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I want to take a moment to tell you about someone who has figured strongly in my awakening journey.  I want to mention her because of how much experience she has in the arena of energy, consciousness, and awareness.  There is the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives.  For me, this was true.  I wasn’t going to find a traditional teacher, though, this much is true, but at a very specific point in my awakening when I began questioning what it was that I was reading and hearing about the phenomenon (Twin Souls/Flames especially), she came along at just the right time. We struck up a friendship and would have conversation about the process of awakening, consciousness, and how we can recreate our lives to find a better way.

My friend is a professional psychic intuitive and has worked in the field for decades.  She is not a fortune-teller but is someone who uses her gifts to supercharge change for her clients.  She has worked with individuals, couples, groups, and businesses large and small.  Her gifts have been used on start-up projects that have gone on to do big business, to couples who are wanting to get married.  Big or small, Ali has helped people from every walk of life.  She is like a big fish that you would never realize is the big fish because of how humble and soft spoken that she is.

My friend and guide was born with gifts that were off-the-chart incredible.  Talking to her at first, it wasn’t readily apparent just who I was dealing with, but as time rolled on I began seeing the evidence of her gifts.  I have been lucky to have known her since 2008 to the present day.  I have gone through my own contortions and difficulties during that time, have remained dedicated to pushing my own envelope of understanding and find that my friend is still there as brilliant and as insightful as ever….and forgiving of my own difficulties when I try to push them onto others (we call that projection!).

What is so amazing about my friend and her gifts is that she was not born with the “veil” that most have.  If you ask me how this veil works, I will tell you that I think it is very simply a process related to our development here. It is also how our brain works in consort with consciousness and the way that some parts of the brain actually “brake” other parts that have the ability to process information that doesn’t come from the five senses. I say this because I have had my own forays into this realm, perhaps just enough to get me into trouble.  But in truth, Ali is like that person who didn’t get programmed to be like everyone else and the barriers that most people have, she doesn’t.  I know for my friend, based on having known her over the years, living this way can be very hard because you feel EVERYTHING.  The other side is super crazy and over-the-top psi ability. My own sense is this is part personal interest that accrues over lifetimes, but can also be a feature of the awakened state.  Kundalini, after all, is said to bring many abilities, and Ali has had this since she can remember.

I think most people who have done the work like she has simply are at a place where they no longer need to reincarnate here, so perhaps this is why we don’t see a lot of these types of people. People like her are rare.  I know in my own experience that I am showing evidence of pulling back the curtain through a growing memory of past lives both here in this reality as well as others. Perhaps you have also been experiencing this very thing yourself, so you might know what I mean firsthand.  I know that along with awareness there seems to be a willingness or ability to begin using our minds in ways that are contrary to how most are taught here on Earth….all of which contributes to enough of a difference that we begin to see more and more open windows through consciousness.  At least, this has been my observation thus far. But the point is, my friend is so clear she can get to the crux of a problem so fast that you will be left wondering what just happened.

I am writing about my friend because I want you to know her.  I am telling you this because more people need to know about her because the gifts she has are remarkable.  While she is a healer, her healing work is so incredibly versatile that she can do her work over the phone and literally work a miracle for you inside of twenty minutes if you are ready.  These things happen so fast that I am left wondering what just happened sometimes.  It’s hard enough living in a world that wants to pooh-pooh these things as it is, but if you suspend disbelief and go into work with her with an open mind and a ready heart, there is nothing that you can’t do with her help.  I know I am waxing grandiose here…but let me explain…

A number of years ago my friend came to visit my home in Virginia.  While she was here I had been invited to a gathering by a family friend and I took my friend along.  A lot of the people there knew me and were curious about who she was and why she was there with me. My friend explained that she is a healer and an intuitive.  In minutes, she was in the next room conducting impromptu sessions with people whom I have known since I was a kid.  My friends looked at me before we left to go home, “Where did you find her?  Oh my goodness, she is the real deal!” I have watched my friend as she has held healing sessions with friends, and I have seen what she has been able to do for me over the years.  It has remained consistent in terms of her level of ability. Yes, she is the real deal.  My friend is remarkable, a real talent, and I feel fortunate to know her.  I feel fortunate because for so long I didn’t know anyone who liked to talk about the things I like to talk about in terms of our hidden potential as beings here, or how to tap into alternate layers of consciousness, or how events begin to change as consciousness is used differently.  When she does work with her clients things can change on a dime.  I don’t know why she shouldn’t be a household name.


My friend is Alison Neville.  She lives in California and she has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and an ability to read and heal energy.  She has had these gifts her whole life.  She began to learn to use them in her twenties and has been doing so up to the present.  Her “toolkit” is so inclusive that there isn’t a situation that she can’t work through with aplomb.  As a result, Alison doesn’t employ methods or scripts, she just goes into a session and uses what needs to be used at the time.  Each session can be wildly different one from the other.  It is because of this that her work is so beneficial.  You aren’t getting a script, you are getting real boots on the ground work. It is why sometimes when I start a conversation with her I might wind up completely surprised with what comes up because of something that her inner guidance says that puts us on an unexpected trail.  More about this in a moment. I will say that if you find yourself wanting her help, all you need to do is to be clear about what you want to cover because she will do that so long as you are honestly seeking to get to a better place.

