This love rises above all other loves

it is noble


only because it is so perfect…


You might think this then makes some loves imperfect…


but we are.  We humans

souls dressed in this clay

desperately seeking the day…


This love I know

does not need to make old love

into an enemy

but instead seeks peace

knows peace

wants to make peace

just as much as some wish to make love.


But we do not let love take us enough

nearly ever enough

to build us into its image

we instead take sips

from a vast cauldron


and call it the great love

but there is more still

that our narrow caged minds can know

this love destroys you

and your notion

of seperation

and loss

and desiring to make an old love into a demon

or who is cursed.


We forget ourselves

as love

when we do this

and it is we who are cursed

as our bitterness comes back to our hearts

a hundred fold.


So let love take you deep into its chambers

and undo you

unmake you of who you thought you were

so that you might shine incandescent

as the self that you truly are.


Such a love requires a mad fool to follow it

or the bravest of hearts.

Let this love take you tonight

and show you the way

that the deep enveloping presence

of its heart can do

and go back to drink of it

ever thirsty

ever seeking

ever knowing

that has always been with you

with a certainty that makes masterworks

of this clay and soul

transiting this land once more

trying to get it right…

if we will but listen to the flower

blooming in our chest…