honesty.  The problem with karma is that it is born out of an impulse to turn away from our divine or essential natures.  When I say divine, I do mean the higher self that is not merely you here now reading this but a deeper bed of awareness that exists in potential and can be sparked into motion. It is that part of you that is aware of many other times, but in my experience this higher self, for me, exists in a kind of constant state of acceleration…..a state of awareness that is more expanded perhaps, a sense of no bounds placed on you.  It is a high level energy state in large part.   You can dissolve karma not merely by atoning for what lies in the past, but through a method that is even more simple.  Atonement is a technique which can do it, but there is not some rule that atonement must be the way.  This is a tricky little wicket simply because for so long this is how we have chosen to view karma.  It is all very much steeped in a sense of good and bad, of right and wrong.  This is very dualistic thinking and it will breed a distorted view of how things are.  We often treat karma as a punishment, but this idea goes out the window as something being done to you from some jut universe; it is what we each have done to ourselves…..what we have each chosen to wrap ourselves in.

Feelings have a vibration and karma very much is tied into this.  The definition of karma is action.  Very simple, yes, but my experience has been that karma is created as a result of a feeling that we have as part of our individuality….a wrinkle that is specific to us.  We then work that wrinkle out in a way that we align to the divine in a way that feels….perfect.  Since individuality continues to remain a factor at all levels of awareness and experience, there are always surprises as to what could or might turn out.  While we might think that there is some destiny that holds us to some script, the fact remains that individuality is the monkey wrench that creates a supreme state of puzzlement and surprise.  Individuality is a force that creates mystery just as surely as the great wide limitless soul does.  There are people who like to say the individual is something that is part of a false self, but I will tell you that I never saw it as false.  I merely see it as wrinkled…..immature….needing ironing out, perhaps, and some refining.  But imagine the surprise for those who speak of the false self when they discover that no matter how hard they try, they still maintain individuality no matter high up the cosmic ladder they go. I have been way out and what I can tell you absolutely is that your own personality and self are like a cone that starts small and spreads outward in ever increasing dimension,  there has not yet been a dividing line between my self and that of my higher self.  It has all been one beautiful contiguous whole, spreading outward into some amazing dimensions of awareness and experience.

Jesus was fond of saying that you will know the kingdom when you become like children.  In the gnostic texts he does one better and says you must be like children who take the garment of shame and learn to trample it.  Which is a way of saying that you are not shamed by your nakedness.  And certainly, the process of shedding karma feels like one is becoming very naked.  Perhaps vulnerable.  Surrendered.  WHat I found in my own experience was that this was very much on the mark.  Letting go of some past karma is not about saying you are sorry or going out and atoning by paying restitution.  The debt is not paid in this way.  The debt is paid when you are able to forgive yourself for feeling the way that you did.  That may seem way too simple, but consider what takes place when you forgive yourself.  When you forgive yourself, you are actually involved in a process of coming closer to the divine itself.  You let go of a hard feeling in order to be freed from it.  This letting go is total. Forgiving someone does not always result in really letting go.  Forgiving someone are words which can be bound by social convention not spiritual conviction.  I have known people who were very quick to forgive when in truth, they really harbored ill will or bad feelings.  To forgive means you let it ALL go.  All pieces of it.  We are beings that are notorious in how we will forgive in piecemeal amounts.  We seem to LIKE to hold onto grudges and perceived slights.  We will often identify with slights even when they are entirely unintentional. The forgiveness I am speaking about is directed at yourself, and when you do this, it changes you.  If you do not feel a change, a total and complete release from whatever it was that you felt had held you captive emotionally, then you may have only been going through the motions.  This forgiveness, seemingly elusive, is so simple that when it does happen it is almost too easy. We are simply making it too hard on ourselves.  In fact, I have observed that people prefer to keep their hurts in check since they have defined them for so long that they fear being without them.  This is simply more crazy feeling and will keep you from the truth.  It will keep you in obsessive behavior, in hurt and drama until YOU choose to let it go.  It is like trying to win an arm wrestling match and you realize you just have to stop always having to win.  Sometimes the way to win is to simply STOP and let go.  Perhaps we see releasing karma as this, which it very much is.  It is like a death, but like all death, it is immediately followed by a rebirth into a new life. In this situation, you do not have to give up your body, you just give up a small part of your behavior in the deal.

