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Recently while doing some release work I began to see etherically the lines of energy that are called meridians in the Chinese system and the naddis (pronounced “nardi”) in the Indian system. Before I knew what I “had” when I awoke, I became aware of these white lines in the body that I knew were energy and could be affected/healed from a distance.  It was only through some serendipity that I managed to catch on to what it was I was seeing and that it had a name. In the some twenty-five years of sensing energy fields in others, I never picked up on these lines of etheric force that carried prana or qi in the body.  I began seeing it in spades, now, with this thing fast upon me.  But through the release of a lot of blocked material, hundreds, if not thousands of them from big and small, I have come to a place where I am nearly cleared of most major blocks, save for the hardest ones, in the root and sacral. In the last few months, following some significant releases of root blocks, I have come to see things in my body using the third eye or etheric sensing, in a different way.

My inner sensing has become much more detailed.  Imagine a piece of cloth where instead of a thread being a typical small thread, each thread is as small as a fiber in a thread.  Now, imagine the energy body composed of a river of these threads, all contiguous, with color any number of things used to express the character of the energy within it.  In the Hindu system, we see each chakra as having a different color, making up a rainbow.  In my experience, though, there are no colors, only qualities in consciousness, and with that said, the use of images to explain or even perceive them is like a dream image that we can translate.  What was once a white nerve-like channel that had an almost rubber consistency early on has become something far more complex.  I would say that my inner vision has itself cleared a bit.  I think, for healers and body workers who deal with energy, this level of clarity can be incredibly useful.  It can be useful because I found that I was seeing something new that I have never heard described anywhere in any of the books.

I was able to focus my attention on an energy line running up my torso and look down “into” the line.  As I did, I saw something unusual.  At first, I didn’t know what it meant, but it allowed me to tell the practitioner where to focus pressure on an acupuncture point in my body.  This point was smaller than the tip of your finger, and while you can “hit the point”very well, the point was itself made up of a more detailed anatomy that if correct, reveals a kind of holographic characteristic of our energy body, chakras, and the naddis or meridians themselves.  Since this is so new, I am going to continue to observe to see if I can get enough observation to confirm what my gut instinct is telling me is so. If it is what I think it is, it means that blocks in one part of the body can be released through other parts of the body since the system is far more connected than we might even now realize.  It also creates a kind of….poetry of the body wherein how one part of the body that stores a block has a relationship with other seemingly unrelated parts that actually bear a relationship with the stored material that builds a story that flows out of the story of the yin and yang forces in prana and in our own private experience.   The stored part is drawn out by way of the more active portions of the body, flowing up and out of those meridians based on where the energy was stored not just in the chakra centers, but the naddis themselves.

The benefit to releasing stored material by way of the naddis is that you do not need to re-experience the stored emotional material again.  There is no doubt that strong emotions can help stir us, and I have known releases that were very emotional, and worked because they were emotional, but there is also a very direct way to simply release the block in the energy body and poof, gone.  The trap of feeling as though you have to “wrestle” with your emotions packed into various places in your body is that it can keep you caught in its thrall instead of simply letting it go. We have all in some way or another gotten addicted to how our mass of blocked material has made us feel.  It is the devil that we know and when it comes to letting it go, it can be hard.  it is also the way we come to know our authentic selves.  Like grain being threshed, the chaff gets blown away in the wind.  We then realize it wasn’t necessary after all, and may have been a big part of why we have had the problem we have had.  It is this chaff that often tells us who we need to be even if it does not fit us, and when it comes to relating to others, being able to be ourselves is pretty important. When other people focus on that chaff and fall in love with it, we wind up with some explaining to do. Right? Why not be true blue, or work to get that way.  So much happier.  Content.  Safe in the company of others who are like-minded.

So if you are going through awakening and go deep into meditation and are used to and comfortable with using your inner sight, the third eye to see your body, try looking down into the meridians and zooming in on them, especially when you are in a deep state of meditation and see what you see.

I’ll be taking a closer look and hopefully it will be something that will help our healers understand the energy body even more.

I know that as I grew from a child into adulthood that there were those brilliant flashes of insight that came without any rhyme or reason that would light up my life in such a way that they often proved pivotal moments that helped to accelerate thinking and becoming.  Once, when very small, I awoke from a dream in which I had been shown how to ride a bike.  I was all of five years of age and had not been urged to try and ride a two-wheeler.  It was just me and my tricycle.  I loved that thing.  I got it for Christmas.  But its sparkle was dimmed that morning when I went dashing out of the house, skipping breakfast as I ran yelling that I KNEW how to ride a bike.  I hopped on and off I went.  How  on earth could a kid of that age do such a thing?

What caused such experiences like these would remain a mystery in a sense.  Deeper into the knowing, though, I have come to realize that all of this, all of these experiences in my life were akin to pulling back a curtain on myself.  What it has revealed has been one wondrous gift after another.  None of them have been quite so sweet as the sense that we are composed of something more than what our rather stuffy left brains tell us is concensus reality.  We stay boxed into these world views that we are somehow limited when we aren’t.  The challenge is what our senses seem to be telling us.  Everything happens linearly, everything happens a certain way according to what it is we believe is true.  And yet, something glimmers beneath, like some great grey whale of an encounter just beneath the small slip of a boat that is our world view.

There is more.  I am more, you are more.  More than you could ever dream.  And yet, in touching dream, it is all there, waiting for you.

