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I am going to tell you right off that I am not going to be telling you a story full of gore and of sea monsters stirring the depths and seven seals being opened and no blood being spilled or guts gushing all over the big computer screen.


But we just have to quit with this end times stuff, okay?  Just quit.  No more for you.  Your quota on gore is done.  Now sit quietly and let me tell you something that your soul needs badly to hear.

The times are coming to an end. They are.  I can promise you this with absolute certainty but you might need a little perspective on this right now because I see the world getting all worked up about it.  The world will not end.  It wont.  These “endings” are kind of tricky for people.  We get worked up and its a lot about nothing, really.  The idea of end times is that the times of the old regime are ending.  In my last entry I wrote about an experience I had about the Wheel Coming Full Turn.  The wheel is itself a giant cycle within the collective being of humankind.  At this level we actually do decide some basic directions we as a race want to go in.  These are overall directions.  Not everyone will necessarily have to go lock-step.  Its just that the race as a whole is doing some things at a higher level.  The human race as a whole actually acts like a giant organism, which of course it is.  Many cells that make  up this body.  Our earth is itself like a cell in a far more vast body. A speck amongst a vast sea of specks. So for us the times are coming to an end.  The whole paternalism thing, that is rapidly going away now.  Its actually been happening for a while. It isn’t like its one day or in a flash or any of that.  You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and find that you missed the bus or the boat or the train or any of that.  You are a being whose soul will never die, it just wont.  How silly it is to put deadlines onto things.

Don’t get me wrong, deadlines are great if you are having a sale or you want to organize a group of people, but when it comes to the great multidimensionality of the self and soul, why, it hardly even makes any sense at all!  Its great for meeting at the deli to have a sandwich, but it loses its importance when staring down the barrel of infinity.  Even someone who has awakened normally has the stunning realization of how time itself is a bit of an illusion and that each life is more like a bead of wire wound tightly (which has a beginning and an end to it) around a much larger necklace where time is expanding more than it is merely a linear progression (even though this is one way it can be experienced!).  Its just that there is far more to time, you see, than meets the eye.  the post I did recently about Dreams….and my seeing the future should be enough to make you rethink the linearity of time.  I know it has for me.  I mean, if I can see that clearly into the future even several weeks in advance, then time itself as we understand it just is at the very least a little off.  Well, okay, maybe more than a little…

The end times are indeed the end of A TIME, but it is not the end of ALL time. While some will say my words are irresponsible and nutty and fly in the face of traditional dogma, I ask you what makes you so sure that people had what is happening now two thousand years later entirely perfectly correct?  We here who are awakening to this new world are those who are here to help.  We do not need bloodshed in order to realize peace on earth.  We do not need to have a terrible tribulation, although I have to admit, the times sure are crazy (Obama is trying to go to war with Syria, are you kidding me???), but its not the end of ALL of it.  Its an important shift.  It really is, and you have the opportunity to add to the tide of positive energy.  Your energy right now will make more difference  than at any time in history because of how all of this is going down.  To quote Kate Bush; “Just saying it could even make it happen.”

freemasons-3-1I am not altogether sure that dealing in prophecy is a good thing.  Because of its very nature it can lead to wild speculation and lead one further from the truth rather than towards it.  We inject all sorts of our own material into it and come up with something that may never have been intended.  Unless prophecy is literal, and most isn’t, it becomes very hard to impiricaly say that a prophecy is a prophecy.  I know because I have had very clear and very direct precognitive dreams my whole life and the simple truth of the matter is that you do not and cannot know WHEN the event is going to take place, let alone that is itself precognitive or prophetic in some way.  If you think about it, you can realize that in the case of a dream, you would need to somehow KNOW that a given sequence is precognitive and THEN be able to know WHEN its going to take place. In order to do this, you would need something akin to a newspaper in the dream or experience that would give you an idea as to the time and place (which is what I am driving at here; context).  When your context is different from, say an event in the future, are you really going to see it for what it is?   When you believe that someone is beaming weird thoughts or images to you then all you can see in the world are things just like this.  When you fear being stalked, you see stalkers everywhere.  If you have an issue with authority, you see problems with it everywhere.  What lens, then, does a person from one century have in common with those from another century?  How can we be prophetic and KNOW when a given moment experienced thousands of years before or even last week is the very moment that was foretold?  You see, the very best prophecies are those that tend to capture the sweep and less of the specifics.  Capture the tide of the times and not the details of the times.  Okay, so maybe you get the idea a little.

