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She wants the one who will worship,

in a Temple whose mysteries are surrendered

with the right touch.

It is the He who knows this

and seeks to worship

prayerfully speaking into that mystery

where springs the greatest bliss…

Her church begins in the nave

the channel that leads to the altar

where new life is fostered,

where new worlds are birthed

and every man who understands

knows this as a sacred passage upwards,

and He is made, initiated by Her,

to recognize what is so simple…

When he reaches that altar

he coaxes it to open if he knows its secret

and enters to find himself vaulted upwards

into heaven.

It’s inward secret wont open to him unless he knows the Way.

There at the transept lies the “right and the “left”

the place of action

of creation on earth and heaven

where a new life is made

where souls merge to create something greater

than the sum of their parts.

All altars, all Temples, all edifices made in the world

are shadows of this one

which lie within us.

Do men know the way of worship?

Do they know the illuminating character they bear?

Can they speak so She can hear?

Will his prayers be heard?

He must bow to something greater within himself.

So long as we seek edifices in stone

we will have lost it,

for the flesh holds its great secret

of its master from other worlds,

until you see rightly, idols will continue

and our minds taken from the great truth

within ourselves.


Many of you know how sex can be a vessel for the transcendental. Heiros Gamos, the divine masculine and feminine, kundalini as a union of the divine within the self. Finding artists who have an awareness of the sacredness of the feminine and the masculine without falling for the mundane is pretty rare. You’d think it would be easier done given how much energy we put into the act of begetting.

For some time now I have been availing myself and those I know who appreciate a deeper awareness of our sexuality than just a moment of pure pleasure, and that is the artist whose name is elusive but whose presence on the internet is not. Found, for now, on Instagram under @alphachanneling. I say this because if you haven’t noticed, social media has been enjoying its heavy hand in the censorship arena these days on just about anything that anyone might frown upon, be it an errant crumb on the tablecloth, an unapproved of political opinion, or scientific information inconvenient to whatever the current narrative is. Or sex. Even when your channel is defined as for adults only. Even then.

When I first saw the work I saw a range of works using different styles but clearly rooted in the sacred. There is, to my eye often a whisper of Art Deco stylization in some of the work. Many are fast, gestural, and I think it is what keeps the work from being less than what it is. That’s not to say that if it were more that it would be less either….(I have a right to be inconsistent if I wish).

I suppose that I should do a little digging to find out a little more about the artist sans actually interviewing him. So I found another who did, but not before contacting him to get permission to publish a few images of his work for you to see.

“Alphachanneling is a Swiss-born American artist based out of Oakland, California….Central to my process is … channeling, an ongoing cultivation through a deep relationship I have with several master-teachers….Spiritual in practice, the images I produce are simple thought-waves … I look towards Taoism and tantra, pornography and folk art, BDSM and the divine, the mystical and the occult, indigenous and outsider art alike … Alphachanneling lives in a boundless world called the Utopian Erotic, a world of magical pussy, radiant women, bedroom jungles and temples of light.” 

Is There Great Art On Instagram? Jerry Saltz, Vulture.

Since I find reviews of artwork usually tedious and more about the writer than the artist, let me get down to the work so you can see for yourself. Hang on for the ending because I will include a link you might want to save…

This one was either the same one or one very much like it that I saw first when I came across his work a number of years ago. When I saw this image I stopped my scrolling and thought, “Hang on…someone has gotten onto the whole concept of energetic transfer.” Then sure enough, with a title like “energetic transfer” a little bell went off. Its nice to be on the same wavelength, it makes everything so easy.

Sadly, though, there is an image that this artist has been seeing too much of right along with his viewers, too, and one wonders whether the prudes at Facebook/Instagram will play the bully and selectively edit this chap’s feed:

With the announcement that the post runs afoul of their community standards….

I don’t know what the problem is quite honestly: there are images that some might want to call “scandalous” that stay up while, selectively, some are banned with this rather jolting image that belongs on the roadways and not on the Instagram feeds. It looks more like Sally Prude works on Tuesday the censor shift and she finds something she just can’t stand so she slaps on the above sticker, only to be followed by Ted, who we all know is a malcontented prude, who works on Thursdays the censor desk and goes to work hacking away at the artist’s lovely feed of spiritual erotica. It’s almost like there aren’t enough of them, taking down what they don’t like, but kind of hacking their way through the lovely jungle. Meanwhile, images of graphic violence and gratuitous sex remain on other channels. It’s enough to make a person want to start carrying around a pitchfork or something. We are lucky that this platform hasn’t gone demented and taken to censorship, at least not as I can yet tell.

So I will leave you with this one last image and a link to the artist’s site should you find yourself wanting to buy a piece or two. Maybe for your altar…It’s lovely to know that the feminine is treated as a sacred altar as evidenced in this artist’s work. Let me know what you think. Please, don’t be shy!

The artist’s website:

I haven’t really known how to address my experience in regards to the feminine in today’s world because quite frankly, it is a mine field. I had said when Trump got into office that this personality was going to drive so much to the surface in our culture, that it would not be fun or enjoyable, but there would be some important truth there. I am speaking specifically at it concerns our history as men and women together on the planet and how women have been treated for a very long time. For women, culturally and behaviorally, living on the planet is a real mine field in many ways. As a man I have perhaps only one important perspective which is one gained by not being a woman and not having been subject to all of the influences that women have dealt with…which you might think would be enough reason for me to sit on my hands and just be quiet. After all, what could I know about it being a man, right? Except it is for the very reason that I am looking across the river at the world of the feminine that I see some things that I might not be able to see were I there living in the midst of it. If you are a woman reading this you can judge for yourself whether what I am going to say is of any value or not.

When I look at history as it relates to women, one thing that rises to the surface is how women are raised to be as an identity. A lot goes into it, and some of it is reflective of real feminine values. What I also see is that there are expectations placed on women from the very beginning of their lives that aren’t reflective of feminine nature and actually may run counter to its truer nature. When I see miss matches like this, I can’t help but want to point them out.


Have you noticed the difference between how women and men are treated when it comes to what I will call “purity”? It’s a real double standard that we apply to women but we don’t apply them to men. Why is that? This purity standard goes something like this: a women should save herself and remain chaste until she meets the man she is going to have children with. In ancient culture virginity was considered a prize for this very reason. But for men? Forget about it. For men, we know, they sow their wild oats, but for women it is important to remain untouched. This is one value that I think society has foisted onto women and I think that it does indeed originate with men exclusively. As men I think we need to really rethink what it is that drives our instincts and why we seem to want this. While it may stem from a man always wanting to know that he is the father of his children, it has some bad repercussions for women that winds up them denying a part of their own inner expression.

I think that this concern has been taken up by women as a value and it has driven them in a certain direction behaviorally that isn’t natural. What it does is it denies the natural sexual drive of women, driving it underground, pretending that it does not exist, or that it does exist but that it can only exist within certain contexts only. Suddenly femininity becomes a prize that is treated unnaturally and it leads to unrealistic behavior both in men and in women. Whenever something is taboo we tend to have a lot of exaggerated behavior that springs up around a it, and this isn’t a good thing. It stirs an exaggerated level of interest in males, too, and this hasn’t been a good thing in our history. The media has used this as a great way to sell a whole world of products, essentially commodifying female sexuality as a result. We all tend to dislike this, right? What is interesting or ironic is that female sexuality has become exaggerated in certain key ways. Blush is sold to express the blush of sexual readiness, the flush of blood to the face an other parts of the body as a potent signal of readiness for coitus. We don’t even think twice about it because all of these symbols or signs are now existing almost as unrecognized symbols for that which we cannot just say openly. It is a strange outcome to me, but it makes a lot of sense when you drive feminine sexual energy underground. No one continues this tradition more than women themselves, and so it has planted itself firmly in our culture as self perpetuating program. No one is innocent here, we all take part in the program. We can also undo it.

