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Many of you know how sex can be a vessel for the transcendental. Heiros Gamos, the divine masculine and feminine, kundalini as a union of the divine within the self. Finding artists who have an awareness of the sacredness of the feminine and the masculine without falling for the mundane is pretty rare. You’d think it would be easier done given how much energy we put into the act of begetting.

For some time now I have been availing myself and those I know who appreciate a deeper awareness of our sexuality than just a moment of pure pleasure, and that is the artist whose name is elusive but whose presence on the internet is not. Found, for now, on Instagram under @alphachanneling. I say this because if you haven’t noticed, social media has been enjoying its heavy hand in the censorship arena these days on just about anything that anyone might frown upon, be it an errant crumb on the tablecloth, an unapproved of political opinion, or scientific information inconvenient to whatever the current narrative is. Or sex. Even when your channel is defined as for adults only. Even then.

When I first saw the work I saw a range of works using different styles but clearly rooted in the sacred. There is, to my eye often a whisper of Art Deco stylization in some of the work. Many are fast, gestural, and I think it is what keeps the work from being less than what it is. That’s not to say that if it were more that it would be less either….(I have a right to be inconsistent if I wish).

I suppose that I should do a little digging to find out a little more about the artist sans actually interviewing him. So I found another who did, but not before contacting him to get permission to publish a few images of his work for you to see.

“Alphachanneling is a Swiss-born American artist based out of Oakland, California….Central to my process is … channeling, an ongoing cultivation through a deep relationship I have with several master-teachers….Spiritual in practice, the images I produce are simple thought-waves … I look towards Taoism and tantra, pornography and folk art, BDSM and the divine, the mystical and the occult, indigenous and outsider art alike … Alphachanneling lives in a boundless world called the Utopian Erotic, a world of magical pussy, radiant women, bedroom jungles and temples of light.” 

Is There Great Art On Instagram? Jerry Saltz, Vulture.

Since I find reviews of artwork usually tedious and more about the writer than the artist, let me get down to the work so you can see for yourself. Hang on for the ending because I will include a link you might want to save…

This one was either the same one or one very much like it that I saw first when I came across his work a number of years ago. When I saw this image I stopped my scrolling and thought, “Hang on…someone has gotten onto the whole concept of energetic transfer.” Then sure enough, with a title like “energetic transfer” a little bell went off. Its nice to be on the same wavelength, it makes everything so easy.

Sadly, though, there is an image that this artist has been seeing too much of right along with his viewers, too, and one wonders whether the prudes at Facebook/Instagram will play the bully and selectively edit this chap’s feed:

With the announcement that the post runs afoul of their community standards….

I don’t know what the problem is quite honestly: there are images that some might want to call “scandalous” that stay up while, selectively, some are banned with this rather jolting image that belongs on the roadways and not on the Instagram feeds. It looks more like Sally Prude works on Tuesday the censor shift and she finds something she just can’t stand so she slaps on the above sticker, only to be followed by Ted, who we all know is a malcontented prude, who works on Thursdays the censor desk and goes to work hacking away at the artist’s lovely feed of spiritual erotica. It’s almost like there aren’t enough of them, taking down what they don’t like, but kind of hacking their way through the lovely jungle. Meanwhile, images of graphic violence and gratuitous sex remain on other channels. It’s enough to make a person want to start carrying around a pitchfork or something. We are lucky that this platform hasn’t gone demented and taken to censorship, at least not as I can yet tell.

So I will leave you with this one last image and a link to the artist’s site should you find yourself wanting to buy a piece or two. Maybe for your altar…It’s lovely to know that the feminine is treated as a sacred altar as evidenced in this artist’s work. Let me know what you think. Please, don’t be shy!

The artist’s website:


Lovely artwork suggesting Heiros Gamos…

This past week was the culmination of a years-old effort in developing a new product in my glass business, one that has triumphed even in the face of less than great economic conditions.

I have a product that just got finalized, finished, made, created.  It was collaborative, and it took some interesting twists and turns.


……And its really cool. 


So cool, in fact, that I am pondering a run for building the necessary economic support to get the product brought to market.  It has already begun to spark considerable buzz on my social media. The thing is, it wont be cheap, and I don’t have the funds to get it going.  How to get the necessary startup funds for this great creation?

I am considering crowd funding.