You don’t have to believe in this phenomenon in order to benefit from what Ali does.  But what Ali does is not some cute parlor trick.  I have spent sustained time with her over the years and there was no way that she was able to gather all the information beforehand just in order to make it seem as if she had a gift.  You know what I am talking about here; the cynical skeptic, who, no matter how much proof they are shown, refuses to concede that there might be something to what she does.  This is probably an occupational hazard for her, but either you want help or you don’t….and even for  cynical skeptics Ali delivers in spades.  It makes you wonder why someone would fake it if they were so incredibly good at bringing solutions to your life that work so well? I guess I don’t think about those things because I have been around Ali so much over the years and I know that it’s real.

In the beginning of our correspondence and discussions, Ali helped me to remove or heal a long-standing issue from my childhood as it related to my Mother.  It was a thorny problem that had eluded me for about forty years.  It had developed at a time that was so early in my life that I had lost all hope of being able to use memory as a doorway for getting to it and healing it.  Ali showed me that these kinds of things are always accessible and so we used feeling (instead of memory) as the doorway.  One moment I was talking to her on the phone in my car headed to the studio and the next moment I am settling down in a chair in the studio, the lights off, with her speaking and taking me into a guided meditation.

The effect of healing this issue was like correcting something that had been wrong for years inside of me that I had been projected outward as something that I believed was a problem with the world, or my Mother. Gently my perception was turned ’round so that I was able to see it in the right way.  Once seen in the right way, once truly heard and examined without the distorting lens of my beliefs about it, this healed very quickly and righted itself.  That was in 2008 when that happened.  It changed my relationship with my Mother from that day onward.  Having been in the mental health field as a counselor for years, my Mother wondered how on earth I was able to heal something from such an early place in my life.  I had help from Ali.

That experience is emblematic of the huge leaps forward I have been able to make.  The truth is that the vaulting would not have been possible without her help.  When I write in my blog about having had an energetic “reset” years ago that helped my energy field become many times more sensitive, it was Ali who helped with that.  Yes, it was hard to deal with, but just when I thought my sensitivity had gone through the roof in awakening, what she was able to do for me showed me that there was no ceiling on our roof at all as my energetic system was put into orbit.  I’m not exaggerating, here.  My being able to understand how grace is tied to creativity, that was Ali.  My being able to step into my authentic self in many important ways, it was in that time when she and I were conversing and she was sharing her insight with me. I had simply manifested the influence that my soul needed most for that time.  Now I sense that there are others who also need it.  They might not know it is so, but that is how these things happen.

Just last week I was visiting her helping her with some marketing work for her business (and going to visit a regression hypnotist/counselor) and while talking one morning before breakfast, we wound up in a healing session. This wasn’t something we had talked about, it just happened.  A block that had eluded me my entire awakening was resolved inside of forty minutes.  Just like that. I could feel into my own field in a way that I had not felt before….maybe ever.  This was so important for me because I knew that if I was ever going to do any healing work myself, I knew that I could not be working with people unless I myself was healed….that was my own bit of guidance.  So this outcome was really important for me on many levels.  How I feel and relate to my energy now is very different.  Wow.

When I went out to swim in the ocean later I began hearing a voice speaking clearly within me that I had not been able to hear before. The block in the root had kept me from being able to hear clearly something that has been a part of my life and my soul existence for a very very long time.  It was like the cherry on the top hearing and feeling this presence that I simply could not meet or feel or hear until I did this work. As we open and clear ourselves we are more able to use our innermost senses in a more dependable and less distorted way. At least, that is how it seems to me.  The clearer we are, the less invested we are in an agenda.  The source of all life is supportive and free from agenda beyond that of love.  I find that as I go through this process, this is what I am moving into each day. How do I learn from Source?  How do I learn from Ali?

Some of what Ali does is energy healing.   How she does this from a distance over the phone is the remarkable part.  While much of what she does can be understood through the lens of known healing modalities, Ali has explained that much of what she does is the result of her own inner connection to what she calls her “guidance” which always seems to know exactly what needs to be done at just the right moment.  So it might be energy healing on the one hand,  the next minute it might be reading an ancient time line, a past life, or speaking with a relative that has passed.  She might do something completely unexpected, even for her, within the span of a session.  In short, there IS no pattern, every single session is unique.  If you watch true pros you will find that they don’t have scripts that they speak from.  They embody what they do. Ali is one of these pro’s.  It’s what made our talks so interesting.  Maybe someday she and I will put our heads together and do a book about these talks. It would be so interesting I think for the very reason that none of it would be scripted, not even once.  You just have no idea.