This value that has been placed on women is looking like it is in some way beginning to fall away, and the way it is falling away is interesting to me because in the places where it is most effective is where old values are being discarded, disregarded just as the way that we then respond to women and how women respond to the world and the societal pressures placed on them also change. For a very long time as a society, whether we are male or female, we have used a range of terms to keep women in line with this purity value, and the one term I can think of that best illustrates this is the word “slut.”

Slut-shaming, as it is called, to my mind, is nothing more than a control to keep women in line within a certain value set. It is entirely transactional and it goes something like this: “be good and stay in line and we will value you as a person, but step out of line and we will brand you a slut.” Most often we as humans use the specter of shame as a way of controlling behavior. On the one hand, this is how we teach our children to value some behavior over others, so it has some use when young. We can also go overboard with it, too, as in the case of how we treat women. The fear of being a slut is created as a way to govern behavior. The message is we wont accept you as part of our tribe if you wander from this tight set of expectations that we have for you. Fall in line or lose your place in your tribe.

Where this is being dismantled is where women take the term “slut” and accept it not as a reason to feel shame but a reason to feel proud. This has had some play in some areas of our culture today, and what I suspect is that this is one area where if you want rapid change, it is in changing, fundamentally, the meaning of the words that we use to control behavior. Behavior can be viral, it spreads. It is pretty amazing to me how certain stories as a child swept through our cultural awareness. I remember talking to a friend about rumors that we told as children in school that were similar rumors that had crept up far from our region. I don’t think that these emerged spontaneously, I suspect they spread through the culture, on the ground, so to speak, and they went far and wide. I think that behavior also does this. You can actually change behavior very quickly if enough people talk about it and begin to exhibit that different behavior and you can have a way to over come the shame element so often tied into societal behaviors. Change gets us rethinking our values. Accepting “slut” as a badge of courage turns the meaning of the word and all of its intended power on its head. Suddenly, it is no longer a scare word, but something different. It loses its charge for us as people in the culture.

I think the way the orthodoxy goes, we say these things to order behavior in a positive way because it keeps women from being promiscuous. The fear is that if women can’t be controlled this way by a word like “slut” then what is to keep them in line? I tend to feel that when our natural impulses are no longer artificially hemmed in that what results is a much healthier approach to that behavior. We fear it not because it can wreak havoc in the streets, we fear it because it is so powerful. Female energy is powerful. Women have been marginalized materially, politically, and spiritually in most of our major religions for a very long time. I think that we control women in this way because of a deep fear of the power of womanhood. It may go back to how women nurture and bring forth life, and this was too powerful a thing to let women be in control of too much, so to the degree that men could, they put in place ways to manage that power when they could. I am not suggesting that this was some conspiracy that men brewed up in tents in the middle east or wherever, but that it happened probably without too much conscious thought. Regardless of how it evolved (and I could be wrong—maybe a bunch of dudes did sit around and figure out a way to control women), we can change it. The people who seem to be changing this are women themselves, and this is one important lesson in how power has worked on the planet for a very long time, which is that if you want something to change you will have to be that agent of the change, no one is going to just give it to you, you have to demand it. For a very long time we in the U.S. had a Constitution and it granted equal rights to all People, and as the wives of the framers of that Constitution recognized, that did not include women. After generations of men showing little sign of putting their words into action, women began to agitate for the rights provided to them in that document. This led to the women’s suffrage movement. This was no small task: women chained themselves to the gates outside Washington D.C., they were arrested, harassed, and were subject to a lot of criticism. Here, “the power” of accepted societal norms was asserting itself to try and keep things as they were, but women kept pushing back. They kept pushing back until there was change. Now, women voting is no big deal. No one bats an eye when a woman votes. The same can be said for this whole managing of feminine power, and it can be changed in similar ways. In the case of a vote you use the system of government. In regards to behavior, you use your own behavior in front of your children, your community, and friends, to model this new mode of behavior. What you don’t do is you don’t play the victim. To play the victim is to not recognize the nature of power. You might not want to make change, but if you are upset with how things are and you do little to effect that change, then acting like you are a victim wont improve the situation. It is power through weakness and unfortunately people have found that they can get power this way, but this method never achieves the kinds of results that changing the modus operandi of the power structure does.

One outcome of this management of female power is how it has led to women denying their own natural behavior. I recently saw a video that dealt with the mismatch between what women say they want in a man and what they really want (according to a male observer). I think that women don’t always know what they want and are controlled by the society in which they live in subtle and over ways. Many of the things that this video points out has to do with the how women’s own sexual energy is triggered. The podcaster pointed out that women were expressing superficial things that the guest believed weren’t as important as the more important elements, he was saying that women were saying that the things that he believed actually drove women’s sexual interest the women saw or believed were superficial when in fact they weren’t. The host surmised that women weren’t being honest with themselves about this. These “superficial” likes also related more directly to sexual expression itself than the qualities that might help a relationship staying together ongoing. While they might be seen as superficial, they are actually probably very important when it comes to being honest with yourself about likes and dislikes. A woman might value a sense of humor or a man who listens to her and values what she says, but when it comes to being attracted to a man, other traits like a square jaw, height, and confidence ruled the day according to the host of the podcast. To be fair, both sets are equally important and for different reasons, but it is the fear of seeming superficial that women seem to respond to. The fallacy in this is that we assume that being sexual is somehow superficial or a weakness. Why do we think that? Why is it that we treat this with such disdain? Is it that we don’t know how to properly deal with it deep down? Are women afraid to own that yes, there is a “look” that does trigger them regardless of how self aware they think they are being. Do we fear that it will be stronger than our own will? Or is the fear of it only making our interest in it being driven to unnatural heights? Does it at the same time misdirect our attention from the sacred power that sexuality has for us as a species that we have erected so many rules to govern it? No doubt about it, the power to create new life needs to be taken seriously and with care because lives are at stake. That means casual sex could be seen as a no-no, but when we say “casual sex” don’t we mean sex in a committed relationship but still while using, say contraception so that conception does not happen except for when we are ready? Not that long ago many people thought that sex was for procreation only. I had a roommate from South Bend Indiana who said, “Why do women need to have an orgasm? Orgasm in women isn’t needed for conception.” Good old John, he was a “good Catholic” and just couldn’t wrap his head around it. I answered to him that she needs orgasm so she didn’t wind up wanting to burn the house down. He still didn’t quite get it, but I did give it a try.

