KundaliniCreative energy is by its very nature the force that breaks through old forms, opens the flower bud, that gives new form to old ideas, new ideas to old forms, and is entirely blissful all at the same time.  The truth is, we feel great when we are creative.  On top of the world.  A million bucks. Nothing can stop us.

When the left and the right brains work together, like man and woman, this experience, which most people find to be so intimate that they want to be alone or feel alone in order to get themselves to the place where they can “do it” (be creative) is so much so like how we feel about entering into an intimate situation with another.  We want to be alone.  We get excited, we sit on the edge of our seats, we become utterly seduced by our first ideas which then lead to more ideas.  It all seems a mystery until the second that it happens.  We try all sorts of different ideas, sketches, designs, or ideas.  We play with them like a child plays with blocks.  And then somehow, it all clicks into place.  The inspiration fills us and the information flows.  As if through some unknown crack in the wall, the water of life pours through to us and enlivens us and nourishes us. You have to let lose that tight hold you have on yourself.  You aren’t going to come undone in any other way than what will be perfect.

This flow is in the body the flow of the negative force and the positive forces merging.  In the brain it is how the left and right hemispheres work together to develop ideas that neither of the two could ever hope to do alone.  the very masculine left brain has all sorts of ideas, but those ideas are just that.  A nub of something, but “he” brings it to the feminine and she takes it into herself in order to dream it anew, to do her work of nurturing the idea.  Something magic happens when the two qualities merge; they create more energy then they could ever do alone.  It is just what happens when two people who love each other or who are interested in one another come before each other; there is an expansion of energy, there is a seduction that takes place, a very beautiful experience unfolds.  But to do so, in both instances, in both cases, requires a good degree of vulnerability.  In both intimacy and in creativity, one has to “put ones self out there” in order to realize the greatest rewards.  To do this means surrender, letting go, and in that letting go we allow the great mystery of the experience to unfold.  This is where the higher self steps in.  This is where you don’t have to know anything, for you will be filled.  An entire career’s worth of work can emerge in such moments, and often has.  The mystics call this the All.

To feel it, you embody it.  to embody it, you feel it.  You allow yourself to let go.  You release fear and anxiety.  It flows in you, you see.  Love to be creative, love to feel this love.  Creativity is certainly this; love.  You cannot feel its flow when angled down into fear.  You simply have to be willing to stick your neck out a little and not worry about what others will think.  You need to love the feeling more than anything.  Luckily, that feeling feels better than anything.

So come out of that cage.  We each have it.  Inside each of us, a wild tiger lives whose blood runs thick and hot and whose primal force can become the fuel for amazing things.  Within each of us lies the fire.  For some, it is but a small ember.  For others, the flames burn wildly as others stand back, jealous and in wonder over how anyone could be so free.

Don’t be afraid to dream your wildest dreams.  Read Whitman and yelp and be free and don’t worry over practicality or marketability.  This is your freedom and surely no price can be placed on that.  Not everyone will recognize it as important or worthy.  It doesn’t need to be.  Only you need to recognize it and feel it.  if you feel it only because of another, it really isn’t authentic.  Don’t seek the approval of others, only your own authentic experience as the guide.  You can thus become a beacon to others including yourself.

To dream in this way means you are willing to journey with no idea what you will find. It was always been in such efforts that incredible surprises are most often found, so be willing to follow your instinct and wild hairs and go off the path into the woods once in a while because great things lay in wait, conspiring to make your life more interesting.

Create, ooze with the joy and wonder that lives inside of you.  Give birth to tall tales, brilliant musical masterpieces, wonderful drawings and stories and lyrics.  Goodness knows we need this to help dilute the constant drumbeat of war and trouble in the world. Replace the trouble with beauty and wonder and the world will question why we must look at things always from the worst case scenario instead of simply sharing our sandbox space and playing nice with one another.  In the brilliant days of childhood exist all the great lessons of humanity.  Dwelling in that place is far preferred to the more shadowed lands we seem to have been inhabiting as of late.  Humanity hungers for the light and cool waters of spirit and creativity to renew it and give it hope.  Without it, why continue?

So continue.  Be bold, bear your truth bravely and honestly, whatever that truth might be.  If nothing else, be an inspiration even if others think you an ideologue.  Stand tall and see magic around every corner; it is beckoning you, you know. run like children down the pathways of discovery to find what is next in line for you and the rest of us.  If given the choice of hopefulness or hopelessness, doesn’t hope seem so much better the choice to take?  And in taking it, grasp and hold it evermore.