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Plato mentions it.  The Olmec had a name for an island that sank beneath the sea with a very similar name; Atlanticu. It was described as a cataclysmic event.  Is it possible that we have found some pyramids off the coast of Cuba?  Well, if the information coming in is correct, as a result of some changes in the plates along the North Atlantic region, a portion of what is now known as Cuba may have been a larger land mass with……ancient urban structures.  Pyramids, possibly. I am always cautious about these kinds of things, rushing to judgement before all the facts are in, but some very interesting, tantalizing, details are surfacing.  One source indicates that this is actually a DELAYED discovery; these structures were found just before the Cuban Missile Crisis and have been put on hold every since.  But information coming out now is suggesting some interesting details which will be forthcoming, hopefully, in the near future.  Until then, we can dream…..

The most recent discoverers, Arclein and Zelitsky,  explain that the area that is below water corresponds with geological changes that could have taken place at the end of the last ice age, a date that places the structures in a time period before the Egyptian pyramids.

Arclein  explains: “when large portions of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge also decreased including Lyones and islands and land mass around the Azores. Even if this has not happened, this collapse was big enough. “This would have produced an orthogonal pressure forcing the collapse of East or West. Since the cord between Cuba and Yucatan is the natural point of weakness between the subsidence of the basin subsidence Gulf and Caribbean basin, naturally gone deep. The driver of this was the hydrostatic changes caused by both the original cortical change 12,900 years ago I called the Pleistocene Nonconformity and slowly lift the basin of Hudson Bay prompted by the end of the Ice Age.

According to the BBC:

In July, the researchers returned to the site with an explorative robot device capable of highly advanced underwater filming work.The images the robot brought back confirmed the presence of huge, smooth blocks with the appearance of cut granite.  Some of the blocks were built in pyramid shapes, others were circular, researchers said.  They believe these formations could have been built more than 6,000 years ago, a date which precedes the great pyramids of Egypt by 1,500 years.  “It’s a really wonderful structure which really looks like it could have been a large urban centre,” ADC explorer Paulina Zelitsky told the Reuters news agency.  “However, it would be totally irresponsible to say what it was before we have evidence.”

The duo hope to return to the site, which is off the coast of Guanahacabibes Peninsula in January of next year.


In science we like to appear so sure of ourselves.  We do the same in religion, too.  Its all sewed up.  In the bag.  We like feeling as though we are right, on the mark.  Sometimes, though, things come along to prove differently.

Science has these little things that completely blow what we think we know right out of the water. These things often show up as rare objects, but their implications put what we think we know into some shadow of a doubt.

Let me give you an example.  Some part of us would like to think that humans lived when the dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, and yet, we know, or think we know, that humans and dinosaurs were two completely different epochs.  Humans came later.  To even consider that dinosaurs and humans crossed paths is just nuts.

Except there is evidence that exists that shows that this was exactly what happened. This is something that scientists call problematica.  These are those objects, proof actually, that puts our cherished notions or theories into question. I rather like these things because it shows me that the world is quirky and unexpected, amazing and much more interesting than the way we have envisioned it.  When people say “That’s impossible!”  that is my cue to go looking for it because you know what?  The moment you say something like that is the moment something shows up that contradicts what you think you know.  Or knew.

There are footprints fossilized in the sand that have been found in rock strata that are impossibly old.  Human footprints. Heel, ball of the foot, all five toes.  Human sized.  Hundreds of millions of years old.  Gold chain has been found in a vein of coal many millions of years old.  A fabricated iron screw found in feldspar, a device with metal, ceramic and wood that looks like….a spark plug….encrusted with fossils that make it at least 500,000 years old.  But what we do with these things?  We shelve them, and try to forget about them.  I ask; why?  Why not admit that its one freaky wild world out there and maybe there WAS something like Atlantis once when we DID develop technology that enabled us to fly or any number of other things.  Maybe we rose in technology and learned what we are learning now which is that sometimes technology can be used to simply extend control to sickening heights or dimensions (consider that IBM is seeking to track via RIFD chip technology EVERYTHING that is bought and sold on the planet in what they call an :ambient computing environment” something that should make anyone who understands what this level of information means for your privacy and freedom).  Perhaps in developing technology the evils of our inability to control ourselves outweighed any good that it offered and the whole mess was forgotten, destroyed, and lain to rest.  Within just a few short generations these things could become lost to all history.  There was once a fleet of Chinese boats long before the European Renaissance that went to Australia, to San Fransisco Bay, and along the coast of South America.  And yet, knowledge of the Chinese exploits are little known because the following emperor ordered the fleet destroyed and all records (save one) destroyed.  There are stories to this day in Australia that tell of these Asian visitors.  One of their anchors was found in a bay in Australia as well as San Fransisco Bay. And yet, you wont be hearing about this because is upsets some people’s world view of how things are.   It isn’t so hard to destroy evidence of the past.  We do it all the time.  History is told by the victors.

Some of these things seem so impossible so improbable that we  ignore them.  Scientists do.  They shelve these things staring them in their face and try to forget about them.  They even have a name for these things:  problematica.  If you want to see just how odd and strange all of these things are, read up on some of my writing on this subject.  Instead of writing about it again here, go to a blog that has all the goods.  Here they are:

The Abydos Helicopter – A Question of Geometry

In this post I go into the fact that flying ships exist on the walls of the Temple of Abydos in Egypt.  Archeologists call the presence of these impossible objects a “palimpsest” which means what happens when one layer of stone or plaster falls away and results in the appearance of something that isn’t what was originally put there.  An accident.  The universe conspiring to make something that just never existed.  In my work, I use some analysis of the Golden Mean which the Egyptians used throughout their building and artwork to show that the accident at Abydos is one hell of an accident where not only do the stars align, but the rest of the galaxy too.

Our Ancient Past

We know that winged flight did not happen until the Wright Brothers came along, right?  Why then do we have objects from South America that clearly show delta-winged aircraft with cockpits and aerodynamic shapes that when scanned into computers and scaled up can be flown with the addition of a propeller when these objects are hundreds of years old and predate the rise of the European culture? Who here knows that a delta wing is unique in aviation and does not exist ANYWHERE in nature?  Who knows that the delta wing craft has been the only effective means that we know of to date to deal with flight other than copying how birds do it, which is with a fully articulated tail?

Ancient Enigmas

Fabricated gold chain in coal?    A silver vase dug out of a coal mine?  Learn more about the facts in this investigation into the very unusual world of our Ancient Enigmas.

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