I know that as a man one of the things I have noticed is how a woman will unclothe herself of the societal norms placed on her when she is sufficiently safe and in private. As those layers are removed as a result of the seductive nature of our own native sexuality, a core persona seems to emerge, and it has always been like witnessing glory to me. But then once over, everything gets packed back into its acceptable layers and hidden away as if it never existed. One major faux pax is to discuss what went on outside of that moment of exquisite honesty and self surrender. In one instance when I mentioned what one woman had said to me when we were intimate, she denied ever having said what it was she said. I knew I wasn’t imagining things, and later I found a piece of writing that she sent to me, probably one of the most honest and courageous pieces of writing I have seen in a long while where she was using precisely the same kinds of words. How was it that she was behaving like she was ashamed of her expression of what I took to be unbridled honesty? She not just denied it, but accused me of not caring about her for even suggesting that she had said such things. Ouch. It also cemented into my mind why it might not be a good idea to even be with this person because of how fundamentally dishonest she was either with me or with herself, or both. Why wouldn’t someone just admit to their feelings? This is the kind of outcome that results from what our society puts on women and which women respond to. Maybe women accept it because of how well it works on them. This is also the manual on how to dismantle this behavior if it is of any interest to you. You might think that you are liberated from these kinds of behaviors, but the best way to test them is to see how you feel when you publicly buck their power and then you will have your answer. I think most women follow these conventional behaviors without thinking much about them, it’s just how it is, why question them? Me, I am interested in change on the planet, and it seems that this is one good place to start.

The other side to this is having men who can accept a woman who does this and can reward her for doing so. We all seem to need encouragement, and it is not easy feeling like you are on the front lines. Some seem to be made for it, but others might not feel so bold. This means that in the men that they learn to see feminine power as a compliment to their own, not a threat to it. You see, men are incredibly power-driven through their masculinity, its true, but I think where we get it wrong is in thinking that men alone must be the strongest most powerful ones, hunt the flesh, kill the flesh, apex predator an all that, etc. Somewhere there is a place for the feminine in this that does not make it less, a level of cooperation that I think we are just now beginning to figure out. The challenge I think is summed up very well by my high school art teacher who said “Men and women aren’t equal, they are equivalent…” Those were very enlightened words. When women try to be powerful, men might feel like they are just trying to be masculine. No, they are being assertive, and the problem I think is that we have so hemmed in women over the ages that we have equated assertiveness as being associated with masculinity. This need not be, and I think as men we just need to learn to live with feminine assertiveness long enough to understand that it is not a threat to us. We have confused sexuality with psychology. We even see one hemisphere of the brain as “masculine” while the other is more “feminine” despite the fact that these traits are in both men and women because we both have brains with two hemispheres! No, those are not sexual traits.

I think that when behaviors that have been controlled for so long are threatened with deletion, we humans tend to feel a little lost and don’t know what to replace them with. I tend to be of the mind that we don’t need to replace them with anything because, to my mind, all of this behavior is a kind of white-wash our ancestors have handed down to us that doesn’t reflect our understanding of our energetic potential in consciousness from the get-go. Part of the problem that we have is that we aren’t actually dealing with authentic human behavior through all of the constructs that we have created as a society to control that behavior. I tend to feel that the fastest way to self realization is to move away from the shame and the controls just to be able to get a glimpse of human nature in the wild. And what is it? I think that it is much freer, more in touch with its creative potential, and more at home with the planet as a cooperative whole. I think life evolved to be this way so that it can thrive on this little blue ball in space. I also feel that it is critical to our survival to awaken to our truer nature because that truer nature knows itself as part of a larger whole. You don’t get that when you are constantly being shamed for your natural impulses, feeling divided from the herd or feeling separate.

What would happen if those horses were set free? Would they create chaos, or would they find a new equilibrium? I suspect the latter. I wont suggest that it will all be joy and light; it is a new state and we have to learn how to navigate it like you learn how to drive a car, for instance. I also don’t think it is the end of all control, but it could lead to a growing sense of not needing as much control of ourselves as we had previously thought. I suspect that it can also lead to a speeding up of our evolution on the planet. We very much need the apex species to be aware of how it is not the web of life but an integral strand in that web which has the power to also destroy that web if we don’t get more enlightened about our place in the order than we seem to have right now. Earth to human: everything is connected. Time to get with the program.

I sense that as shame falls away, power increases. Isn’t inducing shame similar to crimping a garden hose? More bliss, more joy, and a greater sense of unity could emerge I think. When we limit behavior we make it so we crave it more. What happens when that hose is allowed to just flow naturally?

I think the fear is that this will just drive men crazy somehow. Men have ben known for not being able to keep their own desire in check, so wouldn’t this just lead to chaos? I suspect, and I might be wrong, that as women come forward out of the control, that their own qualities that are native to them will themselves have a regulating influence on men Assertive women will themselves remind men that they aren’t the only ones with power in the room. Will men respond with resentment? I think that is possible. Men who feel like their power is being taken away can respond in violent ways, absolutely. That said, men are just as affected as women are in self regulating behaviors, too (they are just of a different kind but every bit as troubling and difficult). That is a potent regulatory force for men I think. As a man nothing is more self regulatory than being aware of the full range of what women possess. It’s true, at least for this man. There is less yearning when something isn’t hard to get or hidden beneath layers of behavioral modification. The thrill of the hunt is simply taken away because the mystique has been dissolved. How about that as a self regulatory model in society? It is well known what “playing hard to get” does to men. It makes them try harder. Well? The elephant is in the room. Maybe there is a better way. I am not suggesting that everything I am saying here is entirely on the mark. The problem with all of this is we wont know unless we try. Will it upend male attraction to women? Will it upend female attraction to men? What happens when men themselves are no longer constrained in the ways that society controls them as well? You see, men are told that they cannot have any real connection to their feelings, that crying over seeing a puppy is being weak and not masculine. Is it any mystery why men are such rage monsters in our societies? We have a few things really off and maybe it is time to just let those behaviors fall away, and then not care whether we are attractive to the opposite sex if we don’t present with those time-honored behaviors that now act as the triggers for our deeper sexual drives. It might just be that the triggers have been the problem all along. Well, that’s how it looks to me right now, and thanks for reading…

Much is said about the Divine Feminine and Masculine.  I find all of this very good to see.  People are getting it.  Hopefully we can hang onto it and it won’t just swing itself into the dustbin of irrelevance.  For as much as I have lived and breathed this awareness, I am also aware of the activism that should at least begin to fill our veins.  It helps if we know the source of this idea, at least where it begins in us.  You might not like what I am going to say because it is going to be a more steel-eyed view….but I promise it will be full of compassion, too.  

Most people become aware of the divine masculine and feminine as a direct experience with nonduality and kundalini.  While the former is a part of kundalini, you can have the former without the latter.  It seems with so many awakenings the divine twins as I call them are upon many people’s lips.  But do you know where they come from?  What is their root physiologically within us?  What is it that drives this yearning in us for union, for a larger or somehow more potent form of completion?  That might sound a tad escapist, that is until you have been touched by this fire from heaven.  Then all bets are off.  