There is sometimes this freewheeling feeling in a session with her where you are asked to consider what life might look like outside of your own perceptual box.  Now she has you beginning to set up the very conditions for transforming your life, maybe without even realizing it.  By helping to surrogate the energy necessary for rebuilding the conception of what you think your life could be, she serves as this bridge to what your life will be once you decide to take that one little step into what seems like a vast cosmos. It can happen so fast you don’t even see it coming.  You might not even realize that she is holding you in that place, holding the seed of it and waiting it for it to germinate and to find it’s root in a new level of your life. You can actually root yourself in what seems to be a new cosmic place…..maybe it was just a place you never thought was even possible for you. We have chosen all of this, our choices are just that; choices.  Those choices may have represented the very best thing you could imagine.  There was a time when we built rockets that went up only thousands of feet and thought that was an amazing feat, but within a decade we were sending rockets into orbit around the earth.  Then we went to other planets.  You see what I mean?  Working with Ali can be like this.  The limitation is that you think you are limited.

And that is just it.  We each stand at the edge of a limitless cosmos and all along it is we who are limiting and choosing what we will experience.  Yes, you are in a body.  Yes, you are focused in this reality with a set of senses physically.  You are also more than just this one body.  So I ask, what on earth are you waiting for? 

As a result, Ali is one of the most innovative healers ever.  Missing a loved one who passed?  She can tap into that person right now and help fill in any gaps that you might have.  Have difficulty with your supervisor and don’t know why? Ali can dig into that and help to explain what is at work.  Not only that, but she will take your hand and show you how to heal it.  Poof!  Now everything has changed for you with your supervisor and anyone else after that who is like that supervisor.

Maybe it is a challenge with a relationship.  Maybe it is with a parent (like me) or with a spouse, a child, or a friend, it really doesn’t matter, that is how flexible her gifts are.  Maybe you can’t quite understand why the relationship dynamic is the way it is.  Not only can Ali help shed light on it, she can also help you to change everything about it on a dime if you are ready.  Maybe you are starting a business or you want to take your business to another level–Ali can tell you exactly the things you will need to work on in order to manifest that type of abundance in your life and to make it work with the fewest hangups as possible.  You of course need to be ready and you need to make yourself available. But if you can be as innocent as a child, you will not only change things for good, you will have great fun doing it because that is just how Ali is.  Ali is remarkable.  I want you to know about her gifts because I have been helped so much, my friends have been helped, and people that she knows have also been helped. I was able to do in half an hour what might take people years using traditional talk therapy.  I actually think therapy has its place, but what Ali does is she cuts out all of the preamble and gets right to the issue at hand.  The only problem with this might be that you might think that there is no way that she can cut to the chase so fast.  Way.

There are no accidents.  You are the one who needs to hear this right now.  Her gifts are amazing and more people need to know, and now I am telling you.  I have nothing to sell and nothing to gain. If there was a time when her skills were needed, that time is now. If you do get in touch with her and work with her, come back here and leave a comment  about your experience. I want the world to know. I want you to know.

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Everything you believe is the world making you feel a certain way and is just you feeling and responding from a place that is constituted by your own inner dialog of beliefs about what you think the world is all about (and everything in it- people and their actions as well as events and everything else in the world).

I have spent a lifetime sensing energy. I did this as a result of an inner sense that awakened in me when I was much younger. Its been 35 years now, and I have collected a vast amount of observational data about this inner sense, and a majority of it has been checked to see if what was seen energetically has a basis in that person’s real life (the person being read). The result has been consistently accurate observations.

Through decades of this awareness I found that my gift afforded me an objective reality about how things were as it has been expressed energetically through people and their inner light. When I awakened two decades later, what I found was that while the feeling side of my inner sensing trebled with awakening, I was also reacting to energy in a much less objective way. A sudden turnabout!

I used to think that I felt everyone’s energy in the early days of my awakening when I was experiencing what I thought was a bewildering barrage of energy. What I found was that no, I actually was not doing that. I was only able to determine this through observing many cases of my own reaction to these energetic reactions. Most people I have spoken to about this topic of feeling other people’s energy, and its clear to me that everyone believes they are accurately feeling everyone’s energy. What’s actually happening, in my experience, is a large part of what this post is about….which is how subjective our inner senses can become.

Let me try and explain how this works. First, we do feel energy from others internally, brought to us courtesy of at least a degree of nonduality. Nonduality is what allows us to feel the energy of another person in my observation. Nonduality means “no other” and helps express a fundamental character of consciousness that allows us,to perceive life as utterly connected with everything. A result of this state is that we can feel the energetic state of another as if its our own. We may in fact be feeling the energy directly and even accurately at the outset. But then once that is done, everyone begins to distort that energy right away simply by adding their own reaction to the energy experience. I say this because I have done it and I have observed up close others I have known doing it also. In one case a person I knew who believed she was an empath described my energy in a way that it became clear that she was experiencing her own energetic state and not my own. How’s that for taking projection to a whole new level?

A person with a clear connection to high-order energy through the higher self can be picked up by another person and interpreted in highly distorted ways, such as fear-based reactions which is the most common reaction it seems. Yes, we can sense others’ energy, bit sadly most of my boots on the ground experience has shown me that a large part of it has been distorted or filtered through a persons own inner biases or worldview (yes really). Its a state that has led me to being single and uninterested in relationships with people who claim awakening. No thank you, not until you have your shit worked through.