Knight John was a man who was a crusader in Jerusalem and penned a series of prophecies that have gotten the attention of some people, partly for how what he said over a thousand years ago seems to fit so perfectly into what is happening today.  In a previous post some time ago, I included an excerpt of his prophecies that dealt with a new age that heralded the coming of the Feminine into the world in a way that seems like it may just be down the road…..a road that we are currently on.  Do the words of this knight have something to tell us?

Who is this Knight John? 

According to the publisher he is also called Jean de Vézelay or Jean de Mareuil, a crusader who participated in the conquest of Jerusalem in 1099.  John was born in Burgundy in 1042 AD. and was raised on the Camino de Santiago and became a monk and and later a knight, he would have gone on in the Holy Land of the First Crusade to regain Jerusalem from the Turks, who had seized twenty years earlier. He would have penned the prophecy during this time, knowing Hugues de Payens, with whom he had founded the Order of the Temple or the Templars. He died in Jerusalem around 1119 – 1120 AD. J.C.

Shortly before his death, John of Jerusalem wrote seven copies of his book of prophecies. He gave three written copies to Bernard of Clairvaux (Saint Bernard), who  donated one to the monastery of Vézelay.  According to the preface of the book, the prophecies of John of Jerusalem is actually two books. One is a manuscript from the 15th century and is a commentary on the prophecies (in an effort we assume to help illuminate them for the reader-this material has been omitted from the work which is included here). The manuscript was discovered in 1992 in Zagorsk Russia at the monastery of the Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, by a professor named Galvieski.  An original copy of the prophecies were kept by the KGB archives in Lubyanka. It was then later transferred to the Library of the Jewish community in Warsaw, captured by the Germans in 1941, and was recovered by the Russians during the fall of Berlin in 1945.  (1)

My sense has been that reading prophecy is problematic for the fact that the person writing is doing so through his or her own lens of the past.  They can only understand it through their own context. In many cases, they are FEELING it more than just seeing it.  They are getting a CURRENT of information and it may not always be delivered in a literal visual way.  As a result, it is all interpretation.  This does not mean that it cannot be understood, but it is much more likely that most prophecy wont be known for what it is until the moment that it comes to pass, if then.  As a result, it best serves, to my mind, as a kind of guidepost, but nothing to tether your camel to. Such things as this can also stir fear and uncertainty, so on the one hand I hesitate, and yet, also, by realizing that in all time, there has never been an end to any time, only events that serve to create the appearance of cycles and periods, but no true “end times” I think that this is an important thing to bear in mind when reading any sort of prophecy.  I think that the worst thing done for us has been the invention of the idea of “End Times.”  This is itself untrue, for all time expands into a larger understanding of itself and as humans begin to grasp the true nature of time and how incredibly organic it is, then perhaps we can realize that all any prophecy can seek to do is to glimpse something through a lens.  Sometimes it is seen brilliantly and clearly, and sometimes darkly and with less comprehension.

The best prophecy to my mind helps you to come back to your own present time to consider the lessons of the past as well as the possible futures ahead.

The rest is Knight John…

Protocol secret prophecies

John of Jerusalem – 1099

I see and know.
My eyes find in heaven what will and I passed the time with a single step.
A hand to guide me what you see or do not know.
A thousand years have passed and Jerusalem will never be the Crusader city of Christ.
The sand will be buried in his grain walls of our castles, our armor and our bones. It has stifled our voices and prayers.
Christians from afar as pilgrims where their law and their faith were not dare to approach the tomb and relics qu’escortés by Knights Jews who here (…) and their Kingdom Hall.
Infidels are an innumerable crowd spread everywhere
and faith resonate like a drum across the Earth.
I see the huge earth.
Continents named Herodotus in his dreams will be added beyond the great forests which Tacitus, and away after endless seas begin after the Pillars of Hercules.
A thousand years have passed since the time we live and strongholds will have all gathered in great kingdoms and vast empires.
Wars as numerous as the meshes of the coat worn by the Knights of the Order will be crossed, defeating kingdoms and empires, weaving others.
And serfs, the peasants, the poor will not fire a thousand times revolted, burning crops, castles and cities, until they are skinned alive and being forced survivors to return to their dens.
They are raw Kings.
A thousand years have passed and the man has earned the seabed and the heavens
and it will be like a star in the firmament.
It has acquired the power of the sun and it will be taken for God,
Building on the huge earth thousand towers of Babel.
It will be built on the ruins of the walls of those that had raised the emperors of Rome, and they will separate again Legions Barbarians and Tribes.
Beyond the great forests will be an empire.
When the walls will collapse the Empire no longer a muddy water.
The people will once again be involved.
Then begin the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand.
I see and I know what it will be.
I am the scribe.
When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand Man will be at the mouth of a shadow of a dark labyrinth.
And I see the bottom of this night in which he will press the red eyes of the Minotaur.
Beware his cruel wrath, you who will live the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand.