I have been living with this since 2007.  My observation as I have watched it move is that it is tied most likely into the electrical system of the body.  For years I knew that what I was feeling corresponded directly to qi or prana in my body.  No doubt.  But no one has yet to nail down what those forces are.  We talk about prana like it is in some special class of its own. I thought so, too, for years but sometimes it is easier to apply Occams Razor and seek the simpler answer. I have gone round and round on this and I have reached a tentative conclusion after many dead-ends (absent someone doing research and creating some detector to measure all of this) is that it is tied directly to how the body produces electricity in the body.  In fact, I think the chances are very good that this is its basis, and it might be nothing more than that.  That said, for the human body, this electrical potential is very low, as in a fraction of a volt range.  This is the average voltage capacity of the cells in the body as they respirate and generate a low voltage as the result of sodium and potassium as those ions pass one another through the cell wall.  The body then takes up this electricity and uses it for signal processing of information….consciousness. If you want to learn more about this process, you can read about it (which sounds very yin and yang to me) here:  

What I currently think makes the difference between those who are awake and those still in slumber is how the body uses the current that it has.  It SEEMS as if the energy increases, but in truth many wind up admitting this is an energy that was always there.  The yogis and yoginis have also said so, and I have to admit after all these years that it appears that awake is a natural state and not some exotic (although it seems that way at first).   So, either we wake up to its presence, which has always been there, or in the process of arousing kundalini we begin to utilize our energetic potential more efficiently.  Could be, I just don’t know for sure, I wish I did.  There are clues though from the qi masters who have said that qi can be stored in the gut and the bones.  The more powerful the practitioner, the more qi they can build up for a range of healing or even physical effects.  What is interesting to note is the human gut has been found to have as many neurons as the brain of the average house cat.  That is a lot of processing power down there, and all of it relies on electricity in order to work its magic.  Is it possible that the body begins to process electricity different once we awaken?  Is that it?  

There is no doubt that kundalini can be self-generated or self-initiated through the right practices.  It can be passed from person to person through a kind of energetic tuning the Indians call shaktipot.  This isn’t to my mind a woo-woo force, but something that we poorly understand so we just use that catch-all term as a signal that we just don’t know and instead just ascribe a kind of silly association with this unknown.  I also feel cranky about how little attention this most important phenomenon has had in the realm of modern science.  There is no other phenomenon that is as liberating as this, as mind changing, and as enhancing and healing.  But try telling this to a world enraptured with the thought of doing a dark-scaled analog of mind improvement by way of jacking the mind into an AI interface.  Talk about your battle of light and dark.  And yet, neither the light is all light nor the dark all dark…We are predisposed to wanting entry into the noosphere and damn how we get there. We should be walking carefully and with awareness now because we were all made for awakening.  AI is being made for us by us. I am touching on this because of how ironic I find the human race to be. it seems people would rather have a risky control-laden technology that could one day be used to censor information in our very brains while we have always had the capacity to step beyond our limited brain capacity and step naturally and organically into a meta-mind state without drugs, without wires nor synthetic forms of computer generated “consciousness.” Which one do you think might be better for all of us? And yet, you don’t hear anyone pointing this out. I am pointing it out but there’s no money to be made on it unless you too have done the work and can amass a following and illustrate how you can lead people to what has always been within them.  

With every electrical field there is a polarity that exists.  That polarity is also expressed in its electromagnetic field.  I know for a fact that when I read energy I am doing so with my own fairly weak electrical field, interpreting the information that is strung along those lines of force in the people around me.  I haven’t read energy like this in years simply because it gets exhausting because the story is almost always the same.  Well almost the same….different specifics, but following a series of finite themes even though each person is themselves as unique as a fingerprint. The point being that we already have the sensory mechanism inside each of us, and the Tibetans called it the rainbow body. It goes by many other names in different cultures. The only difference between those who can read energy by using the visual centers to interpret the information is that those who can read this energy that way have created the bridge between brain and energetic body senses. The brain dutifully interprets the information in the way the eyes might, or any physical sense. The ancients enumerated these senses. The Egyptians counted them in the hundreds.  Wait. What does this have to do with understanding the “twins” I was mentioning earlier?

Upon this fingerprint is an inherent knowing about the opposites within and without.  We learn about them growing up and if we are heterosexual, we do so in a fairly predictable way. If you are oriented differently then the only difference is that your yearning is toward someone of your own sex.  There is, however, the yearning toward union with the Other.  This happens in life and our relationships, in business, and it also happens, I contend, at the energetic level of the body.  As the very sharp and wise Indian tradition has provided us with, and which modern experience is also telling us, kundalini is a twin force that seems to “rise” in the body, piercing the chakras as it goes, we assume, so that a new pathway can be forged so this force can move unhindered and with awareness from root to crown.  When people say they feel this force even down to the cellular level, it might just be that they are. It is interesting how electrical potential is created even at the cellular level because it involves a dance of positive and negative. Do we take this charge and ascribe a high-order energetic presence to it such as a god or goddess? We certainly do feel this flush of energy as bliss. It certainly does seem that even in the body that we are inextricably drawn to an inner union which then can be expressed outwardly with the Other.

On one side of the spine is an energy that is felt as like masculine, situated on the right side of the body and the channel that the Hindu scriptures have called the Pengali or Pengala.  Its twin, on the other side of the spine, is the Ida channel and that is considered to be a receptive lunar or feminine force while the Pengali is considered transmissive, solar, and male.  It is like…but how could I be feminine? Good question.

The thing about all of this is that while these forces seem to be masculine and feminine, they aren’t literally that.  I suspect we think of them that way just as a way to put our arms around the phenomenon.  These two qualities actually mirror precisely the qualities in our two brains (two hemispheres). In fact, through many “light talks” or a dialog with this light that was a facet of my early experience, I was told that the twins are scattered in myriad ways throughout our world, always different in each expression, but still expressing a fundamental quality that has everything to do with creation.  “Observe the atom; it exists because of a balance between the two twins, the positive and negative charges…peel those away and the atoms comes apart explosively…”   In another talk one summer’s eve many years ago, the “voice” came through and asked if I wanted to know how consciousness was tied to the energy of awakening and how the brain mirrored the cosmic mind but in bodily form.  I was game.  

I closed my eyes as it had asked and it showed me a vision of energy as it moved in the body…radiating at the speed of light it seemed.  On one side of the body there was a negative charge and on the other was a positive charge.  As this field reached the terminal point (the root and head, but also the arms and the legs as well as toes and fingers), I was shown how the negative and the positive merged in a torus-like arrangement which this voice called the “zero point.”  “Here they are neither one or the other; they are neither and yet they do not lose their individuality or awareness of the other….because, you see the truth is…..they are both.” The point where they went into “flux” and one became the other and the energy was cancelled and recreated anew was located at the crown or close to it.  I was told that this flux line actually corresponded very well with the corpus collosum, the nerve fiber connecting the two halves of the brain together.  It was explained that the reason why the left brain controls the right and vica versa was part of the way that energy is managed in the light body. Could this be true?  All I know is that is what it said quite pointedly.  I have also written before about how after getting information in this way that I looked to see if there was any basis in this left/right brain paradigm in science, and it turns out that Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, who is a neuroanatomist experienced a shut down of her left hemishphere as a result of a stroke one morning. With her left brain shutting down, what did she experience? Why, she experienced an expansive sense of being and self that was a samadhi state. I can think of few more clear examples for how our brains are tied into this twin-ship within and how the brain is deeply connected to what we feel is energetic and seemingly beyond the body. You can watch Jill’s TED talk on youtube by searching her name (I have already posted her video on this blog twice in the life of the blog).

