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When awakening comes, the consciousness you awaken to is an awareness of the collective consciousness. Beautiful, joyful, and also with bitter and sad notes, too. It’s a group voice, this soul of the world.

Perhaps, if you are like me, you go down deep just to listen to those trillions who have lived, will live, and are alive now. This resurrection, this “rising” spoken of in early Christian documents such as Philip, gives a nod to the change or shift away from such a simplistic (and limited) way of seeing the world to one more nuanced, an awareness -a Witness- within time while being cognizant that all-time is accessible when consciousness is pitched to the right frequency. It’s less a single line, and more a radiation through all realities and worlds. This is known as the spacious present.

So going deep into it, I feel this inevitable shift happening in the collective that so often mirrors what happens when a block, or what my friend calls a “soul split” is healed. Do you notice what happens in the weeks or days before a block is healed? I notice there is all this stuff that comes up….it can make me feel sick sometimes…it can fill me with an awareness of a part of shadow that is getting ready to be healed, which always makes me feel yucky….I might even feel fear over it, I might feel edgy and even an edge of anger, all depending on the nature of the block. And then…. there comes the moment of grace where I accept it while the divine awareness within me forgives myself…a part that is not “apart.” It is redeemed.  This is where it transforms, in just such a place or state of being….it’s energetic polarity flips and it begins to be flow, not resistance. After that, it was as though it had never been. Poof. Just. Like.That!

It seems this is happening on a larger scale, and it’s been a long train coming. In greater earnest it’s been coming since around 2000. In truth, it’s a continuum with feet all through time, building up to the current day. As it does, as more light comes into some, there is this reaction by those still caught in the old paradigm. Its often similar to what I feel when all the junk gets stirred up…I remain calm, but most act out. In truth, it isn’t an orderly March out of shadow on an individual level, but it’s certainly gaining momentum. As it does, this reaction becomes increasingly more bizarre. The shadow is being driven upwards out of the collective. I don’t sense there is a great deal of awareness of this en mass. 

Logic suggests that this will continue until something comes to a head. And then?  I can’t say. What choice is made will determine this. But amongst the apocalyptic philosophies or religions, they point to a greater deal of sanity world wide. In the Christian idea, it’s a thousand years of peace. In the Hopi cosmology, a shift from one world into another. Both are marked by upheaval.

The world does not end. Humans move forward. The end is the end of the old ways for at least a group who see the light. Rarely can a prophet see beyond the prophecy that they propound. And sometimes, cloaked in the syntax of dream (like John does for example), it’s hard to know just what the symbols mean. 

For the Hopi and their tradition of startlingly accurate prophecies, they saw one group, a small one, keeping on an even keel while others stuck to a jagged line or path in the passage into the next age. But who knows. There have been people in every single generation who thought the end was near. Do we really know what this “end” will look like?

I know that for me, this is an ever-brilliant world whose petals open as ones awareness opens and the nuous, or knowing, comes. It was there all along and people have not seen it. In early Christian texts Jesus explains that the Kingdom has already come, and no one has seen it. That was about two thousand years ago.

It rests within you what it is that the world of humans will be. What have you been choosing at this time on the planet? I’d like as many awake that can come along. I do know, despite the nay-sayers, that it won’t be as simple of a dividing of the goats and sheep. Don’t be surprised if things don’t go down as the apocalyptic (= to suddenly reveal) visions have seemed to have pointed to. There might be a “new” earth, but this earth might simply be seen anew. It could be cleansed. It could be any number of things.

One parting word of caution though. The Hopi have only given prophecy as a way to avoid the bad outcomes. A prophecy was never meant in Christianity to be what inevitable. Nothing is. We can choose the higher path, which keeps us rooted to earth while our souls soar in sheer glory and grace.
We will have to see how things go.




It happens

in our world

in long-scaled cycles

that our inner lives

express something

that continues on the outside

that we each agree to explore here…..