And this is where I am asking you, my readers, about recruiting you as a resource for spreading the word about this really amazing little creation of mine. When you stand in the room with it like I did last night, it just BEGS to be made, to be brought into our world.

If you don’t have any experience with crowd funding, it is one of the great ways that small businesses like mine are able to generate funds to do everything from producing albums, creating concert venues, new artworks for studio artists, and buying new freezers for restaurants, or helping build support for the next new big idea.  Crowd funding has become an amazing resource for the little guy and gals who have big dreams!

I have a post about this product that is already generating a lot of buzz on my other blog, my sister blog, you could say, at Stafford Art Glass on WordPress. This is where I write about glass, art, creativity, teaching, and the spiritual crossroads of each of these.  For those of you who have been following my musings here, you might know that for many years I was a full time glassblower, before I had an awakening that re-framed my life in 2006-7.  After an accident to my shoulder some years ago stopped me dead in my tracks for a full year and a divorce that followed the next year, my resources for the studio were reduced to an on-again off-again affair.  It has been challenging to keep the studio running without the proper re-startup capital I had when I first started my glass biz in 1997!  The post I have currently is about this new product and how it came to be.

I am looking for supporters, for people who can spread the word about the project and to post updates on your social media, your twitter, your facebook and with your friends in your hard-copy life!  I so want to breathe life into this creation, but I need your help!  These efforts work best when the people running the campaigns are able to get a wide enough distribution of sharing and posting about their efforts.  All of this is achieved with….well….a CROWD!

To find out about the creation I am talking about, check it out HERE and then feel free to contact me through my facebook business page HERE or even my personal page on facebook.  I am on Twitter at StaffordArtGlas@ You can also email me at info (at) staffordart glass (dot) com.  The added benefit to this program is that it will also open the studio during a time of year when many locals come to blow glass ornaments, something that many people  look forward to this time of year.

And if for any reason the link didn’t work for you here it is in its glory:

All My Thanks! ~Parker


Cool, wet, fluid, her spirit dances amongst the cool night of stars.  She speaks with the voice of the elk and dancers, who plucks the silk of spider threads for music and muses deep into the mystery of being.  Every flush caress of brush to paper brings an epiphany as the union of wet to dry brings worlds into being, a deep dialog of movement takes hold and something fresh emerges into the world.

The carefully crafted cells of energy, like nuts or flasks of fluid rise and coalesce through such creations, and the coolness is countered by a fiery magenta and purple that bleeds all outward from a still trembling realm within.  For ages this has been the blood of the Goddess, and it has been shed through silence and forgetting and ignorance, but She is alive in your hand and heart and is soon to explode into the world in ways we could scarcely imagine, but are here to help usher, create, midwife to the infinite.  Each cool cell made of silver is shifting as she feels the solar light cast upon her and a great warming fire enters in and all is turned to gold.  This, the beloved’s alchemy, does not ask one of the other, but All.  It does not say this or that, but all of it.  His lips are upon all that she is and honors and adores it in the entirety.  Skin and water and moon and stars and blackholes and paintings and wombs and pupils and lips and toes curled and eyes lowered but ablaze with her glory.  Inside each of us lies her secret curled, her own secret which bids new worlds to be born and which is nurtured by her wondrous love and brimming possibility.

We each are rendered into tantrics, a deep hidden veil which must keep the secret from view but not from the heart.  It is not to be gazed upon but to be filled by, a signpost to the infinite.  This, fuel distilled from the cosmos, presses us onward with such ease and perfection even as we stumble on our path to the promised land, it lifts us up and forgives and says “you were always perfect for you are divine….and if the divine stumbles than all stumble, for all are such as I…..”  The hands and heart of the Goddess are just this and most certainly we need more of it in this world so that the bloom of her spirit can water the poor dry hearts that have turned from her for so long that they have utterly forgotten that they have done so but thirst for her lifegiving spirit.  It is here where silver turns to gold and back again countless times as current moves from cool to warm, from yin into yang and then into a complete union where they are not two but two who never were two but one who is known as two.

Those precious cells will soon begin to grow to explode, static images upon a page will speak of their boundless life in worlds near our own where one nodule gives birth to limitless creations and all moves into from flow to torrent.  We should all be so a-mused, inspired, heady with making and creation, the touchstone to how all worlds come to be…..

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