I have actually seen a person try to make me into a stand-in for a person that the individual sensing me knew decades in the past who had abused that person. This then resulted in an assumption that I was also an abuser even though no abuse had occurred. This sounds crazy, but this gets even stranger, and it helps to show how a person distorts the truth that is right in front of them. Adding the idea that they are awakened only makes that person even more delusional. It results in those prone to emotional dishonesty to further delude themselves by thinking because they awoke no way their perceptions could be wrong! Right? These are the things train wrecks are made of.

This person went on to allege that I was assaulting my students sexually. I can’t begin to tell you how scary it is to be caught up in a lie like this. For men wrongfully accused, the public treats this kind of accusation as the truth first (its because people overwhelmingly have a bias that makes them think why would a woman lie about something like this?). Add to that that this person was involved in fielding complaints from students as well as faculty and staff at the school where I teach, and what you have is very effective cover for a person who is seeking to destroy someone, like me, for trivial reasons. Yes, it actually happened just like this. When I confronted this person she said that she had a right to free speech, effectively defending her supposed right to say anything she wanted to say…even if it was a lie as well as a subversion of an oath she made professionally when she began this type of work. Really. Imagine being railroaded by something like this! And no, the accusation was not true in the least. I have never behaved in a way anywhere near to approaching sexual harrassment or assault (her words were “assault”). If this had been the case, I would have been fired from my job years ago. Instead, I continued to teach and was kept in after the curriculum changed that ended the classes that i taught. I was told that I was an asset to the department and I went on to teach graduate courses and other course material tangentially related to my field. My evaluations from my students were all in the excellent range all but my first year teaching (I was a green teacher at first!). I continued to teach until voluntarily stepping down in order to pursue my studio business full time two years ago. I never once had a single discipkinary action taken against me related to sexual harrassment or assault as had been alleged by this person. Its hard, though, when people will believe a lie before the truth, but this is the unfortunate case in our culture. Women have and continue to smear men with accusations such as these. ..and we believe them. We believed the story in Rolling Stone a few years back until it was revealed that the story had in fact been made up. Meanwhile, the male students caught in this deception had their lives and reputations ruined.

One more aspect needs to be added here. I copied and archived all of these accusations when I began to see that they were happening. The accusation this person made stated that I was insinuating myself into others energy simply because I could and because of my being awakened. These accusations were full of paranoid suppositions and assertions that were designed to scare the crap out of a person reading it. It probably made for dramatic reading, but none of it was true.

The reality? The reality is that when I read an article that I think is insightful I often comment on it if I have the time to do so. At no point do I somehow glomb onto another person’s energy. In my experience, these kinds of energetic events that this person was saying I was engaged in were for me events that were rare and hapoened spontaneously (both felt the energy and both embraced it in a consenting fashion). In my life I have experienced the “twin soul” phenomenon and have experienced three connections that were of this order of magnitude. The person in question was one of these people.

The Take away from this experience was that people absolutely can, and do, completely get it wrong and do so on a regular basis. In my case maybe you could say God-Source was trying to get my attention with an uncredibly overblown example of just how far people can and do get tjings wrong that they “feel” about another person. And maybe, too, part of the take away was for me to be able to see the abuse of power that people engage in on a daily basis in state and governmental institutions every day. The pount here, this person backed all of this up with “I know this because I am an empath.”

When I look at the daily news about Russia-gate for example, I see this very same quality of human mayure at work. I was jyst watching interviews with Bill Binney, an NSA whistleblower who first revealed how the government was spying on the American peoole prior to 911. He has shown through careful analysis that all of the assertions made about the Gussifer attack is false. The consequences involve Mueller being in posession of classified documents from the NSA for which he has zero clearance for and which is a felony and may actually run afoul of the espionage act. Really. But where on the news have you heard this startling revelation? Nowhere except independent sources not beholden to higher corrupt powers. Meanwhile, people who believe that yhe msinstream media is an unimpeachable source to be trusted buy into the lie and we are carried along on the current, and consequences, of that lie. As result the lie has to be supported, told over and over, which naturally leads to still more lies (or you get found out as a liar). This is the problem; too much pride to admit you were in the wrong or that you sought to deceive.

All of this stems from energy a person feels and then turned into an elaborate and convoluted lie that went on for years. Can we distort the energy as we feel it inside of ourselves? Absolutely! There is what is andvthen there is our reaction to what is. Those, dear reader, are two compleyely different realities very often. Most often. In fact, im not sure I have never encountered a completely clear channel that didn’t “futz” with the data coming through them. We are like stained glass windows always coloring the pure white light coming through us. So yes, it happens. It even happens to me. But what I do is I try to learn from it by getting down into the underlying source of the problem. This is no mean task because it has taken me years in some cases to dig down bto the roots in order to reveal them and lay the axe to them.

Over the years I have found that in the three cases where I had a strong connection to other people, there were patterns related to how we were drawn together. Some were karmic but one was not. When I feel the energy of another person I can now learn a lot about where I am in my own inner process by how I respind energetically to them. To do this requires me to be aware that there is even a reaction going on. Its actually very easy, deceptively easy, to miss the part where you are creating a reaction. This reaction turns into a feeling and the feeling gets turned into a judgement. All of this happens so fast, so effortlessly, that its seemingly impossible to catch that its even happening.

