Parker H&S

My name is Parker. I am a professional artist and educator. I am a father to two children. I have been a seeker most of my life, beginning at age nine and continuing right up to the moment that awakening began to flower. Awakening was a seismic process for me that changed so much in my life, some of which was hard to deal with. All of it was a saving grace.

I grew up without an attachment to a religion or philosophy or school of thought. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to join, it was that there was an inner prompting from something within that kept at me all through my life that said, “Don’t join.” I followed this and it resulted in my being independent, and also self-reliant. I grew to realize that if anything was going to happen, I was the one who was going to do it, and no answer existed outside of myself. It also meant that when I had my awakening, I didn’t have books and teachers or gurus from which to lean on or to believe in. I had no investment in those things. I got to work, rolled up my sleeves and did what I always did: I observed. I gathered information. I didn’t believe something just because someone told me. I can tell you from experience, that there is a huge amount of information coming from all sorts of teachers that reveals a lack of depth and understanding about the range of experience possible with kundalini (or whatever else you choose to call it) unfortunately. I’m not saying this to get you to read my blog. Instead, am challenging you to pay attention, to lean on your own inner resources, and to also keep an open mind. You never know when the best teacher is right there offering you the most valuable lesson.

I happen to feel that one of the real impediments to deeper realization is the guru and teaching environment in large part due to some beliefs that have been adopted in recent years. On top of this, people place teachers too high on a pedestal. Guru’s worshipped as gods? Better to inquire to find the part of you that is the infinite that will wake up when you know how to find it within. All other paths are littered with traps of the student following some pattern that worked for one man in an ashram in India or in the States, even. Is it any wonder followers become dissilussioned so often when they find their guru behaving like….a human? And all along we have this marvelous knowing within ourselves.

Believe in your capacity to get at answers you think you cannot get to! I promise you that if you give up the crutch of the teacher or religion, you can let that belief structure go and see something entirely fresh and sustaining come into view. You could say that my ideas harmonize in similar fashion to Jiddu Krishnamurti in his espousing the Pathless Path. Find your own.

Everything I write about is from first hand observation. It is my experience. I ask a lot of questions and I don’t assume that I am always right. I am like anyone else, working through the very things that veil a deeper understanding to come into view. What I do know is that the most substantive discoveries I have made were not with a teacher.

I am another you. I challenge you to take that extra step into your own inner authority and leave the control memes behind. They can only get us so far. If you can appreciate that, then you will know what to expect when reading my blog. I also expect anyone to chime in to provide their perspective when they think I am off the mark or that their experience is different from my own. I happen to think we learn the most when that takes place. Oh, and thank-you for stopping by!




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