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“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

-Albert Einstein

26c022755ef9b108caaf6e3f4d28f7b5All it takes is a subtle shift to change how you see everything.  Einstein explained that he didn’t understand physics because of how some scientists chose to see or describe what it was they were seeing.  I think this happens a lot with people who are linear in their thinking, and who are unable to see bigger pictures. For the big picture people, the descriptions can leave us  holographic thinkers caught in lack.  But just one radical shift, like how we thought the universe revolved around the earth and later found that it was actually very different.  Each time we do this, it represents a huge shift in awareness and cognition for the race.  For all of us.

What happens when what you see in the world is suddenly very different from what the most brilliant minds have been saying…..even as you know something is amiss in a pretty big way and that things are far more poetic, beautiful, and built on patterns more like sacred geometry than anything else?  What, the universe is superstitious?  No. It is just different from what we were thinking.  And that is just it; it is that the theories we come up with are not completely mirrors of mere phenomenon.  They also wind up being mirrors of….well…US.  Sometimes it is about who we are and how we think and the biases that we have that shape our thinking….all without our believing it is even possible. Plato said something quite prescient that keep coming up and bears repeating here:

Those that are able to see
beyond the shadows and lies
of their culture will never be
understood let alone believed
by the masses.

That is something to think about as we teeter on an age so full of possibility revelation, and possible change. Peace ~Parker


b88c0-ouroborosimagesI was reading recently about how empathy is so important when writing.  I would agree with that appraisal.  The author of the piece I was reading, here on WordPress, described this empathy as a product of our imagination, something that we produce by thinking what it might be like to be in the skin of the Other.  I was thinking about this and how it is that once you experience non-duality that this effectively puts an end to imagination.  Maybe his world view would be greatly expanded with just a sliver of what non-duality can do to us, for us….

Something happens inside of us when we experience non-duality that literally changes how we think, how the corpus of our energetic selves orients itself, and this most often leads to bouts of expanded or accelerated consciousness.  Hard to deal with at first because of how intense and how far reaching that it is, but with some time you become more accustomed to the experience.  And most often, it expands, becoming much more ubiquitous in your life.  This sense of empathy goes beyond mere imagination because what happens is that increasingly, the barriers within consciousness begin to come down. For people who are rational and control freaks, this is a scary difficult time.  For people who are ready to go with the flow of what this experience can bring, it can be one of the most illuminating, educational, and compassion-driving experiences of your life. 

But ask anyone.  Read how Krishnamurti turned to look at a buffalo and found that all divisions between him and the animal just went out the window.  We was the buffalo standing out in the field.  The part that kept you inviolate and so focused as YOU shifts.  The fear for some who experience this profound shift is that their own sense of identity will be erased, or IS being erased, but this turns out to not be possible. The ego remains, and is an important (albeit overblown) part of a healthy functioning self.  When this happens, it is difficult to explain how total this can be.  There is no limit to the “empathy” that is involved, here.  This “empathy” is extended to every living thing and every inanimate thing because, as you naturally discover, even inanimate objects are in truth alive with energy and that this energy is alive or aware without need for a nervous system or any of the things that we humans have been raised up to believe is sentience. 

Remember that bit where Einstein saw that E=MC2?  What he realized was that matter is energy.  But what is energy?  Do you really know?  Have you FELT energy that is more than just your own biological functioning? Have you stepped beyond your own known borders to taste a larger world? It is THIS energy, I say, that you assume is as dead as a stone, just a form of matter that is vibration differently then matter.  And you would be right on the vibration part, but you probably aren’t getting the awareness in all things. This, I tell you, is currently only possible to pick up by way of consciousness.  There just isn’t a device yet created that can detect it.  Once scientists and researchers get a little more interested in this end of things, we will get a lot of very interesting stuff.  And yet, I ask you, is there a better device but your own consciousness?  Would you rather have a machine do for you what you can do naturally? 

An experience like this is one of the most profound experiences you could possibly have because it shows you that while you are you, there is also another world, a world of worlds, that exists all around you.  Every person, every single thing, has its own story, its own life, its own journey, and while they are each the same, we are also bound by way of a web of energy and consciousness that is what you awaken to when an experience in non-duality comes into your life. 

It is interesting to me that for years I have experienced aspects of the non-duality in my energy work long before the coming of kundalini.  I was aware of a sea of energy and lived in it just like anyone else does.  I remember someone saying to me “I don’t want you in my field anymore” someone that I loved, who was being hard and mad.  So while this was not really entirely possible, not in totality, I turned my attention away from her soul-shine and set my mind onto other things.  It made me smile because the truth is, here we are, utterly changed beings, living in this sea of energy.  We are all one. And while it can be a matter of how we focus, it is also that all currents flow through this.  We are all one and this individuation is…..not so much an illusion as it is that it is one facet of who we are. And we are one.  We are. You cannot undo what non-duality has set into motion.  You just can’t.  You wake up to the fact that we are all one living in these skins and boundaries….and the boundaries all serve important functions, they do, but here I am, I am sitting here and I feel all of life on this planet.  All of it as one gigantic yelp of a chorus.  Like a complex array of currents, the entirety of all awareness runs through these currents….creating them, utilizing them, undoing and recreating them all at once. And while they ride this wave, they are as much the surfer of this wave as the wave itself. It is all gloriously connected.  No if’s ands or buts.  For me, once you reach this place, no sense of connection comes about that is not itself happening at both ends of the spectrum. 

The greatest challenge is in being honest about what we see in the world.  Our own inability to see or be aware of what is right in front of us is the hardest part.  We cannot see beyond our own karma, the collection of our own choices, our actions, that now serve to define so much about ourselves.  But being able to reach across the river from one side to another, this is what non-duality offers each of us.  It also can make us better writers, better healers, and even better people.

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