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Awakening and inspiration share very similar attributes, and are to my mind siblings to each other within the self.

To reach each, the path or method is so similar. The inspired state requires surrendering everything that does not belong, that will hold you back, not push you forward. Inspiration is thought of as that elusive state that cannot be forced. Artists and creatives go “looking for it.” Popping on a CD, taking a walk, maybe some coffee in a corner of the shop scribbling, waiting for the mood to strike. You look or wait for it like an elusive jaguar slipping through the dense underbrush…you never know when it is going to show itself. One waits for it expectantly.

When it does arrive, you are letting it in, not wresting it to the ground. When it comes, it is as if you are invincible, on top of the world. Anything is possible.

In truth, inspiration comes when we allow ourselves to be dissarmed, when we let go the monkey mind that chatters away. You don’t force inspiration the same way that you don’t force awakening. Why is that?

Inspiration isn’t a rational process at its core. It may suit up using rational decisions…which instrument to play, what key, what time signature, or brush or color. But all of those things are subjects of inspiration, subservient to its need, desire, and play. Inspiration is, or can be, an utterly unbounded state in which anything is possible but only one thing can usually be done at a time. An entire year’s worth of creative output can be conceived in moments like these. I know that this is often the case for me. I have to pick and choose the things that have the best use of my time. Much is similarly discovered when one is awakened. Worlds emerge in both the inspired and awakened state. Why?

Both inspiration and nonduality are deeply rooted in creativity. All forms of it. People describe kundalini as a libidinous force, but I experience it as radical creativity in all of its forms. The desire in the physical for the beloved is itself a creative act of love…that creates new life. Curious, too, how we have so much shame surrounding that part of ourselves. Curious as well how little our cultures honors the arts. The powers that be prefer to make money selling war machines. So easy, so uncreative, so destructive. A world upside down. One expands, the other contracts. For now, this is how this world is.

We must fill it with the juiciness of our art, our music, our photography, and the love that is present in both inspiration and in awakening or nonduality. We must do this without cheapening either of them but making them even more precious…inspiring others even if they cannot hold a note, or paintbrush or a meditative state (yet).

So if you want to know awakening, know your creative impulse because that is the tail of the cosmic tiger.


This was so good I wanted it to just be on its own today.  But read deeper into this link.  It is brilliant for teaching and inspiring kids about what poetry is…or could be.  Love it! (Just click on the blue text to read more awesomeness)

“Poetry is an egg with a horse in it.”

My apologies for being absent.  It has been a busy time as I begin to move into a much more active phase of my creative life.  Much change is afoot as I seek to bring into my life a more sustained and substantive focus on the creative in my work.  It isn’t that it wasn’t creative before…..I was more limited in what I could do.  In some ways, I was making plans all along, but having to log those ideas until waiting was done and action could be fulfilled.

Last year I began a funding effort to bring a new product to market.  I am now in the latter part of bringing this project to fruition with the creation of a new lighting innovation that I call the Gaia Lamp.  This type of accent lighting will help to bring a new level of comfort and joy to those who know its glow in their lives.  Because of what we now know the role the pineal has in regulating sleep cycles, the type of light that my lamp will produce will be perfect for helping people to better regulate their own production of melatonin, something that is secreted by the pineal. With so many people exposed to screens on phones and computers that put out a bluish white light, this type of light has had the result of tricking the pineal into thinking it is day time (blue light happens during the day by the way).  The hope is that exposure to this artisan design will bring not just a sense of peace but an ability to feel sleepy and enter dream time more easily.  And for that matter, ANY kind of warm light will do the trick.  Mine does it in style.  But by all means, if you can put a fire in the fireplace, enjoy the benefits that this kind of light has for you.  Your pineal and your mind will thank you as you get better and more sound sleep.

Being able to do this project has meant that I have moved back into glass production.  It has kept me busy, it has brought my body back to a better state of tone and my hands build in strength each day turning the pipe and hoisting the glass around the studio.  I have missed this.  So yes, my hands will look rough and feel rough, but my body will feel more alive and more focused on what I know and do best; bringing new glass designs to the fore. Now, however, perhaps for the first time, I will be fusing my design work with my spiritual work.  This feels like the culminations of years’ of work.  And now, I get to do so on my own terms without needing to filter or be concerned about how others around me will react or judge or behave.  This is for me.  Finally.  And it feels great!