You are making a choice  of letting go of that which stood in the way of you and it. It was not uncommon for me to find myself forgetting completely about whatever the issue was that had dogged me for so long because the sheer joy, wonder and good feelings that I felt when in the presence of this divinity was many thousands of times better than any of the old arguments, problems, dramas or issues.  If you look at cases where people who have experienced clinical death, every concern they ever had simply goes out the window as if it were a puff of smoke.  The sense of peace and love is so total that they actually don’t WANT to come back.  Death, in this way, is not some dark scary experience, but a meeting of the divine, and this is something that when we are touched by it, we are never the same.  Curiously, those how have died and those who have awakened through kundalini all share similar characteristics once they come back to earth.  There are heightened psi abilities, there is a growing sense of wanting to be of service, and an awareness of that great oneness which everything is a part of.

Seeking forgiveness can serve to release you, but it is not the asking forgiveness that frees you.  What frees you is the mere presence of the divine.  Nothing false can exist in that great light and so is often the case, old patterns begin to drop like old dry leaves.

The way out of karma is simply exiting an old feeling.  By making peace with it at the deepest levels of you, there is no place for it to root or grow.  It is pulling the karma up by the root and it simply cannot thrive in you anymore.  Most often, people just prune their weeds instead of dealing directly with them.  Doing this keeps the karma in play because your position in the feeling is still the same. What is wrong with the karma is how it keeps you from flowing into the divine current.  That is all.  You cleave to a position about something, who knows what it might be, and then it solidifies in your awareness right alongside ego, which keeps it in play for lifetimes if need be. There, it is waiting for you at the docks as you return from your voyage into the afterlife.  Like old luggage, it is sitting there beside you until you open the latch and begin digging into it.  How long this will go on is up to you.  It is yours and no one elses.  Sure, the karma is what makes you feel like someone hurt you.  Certainly someone has done something that made you feel a certain way, or did something you thought was mean or terrible, but you had a choice in how you responded every step of the way.  No one makes you feel any sort of way.  You choose this.  Every moment you are making choices like this and only when you take responsibility for your feelings and cease making others responsible for how you felt, you actually get closer to shedding karma and can begin to feel very differently about something such as an early childhood trauma involving, say, abandonment.  It is only here that you are able to see the issue for what it is.  Only in this place of honesty that you can see it for what it has been all along and let it go.

I will give you an example.  When I was an infant I had a father who contracted cancer and he was dying the moment I was born.  He wound up having a year and four months with his family before his body gave out and he died.  During this time my Mother was having to deal with the reality of having to care for four small children, one of whom was in diapers.  She was on edge, she was worried, she was grieving her husbands demise probably before he actually ever died.  When he got towards the end of his life, she spent her days caring for him until he was gone.  This was a pretty formative time for me and I grew up with a deep sense of anger at my Mother.  I actually had a hard time understanding why I was so angry at her.  I knew it had to do with those early days. This anger lived in me until about four years ago.  That would make this an anger that dwelled in me for about 43 years.  By going into the anger I found that the anger was not the original feeling.  It was hurt. I was hurt because I felt like I did not get what I so needed, which was her presence, her love, her Mother love.