The best way to tell if what I’m telling you is the truth is to do the work and see if you can catch what I have caught in upur day yo day interactions with people or events. You have to be able to bring the Observer or Witness self into the equation in order to properly observe this tendency in us. This is a very neutral part of yourself. Highly mental people have a harder time getting to open to it than others who are more intuitive. It might also be achieved by asking simple questions of people who all saw or experienced the same event. The key is in asking non-leading questions that elicit honest responses and then look at what you get.

This is a bit of a digression, but its important to show how our individual belief and bias forms our reality inside our heafs and even our hearts.

I only responded to energy that had a ressonant frequency that was either the same or opposite of my own. I could turn on my inner energy sensing of the human energy field, read an aura, see all aspects present in a person, but all of it was without feeling. I saw as one would see a bird, a tree, or a stone. Simple. When I felt like I was really feeling another, I was mostly responding to something similar in myself. In other cases, I would feel an opposite or complimentary energy of feeling. The issue that I never saw at first was that I wasn’t really responding and feeling their energy, I was only responding to how I felt about that person and their energy…or even sometines only one small element or aspect in that person.

Lets say I had a bad experience with a person whose energy feels expansive. After that, I might haveca bad association to anyone whose energy is expansive, say. But all of the people downstream from that initial event may in fact have been perfectly fine people who dont show a disregard for others, say. In my mind, though, my fear takes the day and rules over it. I feel fear and it makes me think I am feeling genuine fear about that person in my presrnt moment who just reminds me of this person from years ago. At this point, Im now caught in a feeling and because I believe my insights are always right, I buy into my feeling. I might buy into it so much that create lies that i tell about a person much like happened to me. Since this kind of behavior is hard for me to relate to, its hard for me to always understand what the motivating factor is for some people. Maybe its because the motivating factor is always different for each person….and that makes it hard for me to relate to or to understand? Perhaps.

So in my experience, whenever i was engaged in this type of interpretive behavior, I effectively was cherry picking what I was feeling….and my own response to another person was only my response. I brought my own judgements, ideas, and biases about whatever it was into the moment. I have had conversations with healers, some quite gifted, and while they have picked up on a host of very valid things in regards to their clients, choosing to feel a certain way has always been a very personal affair. What Im saying is we can’t ever really know how a person feels about what it is that they might be feeling. You might think that no, we all feel the same way, but you would be wrong I think.

I have had feelings picked up by healers or empathic people that didnt bear on me at all….but they picked up on it not because it was a prominent aspect of my own inner landscape, but they were picking it out from a lineup of many other elements because it stuck out for them.

Its hard to be completely clear as a healer. A number of years ago I had a reading by this man who said to me that I came here to go into the healing arts. I said that my inner guidance had told me that I needed to work on me first in order to be as clear and thus as neutral as possible before I did healing work.

In Native American healing arts the most healed person in the tribe was the healer most often. They were a healer for the very reason that they were neutral. Because they didn’t carry a wound like your own was precisely the reason why they were so good at healing you. They were able to go right into the energy and supplant their own energy as a ressonant field or realm of influence that the patient’s own energy would naturally atune itself to. This is what I call entrainment. By holding a vibration strongly and clearly enough, others naturally come into the same vibration as you…provided that they consent and are open and ready for it.

Bring an unhealed energy into the same healing session and its probable that nit only wont you heal that person, you will only make their issues worse by sending them into the wrong direction. As a result, its very important to either be a clear channel or use healing methods that don’t even bring feeling into it. You could very easily be injecting what it is your thinking about a client rather than what is. The man conducting my reading went on to explain that I would achieve this clarity by beginning to learn methods for healing. Perhaps he was right, and as a result of this I decided to learn about a healing modality called Reiki Tummo.

I found after years of digging deep and systematically clearing my field that some things eluded me. Reiki Tummo provided a timely method for reaching into a place that I had felt stuck on in my clearing process. I also found that people who I thought the universe had sent along the way as teachers or catalysts usually only served to bring up old junk that could best be healed in a solitary way. Some people even served as a retrograding force. Some woukd call these people mirrors but what I found was that no, they were all seeing their own junk in their own way, often while wanting to project the stuff that they couldn’t face up to themselves onto others. This is like being in a tar pit and not really wanting out even though you are thrashing around acting like you are. Instead, the person just wants you dragged down into the tar with them. They just need love and some sympathy but they also need a good dose of self reliance, a belief in themselves instead of relying on others to do the work that is only theirs to do. Beware the tar pit people!

Do your work, remain humble, seek what is true and expect to be human all the way…but also expect the higher self to have more and more purchase in you for helping you to move mountains. It is possible if you cultivate a sense of devotion to those forces in you that can bring powerful healing much like how a miracle comes. Sudden…almost unexpectedly.