I have felt  as though I have had all of this creative potential just locked up for the last seven years.  Having gone through a series of disruptive events financially in my life from an injury in late 2007, to a divorce a year and a half later, to being unemployed, displaced from my home, and wondering just what on earth I was going to do, to slowly but surely working my way back to a new life, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and it turns out that it is not a train.  I am now ready to begin the action phase of a dream that has been years in the making.  So far what has flowed out of this effort has all been good and are getting better by the day.  Normally, I am not one to brag. But after all these years, a few good things have happened, and it has been because something in me has wanted it more than I feared I might mess it up.  We can self-sabotage to easily especially when we are unaware of the shadows that still remain to be scattered.  The deep well of inspiration that has been with me since childhood now is put to the test, is brought back into a new context, and it is time.  So many in my life I think have wanted so much to be inspired, creative, and have latched onto that glory trail in many ways.  On the one hand, we all do this and benefit from it, learning what the inspired state is.  On the other, there is also the shadowed side of it, which does not always benefit us and makes us smaller, instead of bigger. We all must learn to live by our own light even as we watch the lights of others until we can trust that, yes, we each have something important to contribute, to provide, to give, and to bring forth from within ourselves.  All of us.

Some have questioned this inspired state, and I can think of nothing more distorting as any effort we make to try to turn or change what it is that we each natively feel and create. Think about suggesting that what Mozart wrote wasn’t really his own, that he doesn’t really feel what he created.  Sometimes, you just have to let people be who they are, illusions and all.  We are all contradictions, a patch work of full and empty pieces.  We each are knitting this patchwork into something that is whole and complete……through the growing realization that we are all born perfect…..and then ego comes along and undoes that marvelous work and makes a problem where beauty and grace resided.  And maybe we do this to test ourselves, to make ourselves into this concept that we are somehow broken and limited and unable to kiss the blue sky of heaven.  To get there, you go. You do not look back, you get there by doing. From the heart of your intent action will flow.  Perfectly?  Probably not.  But does this stop us?  No, it doesn’t.  So go with all the passion and grace as you can muster and don’t get down on yourself when you falter.  Get back up and go!

I am getting back up and I am going.  Blue sky of heaven awaits.  Something in us, that little bit of heaven, calls to us even as we see just stormy skies. Behind them is that marvelous brightness that is at once who we are and what heaven is.  I promise.

So I hope that this does not spell a silent spell for me.  In some ways, I have more material to write about than ever before… many observations, so many experiences to put down, all crowding in for a voice.  I just don’t know how much I will have time for in the days to come. Maybe someday WP will have a voice to text feature that works well so I can work and write all at once.  Or maybe, I will just wait and write snippets.  Such beautiful things slip through my days in those moments when I least expect it.

If our efforts are like particles racing to their destination, our intent acts like the power of the wave.  It is this wave that is truly without limit.  When you can let that wave move around the margins and plunge headlong into your life, you can know the true power this universe holds for all of us.  Amazing things await each of us.



Every once in a while events, reacting quite literally from inner processes express and move things in fascinating ways for me that are difficult for me to even explain.  Most often, it takes months, even years, to get to a place where I can explain it.  Since so much of this is part of a process that is inward, sometimes talking about it while still in it can be tricky.  Plus, I am so visually oriented, verbal stuff is a task for me that requires a certain focus.  I am holographic  in my thinking.

But very recently I began work on a book on creativity.  If you go to any library, you will find loads and loads of books centered on understanding it.  What is so interesting is the divide that exists between the two camps that exist concerning this field as research.  One side describes it as an outgrowth of regular thought while the other describes it as….I am serious here….a mystical magical experience that borders on the religious that cannot be parsed, quantified, or even understood.  Now mind you, these are researchers, knobby-headed people who have had their pocket protectors in place studying books and the current research in their field.  Developmental psychologists, behaviorist, educators, etc., etc.  The truth is, folks, even the egg-heads are not the ones with all the answers.  They aren’t.  Like any good dogma, they can become stuck in reality tunnels of their own discipline.  Just as we can get caught in the tunnels of our own illusions, so too do we get trapped in these mazes of conceptualized reality that….well….isn’t based in too much reality.  Easy for me to say, right?