What I was able to do was to use my rational mind, the Observer, to step back and really look at my life closely.  Surely, my Mother DID love me.  Yes she was out to lunch, and yes she was probably not as attentive to me in the way I wanted or needed.  But this was how life was.  She was doing the best she could and I believed this was because there was something wrong with me, that I was not lovable or dear to her.  Once I was able to untangle my identification through ego with all of this, I began the process of healing this, but it all began when I was able to go deep into the feeling to get past the anger. No, anger was merely a by-product of all of this. What I was able to see was that this was merely how life was.  I had in truth not been abandoned.  I had chosen to come along at a very challenging time.  Perhaps I could just as easily have seen myself as an adventurer who was willing to step into the breach at a time that would test me in every conceivable way.  My karma, then, was very much tied up in HOW I was choosing to see and respond to the world. I suspect that many early childhood traumas of this sort could be cleared up in much the same way.  A parent has to move away to work in a new location before sending the family to be with him or her.  The child thinks there is something wrong with him or her, for why else would the parent choose to go away like that?  By knowing the fuller story, we can often gain a perspective that we never had but simply assumed based on HOW we are rather than on how everything was.  But HOW we choose to respond IS our karma.  Erasing it is an act of self love.  Not selfish love, not narcissism, but a willingness to do that which will bring you closer to the divine.  Always this presence of the divine if felt as the most intimate part of you touching the most expansive part of what you are, which is the universe.

Letting go of karma is letting go of HOW you feel.  By allowing yourself to surrender and let go your old postures and positions, you can change the very composition of your being.  This is a life changing kind of event, and it can happen over and over many times.  Once you are done with all of the methods for getting you to the place of feeling the divine, all you really have is a simple and sublime experiencing of this force inside of you, a realization that it was never outside of you but was there all along. You had simply been blocking it from view.

The curious thing is that often the dropping of one karmic thread can lead to a cascade of other threads slipping away.  It gets easier to let them go.  You begin to realize that THAT wasn’t so bad at all, and now you feel lighter and you no longer have that old issue to worry about. You are FREE.  It can lead to a kind of hunger for doing more.  One drop leads to another drop and before you know it, you have filled a giant jug up with all of this stuff.

Ask yourself how you can choose right now to think and feel differently about something in your life.  Is it possible that you could benefit from a different perspective in all of this?  And if you DO go for a different perspective, be sure that you allow anyone giving you their perspective to be heard.  Give them the benefit of the doubt because most often we discount the very truths that will set up free by taking on a different perspective.  Am I saying that releasing karma is merely a change in perspective?  Well, in a fashion, YES. People who see things differently or respond to things differently will simply feel differently about the exact same event or issue, so yes their karma will be different.  Consider especially those people who are not effected in the same way you are with the same event.  Let them be a teacher to you, let their perspective inform your own.  A wise Aristotle said that the mark of a wise person was that they could take on ideas and not entirely buy into them in order to try them on.  Being able to have this kind of neutrality and openness to things being different is a very important first step to cleaning up the mess of karma since karma IS changing how you respond to things.

I know; many people want to say that karma is what you do.  In truth, karma is what you ARE.  If you feel like mosquitos should not be allowed to live, you will quite naturally find yourself killing as many of them as you can.  All of this is based on a belief.  If you believed that all creatures deserve to live, you will find yourself resisting killing the mosquitos and moving indoors or putting something on that drives them away.  So karma is itself how you are and how you are will govern how you behave.  If you change how you are inside, your behavior will also change.

This is a simple and direct means to unraveling karma in your life.  By letting your rational mind to step in when emotions get high, not to mask your upset, but to see things in an unemotional way, you can be better equipped for seeing things less as you are and more AS they are.  Then, after that, you are ready to sidle up to the great divine and feel into this great wonder that we are all connected to.

UPDATE:  10/24/2013  I recently went in for a Reiki atunement for the first time and was amazed at the result!  I will be writing about it in a post entitled Reiki that you might want to check out.  There are many methods for helping to shed old latent material that can leave you more healed, free, and feeling more unified, happy, and at peace.  Some of these are methods of movement, energy work that can be found in Qi Gung (also spelled Gong) and other movement methods that all have an effect on the body’s electrical system where it is now known the self stores old emotional material.


Awakening is a universal process.  It is not a religion, it is not a philosophy.  It is both a spiritual and very physical process that takes place within you that will change your life.  For as much as we as humans like to institutionalize things, awakening will cohere to institutionalization only because it is what you are, not a thing like a book or carpet or technique.  It is what you are.  A plant will grow in a church, in a greenhouse, in a synagogue, or in your yard.  This is awakening.  This is just how it is.  If you need to make the plant grow in a monastery, it will, but ask yourself if this plant would do better just being given all that it needs to flourish or if sitting in that monastery will do it justice.