These twins are in us, but they aren’t a literal woman or man.  These are qualities that are like the sexes but really aren’t.  They are, though, twins, built off a divine architecture that we see in the swirling of galaxies, atoms, cells, and our bodies.  They may not be literal Shiva/Shakti counterparts, but as humans we certainly make them into that. And it isn’t that I am suggesting that this desire to do this is somehow misdirected or wrong. Clearly the dance of these two in our own bodies and our search beyond ourselves for that cosmic other is filled with a lot of important lessons. These two are the opposites that the Hermetics’s described as necessary for opening the mind to the light of cosmic mind, of untethered consciousness. It has been described by most cultures on the earth, including the early Christians even.  We know this.  It is part of who we are.  It is a secret lying within each of us.  The Hindu’s would point out, hiding at the base of the spine like a serpent curled around a cosmic egg.  Talk to an early Christian (they call them “Gnostics” now) and they would tell you of the union of the father and the mother (or virgin) happens in the corpus called the bridal chamber, or the body/self.  But while these forces are likened to male and female, energetically, they aren’t.  But in a fashion, they are.  Perhaps these opposites serve multiple roles for us, thus making the entire affair multidimensional and complex as we take what happens locally and see how it expands or seems to do so the more we look beyond ourselves (and we find nonduality, bliss, and the sense or awareness that EVERYTHING is connected). As a result, these forces are in each of us and they are mirrored throughout our bodies from the cellular level all the way up to the brain itself, acting as vessel or channel for consciousness that is to various degrees allowed a certain amount of expression to the degree that the individual is able to allow to come through the organism.  Do those who awaken process biological energy differently than others? Is the brain shaken out of its out of phase state with its partner (the other hemisphere) so that the two brains begin synching up to one another? I know that when I listened to a hemisync disc given to me by a friend, the result was that my two hemispheres were supposed to be energetically on the same page. At the time I began having a few aspects of awakening symptoms which were simply bizarre at the time. The phenomenon was so bizarre that I considered at the time that I might have been hallucinating. That, or there really was a low level beam of energy or light coming out of my forehead that I could see on the ceiling as I lay in bed listening to this CD.

What is clear is that this potential as energy impacts the body in specific ways.  Firstly, and perhaps most noticeably, is the endocrine system with its suite of master glands whose job it is to regulate healing and growth.  Here the sex hormones can peak in awakening along with dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, as well as norepinephrine and its twin adrenaline.  Getting a grip on kundalini means learning by hook or crook how to regulate a now very active system of chemistry that drives powerful libido and the desire to create and procreate.  For a woman, she often feels as if she is pregnant (many women have described this sensation who have activated kundalini) and for men it is the drive to the penetrative force of their own testosterone-driven chemistry.  Different, but the same….equivalent: let’s be creative.  And this very physical drive also is at the same time being initiated by higher consciousness so that the body brings up the yearning for a still-higher form of union with a cosmic other, a counterpart, an opposite, the endless drive for becoming one both within and without.  Twin flames are, to my mind, precisely like how the quantum physicists term “entanglement” at the atomic level happens to describe the “spooky action at a distance” as Einstein described it. All of it fits neatly together and it can, if the person so affected by the force of kundalini, drive something often referred to as “sublimation” which is the discipline of using sexual energy in the pursuit of personal healing and perfection (albeit a step by step process that could take years and could even wind its way through many lifetimes as the self returns to refine more and more until projecting into bodies is no longer useful for learning here and the self exits the cycle of reincarnation).  

A lot is said of both the divine feminine and masculine. Much of it is in tones that are romantic, wishful and very hopeful.  While this is good, there is another side to all of this that I think that we all would be well served to realize in our day to day.  Much of the “divine” is treated in a mythical way, and myths themselves speak truths that facts cannot, but facts have the specifics that myths will almost never have.  As a result, we tend to project our greatest hopes on these two attributes without really paying attention to what is happening here on the ground.  Yes, feel how your own energy system allows you to climb that ladder of light to such lofty heights, absolutely….but what I find in both my life and the lives of others is that there is often a kind of inaccessibility to these archetypes that live within us.  We feel as though they are each one of our pole stars without a clear vision of how we are ever going to fully grasp it.  To live with learning how to integrate the lessons learned and growing is imperative is how we wind up becoming.

Sometimes these archetypes can be used to keep things just the way they are if we don’t allow the two “twins” to express themselves in their fullest manner.  Every woman has a logical rational side as well as her Ida component just as every man has his softer more feminine intuitive side.  It seems that our physiology here determines in large part how we are directed to that pole star while also feeling the undercurrent of the Other all at the same time.  The question that I have for you is how are you learning to embody that divine feminine in your life or the divine masculine?  Does it make an impact? Does it inspire others?  Are you walking the talk, or are you grasping for that distant star?  

To say that the divine masculine is in the left brain is as silly as thinking that it is just located in the positive charge in the atom or cell wall.  It is all of these and none all at once.  It seems to me to be a deep desire on the part of creation itself to know itself in physical form, the infinite using us as channels for its own greater becoming.  It doesn’t experiment on one level, but at all levels simultaneously it appears.

It seems that this process breaks a person down and takes away all of the chaff that does not belong to them.  Friends, jobs, careers, relationships….they can all fly from our hands under such a process as this. For those experiencing kundalini it can be devastatingly fast since it is like a rocket ride to that furthest star. And still, upon arriving, most find that the journey has only just begun.  Over what seems countless deaths and rebirths, the cosmic serpent sheds its skin and each time we awaken to a new realization of what we are.  Who we are remains, that fingerprint-like essence….but almost everything else could change in just a few short years.  As a new life is found and new footing right along with it, the self has to find its way with a whole new kind of rubric now guiding the show of the cosmic awake within the self…..or the self now awakened to the presence of what probably was there all along.  

The awareness of what the feminine and masculine are in their “divine” form is limited by the degree to which the individual or personality has stripped itself of the limiting factors that get taken up in early life in the form of programming from the local society or culture.  if you are ready for awakening in this life, you might have grown up with curious indications that what you were being taught wasn’t the whole story.  You might have had experiences that pointed to this, experiences in the realm of what some call the paranormal.  Sadly, even the doorway to this greater realization is treated with such mystery as to make just about anyone shudder at the sound of the word “paranormal.”  The truth is, I think, is that there is no such thing.  

Everything that we experience is in its own way normal. Explainable. Knowable.  I foresee a day when we finally come to the realization that since we are energetic beings we also can use the power inherent in the electromagnetic field that we each have in our own bodies to show us how we can do run-arounds Newtonian physics and explore what the Quantum physicists began to see at the turn of the 20th century.  This “spooky action at a distance” will I suspect be better understood when we see that we are also held within the same forces as those that cause photons to be entangled.  To me, this is a prime example of how consciousness becomes entangled and can thus feel itself in a deep state of union with the Other.  Today, though, people who are experiencing this phenomenon are finding that while it can drive union with another person, it is also the same force that drives union with the Source of all life, no matter what you choose to name or call it. To contain it within one tradition or conception is itself almost silly to consider since when you do experience this force behind all things, it is clear that isn’t is not quite as the ancients have described it, but were doing so in their own way which appears limited to us today (which it likely is).  Old habits and dogmas die hard.  

Curled within us is the capacity to know how the other lives, even feels at their deepest levels.I have learned so much in this way while still maintaining my identity as a male living this lufe with my own history and a future open as wide as the gates of of heaven are to each of us (it is an inside job).