The problem is that there is a lack of understanding about creativity along certain lines, and what I have observed is that it is due to a bias that we have….and it is made worse by the divide in the field in regards to how people who are the experts approach this; normal outgrowth of thought or mystical magical mystery.  And here is where I jump into the breach.  I am not a researcher, I do not wish to be (shudders) but I have been an artist my whole life and got real serious with it in college and it has been with me ever since.  The nature of creativity, though, has suddenly crossed paths in unexpected ways with awakening, or kundalini in the last few days.  And it isn’t that creativity and kundalini aren’t related.  They are.  They are actually aspects of one another.  Creativity is itself the embodiment of life force, and life force IS what this kundalini (more a verb to my mind than anything), which is the arrival of a vast flow of life force.  So you would expect creativity to be trebled once you could deal with the goings on within and without you in this new world of yours.

But what is so bizarre is how all of this is unfolding, a kind of loop back to the beginning in some ways, tangentially, with some material that I was sent by someone who I was corresponding to before I awoke, as I awoke, and after I awoke.  This was material I did not read but found it in a file on my ipod that I installed months ago thinking I’d listen to it, but never did.  And it was there that an odd kind of synchronicity occurred which served to solidify some things about an emergent view about HOW to merge creativity and kundalini into a paradigm for people who want to be more creative.  Now if I tell you the two are linked, then it should be easy, right? My approach, though, is not merely philosophical, but gets into an aspect of the mechanics of the light body, the field of energy that surrounds us, how it emerges in the body and how it becomes literally the means of carrying information within us and beyond us. This also feeds into how the nervous system is involved and how the brain gets pulled in.  What blooms is this amazing realization about who and what we are that means, can ONLY mean that we are part of a living system so large that we do not always take notice.  Our bodies each have a way of interfacing with what seems like something separate from us, but in fact is not.  Science has been behind the eight-ball in regards to this and we have not good devices to delight the scientific minded that would be able to detect this energy.  We just don’t.  But those who have their “gear” updated enough CAN detect all of this (through the body).  Finding the way to put this all into a coherent framework has been the real challenge.  On the one hand, explaining it means reducing material down, a reductive process that naturally can leave out important information.  Knowing what to leave in and what to take out becomes the art of this.  And sometimes it does not come right away.  Today and yesterday, this was brewing and a chunk of it resolved.  the way it resolved, though, linked this current project, which I considered Soooo different from my previous efforts with the book Waking The Infinite, in ways that were surprising.  And then on the first day of a two-day process of this interesting synchronicity it unwound partly with a conversation with my neighbor who is also an artist.  For the first time I realized that those closest to awakening may well be our artists, at least those who have a close relationship to creativity.  There are a lot of very talented artists who don’t gush with creative juice.  Talent and creativity do not always go hand in hand.  Talent can itself be a result of years of discipline and practice, something that is cultivated (although some would argue against this).  We say talent is often a natural proclivity towards something (and yet I have seen talent develop in me over time so….).  At any rate, I am looking at a way to assist others to learn how to expand their creativity in significant ways using a method that places ones awareness on the reality of what is happening all around us.  And I am not even sure that it will work except my intuition is jumping all over the place saying yes yes yes!  So with all new ideas, it begins as a theory or hunch and goes from there. Which is why I am….gulp…..looking for people’s input on some aspects of the creative (and the gulp was for circling back into something that begins to look like research!).  I know it can seem awfully assuming, but I feel pretty certain that I am right on what I have been shown.  I sense that by simply being aware of it, by understanding how it works, it is going to itself have an effect on people.  This is the magical, mystical, mysterious part of all of this.