The only problem with what I have just told you is that we have thousands of years’ worth of doing what I just asked you not to do.  We have the tradition of kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation, and pranayam breath work as part of a meditation regimen.  Now, I will say to you that on the one side of this that all of this discipline that has emerged over time has benefits, most certainly, but it also carries with it some pitfalls.  The pitfall is in the need to put ones belief in something.  If you are doing that, you are effectively sealing up the letter of your life in an envelope so that at least for the time being, you wont be tempted to open it again.  Belief means that you put your faith in something, and the power of the group think will tend to keep you there.  Pressures will build to believe a certain way, to not ask questions, to not think in an authentic way.  Those who are able to not take their belief so seriously will tend to do much better.  Be careful of the gods you choose for you will each reinforce each other.

Let me give you an example.  There is this belief that breath is prana, that breath is life.  When doing pranayam (breath control), the emphasis is on how one breathes in and controls breath.  It is well known that you can stop the flow of energy in your body by how you breathe.  Yes!  This is indeed so!  However, this does not mean that breath is itself prana or life force.  If you take what someone tells you about this one example and you do not examine it to make sure that it passes muster, what else are you willing to believe?  You might just believe that the most advanced being in the universe created hell for all those who made mistakes to go to after they are done here.  You not only will believe that, but you will fall for just about anything for the simple fact that you have given up your ability or responsibility for your own thought process.  I know; doing this may put you at great odds with some folk, but let me ask you; what is the advantage to you of staying in their good graces when you have to take on such vast blinders as this?

Pranayama is effective, yes, but it is not because your physical breath IS prana.  No.  The ACT of your physical body breathing stimulates your etheric or light body to relax and take in more energy naturally.  When you stop breathing, you slow the flow of life force in your body.  Consider this to be a coincident effect, but do not consider that air particles ARE prana.  Prana is itself a vibration of energy.  And yes, prana DOES make up everything (this is what I have observed through my OWN experience, not through teachings), but prana has changed its vibration so that it becomes a different phenomenon.  Your own physical senses and physical body are keyed to a range of vibration which is physical.

When prana transforms into physical particles, it is not experienced As prana.  It is now being read as, say, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.  Your body uses these gasses in the process of breathing and it nourishes the very physical tissues for what this density of experience needs for its sustenance.  You can say all day that air is prana, and in a sense you would be right, but try breathing prana energy into your body only and see how long this works for your very hungry physical tissues.  Yes, there have been yogis in the past who were buried for long periods with no air and lived.  Theirs is the stuff of legend.  Perhaps they had a way to transform prana into air.  Or perhaps they learned to slow their metabolic state down. Whatever they were doing, I don’t know that the average person would be able to do this.  So regardless, back to air and prana…..when I am able to move prana through my body without breathing, I know there is something wrong with this notion that breath IS prana.  Clearly, it is not.  Understanding the underlying principle for WHY you move prana through physical breath is the important factor.  If you do not make the connection, then for you you only see to the level where breath SEEMS to be the same as prana.  As a result of this one small and seemingly inconsequential thing, you will likely missidentify a whole raft of other issues that some people do in fact make about the nature of prana or etheric energy.

So the result in all of this is that if you free yourself from this notion of prana only moving with breath, you are also free to reach deep down into your being and discover the very source of this prana in you.  You will also, perhaps as I did, discover how my FEELINGS had the final say so on how prana moves.  Once I discovered this, I realized that it was my energy body that was shutting down to life itself.  How many times a day have I done this contraction to life?  How can I remain open and flowing to prana?  How can I keep my very essence in a state of “Yes!” instead of pulling back out of fear or some other thing?  If we create our reality, fear is a huge issue to get over.  We know, for example, that going into the fetal position is a natural posture for protecting the body.  We also know, for example too, that when we are in ecstasy, our bodies do just the opposite; our arms go by our sides, or spread out away from the body, we arc our torso upward, as the heart center, the core of our divine center, is offered up in a posture that is the epitome of surrender and vulnerability.  Oddly enough, it is only when we reach this same inner posture within that we open up to the great mystery of ourselves.  So it is the same with prana.  If you can learn to control prana without breath, you will not be dependent on that method to work for you.  Yes, physical breath is coincident with prana in the etheric body, yes, and use it if it helps you, but there are other more fundamental ways of moving energy and these ways will show you to the very essence of what you are and how you are made.