In awakening, all of this has been accelerated and I have been given view after view of things that have been wonderful gifts.  Taken down into the  incredibly small world of atoms and subatomic particles to be shown how the world is threaded with a single needle of purpose and brilliance, and that this needle has two sides which SEEMS to be the heart of duality, but really isn’t was nothing short of an epiphany encounter.  It awaits for the moment when each of us can begin to “get” that our own minds have been playing a trick on us and belief and conditioning has simply come along to codify it, to cast it into some concrete monolith that does not really suit it.  Or us.

Last summer, sitting quietly on my front porch looking up at the night sky I felt that familiar pull into that grey whale of an experience.  The curtain was pulled back for me to view and a voice that was not a voice spoke and showed me yet again how it is we are composed and revealed in sparkling clarity a mystery which has lain at the center of this talk of the dual current that moves up our bodies and fires off the flame of awakening; Shakti and Shiva, the yin and yang.  The dual serpents of kundalini.  In simple terms I was shown how the energy moves up through the body….less as a linear current and more as a presence.  But for simplicities sake, lets take the old school approach and say it was a current.  This presence within me showed how awakening is not just promised for each of us, but is actually insured by HOW we are actually designed neurologically, energetically, physically.  In that one moment, it was explained why the left brain controls the right and why right brain controls the left, and how this is significant for us in our evolutionary spiral.  I am not widely read, but I do pick up things here and there as I pick from the buffet of information out there and I have simply never come across anything quite like this.  Why not?  Perhaps somewhere, there is some dusty scroll that contains this information, and if it is mainstream, I have yet to hear of it.  But in understanding this insight into how the current of the TWO moves through us in a very specific way, a new world emerges where the very design of our being is turned on its head.  How can we be the broken beings so often mentioned in old books that seek to explain why life is so hard and trying?  We just never really understood what was at the root of all of this trial.  It wasn’t some angry god or fate or any of that, for this one simple insight that came last summer to me that erased all of that.  If what I saw or came into knowing is to be believed, the world is in fact entirely misunderstood by some of us and the realization emerges that we simply have been seeing it all wrong.  This insight is nothing short of a grand epiphany, and if it has not been spoken of before, it will help many to realize how it is that the energy of awakening can lead to the enlightened state.  Without dogma or myths or beliefs, but a very simple mirroring effect that is at once in the energetic template of our etheric being AND in the physical body as it also points or shows very clearly that reaching into the crown for the highest vibration is actually not some elusive thing, but a VERY physical thing and that it has been created entirely by design in each of us.  All of us.  Personally, I think such a realization is actually cause for celebration.  

This insight is one of many and I am not giving away the store because I have these and others like it teased out of the ether over the last seven years of my awakening experience in the form of a book I am working through that I hope to bring forth for what it is worth for those who like to chew on substantive material.  At least I think it is of substance, and someday soon, you will get to judge for yourself.  It isn’t that this post is about specific insights, but HOW such insight can literally change how we view the world and how we understand who and what we are within it.

The Hindus often speak of the abilities that come with awakening as those things that we ought not tarry around, but to keep our eyes fixed on the star of our greater becoming.  In a sense I agree, but you know, if we all did that in our lives, nothing of any substance would be brought forward.  Consider a gift that you have and consider having someone saying that you ought to ignore that ability or gift in favor of something more.  Perhaps, dear reader, all of this, all of life and everything in it is that something more and we, locked into rigid conceptualizations of HOW we think things need or should be,  miss the boat on the golden glints in the sands of our journey through this experience which could bring such fulfillment to all of us.  Think how the world would be had the great composers of music followed the promptings of the yogis of old and simply kept their discoveries and creations a secret.  What if Monet had simply chosen to set his brushes aside and instead just looked at those haystacks and ponds and smiled.  For him, perhaps an epiphany, but for the rest of us, a poverty. What if Carl Jung had simply chosen to keep his insights to himself?  What if Jesus had chosen to remain silent in the desert and kept to sawing wood and being filled with the Holy Mother of Spirit as she ducked and dove within the Father as he remained entirely mute?

When we choose to use our gifts for raising ourselves up selfishly, perhaps some tarnish comes to our souls.  Perhaps our own vision is diminished even as we seek to look far.  But what if, like children, we act upon our insights and choose to share our basket of goodies with the rest of our friends and thus make the world around us richer?  What if Edgar Cayce had chosen not to dream and speak in his dreaming?  And what if the great orator and mover of hearts, Martin Luther King, had chosen not to dream?

Dream. All of you.  Make them big and be daring.  Be full of possibility, and plunder the great wellspring that is your infinite self.  Do it shamelessly and often.  Be willing to just give it all away on a moment’s notice if you must.  The world needs more of you.  The world needs it like a thirsty man who has crawled through the desert needs water.  We thirst and hunger for it even as our reach may move beyond our grasp.  This has always been the way it has been.  And yet, we move forward, sometimes inching, sometimes bounding.  At a certain point we will find ourselves no longer struggling and crawling on hands and knees, but dancing ecstatically,  arms raised to sun and moon and to that compass that criss crosses the sky of our becoming.  It will always point both heavenward and earthward.  Inside and outside.  The moment we think it is “out there” is the moment we are moved to see what is within us.  It isn’t one or the other.

So dream big.  Pull back the curtain.  See all that you can see, and share your basket.  Do not fear your ability or gift, whatever it is.  You are one of us.  All of us.  And you need us as much as we need you, if only to remind us of that one important insight that could be yours and which will become ours and which could serve to move mountains in the most surprising of ways.  You really never  know.  So dance like you mean it.  Ecstatically.

The gift is what each of us is.  We are each reminding each of us what we are.  Some will seek shadow while some will seek light.  I suppose all of it will prove to be of some benefit in ways we can scarcely imagine.

So try to imagine.


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