Somewhere, there is an intersecting of entirely practical non-woo-woo stuff with cosmic consciousness.  Something entirely normal coupled with something so off the wall incredible it changes the trajectory of your life.  When you can mange this, you have, hopefully, struck a balance in the way that is most needed.

Now I have to build this into something that can help people.  I am not interested in developing philosophical systems, or more dogma, but a careful balance of fact with experience.  By tapping the potential of the vast field of information all around us, we can actually help change the world, and teaching people how to tap this whether they are artists or not, is a big step forward.  Even if it is one person at a time.  And here I am, not someone for methods or techniques!  What I know for me is that this “method” as it is beginning to unfold is less method as it is simply being aware of how things are and placing your attention there in order to open the channels in awareness.  And for anyone doing work of this type, you will know how important awareness is, right?  I am working on how the world of quantum effects, the waveform awareness (as I described it) plays into learning, creativity, and change).

So the loom idea is something that is a bit of an inside thing.  One of the insights I was getting in my awakening when I learned I could “plug-in” and get this flow of information, was that of a vast loom. This was after the first year when I began to place my awareness on the knowing side of the equation and began peering out into this thing instead of merely feeling effected by it.  Maybe its me being a guy, but this seemed like it was so much more than JUST a feeling.  This was a kind of technology…..albeit one not made by human hands and consisting of energy and gateways and switches that bear little resemblance to anything we have here on earth (and yet it is!).   This loom consisted of three main sets of threads; the self, the other, and the divine/universe.  Each made up a thread in the loom process.  While we are many, just like the warp threads, the continuous thread that runs through everything is itself the Tao or the Universal Consciousness.    And for those who know looms, there are a set of threads that are separated in order to send a central thread (which was to me or for me the universe) and we become the threads that wrap around it.  In fact, there are types of weaving that entirely obscure this thread so all you see are the outer threads, those of us here in physical reality.  Given that, it’s no wonder people miss the miraculous in the moment (mundane) because it’s so well hidden.  You have to know how to see it, which has nothing to do with your physical eyes.  So the gathering effect that a loom has is that it draws in all this stuff, all the events and thoughts and things in our lives along with people and places, and wraps them into one another, and this becomes the weaving of our lives.  This is a kind of artifact seemingly solid yet pouring out of the present to become a part of the past.  It is not itself a tangible object, but neither is it merely an abstraction.  Anyway, I see your eyes glazing over so I will stop there and say that the loom got cranked up and began drawing all these disparate threads into a kind of design or continuity very recently.  It also showed how even in the beginning, I was corresponding with someone who was my friend in the lead-up to my awakening that provided me with a degree of insight and some information that I simply did not tap until just a few days ago just as a whole batch of material was congealing and beginning to make sense for this book on creativity.  Coincidence is a little meager for what took place, and reminds me that these are significant moments perhaps only for me.  The book, if I can wrestle it into the form I now suspect it needs to take, will be for everyone else.

And with that, it is a nice late-night nibble and slip into a full-moon bed where an eclipse is set to work its way over us just before dawn!

You don’t have to be an artist.


You just need to be a human.


We suspect even being human isn’t required.


Would you like to contribute to work on creativity?  You can go to my other blog to find out more!  See you there!




KundaliniCreative energy is by its very nature the force that breaks through old forms, opens the flower bud, that gives new form to old ideas, new ideas to old forms, and is entirely blissful all at the same time.  The truth is, we feel great when we are creative.  On top of the world.  A million bucks. Nothing can stop us.

When the left and the right brains work together, like man and woman, this experience, which most people find to be so intimate that they want to be alone or feel alone in order to get themselves to the place where they can “do it” (be creative) is so much so like how we feel about entering into an intimate situation with another.  We want to be alone.  We get excited, we sit on the edge of our seats, we become utterly seduced by our first ideas which then lead to more ideas.  It all seems a mystery until the second that it happens.  We try all sorts of different ideas, sketches, designs, or ideas.  We play with them like a child plays with blocks.  And then somehow, it all clicks into place.  The inspiration fills us and the information flows.  As if through some unknown crack in the wall, the water of life pours through to us and enlivens us and nourishes us. You have to let lose that tight hold you have on yourself.  You aren’t going to come undone in any other way than what will be perfect.