The Light is about to change…


The Collective is getting ready for a new game

a new way

a radical turn

it will seem

to usher in a new age.


This happens in cycles

this turning

that we our souls direct

so that the light in us

might be perfected.


For reasons most will not appreciate

our adventure for the last five millenials

have taken us into the rational

as we became untrusting of our intuition

dull but smart

and forgot the deeper waters

of our knowing, being, and love.


It was not for naught

but it had consequences

for all of us died a little

on the day when we made our last turn

and lost something

in order to gain something…


We did this without grace.

We fell into pits of dark

and damnable confusions.

We forgot ourselves

as empires rose

and we forgot the tender knowing

that we called

the feminine….

in all of us.


As hard as that turning was

and as much as we may want to visit our wounds

I say to you

that this next turning

will be the sweetest one of all

since the Beginning.


For this Turning will be for each of us

and will swallow us whole

in its embrace.

It will dismember us

and take out our bones

and put in their place

a metal of greater hue and temper

and will make of us

beings ready for the greatest love

we have ever known.


We are about to change

each of us

and its process is underway

right now

in cities and towns

and the shimmer cannot be denied

and if denied

not for much longer.


The crustal plates are to realign

in our hearts

and our souls.

We have thirsted for thousands of years

and it is this shock of thirst

that has made of each of us

perfect vessels for the flood

that is about to come.


We have thirsted,

each of us

for Her

and we have been made perfect for the union

that our souls now

yawning wide

are ready to embrace

to take in

and be taken by.


We are about ready now

to see a great folding of the race

into a new way

and it will seem to take years to unfurl

but in looking back

it will have gone by in a wink.


SO I say to each of you;

be of great joy

for we now are each pregnant

with the possibility of Her

and it is this that we birth

not a woman

nor a man

but a fully equipped human

ready for the star nations

for hearing sweet music

touching sound

and smelling light.

We are the new humans

lurking inside of the old

a rebirth that is moving

with great certainty and pace.

What was impossible

will become likely

as new horizons emerge

as we continue to balance

between disaster and light.




When I was young, I was fascinated with the story of the Hundredth Monkey.  It was a cool story to consider as having truth in our world, a hitherto unknown force that works behind the scenes that brings significant change.  When I experienced kundalini I was taken into worlds of knowing that I later read about as being a fixture of this experience for many.  They called it “secret” knowledge, but in truth, the only thing making it secret is how we ourselves are balanced within us.  Two sides, one of which can plumb the infinite. The liberation of kundalini in me was a liberation of my awareness and the two energies which I felt side by side, in an embrace within me, long before I even had a name for this thing that had gripped me in its embrace. This was itself very clearly the union of two seemingly separate forces that had somehow managed to break through some cognitive barriers I had erected that kept the experience out of my awareness.  That’s the only difference between me and anyone else who still lives in Kansas.  One of the clearest and most persistent understandings of how this universe within me worked and does work is that while we have a linear side to our energy and thus our consciousness, we also have a nonlinear side to us as well.  It is that nonlinear side, the yin, or divine feminine, that cracked me open in degrees, a force so strong that it felt literally like a tsunami wave.  What it brought was a knowing.  Back then, seven years ago, I looked up into the night sky and I could FEEL all of the people who were waking up.  At the time, I didn’t even know it would turn into a global phenomenon.  I didn’t know that there were waves of us being swept into this new experience and that I was part of them.  What I knew seemed at first fanciful to my old mind…the one which used to live in Kansas….on the one hand I knew this in my bones but my rational mind did not know how I could have such an idea like that unless it was as true as the northern star.

While we are so often used to how we normally experience things here in the physical, let me suggest to you that there is an entire world of effects that are based on an opposite or “reverse” method for how our rational minds tells us that events can and do come to pass.  We are most often used to an experience that shows that if anything is to be done, we must get out there and do it ourselves.  But no, wait, there is this other side.  We don’t pay it much heed because it sounds entirely magical to our limited rational brains.  Silly even.  It is nothing short of miraculous and serves as a way that great change can be at the very least potentiated within the core of humankind.  It is nothing short of the Hundredth Monkey.  In the words of Kate Bush, “Just saying it could even make it happen….”