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The Gold is in the Blood
Look at the stars who will count the money
Will enter the Temple will meet merchants
Sovereigns will changers and usurers
The Glaive defend the Snake
But the fire incubates
Each city is Sodom and Gomorrah
And the children’s children become the pyroclastic
They will throw the old banners

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Man has populated the heavens and the earth and its creatures Seas
He will command
He wants the power of God
He will know no limits
But everything will turn
It titubera like a drunken king
It gallop like a blind knight
And the spur he push his mount in the forest
Down the road is the abyss

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Will rise at all points of the Land of Towers of Babel
This is Rome and Byzantium, it will
The fields will be emptied
There will act as himself and his band
But the barbarians will be in town
There will be no bread for all
And the games will no longer suffice
So people without a future
Illuminate large fires

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Hunger tighten the belly as men
And cold bleuira both hands
Let them want to see another world
And dream merchants who will offer the poison
But it will destroy the bodies and souls rot
And those who have mingled their blood poison
Be as wild animal caught in a trap
And violate and kill and steal and rançonneront
And life will become Apocalypse every day

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Everyone try to enjoy everything it can
Man divorces his wife many times he will marry
And the woman go through the lost paths (hollow) taking that which pleases
Mothering without giving the name of the Father
But no master will guide the Child
And each of the others will only
The tradition will be lost
The law will be forgotten
As if the Ad was not made and the man will return to wild

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The father takes his pleasure with her daughter
The man with the man’s wife with the woman
The old with the prepubertal child
And it will be in everyone’s eyes
But the blood will become impure
The evil will spread from bed to bed
The body rots host all the earth
Faces are eaten the emaciated limbs
Love will be high threat to those who do not know that the flesh

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Whoever speaks Oath and Law
Will not be heard
Anyone who preach the Faith of Christ
Lose its voice in the wilderness
But everywhere spread the mighty waters of the infidels religions
False messiahs will gather the blind men
And the unfaithful will be armed as he was never
He will speak of justice and law and faith will be burning and cutting
He will avenge the Crusade

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The sound of death given as the storm roll on earth
The barbarians are mixed with the soldiers of the last legion
The infidels living in the heart of the Holy Cities
Everyone will turn barbaric, infidel and wild
There will be no order or rule
The hatred will spread like fire in dry forest
The barbaric massacre soldiers
Slay the unbelievers believers
The savagery will each and every and cities perish

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Men will judge them according to their blood and their faith
No one will listen to the heart with children
They identify for as nestlings
And nobody will protect them from the hand stiffened gauntlet
Hatred flood the land who thought pacified
And no one will be spared neither old nor the wounded
The houses will be destroyed or stolen
Some take the place of other
Everyone close your eyes not to see women raped

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Everyone will know what is in all places of the earth
We see children whose bones break through the skin
And one whose eyes are covered with flies
And that which hunts like a rat
But the man who will turn away the head
For he will care that it
This one will give a handful of grains as alms
While he sleeps on bags full
And it will give with one hand he will take the other

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Man will all merchandise
Everything has its price
The water tree and the animal
Nothing will really set and everything will be sold
But then the man will be more than meat weight
Barters his body was like a piece of meat
We take his eye and heart
Nothing is sacred or his life or his soul
We play his body and blood as a carcass skinning

1 2
When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Man has changed the face of the earth
He wants the Master and Ruler of forests and herds
It has dug the ground and sky
And traced its path in the rivers and seas