This flow is in the body the flow of the negative force and the positive forces merging.  In the brain it is how the left and right hemispheres work together to develop ideas that neither of the two could ever hope to do alone.  the very masculine left brain has all sorts of ideas, but those ideas are just that.  A nub of something, but “he” brings it to the feminine and she takes it into herself in order to dream it anew, to do her work of nurturing the idea.  Something magic happens when the two qualities merge; they create more energy then they could ever do alone.  It is just what happens when two people who love each other or who are interested in one another come before each other; there is an expansion of energy, there is a seduction that takes place, a very beautiful experience unfolds.  But to do so, in both instances, in both cases, requires a good degree of vulnerability.  In both intimacy and in creativity, one has to “put ones self out there” in order to realize the greatest rewards.  To do this means surrender, letting go, and in that letting go we allow the great mystery of the experience to unfold.  This is where the higher self steps in.  This is where you don’t have to know anything, for you will be filled.  An entire career’s worth of work can emerge in such moments, and often has.  The mystics call this the All.

To feel it, you embody it.  to embody it, you feel it.  You allow yourself to let go.  You release fear and anxiety.  It flows in you, you see.  Love to be creative, love to feel this love.  Creativity is certainly this; love.  You cannot feel its flow when angled down into fear.  You simply have to be willing to stick your neck out a little and not worry about what others will think.  You need to love the feeling more than anything.  Luckily, that feeling feels better than anything.

So come out of that cage.  We each have it.  Inside each of us, a wild tiger lives whose blood runs thick and hot and whose primal force can become the fuel for amazing things.  Within each of us lies the fire.  For some, it is but a small ember.  For others, the flames burn wildly as others stand back, jealous and in wonder over how anyone could be so free.

Don’t be afraid to dream your wildest dreams.  Read Whitman and yelp and be free and don’t worry over practicality or marketability.  This is your freedom and surely no price can be placed on that.  Not everyone will recognize it as important or worthy.  It doesn’t need to be.  Only you need to recognize it and feel it.  if you feel it only because of another, it really isn’t authentic.  Don’t seek the approval of others, only your own authentic experience as the guide.  You can thus become a beacon to others including yourself.

To dream in this way means you are willing to journey with no idea what you will find. It was always been in such efforts that incredible surprises are most often found, so be willing to follow your instinct and wild hairs and go off the path into the woods once in a while because great things lay in wait, conspiring to make your life more interesting.

Create, ooze with the joy and wonder that lives inside of you.  Give birth to tall tales, brilliant musical masterpieces, wonderful drawings and stories and lyrics.  Goodness knows we need this to help dilute the constant drumbeat of war and trouble in the world. Replace the trouble with beauty and wonder and the world will question why we must look at things always from the worst case scenario instead of simply sharing our sandbox space and playing nice with one another.  In the brilliant days of childhood exist all the great lessons of humanity.  Dwelling in that place is far preferred to the more shadowed lands we seem to have been inhabiting as of late.  Humanity hungers for the light and cool waters of spirit and creativity to renew it and give it hope.  Without it, why continue?

So continue.  Be bold, bear your truth bravely and honestly, whatever that truth might be.  If nothing else, be an inspiration even if others think you an ideologue.  Stand tall and see magic around every corner; it is beckoning you, you know. run like children down the pathways of discovery to find what is next in line for you and the rest of us.  If given the choice of hopefulness or hopelessness, doesn’t hope seem so much better the choice to take?  And in taking it, grasp and hold it evermore.

creative CalvinI will admit that like my spiritual journey, my journey through the creative has been studied, considered, and lived for many decades now. I have pondered long the nature of creativity and I have been a careful firsthand observer of it.  Over the years I have had pieces of the puzzle,  I knew deep down that there was a way to help make creativity FLOW instead of merely flash for a few short seconds.