So what I am saying is that there may be no end to your awareness of what the divine masculine and feminine are.  These two, to my mind, form the two rungs on an endless ladder, or perhaps a finite ladder that takes us to a whole other level where the ladder itself eventually becomes irrelevant.  Maybe so.  But what we think it is can be changed by the breakthroughs that we each will make as we are pushed along on this tide that is an evolutionary spiral.  And for as much as people today want to say how novel and new all of this is, it just isn’t.  All of this has been with us from the beginning. What is new is our understanding of it.  I do think we have a way to go, but we will keep on growing and releasing old beliefs that no longer suited us.  What won’t work is when we take up the divine feminine or masculine as a shield or a banner for going into our own crusade.  These forces were created and work for the time and the place we find ourselves in.  They are relevant to our here and now, but I would not get stuck on the idea that they will be built monolithically so that they will stand forever.  

Now at long last, I will put this one caveat before you: I am myself seeking to make sense of all of this. While I am buoyed to a degree with the experience of having had many of my deep dives into this type of material supported later by other thinkers, theories, or paradigms later, I am doing just as you are; trying to describe the elephant in the darkened room. Did I get it right? Only time will tell, and you must be the judge.

So, take a deep look at your own unresolved BS and realize that you are seeing the divine feminine and masculine through the distortions that are your own closely and often very private beliefs about yourself and about how you think the world is made.  You will only be able to see what you allow yourself to see based o what remains within you to clean up. I find that the more work I do the more nuanced many things become and how much they also change, including the masculine and feminine archetypes.  At a certain point I feel that they are fundamentally one and thus flow both into a stream of awareness when we are sufficiently developed to reach that farthest star.  For now, let it be your pole star because it seems to have the power to transform each of us, and it seems to be a very good thing.  

They have much to teach us for now, but now is not all that we will have.  We are each expressing and learning beyond our own conscious ability to know how we are each multidimensional in nature.  When we are ready, that information will slowly begin to show itself.  By then, those who have no idea what we are on about will look at us as though we have grown a horn in the middle of our heads.  Still, this is the way of things here, right?  Each will have their time for being “mature” spiritually. Let’s hope so because it isnt easy to understand how radical the force of awakening can be.

This just in from a friend.

There is a lot here about the interplay between the sexual polarity of man and woman. This struck a chord with me, underlining how much we often allow our own misalignment and deeper issues to get in the way of a more honest and realistic approach to who we are not just physically but psychicaly (emotional/psychologically).

Worth a listen…



Is it possible that the movement happening today of countless people awakening more or less in a spontaneous way without a teacher or a practice is related to an ancient Hopi prophecy having to do with what they describe as a shift from the fourth to the fifth world?  Could what we are seeing be explained by what the Hopi have been saying down through the centuries?

For those who are not familiar, the Hopi have had a prophetic tradition that has been handed down from one seer to another over many generations.  The prophecies, which they describe as warning posts along the way, have proven to be amazingly accurate in tracing the direction that we have been going since colonial times.  Unlike the Christian tradition, the Hopi tradition of prophecy does not make a prophecy as a certainty, but instead are meant as warnings.  Each prophecy will describe a step along the path of time as a way of saying, in essence, “If you see these events taking place, you know that you are following a path that could ultimately lead to trouble later on down the line.”  Hopi prophecy exists as a way of helping humanity to change course when we see these events coming to pass.  In the Hopi world view, nothing is cast in stone, we can change at any time. That being said, it seems that humanity has continued to follow along all of the warning posts that the Hopi have foretold long before the events ever came to pass.

In the Hopi tradition they foresaw the coming of the whites onto their land.  They described roads that would be as broad as rivers, they described a machine that would have “crazy motion” and its road would divide the land.  The whites would create these machines, they said.  Most everyone agrees that the descriptions given in the prophecy align very well with the steam engine.  They further prophecied the landing of the eagle on the moon, something that in fact took place.  the first words spoken when Apollo first landed on the moon was the radio signal, “Houston, the Eagle has landed.”  Along with these prophecies was a building made of mica that would be a place for many nations to meet.  The descriptions, the Hopi say, fit perfectly with the founding of the U.N. in their timeline of events.  More than this, though, the prophecies describe the coming of a day or age of Purification, a prophecy that is nearly universal with all nations of native peoples in North America.  This period would be the earth reacting to the pollution and wrong thinking that would be leading humanity to the brink of destruction of the environment as well as the species itself.  This would mark the transition into the fifth world.

It wasn’t until fairly recently (mid 1970’s) that anyone even knew about Hopi prophetic tradition.  Until the publishing of The Book Of The Hopi, few outside of the Hopi themselves even knew about it. This book described the rich cosmology of the Hopi and it explains their rich history of prophecy. The book also helps to explain why the elders felt it was of upmost importance that they finally make their tradition known to a wider audience.  You can read more about the book here:

You can buy this important book at Barnes and Noble here:

The fourth world, the one that we are still in the Hopi say, is a world marked by the disconnection between the head and the heart. This vital connection, they explain, is what is needed in order for the race to survive on the planet. It plays a part in our evolution as a species.  The Hopi prophecies say that when the transition into the fifth world begins to get underway, there will be the reestablishment of the connection between the point on the crown of the head, which had been closed during the fourth world, and once this point opens, the crown will begin to reconnect with the heart in order to help human kind to integrate all aspects of the self and spirit into a more unified and more humanitarian version of ourselves.  The  point at the top of the head, which was called “Kopavi” will become known again to the people of the earth.  This will be one of the signs that the Purification time has begun as we enter into the fifth world.  Before this, a time of life being out of balance will be one sign that we are moving to this transition.  their term Koyaanisqatsi means “life out of balance.”  the purification is seen as a series of events most of which will be earth events that will be an effort on the part of the earthly ecosystem to right the imbalances that have been put into place mostly through human action. Many native leaders have explained over the last three decades that we are clearly in this cleansing or purification time.  While some native people will call it the “day of purification” it is generally understood that this will be a period of time that we will pass through.  Elders from other nations have said decades ago that this time will be marked by volcanic eruptions, disruptions in the climate, earthquakes, and other large scale events of an earthly nature.

Hopi elders have come forward at certain times to bring forward some of the prophecies which they kept from the public for important reasons.  In the last decade the Hopi elders have released a number of new prophecies when they have felt that the time was right for humanity to know about them.  In a more recent revelation, it was explained that the Hopi have long known about the existence of the Star People, the tribes of beings who are not of earth who were once here in our distant past and which communicated with the Hopi.  They explain that the Kachina are these people, and their prophecy tells of a day in the fifth world when the Blue Star Kachina will dance in the plaza of the Hopi.  The star nations would return.  In this time, it has been revealed, humans would have the capability to create machinery that would no longer pollute the earth but would be in harmony with it.  This would be in accord with the same kinds of technology that the Kachina have advocated for millenia. This was explained by Hopi elder Martin Gashweseoma in an interview at the Second Prophecy Rock.

