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How beautiful it is to watch a flower, first a closed bud, swell and open to the sun and sky.  It does so leaving itself completely open and vulnerable, and yet it shows no sign at all of trying to hide or close itself up from life. Looking at nature, I take hints from it on how to be.  The flower blooms because it must in order to live, to be, to become.  I am like this! I know it is so.  I grow sad, despondent, dark and scared if I do not continually open to the greater reality that is before me and that is present in all things.  This is not some intangible anymore. It has been much like a tuning in of a new channel.  It is a choice.  I can see my hurt or I can choose to see my happiness and count my blessings. Take a cue from nature and from flowers, for you ARE this.

I was thinking about what makes the difference between suffering and joy and as I was doing so I saw someone who just started following me and I like to go read their stuff when I have time.  I read the first post on the page and its perfect!  Ta-dah!  So here you have it!  Now go read it! ~P.

This morning, I am grateful….

via This morning, I am grateful….

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