When I awoke many new  pieces of the puzzle came into view.  When the bliss field emerged as a part of my experience more as a steady state  experience I realized that what we call the human orgasm is part of a larger spectrum of bliss energy that is wildly creative and that once we awaken and can properly ride this bliss wave without falling off of it or needing to bleed it away through sexual union (this doesn’t happen in awakening, but that is itself another blog entry), this same baseline energy can be used in the same way that the flow of energy in a river is used as long as the water flows.  What I am saying is that in awakening energy that is orgasmic in nature flows through every corner of your being, the proverbial genie in the bottle being released and bathing the entire body in the rich nourishing flow of what the Hindus call prana. It is the very locus of ecstasy, of expansive states of consciousness, of the very essence of self transformation and of intense, wild and wonderful creativity.   Its just that in our unawakened experience that we only see this high level energy as expressed through the orgasm as being the only way to experience such high levels of energy, that we can become biased as to what is or is not possible.  When you awaken, you can open up the floodgates to inspiration.  Ask anyone who has gone through this experience.  I know people who began writing music, writing poetry,  designing clothing, artwork, etc.  In my case it fueled a whole new direction for my business which was a hot glass production studio.  I wrote short stories, children stories, music, poetry, and began a journal that turned into a book several hundred pages later.  It has also helped to illuminate the nature of creativity as being essentially an intimate encounter with the two “opposite” forces within the body, within the self and soul that we call yin and yang.

The elusiveness of the creative state is really not elusive at all once you understand how it works. We have allowed ourselves to become alienated from a fundamental instinct or way of being that is native to who and what we are.  We are operating with only half engines on full.  We can in truth live in a constant state of inspiration as the next dimension of experience unfolds in experience. There is a way  for the creative to flow unhindered. It involves the two seemingly opposite aspects of your being reaching  unity within you.  When these two forces come together, some very interesting thing happen. I have experienced ongoing creative energy flow continuously for years at a time. The nature of creativity means every corner of human endeavor is littered with creativity.  Its not that art is the place where we feel creative, it is that human experience rich and rewarding moments of creativity in every single facet of experience.  We ARE creativity.  It is in our blood bones and nervous system and souls.

When you understand the nature of creativity, it becomes much easier.  To learn more about this, read about it in my upcoming book

Waking The Infinite.

creative resistance

In it, I go into the relationship that both the yin and yang energies have as purely etheric and nonphysical manifestations of cosmic consciousness and how the physical body then is designed to be a perfect biological mechanism for the expression and conveyance of that energy physically.  I also explain how the etheric or pranic current moves through the body and how it intersects with the nervous system, informs it, modifies and enriches it once kundalini is awakened in a more or less conscious way.  I also show how the two brains that we possess themselves are mirrors of this cosmic couple and how we can in a very practical way, learn how to marry them in order to discover that moment when the two explode in that moment of genesis, the moment of inspiration.  I further explain that it is possible to actually LIVE in a constant state of inspiration and what effects or benefits that this has. This is nothing short of learning how to ride a wave of bliss and wonder that these two energetic currents create when the consciousness of the individual is able to focus the energy in the arena of the conscious self.  Learning this is about learning the correct type of balance of feeling necessary to generate the physical chemistry needed to support the etheric or nonphysical state that those who are interested in awakenings seek to do for themselves and for the race as a whole.

These energies are all around us all the time.  They have always been and shall always be.  In awakening we make a lot about how we awakened, that the energy “rose” in us.  What “rose” in truth, was our own awareness of a universe that was, right out of the gate of creation, awake and aware with this vibrant boundless energy.  The truth is, it has the power to change your life tremendously and for the better if you are engaged enough to recognize what it is that seems to stand in the way of your realizing this state.