But the earth will be naked and barren
The air becomes hot and the water is foul
Life fade for man deplete the world’s wealth
And man is only as a wolf
To hate him

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The child will also be sold
Some will use it as a quintain
To enjoy his new look
Others treat it as a servile animal
The sacred weakness will be forgotten child
And mystery
It will be like a foal that stands
Like a lamb being slaughtered bleeding
And the man will be nothing more than barbarism

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The eyes and minds of men will be prisoners
They are drunk and ignore
They take the images and reflections for the truth of the world
It will make them what is actually a sheep
While predators will
Raptors in the herd will better guide to the abyss
And set them against each other
They flay to get their wool and skin
And if he survives man will be stripped of his soul

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Reign of the Sovereign without belief
They will order the innocent human crowds and passive
They hide their faces and keep their names secret
And castles will be lost in the forest
But they decide the fate of any and all
No part in the meetings of their order
Everyone will be true serf and freeman believe Knight
Will rise only those wild and sometimes heretical cities
But they will first be conquered and burned alive

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Men will be so many lands
They look like an anthill in which the stick is pressed
They grouilleront and death will crush heel
Like insects distraught
Large movements push them from one country to another
Brown skins will mingle with white skins
The Faith of Christ to that of the Infidel
Some preach the sworn peace
But all this will be the war of enemy tribes

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Men want to cross all pregnant
The mother will have gray hair of an old
The way of nature is abandoned
And families will be separate grains that nothing can unite
This will be another world
Each wander arm as a runaway horse
Going in all directions without a guide
Woe to the knight who will ride this horse
It will no bracket and drop in the gap

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The men will rely more on God’s law
But want to guide their life as a mount
They want to choose their children in the womb of their women
And kill those they do not like
But will the man and take to God?
The Mighty will seize the best land and the most beautiful women
The poor and the weak are livestock
Each hut will keep
Fear in every heart will be like a poison

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
A black and secret order has arisen
His law will be the weapon of hatred and poison
It will always want more gold and expand his rule over all the earth
And his servants will be linked by a kiss of blood
Righteous men and the weak suffer his rule
The Mighty will start its service
The only law that will dictate that in the shadows
It will sell the poison into churches
And the world will work with the scorpion in his heel

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Many men will sit idly
Or go without knowing where the empty eyes
Because they will no longer fight forge where the metal
And more scope to grow
They will be like a seed that can take root
Stray and humiliated poor and desperate
The youngest and oldest places often without
They will have the war for salvation
And they will fight themselves first and they hate their lives

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Diseases of the water from the sky and the Earth
Hit man and threaten
He wants to revive what was destroyed and protect what remains
He will fear coming days
But it will be too late
The desert will eat the earth and the water will become deeper
It will drip some days taking everything like a flood
And she missed the next day the earth
And the air will eat the body lower

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Earth quake in several places and cities will crumble
Everything we built will not listen to the wise
Be threatened and destroyed
Mud submerge villages and the ground opens beneath the Palace
The man obstinately because pride is his folly
He did not hear the repeated warning of the earth
But the fire will destroy the new Rome
And rubble accumulated
The poor and the barbarians will plunder, despite the legions abandoned wealth

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The sun will burn the earth
The Air will be the veil that protects the fire
There will be a curtain holes
And the burning light will eat the skin and eyes
The sea will rise as a boiling water
Cities and shores are buried
And entire continents disappear
The men took refuge in the hills
And they rebuild already forgetting what happened

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
People are prepared to live mirages
The senses are deceived and touch what they believe is not
They follow paths that only the eyes will
And the dream may well come alive
But the man will know more separate what is from what is not
He lost in labyrinths of false
Those who will give rise to mirages
Will play the naive man by deceiving
And many men become rampant dogs

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The animals Noah had embarked on his ark
Will no longer be in the hands of man
Animals that transformed according to his will
And who will care about their living suffering?
The man has made of each case it will be required
And he will destroy in countless
What will become the man who changed the laws of life
Which has made the animal living a lump of clay
Will it equal to God or the child of the devil?