I know that this all sounds terribly pedantic, but it is in truth my seeking to cut a clear swath through a tangled forest of misconception.  Someone needs to do this I think if we are to get down to the very simple issue of what we are and how we are made.  If we do not, we will mythologize so much of our experience and make the wrong associations with phenomenon.  It is like saying that fire trucks are responsible for fires because they are always where fires are happening.  We all know how silly that notion is, and yet, unless we understand the underlying issues happening, we as humans will tend to create these myths simply because they make sense and appeal to our sense of the dramatic or even magical.

Okay.  I might be a little off topic to you, but here I am, bringing the cattle drive around full circle:  if you let someone else to do the thinking for you, you will not be reflecting and using your own powers of discernment.   As such, you will give your power over to someone or to something that may or may not serve you in your highest.  The legacy we have as people is that we have given too much power to others over the centuries.  No one took it from us, we ceded it willingly.  And yet, for as convenient as it is to have a priest or priestess standing before us to give us a sermon for our consideration, why don’t we do this for ourselves?  We then wind up looking to this person and we wonder why we live the lives we do.  Thing is, your priestess might like to tell stories about going to the beach or riding in a boat, but what you really need to hear about is the power fire has in purifying the soul.  Where are you ever going to get to hear something like that from someone who likes water stories?

Your own soul knows what you need.  It is infinite.  And you have been holding it back like the Dutch Boy with his finger in the dyke, never realizing that if you let go, it would all just flow around you, sweep away all your carefully made things and take you to a place entirely different.  But better.  There is an intelligence that has perhaps escaped you that lives quietly in your very cells and it has the capacity to work wonders for you, and it will happen so effortlessly you might think it was an accident the first few times it works for you.  After a while, though, you might begin to realize as I have that this intelligence works wonders.  It is what I call the genie in the bottle.  It has been corked up inside of you in such a way that you didn’t even realize it existed.  Time to let it out.  Time to make that step into the next.  Beyond the earthly regimentation of what people call light.  The pure light is only discovered in a one-to-one experience within, so listening to yourself is just that important.

We are kind of afraid to step out on our own.

We have to step out on our own if we are ever going to trust ourselves, our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own ideas.  Trust them.  But realize, too, that some of them may be like weeds growing in the garden of your soul that will need to be plucked out.  Again, if you trust your own discernment, something deep inside of you will give you a simple dowsing rod-like ability for knowing what is useful and what is not.  And if you do not get that type of deep intuitive sense, then all you have to do is look at the places where you have the most trouble in your life.  Why is that?  Are you at odds with yourself or others?  If someone is projecting something on to you, even then there is something about you that makes them more susceptible to doing this than with another person.

The guru is within you.  It takes some leaps of cognition in order to realize that this is so and to tap this deep resource.  it is not tapped through ego or normal intellect.  Within the very strands of energy moving through you right now, its voice lies latent but alive.  Somewhere along the line we shut that channel off.  We have become so numb to ourselves that we cannot hear this quiet voice within.  It IS there.  It is in the garden of the soul.  Most of us are used to the closet of our subconscious, which is full of skeletons.  To get to the garden, you go through this closet, clear it out, and realize it never was a closet but the portal to this other part of who you are.  No longer is the subconscious sub anything.  You are effectively knitting together two realms of being and awareness into your day to day.  The effects?

