I have resisted any political talk. I have had my interests in this election, but my favorite is neither Hillary or Trump, just so you know.

What has been going on recently with the FBI has not been reported in the mainstream press because of the bias for one candidate. There has been, according to sources that have come forward (some named, some anonymous), a near-mutiny within the FBI about the email scandal, most notably that laws were broken and were not being pursued by Comey. Comey’s recent move was, according to these sources, due to pressure from his own staff who were ready to leak documents if he did not pursue the case. Also, insiders within the FBI have come forward to explain that the hacked emails that were sent to Wikileaks came from within the FBI, and that these insiders have been getting documents to Assange because the press was refusing to report on the additional information that is damming in nature to Clinton and her bid for the presidency. The emails were routed from the U.S. through a server in Russia in order to provide cover until the information was in view of the public.

What has been coming out in recent days has caused me to reassess what the mainstream media has been saying. Clearly Hillary is a favorite for elites who want to see a globalist agenda put forward. Trump, despite his shortcomings, is not part of the power elite structure. With what has come to light recently, a book I read a year ago but had trouble believing, is now being confirmed by these recent revelations. And it’s sick.
The book I am referring to was written by a woman who claimed to have been part of a government mind control program. This was under a large federal program in the CIA called MK ULTRA. Sidney Gotlieb was the top man in this program. It involved using Nazi methods to brainwash citizens and to “crack” the cosmic egg of the self, resulting in multiple personalities which were used to compartmentalize and hide from the victim memories involving top secret information. Since programs under MK-Ultra were secret, lawlessness prevailed, with thousands of civilians (and children) who were involved. It was Clinton who, ironically, apologized to victims and their families when he was in office for what had happened decades earlier.
Oh, and there were also sex slaves used by politicians, according to the author, who are still living living and serving in government. She explained that all women in these programs were programmed to commit suicide by a certain age, thus resulting in no witnesses to these crimes, the author explains. 
The author of this book is Cathy OBrian, and the stories she told in that book were hard to believe. They involved numerous political figures including both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And then this week additional emails were discovered as a result of insecure computers used at home by a top aide of Hillary Clinton. The result? Actionable evidence of espionage, pay-for-play via the Clinton Foundation, as well as evidence of pedophilia on the part of Hillary and her female aide, Huma Abedin.

If true, this helps to put into perspective the claims OBrian has made in her book Tranceformation of America. What the emails are alleged to explain is that while the fact that Bill Clinton rode on the plane owned by Epstein, known pedophile and contribute to the Clintons, the number of these flights have been at least doubled along with one trip involving Bill Clinton not including his Secret Service entourage. They also reveal Hillary Clinton also taking flights on the plane known as the Lolita Express. This flew wealthy individuals to the Bahamas for sex with children.

Now here is the link you should check out. I am sure the spin is going to be crazy after this becomes news:


More on the broader issues at play concerning new allegations and the named insider who has come forward: