A few days ago while working in the studio, I had this inner transmission come through. It was accompanied by bliss. I was swept up by it, and my ears pricked up because for me, the truest things are known in these blissful surrendered states. It came as others have come: first a germ of the idea accompanied by some fairly well-fleshed out material, and then more material later in the evening, seeming to ride on the same energy vibration that the first material represented.

I was being shown everyone on the planet who was waking up. I had seen something similar like this over a decade ago when I was shown how there would be more awakenings. I had a sense of a “field” in which we all tend to exist vibrationally in this field or band of energy that I could feel. I could see each of the people also as a burst of light, and I saw them all across the planet. There were all these clusters of them in the most interesting of places. As I saw this the Voice said, “Do you see how this will attract more?” I thought about what it meant, which was that now, here, this awakening activity will naturally attract more souls here who will be of the kind that have it in them to awaken.

The Voice explained, “This isn’t a genetic phenomenon. When sudden change like this happens, the initiatory event takes place through powerful intention at the energetic level. This in turn builds a field of attraction that draws souls to incarnate or become involved (short of incarnation but still involved in some way) who will mirror the change that needs to take place.” The Voice then said that this movement could result in genetic changes in the species, very small ones, that have to do with where humans are headed. My attention was piqued at this point, and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. To be honest, I have always felt a bit skeptical that any of this is genetic in nature, it has been instead an activating of neurological channels (along with energetic compliments) opening up and getting expanded in the body. I just never felt like it was a genetic change, which often tends to bring biological changes to the structure in ways that are measurable (and to date I don’t think we have found this to be so with any person studied who has awakened as having their DNA different or changed).

“Why is it,” the Voice asked, “that all ET’s communicate through telepathy?” I already knew the answer to this one. The Voice said, “I know you know, which has to do with a pragmatic necessity to be able to communicate broadly with species who might not even use voices for communication, or for those who do, with no way to adequately learn all the languages to make communication possible between divergent races. Telepathy is the easiest approach. Naturally. But do you know one reason why awakenings are happening now?” I paused and stood there, waiting for the answer.

” There are a number of interrelated reasons. As a species readies itself for becoming able to travel into space, it is necessary for that species to develop their psychic gifts, not just to be able to communicate with others from elsewhere, but to develop a keener sense of that species’ place in the larger order. Without that, mayhem could ensue. The notion that many people express about your race needing to learn how to take care of its own cradle, Earth, first, is operative here. It is indeed necessary if any space travel is to mean anything. Your race will go to the stars, but only as it developes the senses that will guide it more peacefully to those new places.

“You will need a firm reverence not only for all of existence, all worlds, but for those others who have been travelers in the way your race is seeking to join. Additionally, your technology is not developed enough to allow your travelers to anticipate every risk, pitfall, or challenge that they will meet. Your race will learn to have some of its crews that are developed psychically who can anticipate these challenges that technologically, it does not yet have fleshed out yet. Even so, the path forward is never promised, and humans will have to grapple with this necessary prerequisite if they are to go forward. Whether that happens in a productive way or not will be entirely up to you.”

The Voice then explained that humans are learning to dispense with a cognitive block that has kept the race in a kind of spiritual backwater for eons. “It is true that what is referred to as “the veil” is partly of your own making, but was first planted by those races that engineered the race over many hundreds of thousands, and millions of years. Think of this as being like what the child inherits behaviorally from its parents, and as it grows up, it doesn’t rebell enough to throw off these blocks, but instead winds up nurturing them, only making them stronger. The race as a whole decided, among many other things, that its growth would be stunted if this veil remained, that it was hampering the races’ outward creative potential. At a collective level, your race decided it needed this path as one way to break through to a new conception and understanding of itself.”

“This decision contained a tantalizing prospect for many souls whose life purpose, in part, was to awaken to their expansive potential. This time, instead of doing what it had done before, which was apprehending by way of conquering, the race would delve instead into the multifaceted nature of love as a unifying force that would serve as a guiding principle in the experiment. This love is not a love most have any experience with since as is often the case in your past, love has come with conditions. In this experiment, love would be the force that conquered its seekers, resulting in real and substantive change both to beliefs as well as their behavior. The race decided it would try this inner conquering as an experiment. While this emerged as a mass event, the individual freewill of each person would naturally be in play if this experiment was to succeed on its own merits. It remains to be seen, but this experiment is well underway and is not built on as flimsy a foundation as you so often fear that it is.”

