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I have been working on a renovation project this week that has included taking down parts of an old shed roof over a deck. It might surprise you to know how boards will look after sitting under roofing shielded from the sun. They can actually char. Low steady heat does the same job as sudden flames. 

I rather think that this is like how we are… how, over lifetimes, this slow burn accumulates until it is so ripe, so full and cluttered, we can stand it no longer. Or some part of us can’t.

Our troubles


Our wounds so deep-


triggers something

It can come like a sigh

often  a sudden realization

this can’t be all there is…

we cross over the borderlands

the no-mans land

filled with the remnants

of lifetimes worth of the dried

and charred tinder

the misappropriations of our spirit

ready for the kiss of fire

to set it all aflame.

Just like that, the house burns down.

Our hopes and plans, up in smoke…

along with our lies  
cleverly assembled to look like castles 

but are only  vain glory.

The moon never shone more brightly after, 

nor the rain more precious

every drop now

an explosion

or a tease

….a world waiting to explode.

Seems you must lose it all to gain all 

only because we all lie like that 

and bury them as though they mean something

until of course we burn for real

and immolate until the blaze is enough to illuminate,


and simplify the work of the sacred arsonist 

who rests in every heart and waits 

for when the alarm sounds and 
our world is set to flame.

It is ever thus

that souls are carried home

by the fire of the Holy Ghost 

Whose sweet destruction returns us each

to what is true.

It’s the love that prevails.

This Fire
which burns through
vein and muscle bone and nerve
casts knowing glances into my marrow
and echos your beating heart
in trebled metaphors
and conjugated miracles
with syntax as brilliant as the star from which you hail. 

We say this is all mystery
but really
the mystery is in choice
such a small price to pay for love
and belonging….

When fire strikes to my core
it reaches out through all universes
as the only thing that quells it is that spreading fire
or your smiling glance
your knowing smile
your rich laughter
and presence
setting me afire
an echo perfectly placed
in my heart.
This, something I doubt anyone
but you and I could appreciate….

All of this burns through me
returning me to simplicity
marking me forever
changing me for all-ways
this smoke is a prayer
that all will return to ash
and brilliance
as fire burns that which could not help but be set aflame….

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