So creativity will play a role in the book simply because as an artist I recognize that the power of awakening is the same power as the flash of inspiration.  The sad thing is that those (including myself who am a visual artist)  in the arts call it the ” flash” instead of the steady state flow or the dwelling place or something else that would suggest that the experience is continuous.  What do you think the flash of inspiration stretched out into a daily experience would feel like?  How do you think such an experience would change your world?  (the answer, at least for me, is “radically”)  The fact remains, it just isn’t a continuous phenomenon for most people and for many more of those, how to even try doing such a feat seems an utter mystery.  We still are beings that find this part of our experience to be shrouded in cognitive veils.  It need not be.  By learning how to turn this faucet on you can learn how to bring fulfillment in your own life as well as inviting in the force that can dismantle lifetimes of dysfunction and trauma and hurt from your light body.  And if you didn’t know already, the light body records ever single thing that ever happens to you, at least of an energetic and emotional nature.  We are fast realizing that while the brain may be the locus of recording memories, it may in fact be more of a biological switching system for nonlocal as well as locally recorded or imprinted experiences which we call memories.  The realization is fast upon us, though, that the body itself records past emotional impacts, and by learning how to erase those impacts from our energy memory, we actually free up the energy system of the physical and etheric bodies to operate in a way that is far more optimal, efficient, healthy, and clear.  When awakening hits most people, they are bowled over by the experience and are in wonderment over the power of the experience.  And yet, in time, people who learn how to move through their awakenings in a successful and fulfilling way find that this same intensity is itself more a steady-state experience that is the new way of being for humans.  What is on offer for us is a truly incredible way to be and to feel every moment of the day.  To get there is the “work” that so many talk about, which in truth is merely a surrender of those patterns, beliefs, and old feelings that stand in the way of a clearer flow of the cosmic in your seemingly tiny frame here on Gaia…..which is herself a speck in a sea of specks.  And yet, even on the micro-scale, the atomic scale, everything still vibrates with knowing.  This knowing may be beyond science at the moment, but everything in our world is alive.  It may not be what science call sentient life, but it is certainly what the ancients observed is part of a universe that lives and breaths in its own way.  When you consider that energy is conscious, the whole universe, bound together by energetic forces (an atom is mostly energy, not matter), then you can perhaps begin to appreciate the impact that this has.

Cool, wet, fluid, her spirit dances amongst the cool night of stars.  She speaks with the voice of the elk and dancers, who plucks the silk of spider threads for music and muses deep into the mystery of being.  Every flush caress of brush to paper brings an epiphany as the union of wet to dry brings worlds into being, a deep dialog of movement takes hold and something fresh emerges into the world.

The carefully crafted cells of energy, like nuts or flasks of fluid rise and coalesce through such creations, and the coolness is countered by a fiery magenta and purple that bleeds all outward from a still trembling realm within.  For ages this has been the blood of the Goddess, and it has been shed through silence and forgetting and ignorance, but She is alive in your hand and heart and is soon to explode into the world in ways we could scarcely imagine, but are here to help usher, create, midwife to the infinite.  Each cool cell made of silver is shifting as she feels the solar light cast upon her and a great warming fire enters in and all is turned to gold.  This, the beloved’s alchemy, does not ask one of the other, but All.  It does not say this or that, but all of it.  His lips are upon all that she is and honors and adores it in the entirety.  Skin and water and moon and stars and blackholes and paintings and wombs and pupils and lips and toes curled and eyes lowered but ablaze with her glory.  Inside each of us lies her secret curled, her own secret which bids new worlds to be born and which is nurtured by her wondrous love and brimming possibility.

We each are rendered into tantrics, a deep hidden veil which must keep the secret from view but not from the heart.  It is not to be gazed upon but to be filled by, a signpost to the infinite.  This, fuel distilled from the cosmos, presses us onward with such ease and perfection even as we stumble on our path to the promised land, it lifts us up and forgives and says “you were always perfect for you are divine….and if the divine stumbles than all stumble, for all are such as I…..”  The hands and heart of the Goddess are just this and most certainly we need more of it in this world so that the bloom of her spirit can water the poor dry hearts that have turned from her for so long that they have utterly forgotten that they have done so but thirst for her lifegiving spirit.  It is here where silver turns to gold and back again countless times as current moves from cool to warm, from yin into yang and then into a complete union where they are not two but two who never were two but one who is known as two.

Those precious cells will soon begin to grow to explode, static images upon a page will speak of their boundless life in worlds near our own where one nodule gives birth to limitless creations and all moves into from flow to torrent.  We should all be so a-mused, inspired, heady with making and creation, the touchstone to how all worlds come to be…..

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