Parker H&S

My name is Parker. I am a professional artist and educator. I am a father to two children. I have been a seeker most of my life, beginning at age nine and continuing right up to the moment that awakening began to flower. Awakening was a seismic process for me that changed so much in my life, some of which was hard to deal with.

Awakening changed so much, and while the change was hard, it also returned me to that which I really had needed all along. I am doing this without buying into any tradition, no guru or teacher. It has been an inner admonition og my own inner compass as if to say, “Try to understand all of this without what others have believed themselves into…” You wont find a leaning in any particular direction common to Eastern or Western schools of thought (“the self does not exist,”or, ” everything is an illusion.” What I write about comes from direct experience and from a teacher who came into my life at a critical time whose path wasa lot like mine; she followed her own experience, the teaching within and what an emergent higher self had to say. I try to write with as little lingo as possible.

I wont say that my life was an ordinary one prior to awakening because it wasn’t. But do ANY of bus have so-called normal lives?

It is my feeling that we each have an inner authority, a divine compass, that can guide us when we are radically honest and humble enough to hear it. We listen to authorities for truth, but your truth is in you and I say you must dig for it in order for it to mean anything. Awakening has confirmed this to me, but my practice refines it. It is important to listen to others who love you and find out what that love has enabled them to see in you, positive and negative. Most people simotly do not see things as they are but through inner filters. For me, I note that releasing stored emotional material from the past leads to being free and more open to see things as they are. This is a journey each person must make on their own.

We are at an interesting watershed moment in history. At no time has there been so many waking up as now. It is time to push our understanding further down the road. Already my awakening defies several key tenets of kundalini according to very kind and generous Indian men who explain that I didn’t get the right education or practice. And yet, I really did raise kundalini in January of 2007 despite having no teacher, method, or guru. This is exactly how thousands of others like me have done it also, so be careful about pronouncing hard and fast rules. Things are changing…but maybe more; an entire generation is ready.

What I seek to do here is to give you some of what I have found along the way not by reading what others say, but observing my own experience and then seeing how it correlates with others in a sincere desire to help demystify the experience so that we can continue to step out of our collective shadow as a species. My desire is to help raise awareness and thereby raise everyone’s boats.
Most of my work here is entirely unplanned. It is what I can do between working in school, my life as a parent, my studio business, and my own inner journey and work. However, as is most often the case, the unplanned opens the door to possibilities that I could not have known had I planned it all out. This is the kundalini shakti, the right brain, the cosmic door inside of each of us. I teach glassblowing in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I run a production studio. I teach because I love, but I produce in order to survive. All of life, a balance.

I am glad you are here, and I hope I can provide some nuggets of useful truth for your journey forward. If you are writing on your own experience, I would love to hear about it-follow me so I can follow back! In this light-




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