We think we are separate but this is not true.  We are in fact bound and connected through vast energetic ties that connect us on many levels one to the other. We have connections to the planet, to the atoms around us, to people we know, to people we have never met yet who we meet in dream to do important work.  Maybe that seems fanciful, or merely incidental, but it is in truth not.  Even the atoms have in them what we have in us, from the smallest to the largest, and this thing is in everything.  It ties and connects, it makes everything run with the same common waters.    We just don’t see it or taste it, but it is there.  It is possible to feel it, to even experience it, and we do this through consciousness, the very thing that scientists use without realizing it to see and judge the world and turn around to say that this part is not trustworthy.  Silly, right?  We live in a sea of electromagnetic energy that binds all of us.  It is George Lucas’s “Force.”  When you awaken, you don’t just awaken to MORE energy, you also wake up latent senses within you as well as increasing your awareness of the capacity of these two forces running inside of you in greater amounts.  And this energy brings awareness.  Not always total awareness because you cannot see beyond your own current karmic entanglements that currently exist within you.

We have all largely been shut down in regards to the right side or yin energy that moves in our consciousness, and it is this energy that is NOT linear and has the power to move mountains for the very fact that it is part of a wave instead of a particle.  By being able to tap this side of our being, of consciousness and even of the forces bound up in the atom, we can actually leverage ourselves significantly.  How?  Well, just thinking it, hoping for it, then letting that thought go out into the universe actually DOES have an effect.  Most people are too asleep to even see how their thoughts are creating their reality.  I know because I was one of them.  I didn’t have enough observation to even pick up that fact.  I knew it only as an idea I knew was true.  Now, I do not live in such ideas as I  live in a world bound by forces that I see in operation every day.  The world is as you are.  Belief is the combination lock to what is possible.  Being aware that YOU are waking up and FEELING this energy on the planet, then, is huge.

The more you can feel into it, the more you can let it flow, the easier it becomes for others to flow also. Just by becoming aware of a new wave within the wave, a deep and secret realm of feeling also makes it possible for others to stumble across it (quite by accident, you know….).  The power of this side of our awareness is really huge for us and it represents one important way that we can help bring change. I know that this is so because concepts that had not been entertained before in any printed format are emerging almost in perfect timing with one another. At the time I wondered if some writers were reading my work because what they were describing were concepts I had come across within myself and through no other outside agency and which had not existed prior to all of this.  What I suspect and what I feel in my bones is that we can and do harness the limitlessness within us when we do this and when we do, the effects are significant. All of these things are swimming in these waters.  We pluck them like fish from a deep sea.

It may sound or seem like a lazy person’s path to change, but I promise you that even though you do not see it or taste or touch it, its effects are nonetheless real.  Just by having enough people who can feel and plumb a given depth will mean others will wind up reaching that place as well.  When you wake up you wake up to the awareness that all of this is connected at the most intimate of levels.  The awareness alive in me is now the Collective Consciousness of humankind.  THIS is my consciousness now.  Like a vast sea, I feel all of it. One giant voice that are all voices.   I got there through a series of releases of old material that moved me from uncertainty to certainty.  Instead of seeking to change the minds of scared humans caught in the old paradigm, I simply pray and focus and meditate in order to serve to bring energy to new levels within us.

I have seen how what one does can heal others.  I have come to the conclusion that this effect can be seen in the healing method called Ho’oponopo.  Dr Hew Lin, a practitioner of this method was able to heal others simply by healing himself.  He did this by simply picking up the files of patients in a mental hospital and healing whatever it was that was in him so that it could change the outcome for the people whom he had never even met. The result was miraculous change.  People who were considered lost causes were moved out of the hospital. the idea is that we all mirror the world (this is the connectedness I mentioned earlier) and when we shift something in us, the healing of that cord releases tension in the lines all around us and can free everyone we know (potentially) to experience change themselves.

