Come away from such weeping and mourning

come to the river which leads to the ocean surging

no life was every offered as a punishment to you

karma is what we do.

If there was a god that sought to punish its own creation

we would be little better than ourselves

weeping and moaning

locked up in our rooms

our own self made hell

or reward of heaven.

No, the heaven or hell is our own child

and we alone decide.

What you breath into karma

you can breathe out and release.

This is the great secret to reaching heaven

and peace.

If you wish to know the way by which this is achieved

look into my heart


how the past is simply cleaved.

Dropping down and away

a miracle in the making

there is much to let go

what must be foresaken.

When we enter into the chamber

full of beauty and bliss

the entry into the next world

will begin with a kiss.

Come child

do not weep

nor moan

the secrets to your wonder

are all waiting to be shown

and if by some chance

we pass this way again

it will be with glory

that we find our way home.