Your intuition will grow stronger.  You will feel more connected.  You will also feel more connected to your authentic wants and see old desires as part of some older way of being that always had a way of getting you hung up.  I once knew someone who had a father who was abusive to her emotionally as a child.  She grew up always attracted to a certain kind of man who always had the uncanny tendency to treat her in a callous fashion.  It was her father all over gain, just in a different person.  She wondered why she had radar for these people.  it was because she had not resolved her feelings about what had happened in the past.  Until she resolved it, she was destined to repeat it even when she said consciously that she was done with it.  See, you can be done with bad behavior in others and tell yourself you do not want to be around that kind of thing, but if there is some hidden part of you that is somehow NOT done with it, it will persist.  To get down at this is what Philip in his gospel had to say about plucking out these weeds in our selves (this gospel is in the Nag Hammadi cache of scrolls discovered in 1945 so many people still don’t know much about it).  Until we do that, the issue continues and we are just trimming our weeds instead of plucking them out of our being.  This is not for the faint of heart, but is itself a transformative process that takes an initial level of courage, but leads to a much better life.  As you do this, your life will change into the thing that you had perhaps always wanted all along.

So listening to yourself has its benefits.  Someone who is caught up in the same karmic struggles as you who is not ready for change will not encourage you to do something different no matter how they might say so up front.  I know.  I had a partner who knew how my problems hung me up in life and said often that I needed to get a handle on my stuff.  When it came time to do that, however, it was as though some inner world was suddenly coming apart for my partner because i was letting go of the karmic threads which we held in common.  Instead of nice taut strands holding the rigging of a mast and sail on some boat, these ropes were now slack and lying all about the deck.  I was no longer concerned about keeping these ropes or threads in their near-constant state of suspension, and this resulted in a period of time when there was a lot of very chaotic behavior on the part of my partner.  In fact, I was able to observe that every single time I released some energetic strand, she responded with an outburst of anger or frustration within 12-24 hours.  I counted up to nine times where this happened over a three month period and stopped counting after that.  It was simply too coincidental to not have been connected.

But wait.  Strands?  What strands?  What on earth am I talking about?  Welcome to the world of energy.  It is all around you, and if you awaken, you will begin to feel it much more clearly as you release your old focus in the world and take on a more inclusive one.  Part of this will be becoming much more aware of energy both in yourself and in others.  It is well known that awakening brings on abilities, what the Hindus call siddhis.  It is a natural byproduct of becoming more sensitive upon awakening.  I mentioned in my first  post how I began to feel the world from the inside out.  Well I did.  I do.  I no longer related to the world of mere appearances but also based on the things inside.  Someone can be telling me one thing and I will sometimes feel another.  I will know, then, that there is a mismatch between what the person says and what they feel deeper down.  We are all like this.  We tell ourselves that we like peace and prosperity even as we lead chaotic and emotionally raw lives.  This is what I mean.  When we can begin to align with what we really are and get really honest with ourselves, there will always be this mismatch, you see.  So these strands are merely energy.  This energy has a vibration based on how this strand is maintained and focused upon.

We actually co-create moment by moment with the prana or life force flowing through us with all of the issues that lie latent within us.  Prana is in a way like clay or water.  It will take whatever form you give it through your belief, feelings and intention.  That means that prana can flow AS it is or as YOU are.  If you are flowing only as you are, you probably wont learn the great lesson that this highly evolved consciousness can offer you.  Yes.  I just said “highly evolved consciousness” and I mean it.  Never considered this to be so?  Read on, because there are even more surprises as we go down this cosmic rabbit hole!  So this energy comes into you and YOU choose what to do with it.  This is why, if you JUST let it flow in you, it can SHOW you HOW to be.

Yes, it will mean changing how you react and respond to the things that you have become habituated to.  It will have effects on your personality, on your sexuality, on your body, and on your belief set.  Much of the material that prana will dredge up  has been shoved down so deep that its now subconscious, and this seems to me through my own observation, to be the key action of awakening, kundalini, or high levels of prana present in your being.  It is so deep in fact that we may only deal with it in dreaming only while feeling unable to get our arms around what problems it presents to us in our day to day lives.  Philip goes on to say that until we do this, it masters us.  We are prisoners and it is our master.  Wise words.  Whatever is unresolved in us gets shaped the same way over and over, and the prana can only be shaped as we believe it must be shaped in us and thus experienced.  But there is more, way way more.