Everything you feel about others remains full of your own inner biases. It isn’t as though you can’t know things, it’s that in such close quarters its hard to see what is truly theirs and what is yours. So be slow to judge, and be observant. Sometimes it is more about you than you might care to admit. I’ll admit that this is so for me. The yoke will grow easy.

I am a work in progress. Will this observation be superceded by a still clearer version of the truth…time will tell. Until later….



There is a curious problem that has dogged us for a very long time when it comes to healing work.  In our wisdom, we often feel that we know what the truth is about others.  While it can be so easy to see what is true and how it is that we think they need to change, we are also bound by our own biases which are most often unrecognized.  Cognitive Bias is an interesting thing because its roots lay in our past experience and it governs what we think we see, how we feel and respond to the events around us.  Get five people all with different Cognitive Bias’s  into the same room watching the same event take place and you will likely get five different takes on the same event that they all observed.  Not just this, but such bias also governs what we do, what we buy, what we create, and how we live our lives.

I teach the lesson of Cognitive bias to my students in art in order to illustrate through a series of simple exercises how it is that such bias blinds them or limits what ideas they come up with in art. What works in art also works in life because these biases aren’t about what can or cannot be made in art, but are more fundamentally about the choices that we each make.  So the bias that limits you in art class could govern your eating habits, your political affiliation, your sexual orientation, and many beliefs (at least potentially).  When these biases are recognized and then removed or dealt with effectively, you are more free or open to choose different things for yourself.  This also means, that as a helper, healer, or facilitator for someone’s own inner change, we also can see and understand in a broader way what tools they might need.  The tricky thing though is that we are literally laden with biases, and these continue to serve as blind spots for how we see and respond to the world, people, and things.


The self is itself a land-mine of subconscious material that most have not gotten their hands around.  Most often, those who DO get their hands around the issue are left without the desire to tell the world just how wrong or off track it is.  Each soul, you see, comes to this.  The work of healing or being a healer is one that is a tender balance and awareness that while some methods or advice may work, there may also be things that we ourselves cannot see because we just have certain blinders that are entirely subconscious (or nearly so).


One of my friends who is a healer of over twenty years has recently come to the realization that it is not her job to heal the world, but to heal her own.  In so doing, her life and all that it attracts has quickly begun to change.  As a result of this, the clients who beat down her door are no longer dealing with the splits in their psyche or souls, but are now instead working on very different issues.  What once was about trouble with relationships and issues of blame-making and personal irresponsibility emotionally are now about abundance, about getting out of people’s way so they can soar, about being supportive but without having to “fix” anything.  The healing work she does, then,  is changing from fixing people to empowering them. But don’t misunderstand…..these are people who already have so much working right, they  simply are absent the old glitches and problems. They are now merely wanting to know how to make things even better than they are.


As I resolve old issues latent within me, these blocks that lift and fall away (you can actually FEEL this as it happens) I find that it’s as if I enter into a different world.  It feels like the world I was once in has shifted, as though there are countless versions of the world, individual worlds, all working through what they are working through and by changing what is in me, I change either my focus or the world shifts beneath my feet imperceptibly.  In my mind I have sensed it as though I am turning an old radio knob slightly to the right or left of the station I was once on and tuning in a different world….one where all the same people are there, but with some things different.  It feels as though there are these limitless earth realities with every conceivable eventuality already happening in time but also outside of time, too.  Somehow, by simply changing HOW I feel and HOW I am, the world I end up in after an energetic shift results in a permanent change in the world.  I am not going so far as to say that THIS is HOW it is, only that this model seems to describe it the best (and in the end it is only a model, so who knows if this is actually how things work…although I will note that there are similar ideas floating around in the quantum physics arena).

So the people in the world actually begin to act differently as soon as the change within happens.  I have lists of these events and how the world began to change.  I don’t mean nuanced appearances of the sky or the wind, but in how a contract negotiation that had a client offering 75% below the actual value of the asset suddenly offers the fair market value the very next day, which just happens to coincide with a shift I went through that had to do with an issue related to honesty and fairness when dealing with myself (curious how it did not really have to do with others, even though events always resulted in dragging in people who all mirrored this).  Classes that were peopled with students stuck in victim energy changed to people who sought to work on being the very best they could be, taking responsibility for their actions, their feelings, and being more accountable.  All mirroring a change that took place in me the day before.  This does not make sense, right?  Magic thinking, you say?



There is a healing modality from Hawaii called Ho’oponopono that you really ought to  look into.  One of its chief proponents, a Dr. Hew Lin, describes how he helped to heal an entire ward of criminally insane individuals simply by sitting in front of their files, never visiting the ward itself (he really didn’t want to) and then used Ho’oponopono.  This method takes the stance that what is in the world is also in us.  A reflection.  Clean up what is within yourself first and the world can and does change.  Heal the glitch and the glitch in others will heal also.  This was an event that is documented.  Many people are now practicing this method of healing, and it makes entire sense on an energetic level. I will admit that I had some trouble with it until I felt more deeply into it, and once there, it made perfect sense.  It is radical responsibility for ourselves, the same level of responsibility that I had been shown by my higher self that was absolutely necessary for me in my own work. I will admit that I was not able to hear it right away.  Hard rock.  Weathered by the incessant water.  That did it.  We are all alive with our freewill and I have certainly seen some people be unable to change or heal, too.  This is where knowing to honor a person’s process is so important.  It is curious that in many instances when we let go of needing to show someone the glitch, they are more free to see it on their own.  Why?  I suspect that the glitch in the person who needs to show the unhealed person their flaw to fix is him or herself mirroring a glitch in the other person which isn’t actually about healing at all.  I know, this may not make sense to you, but I have encountered it numerous time in my life and had a lot of this happen during a 17 year marriage.  You might know what needs to be changed, but you are in truth harboring a glitch yourself that will keep the person before you quite possibly unhealed.  Why?

