It is coming strong now

the pulse of the One

spreads through the many

an undeniable


which sends ripples

glimmers of itself

we turn and find

everything has changed.

I walked over to my neighbor

I shared videos of Terrence

after he spoke of Ayahuasca

and sacred dreams…

and learned

in total serendipity

that he had lived his whole life


living next to me

silent, alone,


much like me

until we sat in waning light

for hours

speaking about the cosmic

and the One

and how it speaks to us

and how we speak with it

this great mystery

that surrounds us all…

If we were small enough

would our air seem this thin if it was blood

and we were subatomic?

Are we living in the body of something amazingly huge?

Is it better to know

or to just ask the question?

Questions are where it is at

this much is true

and known

even though the dead dry husks

of knowledge unfold themselves


it seems the buzz is in finding

the next new petal.

I suppose that is what makes us the same; always on to the next new thing

cosmic impatience

seekers are like this

and we think its all just fine

as the sky spins stars into view and out


we meet like this

in different times

and places

we both know this is so…

but how do you say what is obvious

and make it seem to be anything more than out of step with

space and time?

He is moving

I am moving away from this place

and this sudden realization comes

in the waning night

the billiards caroming off one another

as we wonder about what comes next in the world

of awakenings.

Anything we want, everything we hope for.

It all comes like this

where every one I am around is of the same

sometimes secretly

for that moment when

the great reveal comes

so I can sink my teeth into the awe and wonder

that this world offers

and that I love so.

“Anything is possible.”