So these strands of karmic material are very real and present a kind of tension that is not flowing but tight.  When you let go of a karmic thread, you will literally feel a sense of relief.  It is like holding on to something heavy for so long that you forgot you were even holding on to it.  But when it goes, it is like you have this epiphany moment.  Sweet release!  Now imagine an engine of change inside of you whose job seems to help you release these threads on a weekly, sometimes daily basis!  After a while, you get used to this act of release.  These energetic releases also change your own inner landscape so that the energy you put out is different.  Now what you are, I have said, will serve as an attractant to people and events in your life.  When you change these threads, you will also change the events and people in your life.  It is just how things work.  But since this force of awakening is bringing you to what you are deeper down, you never let go of things that are not in your highest.  Life does change, and yes this can be hard when you are up close to it, but once you experience this effect enough times, you tend to realize that none of this change is bad for you.  This is the power that your own karmic threads has.  I know for some it will sound like magical thinking, but again, allow yourself to observe the effects for yourself.  the smaller the thread, the smaller the shift.  The bigger the thread, the bigger the shift.  And events will change on a dime the moment you release these threads.  It is how energy and reality work.

To do all of this requires that you look within for the answers.  Sometimes the answers will come through “innocent agents” as I think of them.  You might be thinking about the nature of grace and how this might help you in the next step in your development only to find that people are offering you books on grace, or someone mentions something they saw the day before, all without having heard peep from you about this grace business.  Life is conspiring to help you.  And you are creating this.  Accept the gifts as they come, consider how they might help you without making them into the end-all be-all.  Yes, these events will seem entirely miraculous, but you are creating this attractant in your life.  If you make it into God speaking, it might be that this God is terribly inflexible and also too absolute a form to allow you to consider the broader implications of just such a message from the universe.  If you identify too much with it, you lose sight of the benefit that it can offer you.  Yes, it feels miraculous.  Let it BE miraculous, but let it just be that and nothing more.  Let it lift you, but don’t let it chain you to one way of being only.  You are infinite, so keep things flowing within because the moment you create such stiff conceptual borders, you pen this universal energy in and keep it from going where it needs to go.

This is why thinking for yourself is so important.  How many people lived unrewarding lives simply because the church said that getting divorced was a sin?  or how many people stayed in the closet because someone said their orientation sexually was a sin?  Or what about having a liberal viewpoint was somehow bad, or a conservative one?  The divine has its own directive and when you throw off the shackles of this world you will be able to begin glimpsing it. This doesn’t mean that you become immoral or hard or uncaring or unaware of the plight of others.  On the contrary, you begin more and more to live the life embodies in the term Namaste, which is that the light that is in me sees and salutes the light within you. As you begin to hear this lilting music of the soul, it means you listen more intently in the moment for its presence all around you.  It has been muffled for years as you went about in the clamor and noise of your life.  Now, perhaps for the first time in a long time, you are hungry to know what this presence has to say.

It is interesting because the “voice” of this music is the same voice that is coming from within you.  So given this, why would you put all your chips on any one horse save for the one ready to bolt free within you?

In this long winded way, I have come to explain to you where I am coming from.  It may not be what you expect in learning about awakening, but then, there are plenty of people who like being an authority and will seek that mantle.  YOU are the authority.  When you come at it from this perspective, you can then begin to glimpse more clearly what the divine is.  The Oracle of Delphi was once asked how we could know the gods.  The Oracle replied “Man, know thyself!”  The world is itself a projection of consciousness, at least this is what the ancients have said, and I certainly have to agree based on my own experience (the quantum mechanical view has also suggested this in recent times as well).  If this is so, and if YOU have consciousness, then the pathway to understanding what this consciousness is, is resting within you.  The clearer you become, the clearer the lens through which you are viewing this consciousness is.

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