The interview that deals specifically with the propecies dealing with the Purification time and what will begin to take place after the Purification are explained at about the 2:30 point in the video.  He moves to a second prophecy rock that describes what appears to be a building which has a device that will allow it to draw energy from the space around it.  What is so interesting about this very old stone is that in our current day certain people who have had access to secret files related to ET craft describe a device that is able to draw energy from the vacuum of space.  For as strange as this may sound, people like Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project and the Orion Project have explained that there are people within our own U.S. government who know about the existence of devices like this that could end our dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels.  No one is allowed to come forward because they suspect that this would be too disruptive for major players in the energy sector.  It would, however, be a saving grace for the planet.  Gashweseoma describes antenna that extend beyond this device. It was Tesla also who described how we could draw energy produced naturally by the earth to power all of our needs here on earth.  All it would take would be an antenna.  At the time his idea was shot down because the investor in his work did not want to sell antennas, he wanted to sell electricity instead.  For as far fetched as this sounds, we already have two concrete examples of this energy source existing.  The question is, is this connected to the same prophecy that Gashweseoma is discussing in the video?

With those who have awakened, feeling the rise of the kundalini energy piercing the crown chakra, it begs the question: are we seeing a fulfillment of a prophecy whereby those on earth will begin to reacquaint themselves with the opening in the head, said to connect human kind to the cosmos which they call the Kopavi? It is interesting how many in this group who have seen and understood the important connection between crown and heart centers as the way forward to heal from the history that has been stamped on us individually and en masse. It looks like in a natural and organic way, we are seeing a movement very much about learning how to reestablish this native but forgotten tie between our minds (head) and our humanity (hearts).


It may well be that the Hopi have had extraterrestrial encounters dating back many thousands of years.  In the shift from the third to the fourth world, the earth was covered with water, what we know to have been the ancient flood described in Judaic scripture as the flood of Noah. In this case the Hopi were assisted by beings which they called the Ant People.  They took the Hopi down into the earth into caverns where the Hopi stayed until it was safe to emerge again.  In every kiva it is custom to make a hole in the center of the floor to describe the route through which they made a safe return to the surface of the earth from the underground.  it is interesting because the Ant People are a dead ringer for the alien grey beings often described in abduction literature.  The Hopi are clear in saying that these were people, like us, but they looked like ants.  When you see the drawings in pictograph form on stone walls on Hopi land, it is hard to ignore the very real possibility that they were describing extraterrestrials.


Source: Wikipedia

The Hopi have explained that in their tradition, during the transition from one world to the next, they were always helped or guided in order to survive the earth changes that marked each of these major events down through time.  Since their tradition describes a giant flood, it may show how the memory of the Hopi in their stories is ancient.


So I ask: can the fact that so many are awakening today part of this global change that many suspect is now taking place?  Are we looking at traditions that foretold of the conditions that would make us ripe for the change that the Hopi have said would take place in our transition to another world?  I think that it is a tantalizing possibility, and if this is the case, it may help us to be more attentive to the process of awakening more fully, to continue with our work so that the pattern can be laid down energetically, but to also teach in whatever way we can to help raise awareness about awakening as an important element in our evolution as a species. Our future may in fact hinge upon that taking place.  Only we can determine the degree to which those on earth will become more aware of this as an important option in their own personal development.

As for myself, I have an important event in my early life that made me more aware of the prophecy of the Day of Cleansing or Purification Day.  I could not claim to have been unaware of the Day of Purification when I had a memory from another lifetime because I had read parts of the Book of the Hopi because my mother owned a copy of it.  But what happened to me in a series of memories that came as a rapid and vivid download, I experienced one man’s struggle to make sense of an event that happened to him in the mid 1800’s and was a series of memories that remained mysterious to me for decades after they came to me, which was when I was 18 years old. My own awakening experience was tied to these memories and I found out later that my own awakening helped to illuminate the meaning behind a vision that this past self had about events that were being foretold that would happen in a day in the future, a day when he would be reborn as a new person, a day when “the earth will be sick and in need of cleansing.”  It has been one reason for why I am writing this post for the simple reason that it has related so strongly in my own life.

because I am white in this lifetime, it was a question how I could access the information to make my own efforts relevant to the events as they are unfolding.  One, I have found that if I stopped trying so hard to figure it all out and go into a more surrendered state, the information planted in me would emerge like a seed sprouting.  Instead of working so hard to bring it forward, I just had to utilize a more feminine approach; to trust and to have faith in the miracle that we each are.  Instead of trying so hard to rationally understand it, to prepare the ground and work through the puzzles that it seemed to my mind to represent, I found that understanding was through a much less active approach.

This process is what is meant by the emergence of the divine feminine.  We are learning to balance our minds with our hearts.  We are learning to discover what everyone has as a part of their consciousness as represented by the two parts of our brains, the left and right, both perfect mirrors for the functions of what we describe as masculine and feminine traits.  We all have this.  The energy body also has the channels that links our cosmic awareness with the body, the brain, and the whole of our being.  The Hindu’s have perfectly mapped out this system of the three channels of energy, the Ida, Pengala, and the Shushumna (or central channel/nadi).  Together, these two outer channels will merge to create the third energy, which is our own cosmic consciousness and higher awareness.  This, I think, is exactly what the Hopi had in mind.

We are all rooted in history and we are also rooted in our present.  By letting go of the past we will each learn how to release the patterns in ourselves that hold us back at a level of awareness.  By going further ahead than anyone may have done so far, we will help to etch into the collective heart of humankind the dreams of how this is all accomplished.  By keeping away from the beliefs and using solid knowledge based on our own direct experience, we may be able to create a path forward balance in both knowledge and in compassion for how to be our very best as a species.  I have more work to do!  I suspect we all do.  Do what you can in the way that your own still voice tells you.

All My Best….


…And I am late!

In my defense, I was busy dealing with some big discoveries about divine union, the gods and goddesses and how our ancestors would use creative energy on Beltane to charge the earth for greater fertility for the new crops. Horned god and all of that.

And then along came orthodoxy and crashed our innocence and deeper connection with the forces in us and the universe! Don’t let them get you down.

She was the one who was touched by the growing bloom of desire. Each center opened to a presence that moved all through her. It was little more than a wisp, really, like a rising tide of water. Just like that. This touched her at every level of her being. Pulling him close, though he was far from her, she initiated a dance that she was never able to complete perhaps because the prize was just that precious and powerful a thing; fire from heaven.

The truth amongst our kind is that once touched, we are forever changed. We cannot pretend to be the same. We cannot act as though the genie has gone back into the bottle. We try, many times we do, just as she had done, hoping to return to her Kansas and her blissful ignorance. We all do, if the truth is told. We do grow accustomed to it though and in its big roaring realm of a shift it awakens us to deeper truths, and not all of them sit comfortably with us. With such power, with such roaring realms as these, we are ourselves made into instruments of the emanations that is our universe. The Gods and Goddesses speak through our fiber, our bone, our idiosyncracies, our desire, our failings and our triumphs. We face up to the fact that to be spiritual is to be sexual, which is to be creative, which is about begetting both spiritually and physically. We cannot nor will we ever remove ourselves from the truth of this which is that at its core, all of this awakening is creative. She wants to create with him, to feel his words and his presence upon her lips, drawing out of her a consummate creation born of a love that is transcendent….something more than just she and more than just he. Through every center she feels how the truth of this touches her inwardly just as it touches him inwardly. They are carried, touched, enlivened…. by this fire to know how they both share in an inuterable truth about it and each other….Such a truth draws souls together unlike anything else.


People can turn their backs on these things but so strong are these events that they make indelible marks on our lives, our souls, our hearts, and even our bodies. For as much as we seek to seem normal, to fit in, to fly under the radar, we are rendered an exotic forever after and for always. All of the heresies come to live in us all at once, shaking us to that inevitable conclusion that each of us make, which is that the world is both backwards and upside down. …and it has been that was for a long time.