Honestly, you do not need a practice.  Holding this knowing inside of you like a great energized secret is really what I sense deeply makes the most change.  The Wave represents a form of intelligence in the universe and it knows what to do.  Just let it do its work.  Be a vessel for it.  Just saying it could even make it happen….

I think that what bothers me most is the sense of mythos that encircles the issue of a term that once was used to describe what happened to Jesus and has been applied in more and more New Age spiritual circles.  Ascension.  I think that there is nothing that gets you further from understanding ascension than ascension as it is handled and talked about in the world today.

What bothers me isn’t that ascension exists, its that it has served as a kind of be-all for all things…. kind of stop and shop spiritually.  Its as though the concept of the rapture along with awakening and maybe even a shark attack are all put together to create one big happy whirlwind of an experience and in the process it is creating something that simply boggles the mind!

If some are to be believed, we will get new bodies.  We wont feel pain.  We will be “upgraded” and “downloaded.”  There are grids and they are changing.  The sunspots regulate all of this and there are galactic brothers and sisters ready to help.  Ascension is hard work, certainly, but I don’t think anyone really knows what the heck is going on with it because if the stories are true, everyone is talking about it but no one is actually experiencing it.  Oh, no, that isn’t true; people ARE having all sorts of perceptual and energetic phenomenon taking place all OVER the place, but just no one has popped out of their bodies and been given an immortal blue-skinned body or something like that.  Or flipped into the 5th dimension.  I rather think that your awareness simply broadens.  I hate to be the kill joy who tells how the movie ends, but all signs point to this.  Greater awareness.

I know I am being mean.  I am at the very least being very bratty, and I KNOW that this puts people off. See, I want you in the “off” position just long enough so I can see if I can reset you.  I think those interested in ascension are in dire need of it.  First off, the idea of something coming down the pike takes your eyes OFF the pike.  Keep your eyes in front of you and soak up the MOMENT.  This is important.  Now, the other thing is to consider anything a possibility, but regard the past as an indication of what will most likely happen.  TO keep things in perspective, most of the ascension stuff happening is just awakening, and awakening is a subtle change in the body and its neurophysiology which allows for you to experience energy and process information slightly differently. These very small changes (which I don’t even know will show up on a blood panel that your doctor might do) translate into big changes for you and your way of life.  That is very cool, but it does not mean that you are getting a new body anytime soon. The great secret is that the one you already have is designed to do some AMAZING stuff and you really need to stick around to see what is NEXT.  The problem with all of this upgrade stuff is that it also turns attention away from what is really happening and keeps people stuck in their awakening process.

Yes, there are a LOT of people waking up now.  This is good, a god-send if you ask me.  A silent revolution.  However, no blue bodies yet, no new immortal skins.  This does not mean everyone will wake up.  Maybe just a few more.  Maybe everyone. Maybe thirty more.  Or a thousand.  I don’t know.  However, what I do know is that this is a time unlike any other and we should keep our eyes on the pike and watch what emerges.

There is a lot that COULD happen, but what DOES happen could be different from what COULD.  Still, I think its important to dream big but realize its all just a dream. Plant that seed, absolutely.  Let the Collective Consciousness know your vote. If enough people make the same vote, it usually tends to get passed into a kind of collective law.  Me, I am voting for x-ray vision, ability to fly and the breathe water.  If enough wish for it, I know it is going to happen. I know I sound snarky, but I am also quite serious.

