It is always hard when we lose someone who means so much.
This is my tribute to an old friend who has made a great journey into a new life.

Great Friend
Noble heart
Sacred Brother
Gentle Soul-

You were born into  a world imperfect
You sought what was perfect
and sublime.

Know that our tears
as our dearest tribute to you
as we
like children
feel  left to the world of limits
while you are not.

You will understand then
how we will miss you
as you are born to worlds beyond imagining.

There is little else to say
your chapter has been made complete
as you go on to write still more
in that great book of yours.
We are left to read what was writ
in this world alone
by your hand
as we visit you as we have known you
and can only guess at the chapters yet to come.

I love you, my Sacred Brother.