We, even touched as we are by this, remain backwards and upside down creatures until we relearn and allow ourselves to break under the pressure of the great force that is the divine bearing down on us and on the falsehoods of our innermost lives. The difference is that we are pilgrims who travel not without comprehension to the Promised Land but with full realization that we each ARE what was once promised us.

She is the kind who can sense and even smell him before he arrives. Her innermost senses are so enlivened by him that her own senses begin to form a world around him that is made up of him. Something in her is made to know him perhaps as much as he knows himself. It is at this great level of intimacy that she can never again pretend she had not caught glimpse of the bringer of that fire to her frame in this life or that she served as the crucible within which their surrender became the Great Revealer. She knows him and he knows her in a way that defies any idea that we are in any way separate or that the universe itself is not strung together in an incredibly intimate fashion such that no lie about separation can stand long before the roar of this world washes over it and topples it, washing its pieces away as we stand gape-mouthed wondering over what just happened, and also over how we could build such castles to honor the deeper heresy of separation.


And even those who have parted still meet in the breathless silence of their innermost realm at night and between the sentences of spoken words and between the architecture of our thoughts. They are just too large for that not to happen, and we must learn to forgive ourselves if the fire is ever to make any sense to us and not burn us to a crisp in fear or in anger, or in jealousy, or in uncertainty. It is in the in-between that it calls to us and does not care the channel or vessel who carries it. It seems to need us to tell its story, like some wordless presence, like some vivaciously creative mute that is suddenly tired of keeping silent but has no means itself with which to speak or caress or to love the other in the way that we are equipped.

For many, it’s just too much. It’s too much as long as we resist being as big as it is. It’s too much as long as we refuse to stretch into its being and learn to give that higher self a place in our lives. We resist because the higher self is not uncertain but knows…..and we, the children waking up to its presence within us, are limited and do doubt and are afraid that it might mean our end…..even though that never seems to happen.

He can feel how she visits him. It’s often only after she falls completely asleep. Some nights he waits up and others, he slips off into a sleep that contains chapters only the two of them know, but mostly know peripherally or secretly (even when its secret from themselves sometimes). It isn’t always clear, and there isn’t always a narrative to paint the sky so it can be seen, or a room or a sense of place…..because this now belongs to the timelessness that we each touch when our bodies open their eyes and as our mind is dragged along for the ride. He holds his hand up; this is all he needs do to transmit the ripple of pure bliss which penetrates and travels faster than light and ignores the laws of our world because of how it lives and breathes the one Law that has ever really mattered and is the one Law upon which worlds have been built. This Law lives within him and its movement into her is what remains a world of endless pleasure and delight.

This plays out in this way with many today. Married, single, alone but connected….it has taken all of us into its arms regardless of our laws and rules or conventions. It asks us to tell the truth by BEing the truth, and so it changes our lives when this enters them. We are shaken by this and it is hard, but it is like leaving Kansas with no hope of ever returning, perhaps never wanting to return. The genie is out of the bottle and the truth turns in us until we learn to face it more fully each time it swings us ’round in its pulsating dance of both pleasure and becoming. This truth, if ignored comes back around in other years, seasons, and lives. There is all the time in the world and yet, it seems to make us all feel that there is little time left. I think that this is because of how long we have remained ignorant of how much we have lived outside of its Law even as some of us proclaimed to know it intimately. This force does not care about how our lives are composed it seems, and will clear a path in us to see that its will is done. Eventually, the truth catches up with all of us….and until it does, it exerts a steady pressure on each of us until we give way and forgive in order for the resistance to allow flow again. He remains in silence until she acknowledges that nothing has the power to stop this…


Their opposites, both as the Cosmic She and He attract. Karma attracts, that which is left undone attracts. But what is really at the root of our misgivings after all? In each case, it is always something that felt that we did not reach in its fullest apogee for our hearts to feel filled with it. We return to lovers who died too soon for us to play it again just as we turn the wrongs other have done to us into the force that cracks our insides open to reveal the greatest bliss one could ever imagine. In each case, we feel a sense of lack that always has us forever chasing it, forever yearning for it, forever focused on it even if it is done subconsciously. We hide so much from ourselves that our lives do not adequately allow fulfillment for. But how


do we correct for a wish never filled that is now thousands of years old, covered over by ten lifetimes or more? These bones form the substance of our desire in some of this as we wake up…..and there is nothing so compassionate a hope as this; to free ourselves and to know the force of love not as something that we feel FOR someone but a force that we finally ARE.

There are many stories that remain silent and secret but that live vibrantly in the luminous realm. Don’t let its grace pass you by.

​She’s made sacred by desire

Her great yawning passion

Whose throes 

are the forge

of creation

The multiversity rests




even to her

until the brilliant light enters

whose warmth stirs

and awakens

a celestial womb

draped in night

and buried deep

but moved by by his presence

so that


she opens deeper still

as everything in the illumine

is undone


taken and given

all at once.

These are ours

moments snatched 

from the infinite

a Sunday morning late in Spring

with tea and rain

drawing us into this warmth 

of presence

where divine





It happens

in our world

in long-scaled cycles

that our inner lives

express something

that continues on the outside

that we each agree to explore here…..


The Light is about to change…


The Collective is getting ready for a new game

a new way

a radical turn

it will seem

to usher in a new age.


This happens in cycles

this turning

that we our souls direct

so that the light in us

might be perfected.


For reasons most will not appreciate

our adventure for the last five millenials

have taken us into the rational

as we became untrusting of our intuition

dull but smart

and forgot the deeper waters

of our knowing, being, and love.


It was not for naught

but it had consequences

for all of us died a little

on the day when we made our last turn

and lost something

in order to gain something…


We did this without grace.

We fell into pits of dark

and damnable confusions.

We forgot ourselves

as empires rose

and we forgot the tender knowing

that we called

the feminine….

in all of us.


As hard as that turning was

and as much as we may want to visit our wounds

I say to you

that this next turning

will be the sweetest one of all

since the Beginning.


For this Turning will be for each of us

and will swallow us whole

in its embrace.

It will dismember us

and take out our bones

and put in their place

a metal of greater hue and temper

and will make of us

beings ready for the greatest love

we have ever known.


We are about to change

each of us

and its process is underway

right now

in cities and towns

and the shimmer cannot be denied

and if denied

not for much longer.


The crustal plates are to realign

in our hearts

and our souls.

We have thirsted for thousands of years

and it is this shock of thirst

that has made of each of us

perfect vessels for the flood

that is about to come.


We have thirsted,

each of us

for Her

and we have been made perfect for the union

that our souls now

yawning wide

are ready to embrace

to take in

and be taken by.


We are about ready now

to see a great folding of the race

into a new way

and it will seem to take years to unfurl

but in looking back

it will have gone by in a wink.


SO I say to each of you;

be of great joy

for we now are each pregnant

with the possibility of Her

and it is this that we birth

not a woman

nor a man

but a fully equipped human

ready for the star nations

for hearing sweet music

touching sound

and smelling light.

We are the new humans

lurking inside of the old

a rebirth that is moving

with great certainty and pace.

What was impossible

will become likely

as new horizons emerge

as we continue to balance

between disaster and light.




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