I think that what this experience does is it breaks down the barriers  that you have cognitively but it can also lead to a sense as though one can and is everything.  And you would be right. You are.  However, you are also in a body as well, and that accounts for something.  That body does not suddenly change the rules of how reality works when you awaken, you simply begin to have a broader range of experiences.  I can say that I for one go Waaaaaay the heck out in the consciousness department.  I do this because I like it. I like to feel how my consciousness seems to turn inside out.  I do.  But it does not mean that I am ascending on out of this place.  I have had all sorts of unusual things happen to me from being bathed in a golden fluid that was all over my hands and arms and face and that someone eludes to as being something that is connected to the Buddha.  I have had my dreams invade my waking reality in ways that are almost bizarre and I don’t talk about it much because someone might cart me off, but in the beginning I could actually dream while awake and while doing that I saw all kinds of weird off-world phenomenon and beings.  But I still remained with my body.  My awareness, dear reader, is what has changed.  Not my body.  I might download, upload and vector shift, but this precious bod I have, remains. I have ascended but remained with my feet firmly on the ground. However, I REFUSE to call it Ascension. I’m down with it, yes, but unfortunately the term has become polluted with so much misinformation so as to somehow seed those who but into it or use the term as seemingly a little….well….kooky.  Do you want to look kooky?  Okay, but just remember that there are a lot of people who use this term apparently who have some pretty wild and far ranging ideas as to what it actually means or could mean. SOme of it means living off-world in new bodies.  THAT would be so totally cool, but you know, I have a feeling that i am going to keep my body because I think it would be a more interesting challenge to see what millions of years of engineering by nature has to offer.  I am talking about how nature contains the keys to heaven. We just need to learn how to unlock them.  So call me snarky if you must, and I promise not to revisit this subject again, but really, it isn’t like the world hangs on my ever word.  It feels more like an intimate dinner party with a snarky host. SO what do YOU think, hummm?

Let me be real and honest with you.  I know that I am being a little  flip, but to be serious, I am divesting myself of a lot of old garbage. I am very very happy about that.  It is the culmination of a very long dream of mine.  Its been what this journey through lifetimes has been all about.  I have been slave and king, knight and thief, mother father, brother, sister, and lover.  I have seen life through the eyes of horses and stags and hawks.  I have been through the transmigration and lived to tell the tale.  All of this, every step, has somehow been incredibly important if only to give form to the great void that births us all and to which we return to be recycled and made new.  We CAN be anything we wish or choose to be, and most likely we are in some far flung galaxy somewhere.  I know I was at one point in time…..but the thing is, I am here now and I am here to bring heaven in to this chamber of the heart and light body so as to fulfill an ancient prophecy having to do with bearing the kingdom to earth.  And that, my dear ones, is enough for all lifetimes.  I have my vision and I am seeking it.  It has to do with bringing light into the earth.

How about we do this; suspend what it is all of this is going to be and focus on what it is right now.  Then, we can dream big but remain rooted in NOW.  Then, by looking at those who have also awakened and what their experience is and has been, we might actually get a better idea what this is all about.  Thing is, we also have a many-thousand year tradition that has written down all sorts of info about this process.  Its as old as the human race!  Could it be that we have stumbled on a kind of puberty process where we unfold just a little more in these earthly bodies so we can wake the infinite?   Look, I think incredible things will happen, but I also know that we are bearing the profound to the mundane in order to enliven it.  Isn’t that what creation is all about?  Let’s shake these earthly bodies up a bit and make things more interesting in the process. Releasing what you thought you knew you were is an important first step, but where that leads, who knows….I’d ask why limit yourself?  That way, if you get the blue immortal body you can ring me up and we can have a good laugh at how insanely provincial I have been and I will write you a special post bidding you fair morrows and all that lovely rot!

So what do you say?  Would seeking to care for what is in front of you seem to be the most important thing right about now?  The world is in a heap of trouble and your enlarged perspective is greatly needed!  Maybe its time to get to work and straighten out the things that give your the most trouble in your own life so that you can become that fascinating vessel for the light that is set to flood in from wherever its coming from (like from inside of you perhaps).  Come on, what do we have to lose except the old worn out conceptualizations?  What might we do a little differently with these upgraded vector bodies? Ah, what indeed!