The glitch in you is actually about something else entirely.  The glitch COULD be that YOU know all the answers and the world is itself unknowing.  When you remove that glitch and replace it with “The world knows the answers because encoded within it is the divine just seeking to explode out of its old shell” then guess what?  The world begins to conform that THAT instead of a view of limit or lack. Replace what you have in yourself, and the world will change too.  The change, though, has to be real and all the way down to the root.  There can be no doubt about whether this change is true or not.  We do a lot to tell ourselves that we are healed, so radical honesty is necessary.  And the thing is, you might not know for sure, but what I will offer you is that somewhere inside that god-dess it DOES.  So seek that.  I know that when I give up rational thought and move into feeling I can most often spot the glitches.  I feel them as either tight spots in feeling or outright raw areas, like an abrasion or cut.  How you feel them could well be different.  I cannot say, but what I can say (because I know so much!  I joke!) is that you have the means to relate to it somehow because everyone does.



Yes, you have the answers.  And yet, this is not just about knowing a thing.  It is about embodying it and actually being ready for change.  I have achieved more by speaking to someone’s soul than I have in seeking to push any kind of river in their life.  this speaking has been from soul to soul and is not the ordinary kind of talk we are used to.  It actually is a form of letting go of the earthly self so the larger self can step in.  What it does is very different from what we are used to here on earth.  For me, I do well to follow that one simple star of my being.  I may not always have the solutions to every problem in a rational parsed and worked out way, but the rational logical side is only one small part of a larger tool box of being.  When we stop clutching every grain of sand in the desert , it is then free to flow through our finger in totality.  Clutch, and the flow stops.  So which is better for you, a handful of sand, or being able to move mountains whilst sitting still seemingly doing nothing?  One parses particles, one parses WAVES.  The WAVE is infinite, the particle is a subset of the wave, a manifestation of the wave in a different form.  Maybe that sounds like gobbledy gook, and if it does, please tell me because this is how I learned it direct from kundalini and then saw a mirror in quantum physics, which is that when we can stop using the linear mind and shift into the nonlinear mind or mode of being, we step back from controlling things moment by moment with our hands, say, and begin influencing events through our intent.  When I say this, I am not talking about controlling the world or people.  It is more in line with making a wish for yourself that you can feel to the depth of your being and that you can feel very positive about, with no doubt polluting the airwaves, which then has an amazing capacity for coming true in very short order.  So instead of going out and beating the bushes trying to round up the resources you need for a project, for example, the people wind up coming to you.  You are now shifting from particle to wave.  Or something analogous to it. This is what I write about in my book Waking The Infinite.  I write about my first hand experience with what we call manifestation and where and how this emerges and how we can begin to co-create with the world in an entirely new way.  Once you know how it works, once it works for you, it seems so easy that it appears as though its a mere coincidence.  But as my daughter now knows, because she has observed so many of these “coincidences” she knows that there is something going on.

I will digress for one moment on this one point and use another example, which is clear and powerful.  The medicine man Rolling Thunder was a healer who used both energy and herbs to heal.  People who worked with him often saw miraculous, impossible things happen where ever he went.  He might be at a place where he was speaking and someone would be there who needed to be healed.  Rolling Thunder, not being prepared, would go and “think on it” while walking outside in the snow of winter.  The herbs he needed he didn’t have, and what’s more, one of he herbs he would need for the healing was the flower from a plant that only bloomed in Spring.  This was winter and the ground was covered in snow.  As he walked, with the man who wrote the book, it was observed that Rolling Thunder was able to find, quite by “accident” all of the herbs he needed for the healing on his little snowy walk.  To understand this one example is to appreciate that for Rolling Thunder, this was normal.  Things like this were happening all the time.  It isn’t really a miracle, it is how he was able to position himself energetically in relationship to the world.  If the need was there and there was nothing blocking that need or wish, then whatever was needed would happen. So forgive me this one diversion, but this feeds into the glitches that we have, or don’t have that actually either hinder or facilitate some desired change or outcome.  When you stop putting limits on what can or cannot happen, the world will conspire to bring you whatever you need as it is needed.  This can happen in perfect timing.  So the lesson for me is that when we remove the blocks within us we can then mirror a very different type of world with very different outcomes.  I KNOW it may sound magical to some, but all of this is supported by many events that are too numerous to be brushed off as coincidental.


A great Gnostic teacher once said that once you have dissolved the divisions within you, when you bid the mountain move, it will move.  You don’t get out your shovel.  You BID.  Doing that means letting go of the usual way we seek to control.  All of it.