I took this in, and as I did the Voice continued saying, ” Awakening is the germ of what will hopefully prove to be a multifaceted outcome for your race. It has already dreamed all of this, and more, previously, but that creative inner play has to now work itself out in the world of action. What you each have done, whether you are aware of it or not, is to take part in a kind of blueprint or sketch using intent for what you each agree that you want to see in your future as events. There are always changes as you go along as the actors make their own choices on the ground as these events unfold. There are always surprises, then, but since this is a mass dream event, events themselves will proceed under the same power that first conceived them. This is not a new event and has its roots in other events that go back to previous periods that you think of as not related to your now. The renaissance and Enlightenment have as much to do with what is happening today in your world as the prayers of pilgrims, monks, yogis, and priest and priestesses. While the dream was formed in the late 19th century, it borrowed or touched and was informed by what dream was had in other times. Your race knew the challenges ahead of it and many if those who pushed for awakening as a spiritual phenomenon in your century now are the very ones awakening. Many of these people had an investment in this already after having lived previous lives in situations that helped to bring certain gifts forward for them. It is they who form the front that will dissolve the barriers created in the self that have kept others cut off for so long. There is risk in this, risk that it could backfire, or be rejected. Right now, silently, the collective force being applied to the rest of humanity is akin to a giant lever that is pressing into humanity in an effort to shift those who still slumber into a heightened state of inner curiosity so that once the earth moves them to reveal a deep ocean of consciousness, it will appear that those so moved did so all on their own.

” The race will thus create a condition where a very real cognitive barrier is largely erased. This is largely behavioral, but it will have corresponding changes in your physiology so that what was first nurture then becomes nature. This will be rapid, but in your terms will be like an age, a period of time with waves of change moving through it which some will attribute to purely physical forces, where changes took place. Many wont realize just how choreographed all of this has been, or at the very least planned ahead of time. It will have an undercurrent of feeling as though it was destiny, which of course it was. Its purpose has been to ready the species for a more challenging future with resources that could make the difference between survival and extinction. Humankind is truly at a nexus between the ramifications of its past actions in regards to how it has cared for the planet and the necessity for it to fundamentally change how it treats its home so it doesn’t take its past mistakes with itself as it ventures beyond the planet. Awakening and the reliance that it brings upon the more intuitive portions of the self plays a critical role in this new domain or era in the species’ development.”

Then a little later, it added, “When you achieve the level of awareness where you no longer see a dividing line between you and the “other” then it becomes much easier to care for all others because they are another you, someone or something that is part of that great cosmic family of which you are a part. When you are aware in this way, it becomes natural to want to take care of the other. This is the kind of awareness that each race needs before it is set free upon the larger cosmos.”

I was then reminded of how astronaut Edgar Mitchell had conducted an experiment from the moon in which he remote viewed a deck of cards that had been used to bring up one card out of many. These were a special set of cards used for experiments like this. They had clear symbols printed on them, like a star with lines on its two sides, for instance, or a square with a large solid dot in its center. Mitchell was able to accurately remote view the card from the moon and because the experiment was timed carefully, they were able to determine that while it took about six or seven seconds for the radio signal to reach Mitchell letting him know the card had been drawn, the time it took for him too remote view the card happened without any time lag, which was an important data point that helped him to determine that all of this happens without regard to the speed of light like the first radio transmission to him had. Little known, this was an example of how even during the Apollo missions, there were humans beginning to venture out into the realm of the inner senses.

I came away from this with a lot of questions. One was don’t we see ET’s that are less than enlightened in space? I keep hearing about reptilian races, abductions involving people who feel like their lives were invaded against their will. The Voice came back saying, “The answer second question is too lengthy to go into now, but for the first I will say to you that I didn’t say that beings out in the universe don’t have their agendas, for they do. When you use the term “enlightened” you are naturally limiting your own understanding of what this state is. What we are talking about is a greater awareness, not perfection. However, whether you know it or not, great care has been taken to not upset the Earth apple-cart where humans are concerned. There is a lot that you are not privy to, which would explain the motives of many of the intelligences that you are encountering today. While most are only showing themselves to you through what could be described as controlled projections with regard to their craft, a lot of this is meant to whet the appetite of humans and to pull them along in their curiosity to learn more, for surely the answer is always found within, and these ET races certainly know this. For the time being most contact will be through consciousness as the beings themselves would not risk stepping out onto the ground of earth physically because they know they would be harmed almost immediately by humans, so the efforts are highly selective with those humans they know will not hurt them, first through energetic projections that seem real and then later with more physical contacts. Many humans agreed to be here when they have also lived on other planets, so when these ET’s say that humans had agreed to be on ships, they forget where this agreement was made. The ET’s have fuller memory of this reality and feel like they are talking to their forgetful cousins who can never seem to remember anything beyond this one lifetime where they have a much broader memory.”

The following day up pops a quote from a part of Jane Robert’s Seth from a book I had not read, which were deleted sessions (or private sessions). In it, Seth is going into how psychic development is a prerequisite for space travel, or going interstellar. I thought how perfectly timed this was. It was like a cosmic “wink.”

UPDATE 2/12/2022:

I just came across an article linked by some experiencers on social media that has a researcher giving a presentation at Harvard about the linkage between psychic abilities and our success in space travel. This came along just after this post was written. https://medium.com/@EngagingThePhenomenon/is-the-caudate-putamen-an-antenna-for-anomalous-information-bdfefdddce0c