Parker H&S

My name is Parker. I am a professional artist and educator. I am a father to two children. I have been a seeker most of my life, beginning at age nine and continuing right up to the moment that awakening began to flower. Awakening was a seismic process for me that changed so much in my life, some of which was hard to deal with. It was hard because of where I found myself at awakening, effectively “hiding out” for years, trying in many ways to just fit in here.

Awakening changed so much, and while the change was hard in the beginning, it also returned me to what I had needed all along. I am doing this without buying into any tradition, guru, or teacher. It has been an inner admonition of my own inner compass as if to say, “Try to understand all of this without what others have believed themselves into…” What does your own inner compass say?

I have been admonished a number of times by those involved in esoteric traditions in India for stating this. I will point out that if that is so, then the bulk of those awakening today in the West must also be similarly deluded because many awaken without a teacher, guru, a practice, or a single moment of diksha, as is the tradition there. Set aside what you think you know and might just learn something new.

Awakening comes to one in ten measures, while for another twenty, and yet others in thirty. I broke through many barriers to greater understanding over the years, and I know that once what seemes like deep water one day was put into a clearer pespective on another day, all due to my own inner work. This was done not by chanting teachings to myself but relying on myself and this niggling sense that there was more. What opened me to the “more” always involved going beyond my own limiting beliefs about myself and the world. This is highly personal work that leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. And yet, each time an expanded perspective would come into view as a result of these experiences. This is only what I have found, and it forms my ethos as I write. You will have to find your own way, not by seeking a guru to tell you; all your precious answers lie in wait for you. I write with this in mind. Are you ready?




Image copyright Parker Stafford