I have someone whom I love very much in my life who is suffering greatly.  This person does not realize how he is suffering.  I can point out to him all of the places where he needs to fix it all.  ALL of it.  In fact, some of his issues have been my own.  But what I know is that none of that matters.  None of it.  In fact, in my seeking to fix it directly for him winds up only making matters worse.  This person got into it on his own and he has to get out of it on his own.  He has to own it, otherwise, it is not a lesson fully learned.  Having the faith that in his own life, his own energetic dynamic is going to help to create the pressure to change will work perfectly in his own life. And it will.  I could easily explain how things were going to go down for people who were doing destructive things in the past, but in cases where I tried to explain, it was not just not heard, it was entirely misinterpreted.  They simply could not SEE it.  At all. And there is a reason for this.  People have to OWN it.  BE it.  And who are we to rob people of that?  If we add into the mix our own glitch which might mirror something in them, this on its own can serve to effect people on an energetic level and have results that may not even be intended.  You wind up feeling like you are banging your head against the wall.

It really just comes down to self-love.  Not selfish love.  Not narcissism.  When we can let the flow of the divine within us to move unhindered, we don’t need anything else.  We are suddenly like a babe suckling at the breast of the infinite goddess, the perfect source for any and all of our healing.  It is there that all answers will come.  It may just be that the person who you are trying to tell what is true about themselves doesn’t even need you to tell them, but needs to find it on their own in their own perfect way.  You can either mirror a deep distrust in people being able to get there on their own or you can mirror a deep trust that they have in themselves to get there when they are ready.


The impulse we have is that we can make life easier for people as if there is a limit to the chances we will have to get it right.  We approach this as though the universe is somehow limited and bounded, which is not.  The truth is, from my perspective, is there are limitless lives for us to learn to remember who and what we are, and the universe will ALWAYS conspire to bring us to that place.  Learning to trust that each person will get there is a big lesson to learn. When you do this, YOU are also sending a message to the universe that someone believes in the power of that person’s soul to get it all worked out in perfect timing.  Does it happen in this life?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  And while we feel a sense of righteous indignation when people are not following THEIR path we entirely miss it; they ARE living their life and following their path each moment that they choose to create what they create.  If they come to us and ask for help, then they are asking for help in manifesting a change that they are themselves working with.  Either way, they are seeking it, creating it. You are not their savior.  The savior resides within. ONLY.  Anything beyond this is like a crusade mentality where we all know THE answer and this leads to all kinds of problems.  For us and for those who are around us. This does not mean we are not concerned, compassionate or engaged.  It is very much a paradigm that is seeking to make its way into the hearts and minds of many.

After feeling into my own higher self, I came out of that place with the awareness that this self was unbounded.  While in time, it was also not IN time.  It is not the limited form of consciousness that SEEMS to be limited in duality here (which we are realizing we actually aren’t….just like the higher self).  So when I hear the Hindus speak in terms of each self being a god that is evolving, this doesn’t just make sense, but feels like just what I have observed.  So if this is so, then the self does indeed have the resources at its command to make what it needs to happen to happen. Futzing with that might well bring static into the equation, no?  You do not dissolve karma by holding onto it, you let it go by letting it go.  I had someone telling me for years how I needed to get a handle on my own stuff.  the more they did this, the more defensive I became.  This only served to make me feel like I was in an unnatural forced type of thing.  I once turned to this person and tried to explain that all of this would happen faster and easier if I was allowed to flow and have faith that things would happen in perfect timing.  This person looked at me like I was mad.  She just could not get it. And yet, interestingly, this is precisely what happened.  We each have to have what we need in ourselves to make change happen.  Perhaps we can inspire, support, facilitate, but most often it is in bringing the resources to that person that they are asking for that makes the difference in the end.  Sure, you can say something to someone who changes their life, but realize; it changed their lie because they themselves were ready for it.  They were.  This really wasn’t about you and your insight.  That can happen all day long, but in the end, it is about the person who is seeking change and is doing what they need to do to make it happen.

I was just in the studio training a crew of assistants for a new project and I explained that I was only going to tell them a few very basic moves because filling their heads up with a bunch of steps would not allow them to match muscle memory with the cognitive process they have to go through that forms the bridge between mind and body which has to happen together.  I explained that after they had learned some of the moves, they could stand back and watch how others were not doing a step correctly.  The fact was, they ALL knew each step equally, but they each had to, in the moment, match the brain with the body.  It wasn’t JUST knowing how to do the steps, it was something more nuanced; it was getting knowledge and body knowing together to form a third relationship or channel for doing.  Watching someone blow glass might look simple, but it is not.  It is frustrating difficult for many people, and the frustration is getting yourself to that point where you put it all together in the right fashion.  In a way, this is how all personal change happens.  Sure, you can have a great trainer, guide, helper, but in the end YOU decide.  You have to.  And herein is where learning to simply trust that they will get there will have the most supportive effect.  We are all living in this quantum soup that has the capacity to show us how mountains will be moved simply by bidding them.

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