Today is a gift.  Another day that I get to spend working on my book.  I am taking a break from writing in order to write. I just finished a section that had to do with larger effects across the Collective Consciousness that are happening currently.  And it is exciting.

I can remember those early days of awakening where I looked out through new windows, a returned sense of perception. I sensed I could feel the collective awareness, knew I was doing this now, and in sensing it, could feel, like a pulse, what was moving in the Collective Awareness.  I had never heard of anyone sensing in this way so I kept quiet about it for a while except for my closest of friends like Alison who has been experiencing this since she was young.  About six months ago while visiting my grandmother I listened to an interview with U.G. Krishnamurti when I had little to do in the house where I was staying.  Krishnamurti was describing the same thing I had experienced and said how we awaken to this state, less of just the individual and more of the Collective Consciousness. “Yes, yes!” I thought, “like shifting gears from one singular focus to a much larger focus which now makes up the whole of my experience now….”

What I experienced in those early days was a very clear awareness that something was afoot!  It was!  All these beings, people, all awakening!  I could feel them like stars shimmering against the dark coat of night….each pulsation having its effect on the whole.  A giant webwork, a network of being that was becoming conscious at this level!  What I felt within this was how the Collective felt “pregnant” with awakening, that the incident of awakening would expand.  You could just FEEL it.  It wasn’t rocket science, it wasn’t something hard to get at, at least I didn’t think so.  As I observed it seemed that more and more younger people were waking up all in a more spontaneous way, or with the barest of triggers.  What I feel now is a feeling of something rolling out, unfolding.  In some ways, I have focused much more on my own process, on me, instead of looking out into the Collective.  I think at the time this new feeling felt novel so I spent a lot of time just poking it and feeling around inside of it like some new skin.  I know, that probably sounded weird.  At least it isn’t an old bear skin or something…

Something is being birthed.

After about two years of experiencing kundalini, I had this feeling like there was something more, and that some of the ideas that people were saying about soul connections, twin souls, just didn’t make sense to me anymore.  The idea that kundalini yoga being the only way to wake up was obviously proven incorrect since I had done so without it or without any discernible practice.  I mean, yes, I had my own form of meditation which I had used for years, but I never read up on it, I never followed anyone’s method or technique.  I was a do-it-yourselfer;  DIY kundalini!   And then kundalini shifted into a whole new gear, ripping me to shreds pretty much (or so it felt—I was actually just resisting it…that happens when you resist the waves instead of surf them!).  Tsunami waves broke apart the old me and left the core of me on the beach to decide what was next.  As I struggled through this portion of the process I was visited by someone I call “my zen guy” and who wound up looking like an actual zen master named Taishen Deshimuru.  I mention it because of just how similar he appeared, although the living Taishen died about two decades ago….This was what I was writing about in my book just a few moments ago….

But anyway…..zen guy.  I was feeling this hard spot inside of me and it caused me sadness and upset.  He came to me and sat down to my side asked me “Why do you struggle?  Don’t you know that all of this is happening just as it should?  Don’t you realize that all of the monks and followers and aspirants all through the ages have each unwittingly had their effect by helping to create what is here now?  Each devotional prayer has helped to shape this template and now it is ready for you and all of your kind to simply step into it.  This is not a crevass to jump.  It is like stepping outside.  It is one small step.  You only need to step into it to inhabit it, to be it. ”  After he said that, it seemed such a simple thing; like all of this was about stepping out of an old suit of clothes into one that fit  better.  Thus began my thinking in terms of the Collective not just as something I felt but that was now a tangible part of life experience.  On the one hand, it all seemed so big and formidable, but on the other, it seemed to simple.  We get to choose whether we want it easy or hard, since we are creating it.   We can, in the words of someone I recently read — we can “unfuck the world.”  I know perhaps it sounds  bit indelicate, but this is what is happening.  We are loosening the threads that bind us and freeing ourselves…..person by person.  Can you feel the sweet air of freedom?

Now, back to writing!

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