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
It will be afraid to child rights
Poison and despair will watch
We will not desired for itself and not for him or the world
It is hunted for fun and sometimes you will sell his body
But even those who will be protected by his own
Is threatened to have the dead spirit
He will live in the game and the mirage
Who will guide since there will be more teacher
Nobody has taught him to hope and act

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man believe God when he is nothing more than birth
He hit always defeated by anger and jealousy
But his arm will be armed with the power it will have seized
Prometheus and blinded he can destroy everything around him
It will dwarf the soul and he will have the strength of a giant
There will move a huge step, but it will ignore what path to take
His head is heavy to know
But he does not know why he lives and dies
It will always be the fool who gesticulates or child whines

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Whole countries will fall prey to war
Beyond the Roman Limes and even on the former territory of the Empire
Men in the same cities were slay
Here is the war between tribes and there among believers
The Jews and the children of God will not cease to oppose
And the earth Christ will be their battlefield
But the infidels everywhere want to defend the purity of their faith
And there will be in front of them that doubt and power
Then death shall go everywhere as the standard of a new era

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Many men will be excluded from human life
They will have no rights or roof bread
They are naked and have their bodies for sale
We further reject the towers of Babel opulence
They grouilleront like remorse and a threat
They occupy entire regions and proliferate
They listen to the preaching of revenge
And they launch an assault on proud towers
The time will be income of the barbarian invasions

When start the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man will be entered into the dark labyrinth
It will be afraid and close your eyes because it will see more
It will challenge any and fear at every step
But it will be pushed forward because no stop will be permitted
The voice of Cassandra is yet high and strong
He did not hear
Because it will always want to have more and his head will be lost in the mirage
Those who are his masters deceive the
And there will be only bad shepherds
When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Men have finally opened my eyes
They will no longer be locked in their heads and in their cities
They will see and hear from one point to another of the earth
They will know that what strikes one hurts the other
The men form as a single large body
Each of which is a fraction
And they together constitute the heart
And finally there will be a language that is spoken by all
And finally born and the great human

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Man has conquered the sky
It will create stars in the big dark blue sea
And sail on this brilliant nave
Ulysses new companion to the Sun Odyssey Celestial

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Men will sink under water
Their bodies will be new and they will fish
And some will fly high above the birds
As if the stone does not fall
They communicate with each other
Because their mind is so wide open that collect all posts
And dreams will be shared
And they live as long as the older men
He is talking about the Holy Books

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man knows what is the mind of everything
Stone or water of the animal body or facing the other
It has unlocked the secrets that the old gods had
And push door after door in the maze of new life
It will create with the power and burst a source
He will teach the knowledge of the multitude of men
And children know the earth and the sky than any before them
And the human body will be expanded and skilled
And his spirit will enveloped all things and be owned

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man will not be the only sovereign because the woman will take the scepter
It will be the great teacher of future time
And she thinks she will impose on men
She is the mother of the Thousand Year comes after Year Thousand
She spread the warm softness of the mother after the days of the Devil
They will be the beauty after the ugliness of barbarous times
The Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand turned into light time
We love and share
We will dream dreams and forth

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man will experience a second birth
The Spirit will grab the crowd of men
Who communicate in brotherhood
Then announce the end of the Dark Ages
It’s time for a new force of Faith
After the dark days of the beginning of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Will open the happy days
Man will find the way men
And the earth will be ordered

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Paths go from one end to the other of the earth and the sky on the other side
The forests will again be dense
And deserts have been irrigated
The waters will again become pure
The earth will be like a garden
Man watch over all living
Cleanse it stained
He will feel the earth as his home
And it will be wise thinking of tomorrow

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Shall be as an unresolved
We know everything about the world and body
We heal the disease before it appears
Each healer will self and others
It will be understood that we must help to maintain
And the man after closing time and greed
Open his heart and his purse to the poor
It will feel a knight of the human order
And so it will be a new start time

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
Man has learned to give and share
The bitter days of solitude will be buried
He will believe again in the Spirit
And the barbarians have acquired citizenship
But that will come after the wars and fires
That arise blackened rubble of the towers of Babel
And he took the train grip
That is ordered chaos
And that man finds the right path

When it’s full of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
The man knows that all human beings are bearers of light
And they are creatures to meet
It has built new cities
In heaven on earth and the sea

It will have the memory of what was
And he will read what will
There will be more afraid of his own death
As it will in his life lived several lives
Light and he will never be extinguished.

Source: Book Of Prophecies (From The Eleventh Century)



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